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The Story of K

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Saturday – 6.30pm West Babylon, Long Island…

‘Shit! Ow! Katherine mildly cursed as the errant suspender pinged against her thigh for the third time. ‘Jesus! Why do guys love these damn things so much?’ She made a final concerted effort, pulling the black suspender firmly down towards her stocking-top. ‘Hah!’ She proclaimed triumphantly as she successfully attached the last one.

She wasn’t used to wearing suspenders. But her new on-line ‘mystery man’ had insisted on black lingerie for their second date. Oh, that first date! ‘Jesus, was it only last week-end? She had never wanted a meal to end so quickly. Having thrown her new designer hand bag, and caution, to the four winds, she almost dragged him up the steps into her house. ‘So un-ladylike Katherine!’ she gently chided herself. But that was nearly all Julie’s fault, she acknowledged. She had awoken Katherine’s ‘inner-slut’. Her mind drifted back to that fantastic night.

‘Oh My God!’ she intimately recollected. By the following morning they had ‘christened’ almost every room in the house. Within five minutes of getting home she was being royally fucked bending over the kitchen work-top! Then over the dining table and the couch! And whilst she was still almost fully dressed! Then in the morning he gave her the best shower she had ever had… mmmm. Never mind what happened when they actually made it into the bedroom that night! And now, a week later, she was preparing for that all-important ‘second date’.

‘There!’ She stood to fully appraise her appearance in her bedroom mirror. ‘Hmm, not bad.’ She allowed herself, as she critically eyed the reflection of her voluptuous figure wrapped in a black Basque with matching panties and sheer stockings. She half turned to view her full length profile. ‘Well I know he loves curves! Especially these curves.’ she told her mirror, as she addressed her reflection, approving of the side view of her magnificent breasts enticingly spilling out of her Basque. She checked her watch. ‘Plenty of time.’

Walking out of the bedroom she caught her reflection again in the hall mirror. ‘Still got it girl!’ she remarked, heading down stairs. Not that she made a habit of parading around her home in lingerie, but tonight was shaping up to be another very special night. She wandered into the kitchen and opened the Post-It note and magnet festooned fridge door. Grabbing the cold bottle from the inside-door she splashed the contents into a huge French cut-glass goblet.

God she needed a drink after the day she’d had! Her boss had been on her case all day. This, she decided, was exactly what she needed to settle her nerves before her second date with this very mysterious, but very gorgeous guy. She sat on her spacious cream leather couch, enjoying the feel of the leather on her bare upper thighs.

She hadn’t changed fully yet as she was still deciding… the black dress… or something naughtier? ‘Later, maybe, if he’s lucky!’ No doubt a stiff glass of wine would help her decide. She had to admit, as she savoured the cold Chablis, that she had been rather enjoying the naughty exchanges she had been sharing on-line with her ‘him’. She had only joined the dating site recently, as a dare, egged on by her BFF and ‘Partner-in-Wine’ Julie.

Was it only three weeks ago the two of them sat there in front of Katherine’s computer drunkenly giggling as they decided who Katherine should message first, and what to put on her profile? Katherine was shocked at some of Julie’s suggestions. It was all right for her! She was ‘loved up’ with a rather dishy cop she had met on-line. But she was still a total nightmare on their rare girlie nights out together!

Julie became her self-appointed ‘Champion of discovering her ‘Inner-Goddess’. ‘How was that even a job title?’ Katherine gasped as she heard Julie proclaim her new title for the first time. As she lounged back in the sumptuous leather couch her mind drifted back to that night as she and Julie were getting blasted sat in front of her lap-top.

Friday – 7.30pm Katherine’s Living Room… Three Week’s earlier

‘Hmmm.’ Julie scrolled through Katherine’s fairly scant profile, then looked at the opaque ‘photo’ staring blankly back at her. ‘That’s it?’

‘Well, I can’t decide what else to put and I’m certainly not answering some of those awful questions!’ Katherine exclaimed.

‘Girl COME ON! Get with the programme! Gimme that thing.’ Katherine handed her lap-top over to her BFF dubiously. ‘Now… let’s get to work.’ Katherine sat nervously consoling herself with chilled Chablis as Julie rattled through a bunch of questions.

‘Arwen is here for…?’ Julie appraised her friend for a moment. ‘Arwen?’ What kinda dumb-ass name is that K?’

‘I like it actually!’ Katherine replied defensively. ‘It’s from Tolkien.’ Katherine registered Julie’s blank stare. ‘The famous British author, JRR Tolkien?’ Nope, still blank. ‘Arwen is a beautiful elf-queen who falls in love with a handsome Ranger…’ Katherine began an enthusiastic explanation of their impossible bahis firmaları love story which unfolded in Tolkien’s world best seller ‘The Lord of the Rings’…

‘STOP!’ She looked at Julie’s raised hand. ‘What the fuck are you talkin’ about girl? Julie laughed into her wine. ‘You are seriously fucked-up K!’

‘No I’m not! FYI Julie… it’s called an education and my dad was a Brit don’t forget. So I’m half-British.’ Katherine proclaimed triumphantly.

‘Shaaa… the fucked-up half! So are your titties Briddish, or your pussy? Which half?’


‘Come on K, focus! We have work to do here. So, ok… ‘ARWEN’, Julie looked at her friend pointedly, ‘…is here for ‘Saucy e-mail and chat, casual encounters, discreet relationships… one night stands?’ Julie saw Katherine’s withering stare. ‘Ouch! OK… delete… delete. So, ‘Arwen is here for saucy e-mails, on-line chat and discreet relationships… lame!’ Julie continued, ‘Ok, height… build… religion… Ya da ya da yah… Ah, here we go.’ Katherine grabbed her reading glasses and hovered over her BFFs shoulder.

‘What do you mean, ‘Here we go?’

‘The juicy stuff K! Drinker? – Frequent…’

‘What! No way Jules. You better change that!’

‘Ok, ok.’ She giggled. ‘Drinker? Occasionally.’


‘Playing Safe? – With a new partner’ Julie shot a look at Katherine. ‘It’s all about safe sex girl! Trust me. Shaved? Julie’s eyes raised. ‘Well? Are you?’ Katherine blushed. ‘So what? Is it a jungle down there or maybe a Brazilian?’ Katherine nodded.

Julie typed ‘Shaped’. ‘Favourite position?’ She left the question hanging. Katherine’s mind cart-wheeled. She had never discussed her sex-life in such intimacy with anyone before, not even Julie, her BFF and ‘Partner in Wine’.

‘Do you mean…’ Katherine blushed.

‘Fuck yeah girl? How do you like it?’

‘Well, I don’t really have a ‘preference’. Should I have?’

‘Jesus K! You’re hopeless.’ Julie moaned. ‘How about ‘Cowgirl?’


‘Yeah, you know, when you’re on top. Ridin’ that big ol’ stallion? Ride ’em Cowgirl! No? OK, ok… typing, ‘Doggy Style’

‘Yeuch!’ Katherine replied, ‘That sounds so…’


‘Primeval. Like we’re animals or something.’

‘Fuck that shit! I love it ‘doggy style’ K. The penetration’s just awesome!’ Katherine rolled her eyes.

‘Ok, so ‘Doggy Style’ it is I guess.’

‘Attagirl! Now… ‘Arwen’s interests are..?’ Katherine looked even more dubious.

‘These questions are just awful Julie.’

‘No K, they’re fun. Trust me. You have let guys know what you’re into. So…Arwen’s interests are… Julie began typing furiously. ‘There!’ She announced with a hint of triumph, ‘My work here is done.’ She sat back in the leather couch and reached for her wine. Katherine picked up the lap-top with trepidation and began reading.

‘Arwen’s interests are Adult movies at home, Playing safe with a new partner, Oral – giving, Oral – receiving, Mutual play, Fun with food and role-play.’

‘Jesus Julie! Really? Fun with food?’

‘Oh come on K, don’t tell me you’ve never had cream licked out of your pussy? Splash does it all the time to me. Probably why he’s put on a few pounds!’ She giggled wickedly. Believe me girl, THAT is tame! You should see my profile. Better though, much better. Now we have to decide on some profile photos.’

‘Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. Maybe my new floral print dress?’ Julie’s eyes rolled back.


‘Oh K! You are so uptight. You have a phenomenal pair of titties girl! The boys will be dying to see ’em. Trust me. OK, so what we do is put a ‘normal’ photo as your main one (boring!!) then a couple of teasing naughty ones on too. I did.’

‘You did?’

‘Damn straight!’ Of course I did. Got these bad boys out for sure!’ To qualify her statement Julie’s hands cupped her breasts and jiggled them up and down teasingly. Katherine could plainly see Julie’s sheer black bra through her blouse which was unbuttoned way too low!

‘Julie! You are such a harlot. Have you no shame?’

‘What the fuck is a ‘harlot’?’

‘A ‘harlot’ Julie… a brazen hussy.’

‘Girl! Most of the time I have no clue what the fuck you are talkin’ about! Anyway, I put a couple more on. A naughty ‘up skirt’ one of me sat in my Mustang for the boys to enjoy. I was going for the whole ‘Britney’ high-school thing, with white above-the-knee stockings and white panties under my tartan mini skirt. And then I took another one of me bending over in front of the mirror wearing a black thong so the boys can dream about spankin’ my gorgeous butt!’

‘Julie you are incorrigible!’ Katherine was actually shocked.

‘Well Splash certainly liked it when he saw my profile.’ She confirmed to her best friend.

‘I bet he did.’ Katherine responded, still a little unsure. She was way out of her comfort-zone and somewhat trepidatious about following all Julie’s advice. ‘How did he get that ridiculous nick-name anyway?’

Julie began giggling, ‘He used kaçak iddaa to be a Life Guard before he joined the cops right? Can you believe it?’ Julie giggled drunkenly. ‘Every girl’s fantasy huh?’

‘I guess?’ Katherine replied unconvincingly.

‘Well, one day when was on duty he ended up rescuing a woman who had jumped into the sea to save her stoopid dog. Well, you know what the sea can be like at the Point. I mean, really? In February? So, on one of the windiest days ever, this woman decides to take her dog for a walk along the boardwalk. So she’s throwin’ this stick for her dog to fetch. And guess what?’


‘Hey, ‘Surprise Surprise’… the wind catches the stick and blows it the hell out to sea. So her dog does what dog’s do… and jumps in after it. So then the woman realises her dog is in trouble, then the crazy bitch only jumps in to rescue the damn’ thing!’

‘You’re not a ‘dog’ person are you Julie?’ Katherine asked sarcastically.

‘Hell no! Dogs? No way babe. Way too high maintenance. I need all my time for me.’ Julie punctuated her response by raising her hand and admiring her perfectly manicured nails. ‘Anyway, someone calls ‘911’ and then Splash turns up in his squad car. So being the ‘jock’ that he is, the crazy motherfucker grabs a life-belt from the rail, rips his jacket off and prepares to dive in.’

‘Really? In the sea?’

‘Duh yeah! Of course in the fuckin’ sea K. So as he stands on the rail like Johnny fuckin’ Weissmuller…’

‘Johnny who?’

‘Oh you know, that guy who did all the old black and white Tarzan movies.’

‘Oh yeah, that guy.’ Katherine lied unconvincingly.

‘Anyway, just as he is about to dive in he gets his foot caught up in the damn’ rope from the life belt and ends up goin’ ass-backwards straight into the sea! God I would have loved to have seen that.’

‘So what happened?’

‘Well, of course, my hero saves the day and rescues the crazy broad and her dumb dog. Climbs out to rapturous applause from the rubber-neckers who are gathered to see the show, and howls of laughter from his cop buddies, who immediately award him with his cop nick-name… ‘Splash’. I actually love it. Especially when he ‘splashes’ all over my titties!’

‘Julie you are so naughty!’ Katherine chided her drunk giggling BFF.

‘Oh shush K… anyway come one. Go and put some of your best underwear on so I can take some profile photos.’ Katherine duly headed for her bed-room, still feeling very nervous. She came down in her pink fluffy dressing gown a few moments later.

‘Girl you have to be kidding me!’ Julie exclaimed.

‘Well, what about this?’ Katherine parted the gown, exposing her envious cleavage wrapped in a pink satin bra.

‘Better.’ Julie accorded. ‘Matching panties?’

‘Of course.’ Katherine confirmed indignantly.

‘Good. Let’s see ’em then.’ Katherine dutifully unwrapped her dressing gown. ‘Mmm nice K.’

‘Not too much?’

‘Fuck no babe! You look damn’ hot girl! Hey, where’s the wine?’

‘Fridge… inside the door.’ As Julie tottered a little unsteadily into the kitchen with their empty glasses, Katherine reached for her specs and logged on to her new profile. She stared at the opaque image of where her new profile photo would sit, then she heard Julie’s voice.

‘This OK?’ Katherine turned and gasped.

‘Julie! What on earth are you playing at?’ Her eyes were wide as she looked at her friend standing in the doorway in just her sheer black underwear.

‘Well, I thought we might as well properly get ourselves in ‘the mood’ for some naughty on-line fun. Katherine rushed to close the drapes, then took the offered glass and gulped nervously.

‘I suppose.’ She eyed Julie nervously as she flopped on the huge leather couch next to her. She shifted subconsciously as she felt Julie’s stockinged thigh brush against her leg. ‘So exactly why are we both sat here in just our underwear Jules?’

‘Hey girl, you never know who’s out there. We might find some hot guys who might want to check us out. And…’ She saw Julie tap her finger against the top of the lap-top screen, ‘we just might need this little gizmo right here babe.’

‘The web-cam?’

‘Hell yeah babe!’ Julie paused for a second. ‘Don’t tell me you never used it before?’

Katherine was again mildly shocked. ‘I most certainly have not Julie! What kind of girl do you think I am?’ Julie took another huge swig of wine then unexpectedly reached across and pulled Katherine’s pink fluffy dressing gown open again, fully exposing her gorgeous pink satin bra.

‘The kind who needs to put these puppies all over the internet babe! Your titties are going to be fuckin’ famous overnight girl! Trust me.’

‘Well, if you say so.’ Katherine replied with a little uncertainty.

‘Hell if I find a hot guy on here tonight he’s going to get an eye-full of these babies for sure!’ Katherine watched Julie cupping her breasts together. She had to admit that Julie’s sheer black bra was very sexy.

‘So you would actually let them see you… kaçak bahis I mean naked?’ Katherine was shocked again. But a large part of that was down to her strict Catholic upbringing. Much different from her very emancipated, very drunk BFF.

‘Come on girl-friend. Lighten the fuck up would you? I mean, it’s not like we can screw through a computer is it now? So no harm done.’

‘But what about Splash?’

‘Hell girl, what he don’t know won’t hurt him. It’s just a little fun right?’

‘If you say so.’ Katherine’s mind was still struggling to let go of her inhibitions. This was completely new territory for her. But she was bored with the single life… and missed sex. A lot.

‘So have you thought about your profile photos yet K?’

‘Hmm, dunno. Still can’t decide I guess.’

‘Ok Ok!’ Julie replied with enthusiasm, ‘So here’s what we do. You are going to be my model, ok?’

‘I guess.’

‘So, I need you to take that stoopid dressing gown off for me and sit on the couch with your wine.’ Katherine did as she was ordered as Julie reached for her phone. ‘Now sit there, cross your legs and look sexy!’ Julie paused and gave Katherine a critical look.


‘Yeah babe. I need you lookin’ smokin’ hot!’ Julie paused again…


‘K, the glasses, lose ’em babe.’

‘Oh god I forgot I still had them on. Not ‘sexy’?

‘Unless you’re going for the hot secretary look. Doesn’t cut it with the ‘pink dressing gown’ thing though babe.’ Now officially ‘blind’, Katherine squinted as she watched Julie play with her phone-cam. ‘Come on K, give me ‘super-hot’


‘Yeah, just slightly push your arms in against your bra for me…’ Katherine looked puzzled. ‘It accentuates your cleavage girl.’


‘And…’ Click. ‘There, perfect.’

‘Let me see. Let me see!’ Katherine’s eyes adjusted momentarily as she donned her glasses. She felt herself growing more excited as she eagerly looked at her first prospective profile photo. ‘Hey that’s not bad at all Jules. You have talent girl.’ Julie giggled.

‘Hey, don’t I know it. Now,’ Julie got all ‘paparazzi’ again, ‘open your legs.’


‘Just do it K!’

‘Well ok, if you…’

‘Shush! Julie bossed her. ‘Now lemme see them delicious panties K.’ Katherine sat back in the sumptuous soft leather and spread her thighs apart. ‘Attagirl!’ came her BFFs enthusiastic reply. Katherine heard another ‘click’. ‘Look at you babe, you’re fuckin’ smokin’ hot! Seriously!’

‘Do you really think so?’

‘Straight up girl-friend! They boys are going to go fuckin’ crazy for you K.’ Katherine took a large glug of wine and waited for the next command. She realised that this little adventure was seriously turning her on.

‘So how many do you think I need Jules?’

‘Many as you want babe. The guys can’t get enough of hot babes in delicious underwear. Believe me. I know.’

‘Now stand up and bend over the couch.’

‘Do WHAT?’

‘Do it!’ Katherine dutifully complied, but she needed another big glug first. She realised her emotions were going crazy… maybe a little embarrassment, guilt, apprehension? But most of all she felt an empowering sense of heightened excitement as she was realising her own sexuality. And she strangely liked being told what to do. By her best friend as well! ‘God what am I doing?’ she thought as she lay across the couch. The warm leather did feel rather nice on her exposed skin though, she thought.

‘Now…’ she heard her new ‘style counsellor’ announce, ‘just stay like that.’ Katherine heard another ‘click’. ‘Perfect babe.’ She made to get up. ‘Ah ah ah! No you don’t. Haven’t finished yet.’ Katherine then felt Julie’s fingers touching her panties. She tried to look round. ‘No you don’t. Stay right there K!’ Julie commanded. Katherine closed her eyes as she felt her panties being pulled tight between her legs, exposing her very curvy ass.

Then ‘click’. ‘Babe you look fuckin’ hot!’ Katherine realised she was actually starting to feel hot. Very hot. She felt Julie’s hands rearranging her panties again. ‘Now open your legs.’ Katherine parted her thighs as ordered without complaint and laid fully over the acres of sumptuous cream leather.

‘Oh my god!’ She heard Julie exclaim.


‘You. Look at you babe… Mm Mm Mmmmm!’

‘What? Oh!’ Katherine involuntarily jumped as she felt Julie’s fingers brushing the gusset of her panties. Julie stood back to enjoy the erotic view of Katherine laying over the couch with her legs spread wide apart and her ass in the air. She particularly liked the view of Katherine’s panties, which were now curiously wet. The dark patch on the gusset of Katherine’s pink satin panties was a dead give-away.

‘Look at you gorgeous wet pussy girl! God I am feeling so fuckin’ horny now!’ She heard her friend exclaim. Then another ‘click’. Katherine pushed off the couch and grabbed Julie’s phone. She was amazed at the photo of herself.

‘God I look like some fucking slut Julie! Look at me, wet panties, legs spread from here to breakfast!’ What happened next floored her. Almost in slow motion, Julie’s hands slipped inside her sheer black bra, unashamedly pulling the cups down, fully exposing her pert breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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