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The Taylor Family Ch. 08

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Night was falling, the crimson glow of a flaming sunset shining through the window.

Kristen was too distracted though to even notice how the sky seemed to be spectacularly ablaze. She was totally focused on the open spiral notebook that lay in front of her, it’s blank and empty pages seeming to cruelly mock her. Lying sprawled on her belly atop her bed, propped up on her elbows and with her chin resting on her clasped hands, she couldn’t help but marvel over how evil this seemingly innocent book really was.

The pile of crumpled up wads of paper on the carpet next to her had been growing steadily all afternoon and was a testament to just how much trouble that notebook had been giving her.

Still, the nineteen year old had resolved to do this come hell or high water and was determined not to stop until she’d finally defeated her new nemesis.

So focused was she that the soft sound of footsteps out in the hallway was not quite enough to make her look up. No, it was not until she heard them pause that she was tempted into looking back over her shoulder at the open door to her bedroom to see who might be out there. It proved to be her sister and a smirk put in an appearance when she saw how intently the younger girl was studying her butt.

“Hey, Ruthie,” she greeted. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you since supper.”

“Hmm?” Ruth had been so interested in the other girl’s seat that she almost didn’t catch what had been said. “Oh, dad gave me a little . . . dessert.”

Kristen shook her head with a sigh.

It had been almost a month now since that wild weekend where she and her family first started practicing incest and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. If anything, they seemed to be getting crazier and crazier about each other by the moment! Considering some of the things they were getting up to nowadays, crazy was a pretty good word for it, too.

“Say, have you heard? Dad’s gonna take mom out for a romantic dinner this Friday. Just the two of them! He said it’ll be their first real date night in years!”

Kristen smiled. “I bet they have a good time. They might not even come home until the next day.”

“I have a feeling that’s what mom is planning.” Ruth had a wicked smile on her face, reaching out to play with her big sister’s hair. “I wonder what we’ll find to do when they leave us all alone for a few hours here at the house? Do you think we’ll be able to find some way to keep ourselves occupied?”

The other girl chuckled softly. “Don’t you ever think about anything but sex anymore?”

“Nope.” Ruth pulled her sister’s hair back, leaning in to plant tender little kisses on her neck.

“Good.” The grin on Kristen’s face was every bit as evil as the one on her sister’s.

Kristen’s nose twitched, catching the scent of her father’s cologne on the eighteen year old. Where once he had only worn that stuff on special occasions, he was now wearing it a lot more often than ever before, clearly hoping it would make him smell more manly and irresistible to his women.

Bent forward as she was, Ruth took advantage of the opportunity to have a look at the notebook lying on the bed, surprised to see the pages blank. “So, what have you been doing up here? Still working on your homework?”

“No, that’s all done. Actually, I’ve been trying to write a story.”

That surprised Ruth. “A story?! What for?”

“Well, I got on the computer the other day and did a search for incest. I guess I was just wondering if there were any other families out there where sister’s were having sex with each other, or moms and daughters, or fathers and daughters, or whatever. Nine tenths of what I found was just really crappy porn of course, but eventually I stumbled onto this place called Literotica. I was looking for real-life experiences and all this place had were fictional sex stories and so I almost dismissed it and moved on, but then I decided to read a few of the stories. There was plenty of weirdness in those things and some of them really stank, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were a lot of really good ones in there, too.”

“So, you just suddenly decided to write a story of your own?”

“And why not? I’m as smart and creative as any one else.” There was a defensive tone to Kristen’s voice, Ruth noticed.

Ruth sat back up. “Okay, okay. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. So how’s it going?”

Kristen slumped a little, wordlessly jerking her thumb towards the pile of paper wads beside the bed.

“It’s a little harder than you thought it would be, huh?”

The defensiveness was back in an instant. “I can do this, Ruth. I can write a stupid little story.”

“Would you relax?! I never said you couldn’t write a story, Kris. Like anything else though, I’m sure it takes a little practice to get good at it.”

Kristen nodded. “Sorry.”

“So,” Ruth ventured after a moment, “Have you figured out what you want to have happen in your story?”

“Well, pendik escort you remember that I told you some of the stories there were a bit weird? I thought I might stand out from the crowd more if I did a story about something a little out of the ordinary.”


“So, here’s what I came up with. It’s about this woman who is divorced or widowed – I haven’t decided which it should be yet. There’s hardly any money coming in and so she lives in this little tiny apartment all alone except for her innocent teenaged daughter. Normally, she and her daughter have a perfectly ordinary relationship, but everything changes at night. The daughter sleepwalks, you see, and becomes a raging nymphomaniac. And how does she satisfy her overpowering, yet unconscious need to get laid? By slipping into her own mother’s bed, of course. Mom is a little weirded out by the fact that her sleeping daughter is ravishing her once or twice a week of course, but it’s the best sex she’s ever had and so she isn’t doing anything to try and stop it.”

Kristen waited for her sister’s reaction to her story idea, but the look on the girl’s face told her everything she needed to know. “You don’t like it.”

“Maybe that’s why you’ve been having so much trouble writing this thing, Kris,” Ruth told her. “It’s just too unrealistic.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Kristen conceded, looking back to her empty notebook. “It could be that I should start with something a little more ordinary.”

Ruth was silent for a little while, considering. “Hey! I’ve got an idea for a story you could write!” she suddenly announced, a huge smile on her face. “Check this out! A mother and daughter are lovers, but they can’t get any time alone together because dad’s always underfoot. To get rid of him for a while so they can spend some quality time together, they cook up some brownies laced with a laxative!”

This idea was enough to startle Kristen. “What!?”

“Yeah! It’d be great! While he’s all but trapped in there, sitting on the toilet, the mom could decide to sort of symbolically celebrate her victory over him by fucking her daughter up against the wall just outside the bathroom. Dad could keep hearing this strange thumping noise and not be able to figure out what it is, but really it’s the daughter’s butt thumping against the wall as her mom finger fucks her!”

The skeptical look on Kristen’s face was more than eloquent.

“What? It be great!”

“It sounds like a cross between a porn movie and one of your stupid, gross comedy flicks, Ruthie,” Kristen told her, sitting up at long last and facing her sister. “I am not going to write a story about giving some poor guy the trots!”

Ruth deflated, hardly able to believe that her big sister wasn’t as crazy about the idea as she was. “Well, it’s no wonder you can’t get anything written,” she scoffed at last, trying to cover up her disappointment. “You don’t know what makes a good story!”

“Maybe, but I certainly do know what would make a disgusting story.”

“Maybe I’ll just write it myself then and prove you wrong.”

“Go ahead,” Kristen responded, nodding towards the paper wads as she added, “Just keep in mind that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to write a story.”

The older girl picked up her empty notebook then and tossed it off the bed – clearing the deck for action, if you will. Her sister didn’t seem to recognize what she was up to though, her mind still on writing stories.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll bet you I can finish my story before you can your’s.”

“Considering how slowly my story is coming,” Kristen chuckled softly, refusing to be goaded into a race, “I expect you’re probably right.” Almost unnoticed by her sister, the elder girl had reached out and started fingering the bottom edge of Ruth’s shirt.

“I’ll bet the people on that website will like my story better than yours, too!”

Kristen laughed a little harder at that boast. “Maybe you should have a look at the site before you say that.” She had managed to edge up the front of her sister’s shirt by now just a little, just enough to reveal the top of the younger girl’s denim shorts. By meeting Ruth’s gaze directly and holding it, never once looking down at what her fingers were doing, it seemed like she was able to do all of this without her even realizing it. “You know, get an idea of what sort of people they have there.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Ruth insisted firmly. “It’s going to be such a great story, how could anyone not like it?”

Kristen nodded slowly, her voice coming across as just a bit patronizing. “Of course, they will, Ruthie.” Down below, her fingertips were moving slowly back and forth across the top of the other girl’s shorts, lightly brushing across the skin above it.

“They will!”

“Of course they will,” Kristen responded, not letting up on that infuriating tone of voice for an instant. Her fingertips were continuing their work down below in the meantime, though Ruth was still not consciously aware of it. maltepe escort “I’ll bet it’ll be the most popular story on that entire site.”

Ruth was growing very annoyed with her sister, more and more determined to prove herself to her. “It just might be!”

The younger of the sisters was growing more and more agitated by the moment and honestly believed it was only because Kristen was being deliberately annoying. The way her body was responding suggested something else was happening though, her nipples now standing up very obviously and her pussy lubricating. Those caressing fingers were having a subliminal, but quite powerful effect on her.

“I don’t know if they give out any awards at that site, but if they do, I’m sure you and your story would win them.” Kristen hooked one finger over the top of her sister’s shorts, dipping the tip inside smoothly and letting it slide easily back and forth.

“Kris . . .”

There was a clear warning in Ruth’s voice now, evidence that she was really getting fed up now, that an explosion was imminent. After a lifetime of bickering and arguing with her sister, Kristen could not help but pick up on the signals and chose to bring the teasing to an end now.

“Hey, Ruthie?” she ventured sweetly.

“What?!” came the exasperated response.

“Wanna fuck?”

As far as Ruth was concerned, the question had just come out of nowhere and the mixture of emotions that played across her features was a thing to behold. With the young girl clearly struggling so very hard to get her mind wrapped around this sudden change of subject – going from aggravation and annoyance to shock and surprise and rebounding quite a few times – Kristen was unable to keep herself from laughing at the expressions that were washing over the pretty teen’s face.

It was priceless!

The young girl’s confusion was complete, but what happened next would leave her helplessly baffled and unable to respond.

The snap of her shorts popped open suddenly and Ruth gasped in astonishment, her eyes growing very wide and her mouth falling open. It really was the first time she realized that her big sister had her hand down there and she quickly ducked her head, looking down to see just what was going on.

“Kris . . . what the . . .”

Suddenly rising up on her knees, Kristen seemed to loom over the other girl in an almost menacing way. One hand went around to the back of Ruth’s head to grasp a fistful of her hair, pulling so that her face was tilted up towards the ceiling and Kristen was able to look down confidently and unflinchingly into her sister’s wide, startled eyes.

“Ruthie, honey? I asked you a question.”

She looked up at her big sister wonderingly, so amazed by this sudden turn of events that she didn’t trust her memory. “Um, what?”

“Do you want to fuck?”

There was really only one answer that could be given to that question. “Oh, God, yes!”

Kristen was delighted with the other girl’s enthusiasm and eagerly dipped herself down to press a long, deep kiss onto her lips. At the same time, that hand that had been lingering on the front of Ruth’s open shorts all of this time now slipped inside.

A low growl rose from the back of Ruth’s throat as she felt that probing hand close over a mound that was already dripping, more aroused and ready for action than she could ever have guessed thanks to the other girl’s skillful distractions. Ruth rose up slightly, her thighs parting a little more, giving her sister free and complete access, while at the same time throwing her arms around her lover and kissing her back bruisingly hard.

A grunt, muffled by the lips that were mashed against her own, was forced out of the young tomboy as one and then two fingers slipped up inside her. Ruth quit squeezing and clutching at her sister now, instead tugging up her shirt with both hands to expose her back and the simple catch that was all that was holding her bra together. The catch would not survive her assault for long.

Ruth went in for another of those wet and steamy kisses. These girls were rapidly becoming world-class professionals at this thanks to all of the practice they had been getting over the last month and when the liplock was broken at last, they left each other speechless, breathless, and very aroused.

Ruth was more insistent than ever now about getting her sister’s clothes off and so Kristen had to let go of her so that her top could be pulled off and pitched aside. The bra, already unfastened as it was, disappeared in an instant, going flying through the air as well.

The topless girl then found herself being suddenly pushed over onto her back, Ruth’s fast working hands having the snap and zipper of Kristen’s jeans open before the older girl knew what was happening. Springing to her feet on the bed and grabbing the older girl by the legs of her pants, Ruth was able to literally dump her sister out of her jeans.

Coincidentally, when she stood up, Ruth’s unfastened kartal escort shorts fell down her long legs and the teen was able to simply step out of them after she’d gotten her big sister’s jeans off.

With Kristen now down to just her socks and panties, Ruth flung herself down onto her lover without a second thought. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other and held on tight, their legs intertwining as they shared a new barrage of those searing, passionate kisses.

Kristen reclaimed control then, rolling them over so that it was she who was on top. Levering herself up and off of her sister, though it tool a bit of effort to break the grip Ruth had on her, she managed to peel off the younger girl’s top. It was no surprise to her to find that the younger girl was not wearing a bra considering how very obviously those hardened nipples had been showing through her top all this time and Kristen was quite sure their parents had appreciated that just as much as she had.

Ruth’s hand rose, gripping the peak of one of her sister’s breasts, her thumb playing with the nipple. Kristen let out a long and languid sigh, arching her back in appreciation. Her little sister placed her other hand on her shoulder and let her have her biggest smile.

A lifetime of wrestling with this girl warned her of what was coming, but Kristen was not quick enough to avoid it.

Ruth suddenly shoved with both hands and sent the older girl toppling off of her and onto her back. Springing up, she moved quickly towards the foot of the bed before Kristen could recover, grabbing one of her legs and lifting it high. She had done it all so very fast that by the time her sister had recovered enough to be thinking about ways to defend herself, Ruth was already straddling one leg and holding the other firmly to her bosom.

“Okay, Ruthie, I . . .”

Whatever Kristen might have been about to say was lost forever when, still wearing that huge grin, Ruth moved her hips forward and bumped her cunt against her sister’s. It was a brief enough contact, but it sent an electrical jolt shooting through them both, the heat down there so intense that it could easily be felt through two thin pairs of panties.

That would mark the end of the wrestling match for the time being at least as the two girls turned their full attention to this.

Slowly at first, the teenagers began to work themselves against each other, bumping and rubbing gently. That patient and measured approach would not last for long though as the both of them were well acquainted with the kind of explosion this sort of activity could bring and were absolutely desperate to reach it.

Swiftly, their movements grew faster and more frantic, pushing and grinding against each other with utter abandon.

Considering how very close they were to the edge of that bed and how blind they were to everything but their intimately interconnected cunts, not to mention the sheer violence of their movements, it was nothing less than a miracle that they didn’t tumble off to the floor. As it was, the bed itself was doing some considerable rocking beneath them, it’s mattress springs creaking.

Their boobs bouncing and swinging, their bodies trembling and covered with a gleaming sheen of sweat, they threw their heads back as the inferno between their legs grew out of all control. Neither Kristen or Ruth could entirely keep the cries of delight and grunts of exertion within themselves, but fortunately they didn’t have to keep this quiet.

No longer did they have to hide anything from either of their parents!

Ruth eventually lost her balance and went over onto her back, somehow without losing that glorious connection between her body and Kristen’s. Her collapse did nothing at all to slow down the pair though, continuing to grind themselves together while reaching out to take hold of each other’s hands.

Eventually, the inevitable climax of all of this could be resisted no more. Orgasms overwhelmed them both at almost precisely the same time, their raw power crashing down over the teens. Shrieks of delight that would have shattered glass were reduced to nothing more than hoarse gasps as the breath was driven from their bodies. Backs arched high up off the bed and young bodies almost seemed to levitate for a few moments as the incredible vortex of energy claimed them.

It would take quite some time for things to cool back down in the aftermath of this, the girls left sprawled limp and insensate, gasping for air.

Kristen and Ruth were slow to recover.

Propping herself up on her elbows, the panting Kristen looked down between them. She was not at all surprised to find their panties soaking wet and twisted out of place, but she could not imagine how they had managed to avoid being shredded altogether. Still, she fancied that she could see a thin little wisp of smoke rising from what had been the very center of all of that heat and friction.

“Oh, I gotta tell you,” Ruth moaned breathlessly, staring up at the ceiling. “That was just fantastic.”

The older girl heartily agreed, her head lolling over to one side so that she spied the open notebook and pile of paper wads that had incited their latest misadventure. “Hey, about those stories . . .”

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