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The Strippers and the Stepson Ch. 01

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A huge thank you to La Rascasse for his generous and perceptive feedback.



Karen and her three best friends are out of their minds to finally be at the male strip club. They have been planning this night for months and have spent their weekly girls’ nights out giggling about where they’d stick their five’s and ten’s. Suzanne, Ashley, and Leah are single, which makes Karen the odd girl out and more often than not the designated driver and designated adult. She’s not designated driver tonight, though, because they’re all throwing back the margaritas like camels in the desert. Thank God for Uber.

“Oh yum, I’ve got my eye on the one with the back tattoos,” Ashley announces. Ashley has a boyfriend but has been avoiding marriage after a nasty divorce three years ago. She is a party animal and right in her element at the strip club. She tosses her gorgeous blond hair and sticks out her ample breasts, attracting more than just the tattooed man. Soon the ladies have three nearly naked men at their table and another round of drinks.

“Shake for me, baby,” Leah teases the blond dancer. Shoving a five in his thong, she reaches her fingers in as far as she dares. When Leah crosses her long legs, he runs his hand up to the middle of her skirt. “Oh, yeah,” she grins up at him. Unlike Ashley and Suzanne, Leah is totally out of her element. She’s never been married and has never expressed an interest in committing herself. Basically, she’s along for the ride and making the best of what would otherwise be an awkward night for her.

Suzanne takes a healthy gulp of her drink then smacks the man in front of her on the ass. “Hi handsome, can I sit on your lap?” He moves forward and sways his hips in her beautiful face, his groin deliciously close to her lips. She leans forward and kisses his thong, undoubtedly breaking the rules. He doesn’t seem to mind when she slips a few bills where her lips had been.

Suzanne has always been outgoing, but with her recent divorce, she is flat-out aggressive — by far the most aggressive of all the women. She loves men, men love her, and they can’t get enough of each other.

Laughing at her friends having a good time, Karen hangs back. She is a striking redhead with ocean blue eyes. She’s only 35 yet feels much older. Marrying a 62-year-old can age a woman fast. She married him for love, but that frittered away over the years as his high-powered career demanded that he travel more and more. Since early in their marriage, she has suspected that there is another woman, but Karen stayed in her marriage for the sake of her son, Eric. Regardless of her home life, she loves living vicariously through her friends, who make her feel young and carefree again.

Ashley gets up to dance with her tattooed man, grinding her pelvis into his groin. She is trying to figure out a way to take him home. Leah has her blond man in her arms, rubbing his muscular back in her palms. Always sassy, Suzanne has reached around and grabbed her dancer by both ass cheeks; she is rubbing her face against his thong. He is getting hard, but neither of them seem to mind.

“C’mon, Karen, get up and dance.” Ashley eggs her on.

Leah agrees. “There are enough men here for all of us.”

Karen laughs at her friends’ enthusiasm. “I’m good, ladies, thank you.”

Karen is jealous of her friends’ freedom, but happy for them. She knew what she was getting into when she married Carl. Missing out of some single-girl fun, like grinding into another man, was part of the deal.

Karen’s thoughts are interrupted by an Adonis suddenly standing before her. He has on a minuscule thong, a brilliant white smile, and nothing else. He picks up her hand and kisses it. Heat rumbles from his lips to her pussy, filling her panties with cream. She hasn’t felt this way since before she married Carl. Guilt washes over her, and something more primal: passion.

Adonis takes her other hand and says, “Dance with me.” As if in a daze, Karen stands before him, a full head shorter than him. He pulls her to him, thrusts his groin into her belly, and nuzzles her neck. “Why don’t we take this someplace private?”

Oh God, he’s asking her to go to a private room. Karen had not planned for this. Her hormones are flying, this man is to die for, but she knows she has to say “No.”

Just then, Suzanne leans over and whispers in her ear, “That man is a god. Whatever he asks, the answer is ‘Yes.'”

Without even thinking, Karen repeats Suzanne’s word: “Yes.”

Adonis rests his hand on her lower back and steers her to a small room set off from the main dance area. There’s already a glass of cold champagne waiting and slow music playing.

He has her sit on a divan. “Make yourself comfortable.”

He starts to sway to the music.

“First time here?”

“Yes. My friends dragged me along.”

“You’re a beautiful woman. I’m glad you came.”

“Thank you.”

He glances at her ring. “Married?”


“He doesn’t ataşehir escort bayan know how lucky he is.”

“Thank you.”
He comes closer to her, his groin startling close to her face. She moves to the side as if to give him room, but really to give her hormones some space.

He sits next to her, and in one smooth motion lifts her up and straddles her on his lap.

“Ok?” he wants to know.

Her pussy is on fire. She’s too breathless to answer.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.”

He lifts his hips up and grinds himself into her. As he does so, he slides her skirt up. Within a minute, her skirt is around her waist and he’s rubbing his thong-clad dick into her panties. He can feel how wet she is through their thin fabrics.

He whispers in her ear, “It’s ok if you come. You might make me come too.”

She feels her hips grind against his, circling around his pelvis, seeking greater and greater contact with his cock.

He pushes into her, and the tip of his cock starts to poke out of the top of his thong. It is hugely bulbous and covered with precum.

He reaches behind her ass and pulls her panties to the side.

“Just a taste, baby.”

He eases two fingers into her hole.

Karen is out of her mind, no longer the housewife she was when she arrived at the club. She is grinding against his fingers, her juices making him wet.

He pulls down his thong to reveal a hefty shaft supporting the massive cockhead. She licks her lips; she has never seen anything like that in real life.

He holds his cock and rubs it against her clit. Between his cock and his fingers, she is going out of her mind.

He eases his fingers out of her hole. Before she knows what is happening, his head is teasing her slit, ready to fill her up.

“No, no, I’m married, we can’t.” It’s been nearly a year since she and Carl last had sex. She can hardly remember the feel of a man in her body.

“Baby, you’ll love it, I promise.”

He shoves his dick inside her, driving it all the way home. She feels she is being ripped open, her channel invaded. As he thrusts inside her, his pelvis rubs against her clit. Suddenly the pain melts into the pleasure of his cock filling her and stroking her clit. God, she had forgotten how amazing a good dick can feel, to say nothing of a man who knows how to wield it. She starts to ride him, grinding herself into him to fill her need. He humps her from below, thrusting his hips into her ass, his pelvis into hers.

His cock is a welcome invasion. She bites his neck as she comes, crying out with her release. She contracts and pulses around his giant member. Her pussy liquefies and drips down his balls. He grabs her breasts and squeezes, tweaks her nipples, and prolongs her orgasm.

She feels his balls firm up against her ass as the cum shoots out into his dick and inside her waiting pussy. The warmth gathers in a gush of semen, a load of liquid that will drip down her inner thighs for much of the evening.

When they are finished, she is embarrassed but sated. He tucks himself back in his thong; she covers her pussy back up with her panties. Her clit is so sensitive she feels she could come just from the feel of the fabric on her skin.

He looks down and senses her need. He puts two fingers on her clit and rubs her in small, vigorous circles. She comes immediately, a screaming-O that sets her fingertips on fire and makes her toes curl. He does not let up until she begs him to stop, practically dragging his hand out of her panties.

“Thank you.” She doesn’t know what else to say. She straightens her skirt and sits on the divan for a moment to catch her breath. He leans over to give her a kiss. “You were great, baby.” Stunned at what she has done, Karen goes back into the main room to join her friends.


After spending too much money on nearly naked men, the women decide to have a drink at a small bar near Karen’s house.

Suzanne is all over Karen about her private dance. “What exactly happened in there?”

“Suzanne, for the fifth time, nothing. He just danced for me, and we chatted a little. There was a glass of champagne. That was about it.”

“I got a good look at that man,” Suzanne comments. “He was hotter than hell. If he had been with me, I would have fucked him until he was limping home.”

Ashley is no help. “I agree with Suzanne. I hear a lot more goes on in those private rooms than private dances.”

Karen is having a hard time maintaining her lie. “Well in this case, it was just a dance. Plain and simple.”

Thank goodness for Leah, who changes the subject. “Suzanne, your guy was a beefcake.”

Suzanne laughs. “He did look delicious! I could eat him for breakfast. In fact, I offered to.”

They all laugh. That’s so typical Suzanne—never shy, nothing to hide. Usually she would be the one having sex with some strange, no-name man in a strip club. Or maybe Ashley would be. But not Karen. Who is Karen tonight?

The escort kadıöy bartender comes by, and Ashley leans over, all cleavage and sex appeal. “Last call for alcohol, ladies.”

“We just got the night started.” Suzanne pouts at him.

He winks at Suzanne. “Sorry ladies. Come a little earlier next time and we’ll take good care of you.”

Leah says, “I’d offer for us to go to my place, but my roommate’s asleep and has to work early.”

Ashley jumps in. “Hey, Karen, isn’t Carl traveling? Why don’t we go to your place? We can drink wine in the hot tub like we did last time.”

All four women agree that was a ton of fun. And Karen always has wine on hand. They’ve got a plan.


There are benefits to being married to an older, very successful man. Such as the beautiful home that Karen lives in. The hot tub is attached to a giant pool with built-in waterfall. It heats up in no time as the women open bottles of wine.

No one has a swimsuit except Karen. “You all can borrow my extras.”

Leah gets a mischievous look on her face. “No way. We’re skinny dipping.”

Suzanne and Ashley nod in agreement. Karen isn’t going to be the odd woman out, so she agrees—naked for one, naked for all.

Her son, Eric, is home from a college study abroad program, but he hasn’t made an appearance since they arrived and is no doubt fast asleep by now.

Giggling like they’ve broken a law, they scurry out to the hot tub, glasses in hand. They undress in the cool night air. The contrast between the hot water and the chilled air is mesmerizing. The women talk loudly to be heard over the bubbles, and as the wine starts flowing more freely, they talk even louder.

Suzanne complains that she has drunk all her wine.

“No problem,” Karen says, “I’ll get us a couple more bottles.” She grabs a towel but throws it on the kitchen floor so she doesn’t track water everywhere.

Karen is bending over the wine fridge when she hears “Ahem” behind her. She swivels her head to see Eric staring straight behind her, her asshole and pussy fully exposed. Karen turns around quickly and covers her breasts.

“Eric! You’re awake.”

“It’s impossible not to be. You ladies are loud.”

“I’m so sorry. We didn’t mean to wake you.”

“No problem. It was worth the view.” He gives her a naughty smirk that makes Karen want to crawl under the flooring.

She tries to change the subject. “I need to bring some wine out.”

“Let me help you.”

“Thanks. How about you look the other way so I can throw that towel back on?”

“If I must.” Karen hasn’t seen him since he left to study in Spain a year ago. She didn’t remember him being this confident.

She wraps herself in the towel and grabs a couple bottles of wine. “Will you carry these? I’ll grab the corkscrew and some strawberries.”

“Sure. So, is everyone naked out there?”

Karen gives him a cautious eye. “Yes.”

“I might have to stick around.”

“Eric, just carry the wine please.”

One look at Eric, and Karen’s friends are acting like they’re back at the strip club.

“Well hello, Eric,” Ashley says with a suggestive wave as she lets her breasts rise to the surface of the water.

“How old are you?” Suzanne is gorgeous, but she’s also almost twice his age.

“I just turned 20.”

“20!” Suzanne says like it’s the most fascinating thing in the world. “That’s such a delicious age.”

Delicious? Karen is having an out-of-body experience. Eric is her son. She met him when she met his father 10 years ago. She has never looked at him as a man. But her friends’ reaction to him is making her notice that he’s far from a boy.

He lounges next to the hot tub, long legs leading to a lean, muscular torso. His face is handsome, chiseled, his hair thick and curly. He is charming and funny with the women, clearly comfortable in his own skin. Holy shit, he’s a babe.

Ashley pops her breasts fully out of the water. “Hey, Eric, what happened to your glass of wine?”

“I don’t have one. I’m not old enough to drink.”
Ashley flips her hand becomingly. “That’s such a silly rule. Obviously you’re old enough to drink. I mean, you’re a MAN. Here, you can have my glass.”

Eric’s a little overwhelmed and looks like he could use something stronger than wine. And the women want something stiffer than wine. Eric takes a few hearty slugs.

Suzanne’s back in the game. “Eric, why don’t you join us?”

“I don’t have a swimsuit on.”

Karen’s friends laugh. “Neither do we. And it feels great.”

Leah assures him, “Just take off your clothes. We won’t look. Promise.” The women giggle again.

“Well, if you’re sure…” Eric is already pulling off his shirt.

Karen can’t pull her eyes away. Eric’s torso is built like Adonis’s, just younger and less thick. He pulls down his pants and saliva gathers in her mouth.

His cock is semi-erect and huge. Filthy thoughts fill her head. She wants to run maltepe escort inside screaming at herself. “This is my son! Stop it!”

The other women are equally riveted. Eric is a gorgeous specimen, and they can’t wait to get their hands on him.

Eric climbs in the water between Leah and Suzanne. While Ashley showcases her double-D’s, Suzanne turns on the sexual charisma, and Leah reverts to her sweet self. Eric is loving the attention.

Suzanne is on him first, casually resting her hand on his chest. “So Eric, where do you go to school?”

“I go to UT, but last year I studied abroad in Barcelona.”

“Barcelona! How fascinating! Do you speak Spanish?”

“A little. I improved this year.”

Ashley leans into him and coos, “Say something sexy in Spanish.”

Eric chuckles at her request. “It’s hard to think straight in any language when I’m sitting with four beautiful naked women.”

Suzanne loves that answer and moves her Pilates-toned ass over to his lap. “Do you mind if I sit on your lap?” Before Eric can answer, she is sitting on his thighs, grinding suggestively into his lap.

“Tell us something fascinating you learned in Spain.”

“Well, um, Barcelona has the biggest football stadium in Europe.” Eric is losing his mental faculties, but his dick is jumping to attention.

Suzanne maneuvers his cock in her hand and gives him firm, demanding strokes. Eric closes his eyes and struggles to catch his breath.

“What else?”

“Um, there’s a church there that has taken longer to build than the Pyramids of Egypt.”

When she has achieved her goal, Suzanne slides her pussy onto Eric’s shaft. She starts moving up and down on him, causing the bubbles to ripple out of the hot tub.

Karen is speechless at what she is seeing. She forces herself to look away. But then, like watching a train wreck, her eyes wander back to her son fucking one of her best friends.

Eric has reached around and grasped Suzanne by her breasts. She is moaning, her head thrown back against Eric’s shoulder. She grinds her pussy onto his young cock, skirting it up and down, with a little twist at the head. His cock aches with the unexpected pleasure of being fucked in a hot tub by his mom’s gorgeous friend mere minutes after he was sleeping. She reaches down to massage her clit and comes in a loud burst of joy. “Yes, oh baby, fuck it like that.” Eric groans with her, shooting his young seed deep into her cougar pussy, squeezing her tits with a young man’s vigor.

The other women are turned on and demanding their turn with this young stud. Ashley taps Suzanne on the shoulder and says, “Mine.” Suzanne is not eager to share her new find, but Ashley doesn’t give Suzanne the chance to say no.

Ashley brings her right nipple to Eric’s hungry mouth. He suckles that tit then lifts her other breast out into the cool night air to feast on that tit as well. Ashley shakes her big breasts in his face and smashes them on either side of his face. He can barely breathe, but he is in heaven. Two big fucking tits smother his face—this must be a wet dream.

Ashley straddles Eric, rubbing her pussy against his eager young dick. He hardens in no time, shooting up and filling Ashley’s needy hole. She rides him like a bitch in heat, grinding her pussy onto his cock and rocking her clit against his ungroomed mound. He lifts her hips, bouncing her off his dick, all the way to the tip. The pressure of the hot water rushing around his dick and in and out of her pussy is almost more than either of them can stand. As she starts to come, she leans against his neck, his mouth again clinging to her nipple. “Eric, like that, grind that dick into me, baby.” Her pussy contracts and her mind goes senseless as she surrenders to her blissful orgasm. He doesn’t stop. He fucks her hard, his mouth falling off her tit, until his balls rise up and he shoots his cum deep in her waiting pussy. Ashley tries to catch her breath as she pulls herself off his lap. She groans at the thought of that sweet young cum filling her up.

Leah pulls herself outside of the tub and sits on the edge behind Eric. She wraps her legs around Eric’s chest and says, “Turn around, baby.” When he turns around, Eric is staring straight into Leah’s hungry pussy. Her cream stands out even against her wet pussy. Eric is a little shell-shocked. He’s gone down on a couple girls before—or tried to—but never with great results. Leah doesn’t waste her time worrying about whether he knows what he’s doing. She drags the back of his head until his mouth is positioned against her clit. “Suck,” she instructs him. “Harder. It won’t break.” While he sucks on her not-too-fragile clit, Leah inserts two fingers into her pussy, fingering her G-spot. She starts to grind her pussy into Eric’s face, which she holds firmly to her with her other hand. He sucks harder and faster, developing a good rhythm, until she feels her pussy let go of all the trapped energy, the pent-up need, which lifts through her belly, across her chest, and down through her fingertips. She lies back on the cold stone and lets Eric continue sucking her off as her orgasm rides itself out, down her legs and ending in a toe-curling Yes! When she can take no more pleasure, she pulls Eric’s face off her pussy and pats him on the head; he has been a good boy.

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