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The Summer with Angie

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Sorry it took so long before I got this one out. I was on a hiatus as well as writing part 2 of her first time. Hope you enjoy it. Remember all persons in this and all my stories are fictionist and all persons are 18 or over

Chapter 1

I woke early as I normally do, around 5:00 am.

“Uuuuuh” I moan to myself.

“I really gotta get up and hit the sauna; it’s been a whole week. Man I missed home”. I thought to myself.

“Hmmm that little Angie she was so incredible. I could have got use to her. Ahhh well lets get going I’ll have the cook make the three of us some breakfast.”

So I got up jumped in the sauna for about a half hour, hit the gym for another hour, walked my normal one hour mountain climb up my private road then hit the shower. By that time it was about 8:00 am. My daughter Kelly and Angie were still sleeping, as young girls do. So I asked my cook Dana to slice me up a grapefruit or two until I could get the girls up for breakfast. I thought I would let them sleep until 10:00 am before I went in and woke them up. They were gonna hang out with me for the day before I brought Angie home.

Around 10ish I decided it was time to wake them up, we were suppose to go down to my lake and do a little fishing. I tapped lightly on Kelly’s door but with no surprise no one anwsered, so I tapped again but just a little bit harder this time, but again no anwser. So I slowly openned the door to peak in and Kelly was still sleeping.

I walked in and gave her a gentle shake to wake her and said with a little sarcasim, “Kelly are ya gonna wake up today I thought we were gonna go fishing.”

Kelly rolled over looked at me with half closed eyes and mumbled, “Oh Ok daddy, sorry me and Angie were up late, is Angie up already?”

“I don’t know I was gonna go and check on her now. I also asked Dana to cook us up some eggs and bacon for breakfast; it should be ready in about twenty minutes. So if you want to take a shower or anything you better get up now.”

“Nah I’m gonna take a shower after fishing. Why don’t you get Angie up and I will be out in about 15 minutes, OK”

“OK but don’t let breakfast get cold,” I said very well knowing she would dose off again and I will have to come back and drag her ass out of bed.

So I walked out and shut the door and headed over to one of the other bedrooms where Angie was sleeping. As I got closer to the door and was just about to knock, I heard a sound that was familiar to my ears. A sound of a slight moan. I turned my head to look back and assure no one was behind me, then I reached out and slowly turned the door handle and pushed it open a crack. I really couldn’t see the bed yet so I pushed it open a little bit more until I got a glimpse of the foot of the bed and my head could just barely fit though the door. With one more peak back over my shoulder I peeked in. Angie was awake, definitely awake. She was lying on her back with the covers pushed down to her knees, she had a white tank top on and pink bikini panties. Her eyes were closed with her left hand up her shirt rubbing her young adorable breast and her right hand was down in her panties going at her pussy feverishly. I pull my head out of the door and look back one last time listening carefully for Kelly or Dana, and then I slid inside and silently closed the door.

I walked over to the bed staring at the hand on her pussy intently, I gently leaned over the bed as she was close to the side I was on and gently licked the knuckles on the hand between her legs. She froze and her eyes opened with a pop and a startled gasp escaped her lips and she stared at me with a combination of fear and surprise.

“What are you doing Angie?” I looked up at her with an evil grin.

“What are YOU doing Mr. D? Where the hell is Kelly?” she said with a sexy smile.

“I just woke her up for breakfast and I am sure she has fallen back to sleep. So I will be heading back in there to wake her again, so why don’t you get that sweet little ass out of bed so we could eat then head down to the lake to do some fishing or swimming.” I reach between her legs and hug her pussy with my hand. I slide my hand out from inbetween her legs pushing up against her roughly feeling her really wet panties. As I get to the door, I turn back and lift my hand to my face; I quietly inhale the scent from my hand and run my tongue across the finger that was most wet.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen in about 15 minutes, I gotta go before I do something I want to do and before we get caught.”

I hear her whisper, “I will be right out I just have to come, because you just turned me on so fuckin much I will go crazy if I don’t.”

I turn, push the lock button on the door as to give her the feeling of security of not being caught satisfying herself by Kelly.


Dana tells me that breakfast is now ready and I should get the girls before it gets cold. I turn to walk out and both girls stroll into the kitchen in their bikini’s, they thank Dana and we sit down to eat. Kelly sits casino siteleri next to me and Angie sits across. We talk about the day to come and what we are gonna do. Our plans are to take the tram down to the bottom of the mountain, hop on the boat and fish for a few hours, if it got to hot the girls would probably jump in the water. We would have fun in the water since it was my lake; I had it built after I had the house built. Dana made us up some food to take with us as we probably wouldn’t be back up the mountain till around dinner.

The day was beautiful, about 85 degrees, but it felt like way more on the water. The girls were rubbing sun tan lotion on each other as not to burn. Angie looked so good, glowing with lotion in her bikini so, so tiny. I even made a statement that we were going out fishing not skinny-dipping. Kelly proclaimed, “Hey it’s our mountain and no one should be on my land anyway.” I just rolled my eyes at them.

Fishing was fun; I caught the most because the girls were to busy laughing, joking, and playing around. Angie’s bathing suit, although not a thong might as well been since she kept pulling it up as to minimize the tan line. They stopped fishing after lunch and decided to do a little sun bathing. They both untied their tops before lying down and thonged their bikinis. I just kept fishing. I was having such a hard time NOT staring at Angie’s ass.

Well it was getting late and we headed back up to the house. Dinner was supurb as Dana is an awesome chef. We all sat down to watch a movie and the girls fell asleep on the couch before the end of the movie. It was about 11:30 pm and I woke them up because I still needed to take Angie home. Kelly didn’t want to wake up so I told her I would go with her when Alex the chaufer took her home. Kelly moaned and hugged Angie and said she would give her a call tomorrow.

We took the tram down and Alex had the car waiting. Angie lived about a forty-five minutes away with her mom and step dad, her step dad really didn’t like Angie and always gave her a hard time with anything she did. A few times in the past, she would stay over for a week because he would throw her out of the house because he just didn’t care. His own son and daughter would get anything they wanted but Angie would be treated as if she didn’t belong. Her mom was too scared to say anything. So Angie would have to get punished for nothing.

I told Alex that there was no real rush, and I called Angie’s mom to let her know we were on our way. Angie just laid her head down on my shoulder and closed her eyes, but when she put her hand on my thigh I knew she wasn’t sleeping. I closed the divider window between Alex and us because I just knew what was gonna happen. No sooner the window was closed and Angie had her hand on my cock rubbing it through my pants.

“Angie” I said, “We will be home in no time I don’t think we should do this.”

“I just want just a little cum to hold me over; I don’t know when I will get a chance to do this again. Besides all you have to do is sit back and enjoy my lips wrapped around your beautiful cock.”

She pulls down my shorts and licks the head, running her tongue up and down the shaft; I just put my hand on the top of her head and gave out a soft moan. I know we only have about twenty minutes before we get to Angie’s house, as does she. She then proceeds to take my cock deep in her mouth. I can feel the head pushing up against the back of her throat. I can feel her saliva slightly running down my balls as she continues to push my cock into her throat as she has done before. She lifts up her head and her saliva drips and string are attaching my cock to her lips.

“You are gonna have to make me come soon as I think we are almost there.” I manage to whisper to her.

So she starts to push her head up and down fast and deep. I can feel her lips pushing hard against the base of my shaft as she continues to run her lips up and down my cock faster and faster. As I feel my balls tighten up and I know I am about to cum, so does she and she pushes my cock as far as it will go and the first string of cum pumps right down the back of her throat and she pulls up and the second rope of come fills her mouth. She is so trying to swallow it all but just a bit of the fifth rope of cum hits her tongue it drips down my shaft and onto my balls, she pulls my cock out of her mouth and proceeds to lick my cock and balls clean.

“Thank you Mr. D that was so fuckin yummy, I’m gonna have to get out my dildo and fuck myself into a frenzy when I get in the house. My pussy is so fuckin wet right now I know my panties are soaked. I hope no one will notice when I get inside.”

“You are amazing as usual Angie, we’re gonna have to find some way for me lick and fuck your sweet little pussy.”

“Oh I can’t wait for that, maybe I can come over some time this week, if my mom doesn’t mind. I know John my step-dad couldn’t careless if I was there or not.”

The car stops and I hear Alex state, “We’re here sir,” canlı casino Over the intercom.

I reply, “Ok thank you Alex I’m trying to wake up Angie now. You don’t have to get out I will take care of it myself.”

Angie takes a tissue from the console and wipes both my cock and her mouth off before she straightens her self up. She kisses me on the lips and says goodbye before she gets out.

“Home Alex.” I said.

“Yes sir”

Chapter 2

The next day I wake and as usual my exercise routine. I head down to my garage, well it’s more like a warehouse; to play with one of my many cars and motorcycles. My buddy Mike calls and stops by to help me with my newest build. We are building a 1923 Ford T-bucket Roadster, My favorite muscle car. Having a few beers enjoying a summers day, when I get a call from my daughter.

“Hey Dad Angie just called me, can I go hang out with her?”

“Sure I’ll call Alex to drive you.”

“Nah it’s ok I’ll drive myself over there, I’ll be down in a little bit.”

“Ok Kelly”


Well about 5:00 pm I take my leave from my friend Mike and take the tram up to the house. My phone rings again and its Kelly.

“Hey Dad do you mind if Angie stays over tonight she had another fight with her step-dad he is being an asshole again.”

I hear a slight slur in her voice.

“Sure Kelly, Angie is always welcome to stay, are you on your way home now?”

“We’re pulling in the drive now.”

“Oh Ok I’m coming down now, I was only about halfway up.”

I hit the stop and head back down. As I get there I walk into the warehouse and they are both walking toward me. Moreover, I look carefully and say, “Kelly have you two been drinking?”

“Well we just had a few beers dad.”

“I am very upset with you, I don’t mind you drinking but not drinking and driving. Why didn’t you call for a ride home, what happened if you got into an accident. If Angie didn’t get into a fight at home I would have sent her home and you to your room.”

“But dad I only had five beers and Angie only had two, and dad Angie drove home.”

“Well lets go up and eat dinner, Dana is waiting. Again, I am still very disappointed in you. I don’t mind you drinking, just the driving that doesn’t go together.”

We head up and sit down and eat, Kelly apologizes about a hundred times as she as asked Dana to bring her a beer. I chuckle. Angie asks if she can have one too. I tell Dana to bring in three. After dinner we all sit down and watch TV and have a few more beers.

Again Kelly and Angie fell fast asleep on the couch, so I pick Kelly up and bring her to bed. She’s out cold from all the beer. I ask Dana to help get her undressed for bed, and she didn’t have to worry about Angie as I was gonna wake her up to go to bed and I would see her in the morning as I would be going to bed myself.

As I get back to the couch and attempt to wake Angie, but to no avail she is being stubborn so I scoop her up in my arms and carry her off to bed. I lay her down and try to roll her under the covers but, she wiggles and her tank top pushes down and to my surprise, her breast pops out. Since I also had a few beers I give you my weakness, bend down, take her nipple into my mouth, and suckle it. Angie moaned slightly and grasped my head. I caress her other breast with my hand and lean onto the bed. I come to my senses and lift myself up. I cover her up with the covers and start to walk out.

“Mr. D please don’t go can you just sit with me a little while?”

I look at the door, I glance back at Angie, I glance back at the door and stroll over to the door and close and lock it. Knowing no one will check on and either of us, I walk back over to Angie and sit on the bed next to her. She sits up, pulls her tank top off, drops it on the floor, then lays back, slides her shorts off, and drops them on the floor. I lean over to kiss her and slide my hand between her legs and gently stroke the inside of her thighs occasionally brushing across her clit and pussy lips. At this point, she is so fuckin wet, almost to the point of dripping. I slide my finger between her pussy lips, coat my finger with her juices, and spread it to her ass, rubbing the rim of her anus.

“Oh Mr. D please make me cum, I beg you. I’ll be real quiet I promise.”

“I will but you must be real quiet and only if I could make you cum with my mouth.”

“Oh please eat my pussy, please, please, please”

I slide down the bed and run my tongue alongside both sides of her pussy avoiding her lips and clit.

“Please don’t tease me I really need to cum, I need to orgasm real fuckin bad.” She whispers to me.

I deeply indulge in her pussy, licking up and down her slit, tickling her clit with my tongue. She pulls her knees up and lies her feet flat on the bed. I slide my hands under her ass and grasp her cheeks tightly. I suck her juices from her pussy as it is now flowing readily.

“Oh yes Mr. D eat my fuckin pussy, it feels so fuckin good. Oh yes, yes lick that kaçak casino clit. Eat me, fuckin eat me. Eat that pussy, make me cum, make me cum YES eat my pussy cum.”

My tongue is now wailing over her clit, my right thumb rapidly plunging in and out of her pussy hole, my left middle finger rubbing the outside of her anus. Her hips are bucking semi-violently. She is doing her best to restrain herself. I noticed she is getting slightly loud so I reach up with my left hand and grab the pillow and put it over her face, as I know she is about to cum hard. Her hands pull the pillow tight to her face to muffle any sound. I return my left finger to her anus, as I know she is just about at the peak of her orgasm and sink it to the last knuckle up her ass. She is now bucking fiercely as her orgasm overcomes her. My fingers and pumping in and out of her holes as my tongue is feverishly lapping at her clit.

Finally, she reaches down and starts pushing my head away. She pants out in a gasping whisper from under the pillow, “Mr. D please stop I can’t take it anymore.” I can feel her pussy and asshole twitching and spasming around my fingers tightly. I slowly remove my fingers from her and pull my face away from her pussy and I gently blow on her clit, which makes her whole body quiver.

“Oh my gawd that was so fuckin intense, I can’t remember cumming that hard, well like in forever. You are so fuckin awesome.” She sits up, pulls my face up to hers, and kisses me deeply, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. She proceeds to clean her juices from my face.

“You have proven time and again that you are an incredible lover. You astound me and pleasure me like no other. You are amazing every time.” She stares into my eyes for a long moment, the she whisper, “Mr. D?” there is another long moment. “I’m scared, I’m afraid, I’m afraid I’m falling in love with you.” She kisses me deeply again. “I know we can’t spend the night together like we did when we were picking up Kelly but can I just lay in your arms for a while?”

“Angie there is nothing I would like more but…” I pause.

“I know Mr. D, can I at least suck your cock I would love to at least return the favor. Besides I adore the taste of your cum.”

I look at her briefly; a big grin grows across my face. Angie grabs my hands and pulls me up on the bed rolls me on my back and strips my shorts off with my boxers. My cock is ragingly hard from eating her pussy. She completely devours my cock right to the base. I know she loves doing that. My hands instinctively go to the back of her head and grasp her hair tightly. I could feel her lips quivering against my balls as she sucks it like a straw apparently as hard as she can suck. Involuntarily my hips buck up ramming my cock hard down her throat. Her hands immediately go under my ass, pull hard on my ass cheeks, and hold herself there. My cock throbs in the depths of her throat. My balls start to quiver as she slowly withdraws my cock from her throat. She sucks up the saliva as she slides her lips up the shaft of my cock. Slowly she proceeds to pump my cock, base to tip with her mouth. As breath escapes from my mouth, my fingers run through her hair. Up and down, up and down she slowly increases speed, sucking my cock like no one before.

“Oh Yes suck my cock Angie, you are so fuckin good. I love the way your throat contracts around my cock head, Yes suck me good baby, suck me real good.”

She withdraws my cock from her mouth and runs her tongue up and down my shaft, licking all over my balls down around my ass and back up to the head.

“Please cum down my throat, I want to swallow all your cum. You have such yummy cum.”

She engulfs my cock again, down to the base. She gently massages my balls as she pumps up and down my shaft. Urging me on trying to milk all my cum from my balls.

In between strokes she says, “Come on Mr. D give me what I crave. Give me that big load of cum I so crave. How I love that taste of your cum, so sweet yet tangy. Come on, come on give me cum.”

It is just more then I can stand, my hands grip the hair on the back of her head, I thrust my hips up slamming my cock down the back of her throat as the first blast goes straight down into her belly. She pulls back hard as the rest of my cum gushes out onto her tongue as she gobbles it all up not even missing one drop. As my orgasm subsides, my head hits the bed and a sigh escapes from my lips. She spends the next sixty seconds licking my cock and swallowing any cum left.

“That was fuckin amazing Angie; you can suck a cock like a pro. I haven’t cum that hard since… Well since the last time you blew me.” As a grin stretches across my face, I pull her up to me and kiss her on the lips. “I need to leave before I can’t control myself and fuck the hell out of you and wake everyone up.”

“Oh I want you to fuck the hell out of me PLEASE, PLEASE.”

“No matter how much I would love to now is not the time and here is not the place, that time will come my sweet, just be patient.”

I get up, straighten myself up turn back to her, give her one more passionate kiss, and wish her goodnight. I walk to the door, grab the handle, and turn back, she is still naked, and lying there with her legs spread rubbing her pussy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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