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The Surprise in The Shower

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“What’s this one do?” Justine heard a young man’s voice from down the hall and went rushing into her bedroom to investigate.

As she entered the condo’s master bedroom, she realized the shower was running in the bathroom. She didn’t know which one of her son’s had brought another bimbo over to her house when she was away, but she was about to put a stop to it.

“Oh man, try it this way…” shouted a similar voice, as Justine pulled up to a stop just before she rounded the open doorway into her bathroom.

The bathroom in her new luxury condo was decked out with marble from wall to wall and the shower featured six heads and enough room for a small party. She could recognize the sound of her son’s voices anywhere and, right now, it sounded like they were both in her spacious shower. She felt like she was breaking a cardinal rule peaking around the corner, but she couldn’t help her curiosity. It had been a rough month of constant travel for work and she hadn’t been laid since before she left. Could it really hurt if she just looked at just one penis, even if it did come from her own insatiable flesh?

In the reflection off the long line of mirrors that covered the bathroom walls, she could see they were splashing around inside her shower, with the clear glass door closed. Their voices were echoing up over the dividers that closed the shower off from the rest of the bathroom. Her nineteen year old twin sons had inherited her dark brown hair, narrow features in their faces, and tan complexion. From her ex-husband, they had inherited those broad shoulders and, from the looks of it, thick penises that each hung over a pair of meaty round balls.

Right now, Henry’s pink circumcised penis hung toward the floor like a trunk. He was bent over as his brother directed the shower spray over his back. She couldn’t blame them for enjoying the feeling of the water. That was the whole point of having the plumbers install such a ridiculous system, but she was surprised to see them in there at the same time.

Just as Justine started laughing to herself at the sight of her sons playing in the shower like they were kids again, she inhaled a bit of dust and, for all her attempts, could not hold off a loud sneeze.

“What’s that? Who’s there?!” Jacob turned toward the mirrors and locked eyes with his mother before she had a chance to dodge out of the way. “Mom? What are you doing home?” he yelled as he covered his shame. His brother made a similar gesture with both hands.

“What am I doing home? What are you two doing here? And what the hell are you doing?”

“We were curious about your new place and we’re on your entry list so the door guy let us in,” Henry gestured with his hands, unwittingly letting his thick penis fall back between his legs.

The twins looked froze and stared at each other for a moment. She swore she saw a thin smile part Jacob’s lips and she thought Henry half-nodded at his brother. Did they know something she didn’t? Justine half covered her eyes now that she had taken inventory of the athletic young bodies in the shower. She could just replace their faces with less familiar visages in her mind, she thought.

“Listen… mom, there’s plenty of room in here…” Jacob said. Justine wondered if he was high.

“Yeah… no need for us to bogart all the hot water. I’m sure you’re looking to relax and take a shower after your trip,” Henry added.

“Wouldn’t that be a little weird?” she called through the doorway.

“Only if you make it? I mean it’s not like we have anything you haven’t seen before,” Henry clarified.

Justine lowered her hand from her face. She placed a hand on her hip while she thought over what the twins were suggesting. The thought of someone else soaping up her back and shoulders did sound relaxing.

“It’s not like the gesture is sexual in-and-of itself,” she thought. “I can just enjoy the relaxation for its own sake.”

“Come on in, we won’t look,” Jacob egged her on.

“Fine. Turn around, though,” Justine instructed. She looked around the corner so she could see that they bahis firmaları had kept their end of the bargain. In the shower, two young athletic asses wiggled back and forth as the twins struggled to stand still. They were smacking each other in the shoulders and splashing water on each other.

Justine watched herself in the mirror while she disrobed. She stepped down out of her heels, lowering herself back to her natural 5’4″ height. She pulled the straps behind her head off over her long black hair and then shook it out before pulling the front of the tight black dress down her breasts.

The black 36 DD bra she wore under the dress wasn’t fancy but she thought she looked hot in it thanks to the way it elegantly supported her large shapely breasts. She pulled the rest of the dress down to her ankles before kicking it away and then dropped her black panties and the bra with the rest of her clothes.

In the mirror, she looked back at a curvy middle aged woman. She was lucky that she had her sons when she was young, she thought. The pregnancy hadn’t wrecked her body and, on the contrary, she enjoyed the shapely curves she had maintained ever since she delivered the twins. She ran her hands down the slopes of her breasts, over her hourglass waist, and then placed her hands on her hips while she inspected the tightly trimmed triangle of pubic hair between her legs.

“Damn, mom!” She turned and covered her breasts with one hand and vagina with the other. “Sorry, it’s just you’re so beautiful, you couldn’t really expected me not to peek?” Henry asked. He was facing her now behind the shower door and she could have sworn his penis had swelled just a little.

“It’s like he said: it’s not like you have anything we haven’t seen before,” Jacob added as he turned around. “But he’s right, you’ve got amazing curves, mom. And big beautiful tits. You can’t find that on just some nineteen year old college freshman.”

Justine found herself getting flush and a little flummoxed. Even if they were her sons, these were two strapping naked young men complimenting her from her shower.

“OK, fine…” she finally said, “…I’m coming in.”

With that, Justine pulled open the shower door, stepped between the two young men at the doorway, and walked into the water pouring down from the shower head. She felt the spray across her face and upper chest and a stream of water run down her soft belly. She pulled her wet hair back and behind her shoulders, but she almost immediately felt two washcloths kneading and massaging soap into her back.

The cloths continued down her spine in circular motions, each strong young hand taking its time in working the knots out of her back muscles. Finally, they reached the top of her butt cheeks and she tensed up and shifted forward a bit, shocked at how far they were taking this.

“No, mom, you’ve got to relax. You’ve been working hard, let your sons take care of you,” Jacob said from behind her right side.

She gave in, relaxing her muscles as the two hands pressed into her fleshy cheeks. They worked their way down her tight hamstrings and then stood up and moved to her front.

“Is it ok if we get you really clean?” Henry asked.

“Oh, I don’t know if that’s all necessary,” Justine whispered, but she felt Jacob already massaging her lower right calf with his cloth and the release and pleasure was overwhelming. “Oh, I guess just a little.”

Jacob worked his way up her calf while Henry wiped his cloth back and forth across the top of her sternum, just above her breast tissue. As he slid the cloth downward, she felt her nipples harden at the sensation of his hand rubbing across her breasts. She could feel Jacob between her legs now, gently wiping the outside of her labia clean before sliding up and over to the inside of her left thigh.

“Didn’t you like how big Jacob’s cock has grown?” Henry whispered in her left ear while he continued to massage the underside of her breasts with his hand. “I bet he’d really love it if you just gave it a little thank you stroke.”

It sounded like this attention kaçak iddaa wasn’t as accidental as it first seemed. Justine’s thoughts raced but she was overcome with lustful impulses. With some hesitancy, Justine reached down below Jacob’s waist and let her fingers trail across his stiffening shaft. She gently encircled his cock with her hand and gave it a few tender strokes.

“Oh, god, mom… you have no idea how good this feels,” Jacob told her with his eyes tightly shut and his fingers caressing her nipples. “Let us do something for you, though.”

“Yeah, let us put this cosmetology education we’re getting to good use. Let us wash your hair for you,” Henry added.

“Sure, why not, Justine said with a sigh. Before long, Henry had pulled a plastic chair into the shower from in front of the vanity and helped Justine sit with her back to one of the showerheads.

When the two strapping young men announced their intentions to become famous hairdressers, Justine had thought it was strange ambition for a couple straight kids from a wealthy family but, over time she understood that it was the freedom of being their own bosses that they wanted. It wouldn’t hurt that all her rich friends already wanted to jump their bones and would probably pay whatever her sons asked in exchange for their attention.

For now, Justine just enjoyed the sultry touch of the expert fingers rubbing shampoo into her hair. While Henry washed out a couple days of wear and tear, Jacob crouched between her legs and started to massage her thighs.

“Just relax, mom, we’ve got you taken care of,” Jacob said, looking up over her plump breasts into her eyes. With that, he sunk his mouth into her lower folds and began to lick and penetrate her opening with his tongue while his fingers danced across her clit.

Justine closed her eyes, slumped backward into her seat and let nature take its course. She lost track of time while she sank into the relaxing sensation of the scalp massage on one end and the arousal from her son’s tongue between her legs. Finally, she felt a twitch between her legs and she instinctively pulled Jacob’s thick dark hair and pressed his mouth tightly against her aching clit.

“Yeah, Jacob, keep tonguing my clit… I’m cumming…!” And then, she finally felt the release that was promised.

“That was awesome!” Jacob said from behind her. “Let’s switch!”

After rinsing out her hair, Henry started his shift behind her long sopping wet mane by rinsing out her hair and uncapping her conditioner. It smelled fruity and the familiar feeling of fingertips at her scalp returned as Jacob slipped down between her legs.

Several more blissful minutes passed, and Justine felt the wave of ecstasy overtaking her, again. This time, the orgasm was even more powerful and she flailed and wailed while her sons kneaded her body from opposite ends.

“Should we hop out?” She asked after catching her breath.

Her sons helped her step out of the shower and she grabbed a towel to wipe down the water dripping from her naked body. “Who’s in charge of the blow dry?” she asked as she sat in a chair directly in front of the vanity.

The boys played rock-paper-scissor, with Jacob winning. He pulled her brush and blow dryer from their holsters on the sink. Relegated to the sidelines, Henry leaned into the counter at the corner of the room and cranked his own shaft while Justine rewarded Jacob with pulls on his cock as he passed back and forth between her sides.

After they finished, Justine checked out her long black wavy hair in the mirror.

“You’re good,” she said to Jacob and then took each of her sons by the hand and led them into her bedroom. “Are we going to finish what we started?” Justine asked as she pulled the curtains to the side of the four post bed. She laid down on her side, letting her ripe breasts fall toward the pillowy comforter.

Her athletic naked sons were on the bed with her in a blink of an eye. Jacob pressed his mouth between her legs while Henry knelt next to her. She took Henry’s penis head between her lips and kaçak bahis sucked long and hard on it while Jacob played with her lower lips.

“Just get up here,” Justine begged, pulling Jacob’s arms up toward her chest once she was dripping wet between her legs. “Don’t worry, I’m fixed,” she assured him and guided his quivering head between her thick vulva lips and into her vaginal canal.

She squirmed as Jacob filled every inch of her love canal with his thick manhood. With her tongue, she could taste the salty precum forming on the tip Henry’s mushroom shaped penis head.

“Do you like watching your brother fuck your mother?” She asked, looking up at Henry. He pumped an extra spurt of pre-cum from his cock in response and returned her gaze as his cock slipped between her tight grip.

“It’s so fucking hot,” Henry responded, clenching his face as he tried to hold back.

For several minutes, Justine played with Henry’s cock, alternating taking it in her mouth and stroking it with a tight grip. The young man played with her thick breasts and tweaked her erect nipples. All the while, Jacob reminded her what it felt like to enjoy an eager young man between her legs. His plump testicles slapped her ass cheeks as he bore into her with his aggressive thrusts.

“OK, Jacob, share with your brother, don’t be greedy,” she urged. Justine flipped over onto all fours and Jacob took the hint. He slipped onto the bed and pulled himself underneath her until he was laying on his back and facing up at her. “The lube is in the bottom drawer in the table, honey. Don’t keep us waiting…” Justine, indicated its location with a wave to Henry.

Before long, she felt the cool dab of watery lubricant on her rectum and the fulfilling feeling of a thick hard cock sliding inside. Soon, the boys were pumping diligently into her ass and womanhood. Henry gave her hair a tug while he pressed himself deep into her anus. Jacob had both hands stretched around the tips of her breasts while he thrust himself up into the channel he once emerged from.

“Oh, god, mom, I can feel his cock on the other side. It’s so fucking tight,” Jacob said as he winced with ecstasy.

“Just try to hold off a little longer. I’m about to cum. Just keep… fu-u-u-c-k!” Justine screamed as the overwhelming sensation of Jacob’s shaft rubbing against her g-spot while Henry’s cock tickled her anus combined to send her into an ecstatic frenzy.

Justine slowly rocked on her sons’ hard pricks as her orgasm subsided. “What do you two say you finish all over my big tits?” She asked them, turning her head back to Henry to watch his pelvis make waves through her ass with each thrust.

“Fuck, yeah!” Henry exclaimed.

Justine slipped from the bed to the floor and her sons stood hip-to-hip in front of her. She slipped each of their eager shafts in and out of her mouth. Then, she took each of their hard veiny shafts in her hands and pumped them in time with each other.

“Show me what big boys you are. Spray that hot cum all over my tits!” She begged.

Henry went first, rocking his head backward as his cock hosed down her breasts with white streaks. Her nipples were dripping with his seed when she felt the bottom of Jacob’s shaft begin to convulse.

“Oh, fuck, Mom – here it comes!” he yelled and ropes of creamy white semen shot from his penis into her bony sternum and then down into her fleshy breasts where it mixed with his twin’s milky gift. Justine wiped her fingers through the stream of semen left by her son’s and tipped her head back to deposit the salty white gifts between her lips.

After the three lovers jumped back in the shower for a quick clean-up, they laid naked in a pile on top of the bed beneath the calming breeze of the overhead fan.

“So, uh, mom…” Henry began. “The actual reason we were here in the shower was… well… we were hoping to audition for the club. You know: The Club?”

“My club?” Justine asked. She knew this day might come. Ever since she and the boys’ father opened that swinger club, she knew the day would come when they’d get curious. She just didn’t think it would come so soon. “I guess you’d have to clear it with your father.”

“Then I guess we’ll have to setup a meeting…” Henry trailed off as the three drifted to sleep.

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