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The Swimmers Ch. 02

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Natasha Elliott heard the insistent ring, ring, of the doorbell from within her deep and troubled sleep. She vaguely tried to stir, but she was tied to the bed and someone was driving a truck through her head, right behind her eyes.

She managed to open one eye and winced at the sunshine through the curtains, she shut it again, but heard the ring again. She shifted slightly and her body reacted by letting her feel every joint pain and muscle burn it could. She groaned and a warm hand touched her face. Opening her eye she gazed into the open eye of her twin sister Annette.

“What the f… what is that Goddam noise…” Annette’s eye closed as a groan escaped her lips.

“Fuck knows, but it is getting on my bloody nerves. God my head, what did we do last night?”

“Party…” said her twin, they both moved slowly and regretted it.

Their red hair untied and loose, sleep strewn, littered the pillows, they sat slowly, still aware of the ringing from downstairs. They were both naked, their breasts now above the duvet. They heard the clunk and thud of the door opening to the street, then shutting. There followed the clump of feet on the stairs, followed by the bedroom door opening. Vanessa Elliott strode into the bedroom, to find her daughters, naked in bed together, hands over their faces, groaning.

“Whoever that is, take what you want, but leave me to die quietly.” Natasha said from behind her hands.

“Me too,” said Annette, feeling very sick suddenly.

She summoned all her strength to leap out of bed, knocking her mother aside as she sprinted for the bathroom. The sound of her retching filled the quiet room. Natasha gulped and threw herself sideways to run and join her sister. Vanessa Elliott walked to the bathroom, to find her offspring crouched over the toilet, a hand each holding their hair back, and retching into the toilet bowl.

“Hello darlings, how was the party?” she asked with a giggle.

Slowly Annette and Natasha stopped and sat back, spittle dripping from their lips onto their chins and chests.

“My God you two look rough, heavy session?”

They nodded weakly finding tissues and wiping their mouths, chins and chests. They looked sheepishly as Vanessa flushed the toilet for them.

“Well darlings it seems as if you two have had a fabulous time, but the after effects are kicking in with a vengeance. Sore heads, dicky tummy, feel like crap all over?”

They nodded and sat side by side on the bath edge. heads hanging down, faces hidden behind a cascade of tousled red hair.

“Right, well while I fix you breakfast, you two shower and dress, then we’ll talk.”

Vanessa moved out of the bathroom heading for the stairs. The girls looked at each other and smiled, just.

“Do you want to go first in the shower, I need to pee, said Annette.

“So do I but I’ll do it in the shower while I wash,” said Natasha, standing and wincing.

“Gross, but carry on,” said Annette as she walked back to the toilet, unleashing a torrent of pee into the bowl.

Natasha stood and climbed into the bath, holding the glass shower screen for balance. Squatting slightly she too emptied her bladder, then reached up to turn the shower on. The water hit her and she groaned, then she grinned as she felt Annette’s hands on her as she climbed into the bath as well.

“Let’s share, I’ll soap you, you can do me, but no kissing, my bahis firmaları mouth’s like the bottom of a budgies cage and you smell like a brewery.”

“Yeah me too, God we must have sunk some beers last night.”

“Beer, I don’t like beer.”

“Could have fooled me the way you chugged it down.”

“Oh God, yeah it’s coming back to me now.”

“In your mind or from your stomach?”

“Don’t, I think that’s empty now.”

“Your mind?”

“Both, what on earth were we thinking?”

“Well we both allegedly had a good time, but the price is hell.”

“We better get washed up before Mum comes back up, I don’t like the ways she’s smiling, she’s got something on her mind and I think it’s us.”

“Oh no, we’re going to have to explain it to her aren’t we?”


Ten minutes later they came downstairs to the kitchen, smelling the breakfast before they reached the bottom of the stairs. Vanessa sat at their table drinking a mug of tea, with two more mugs steaming on the table. As they sat opposite the mugs, she placed two paracetamol tablets each beside them. Turning to the oven, she proceeded to dish up eggs, bacon, toast and cooked tomatoes and mushrooms. Each twin looked at the plate and blanched. Putting ketchup and brown sauce on the table Vanessa sat back down.

“Eat!” she commanded and like two small schoolgirls they did as instructed.

To their surprise they found that the breakfast and tablets, with tea actually made then feel a lot better. Finishing they sat cradling their mugs as they finished their tea. Vanessa rose, found the pot topped their mugs up, found the milk and added it to each.

“OK, I know about the party, seems to have gone well, you even managed to clear up after you, but I’d like one question answered?”

They looked at their mother, then each other.

“Ok, let me make it easy on you. Would one or other of you like to explain to me why you were in bed together?”



“Ok lets try small words and little sentences,” Vanessa held her thumb and forefinger about a quarter inch apart.

The twins looked at each other again and shrugged, then looked at their mother.

“Do you really want to know?” Natasha asked looking back at her mother.

“I don’t but I need to know, I want to understand what’s happening to you both.”

“I think you can guess,” Annette said, taking her sisters hand and squeezing it lightly.

“I think I can, I can’t say I ever suspected anything, how long have you known that you love each other, well, more than is usual for sisters?”

“Probably for years, but actually recognizing it, about a week ago.” Natasha said, and smiled at Annette who smiled back and held her hand tightly.

“Will you tell Dad?”

“Yes, I think he deserves to know that his daughters have found love and happiness, don’t you?”


“You’re not mad or angry or…”

“Of course not! Surprised, overwhelmed, sad perhaps, but no, no anger or despair or whatever.”

“Oh Mum we love you so much,”

Annette began to cry, Moving round the table Natasha held her sister and soothed her, brushing her hair with her hand and wrapping her other arm around her.

Vanessa rose and kissed each in turn.

“See you later, I think you need some time alone, if you want, give me a ring and come for supper later.”

She swept kaçak iddaa out of the kitchen and they heard to front door open and close.

“Well that went better than we could have hoped for, I never would have guessed that Mum would be so…”

“Accepting, loving, open?”

“Yeah all that, can’t be easy to find your thirty one year old daughters in bed together, however innocent.”

“Us! Innocent! come on, she must have guessed and you can’t tell me she wasn’t shocked, but she covered it well, wonder what Dad will say?”

“Shall we ring and go round tonight?”

“Do we have any other options, which won’t look like we’re running away from them?”


“I’ll make the call.”

“What happens if Dad answers?”

“I’ll tell him to tell Mum we’ll be round about fiveish, that ok?”

“Sure we can help Mum,”

“Hah, that’ll drive her crazy, we’ve never helped before.”

“Yeah and we’ll take wine and flowers.”

They clung together laughing, then kissed gently, stroking each others face.

“I love you so much Netty, I really do.”

“Don’t you think I know that Tash, I love you too, as much if not more than it’s possible to love someone.”

They kissed and held each other, then smiling let their foreheads gently touch.

“Do you fancy a swim, work all this bad shit out of the system, a few lengths, say an hour or so physical exercise?”

“Mmm sound good, come on let’s grab our stuff and go for it.”

Twenty minutes later they strolled out of the Ladies Changing Room and to the head of the pool. As usual the pool was barely used and three or four older ladies were gently breaststroking their way up and down the pool. A man was lazily crawling in the third lane, but the “fast” lane was empty. They dove in one after the other and proceeded to beat up and down the pool, using only one lane they evolved their tumble turns so each lead for a few lengths before switching over.

After thirty minutes they rolled onto their backs and swam for fifteen minutes more before slowing and turning into a regular breaststroke.

Exiting the water they were given a round of applause by the older group and blushed and waved thanks.

They walked giggling into the changing rooms, stepping into the showers and luxuriating in the warm water. Exiting they removed the rubber bands from their right ankles and used the keys on it to open their lockers. Stripping off the black Lycra costumes they toweled dry and brushed each others hair out. They dressed quickly, feeling the cooler air firming their nipples. As usual they didn’t wear a bra, just a thong and track suit. Flinging their wet towels and costumes into their bags they linked arms and strode out to the car park.

Promptly at five pm they knocked on the door of their parents house and Vanessa opened the door and hugged them, pulling them in and shouting for her husband.

“John, the girls are here,”


John Elliott, tall, skinny with a shock of red hair, came running downstairs, at nearly fifty seven he still acted like a ten year old and jumped the last three steps. Grabbing the girls in a bear hug he smacked kisses all over their faces.

“John, slow down, they’ll need a bath after you finish slobbering all over them.”

Vanessa grinned and rubbed his arm. They stepped back and their arms automatically slipped round each other.

“How kaçak bahis are my two favourite daughters then?”

“Dad, we’re your only daughters,” giggled Natasha,

Annette grinned and held her sisters hand they leaned in and their heads touched side by side.

“God I can’t believe you’re thirty one, where did the time go?” He shook his head. “Well come in your Mums filled me in on everything, do you think we should celebrate, open some bubbly eh?”

“Dad!” Annette said, as Natasha went slightly white.

“John, I think the girls may have tied one on last night and they’re a little delicate today.” Vanessa cooed.

“Well there’s a turn up not only lovers but alcoholics too. What is the world coming too.” He grinned and hugged Vanessa to him.

“You’re not disappointed in us are you Dad?” Natasha asked, her lower lip quivering.

“What! are you kidding? Who could you be safer with than your own sister, I’m surprised, but definitely not disappointed.”

“Thanks Dad,” Annette said and pulled her sister tighter to her.

“Well this is all very well, but I have a meal to prepare, so why don’t you go and sit and talk to your father.”

“Mum, we’re going to help you, then we can all sit down and talk.”

“Well, that’s a first, love has certainly matured you, ok, come on then, Tash, do the potatoes, Netty you’re on vegetable patrol.”

Laughing the three women trooped into the kitchen.

John made his way after them, knowing he’d be sent out, but warned he was on clearing up duty. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat he looked on with joy at his wife and girls.

The girls helped their mother and then they joined their Dad in the lounge where he sat with his beer and a large glass of wine for Vanessa, persuaded the girls settled for sharing a beer. Later they ate, then they helped their father to clear away. At Nine thirty they took their leave and wandered up the road arm in arm.

Once inside they tore each other clothes off and made love wildly in the hall, on the stairs, up to Natasha’s bedroom, then into Annette’s, before finishing on the landing by the stairs again. Sated they lay back and panted. Their breasts heaving, stomachs rippling, pussies pulsing, they lay smiling. Slowly they helped each other up and walked to Natasha’s bedroom again.

Finding the duvet on the floor, they pulled it back on the bed, rolling it over them. Annette moved over Natasha, who had reached for her breasts, they kissed and moved so each had the others thigh squeezed against their pussy. Slowly kissing each other they pressed into each other and began to make love slowly and passionately.

Finally reaching a point where each was ready to cum, they moved apart as they slid fingers down, to gently infiltrate their partners sex. One finger became two, became three, the heel of their hands pressing instantly against the others clit. Fingers sliding in and out.

Breathing became ragged, sighs louder, erect nipples scraped against the softer skin of the others breasts. Juices, lubricating fingers, slid down onto the sheets until with a mighty heave and squeeze, Natasha came on her sisters thrusting fingers. Her hand pushed into Annettess quim, her fingers pushing higher, the heel of her palm grinding the bud of her sisters clit roughly. Annette screamed her sisters name as she hit the crest of another orgasm and felt her body break into a million pieces. Her eyes closed and she fell back against her sister, her mouth nuzzling Natasha’s breast and nipple.

They said nothing, lying their, breathing steadily calming down, fingers still in each other. They slept.

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