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The Teacher Ch. 04

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Chapter Four

Full Service

Tommy’s survey was simple to complete. He had listed every sexual act imaginable and all I needed to do was check off those that I had provided for the Mayor. There was a section for comments but there wasn’t anything about the Mayor that was unusual. I just confirmed his preference for licking pussy and that it was best to remind him to use a condom. Oh, and I listed the time as one hour, forty minutes.

Several days later, Barbara had posted a copy of the Mayor’s bill on my personal link. It indicated an hour and a half at $600 per hour “normal fee” for “services rendered” plus $150 for the hospitality room. The total was $1050 and billed to Human Services in care of the City of C*%^*#o. I can’t name the city here but it is pretty well known in the Midwest. I was credited with earning $577.50.

Over the next week I had several customers. I entertained them at different condos, never the same place twice in a row. I was screwing short guys, tall guys, fat and thin gays, ugly men and once in awhile a handsome man. Most of the handsome men don’t need an escort service. There was one female customer, and to tell the truth, I was at a loss at how to deal with the situation. Women have a sixth sense about these things. She called me “Darlin’ ” and pretty much understood how to make both of us feel comfortable. She also wasn’t shy about telling me what she wanted. Every situation was uneventful except that most of the men were married and none of their wives let them do anal. So, my butt hole got a workout and we went through plenty of lube. It was a little harder to sit down after the first week and I needed a bit of a rest. The second week was the first time I did two guys on the same day … one in the afternoon and the second around ten in the evening. Sunday afternoon I got a late call and Barbara apologized. She asked if I would service a client that evening? I was new on the team and didn’t want to disappoint the boss so I agreed to do it. The man was in his 70’s and arrived with a little black bag that made me nervous. Would this be some kind of kinky bondage or BDSM role playing? It turned out that the old man brought along a penis pump and a cock ring. He knew getting it up would be a problem. Even with Viagra, an erection was a challenge so he brought along a few sexual aides. He was delightfully polite and gracious. I liked him. I sucked him and pumped him until he got close to being hard enough to perform. I helped him on with his cock ring and eventually he was ready to get it up and in. He wasn’t a great fuck but I felt sorry for him and told him what a great lover he was. He thanked me but knew I was lying.

Before leaving he said, “The thing is, I did this to feel young again … just one last time.”

I smiled and give him a big hug saying, “You’ll always be young at heart.”

“Thank you,” he said. “You are a very sweet girl.” At that, he turned and went out the door. Sad, so sad.

The good news is that during the first month I earned $7000 tax free. I might be shopping for a BMW of my own soon.

There was another customer I have to tell you about. It was Charlie and he had just turned 18. His dad had booked my escort service for his birthday because, as it turned out, Charlie was a virgin. Charlie was tall, maybe 6 feet, 5 inches with a chiseled face and a muscular body. The boy was gorgeous! I could see right away he was scared stiff, but not stiff in the right place. I asked him about school and his girlfriend. We talked about sports and where he was going to college. Then I asked him about sex and he looked away and said, “I don’t know much about it except whacking off at home.” I told him that was fine and a good release. Had he seen his girlfriend naked? No, he said but he had jacked off to plenty of erotic pictures on his computer. I said, “How about it if I take off my clothes. Would you like that?”

“Yes, but should I take off mine too?”

“If you like,” as I slowly removed my blouse. He followed by taking off his shirt. Then I slid my skirt down around my ankles and stepped out of it as I turned to let him see my ass. Wearing a tiny thong, he had an unobstructed view of my nicely formed ass cheeks. He was removing his pants and I unhooked my bra. I wanted to let my breasts fall deliberately so Charlie could fully appreciate with a great deal of anticipation the thrill of seeing a live naked woman. I was left wearing a red thong barely covering my pussy lips. Charlie was down to his shorts.

Seeing he was not at full strength, I sat on the love seat teasing him by playing with myself hoping to get him at full staff. He was curious but didn’t show much reaction.

Finally I said, “OK, Charlie, here’s where I show you what a woman can do for a real man like you. I gradually pulled his shorts to his knees and held his limp cock in my hand waiting for it to respond. It didn’t. I began licking his balls smearing saliva around güvenilir bahis his sack, still waiting for my hand to be filled with a rock hard organ. It didn’t work.

“Charlie, I’m going to suck on your cock and you pretend you are in your bedroom, all alone, massaging yourself. OK?”

“OK” he nervously replied.

I put him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his still limp dick pressing my lips against his manhood. It was beginning to be hard work but I loved the challenge. After about ten minutes he began to relax. I sat him on the couch and opened his legs continuing to work on him. Finally I could feel his soft hose begin to stir and as his cock grew, it was obvious Charlie was well endowed. All I could think of was getting his hard shaft into my pussy.

I held onto his hard member and led him to the promise land … the bed. I was so ready, wet and anxious to have him sliding inside me. He was unsure what to do next. I spread my legs and gently pulled him over me. I could feel his erection on my belly and reached down to put it between my legs.

“Come on Charlie, get yourself inside me. I’ll help,” as I grabbed that marvelous tool and I placed it in front of my pussy lips. “Now just push it in and help me feel you inside me.”

He did what I said. At first, my young stud seemed cautious, then rubbed his cock head between the folds of my pussy lips as I let out a quiet whimper. His cock slid into my slippery love hole with no resistance and I said, “Now fuck me Charlie.” Apparently, he knew what that meant and pressed inward, entering with progressively longer strokes, sliding his erect penis in and out … slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. I was fully aroused feeling the orgasm that had steadily been building inside me. It felt so good and I began to squeal, “More Charlie. Deeper Charlie. Harder Charlie.” That’s about all the encouragement he needed. He slammed his dick all the way in, up to the hilt and I could feel his pulsating meat while he ejaculated steady streams of youthful sticky cum into me. I cried out, “I’m cumming Charlie, I’m cumming. A wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over my entire body with tears streaming down my cheeks. His cum continued to gush inside my fuck canal and when he finally was finished, there was a gooey slick mess coating his dick and more dripping out of my cunny slit. I was totally in dreamsville.

“Mam, did I hurt you?” he asked noticing my tears.

“No Charlie, those are tears of joy!”

His father had paid for two hours so we had another hour left. I didn’t want it to end and hoped Charlie could recover for round two.

I said, “Charlie, the next time we do this, you need to wear a condom.”

“Fine, but my dad didn’t give me any.”

“I’ve got some. Are you ready to do it again but maybe in a different way?”

“Sure, but give me a minute.”

We talked awhile and then I asked him if he was ready. He said he wasn’t so this gave me an opportunity to teach him how to pleasure a woman.

“Charlie, come over here and play with my pussy.” I took his hand and pressed it against my sopping wet cunt and showed him how to rub my clit.”

“Mam, that feels so soft and wet.”

“That’s right, Charlie. When a woman is excited she has those natural juices and I’d like you to taste my juices. Bring your head down between my legs and lick me.” Of course he was also going to taste the creamy fluid he had deposited in my love box as well my wetness. It all kept oozing out of my swollen gap down to my ass. Charlie did what I instructed so I asked him how it tasted.

He said, “I’m not sure … kind of salty.”

“You’re probably tasting the fluid you shared with me awhile ago. You haven’t tasted your cum before?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Charlie, do you see that little button just above my girly hole? That is what really gives a girl pleasure. Please lick it and suck on it and if you do it well, it should get swollen like your cock.”

It didn’t take long for him to learn to give great head. He was a natural. And it didn’t take long for me to be on the verge of my second orgasm.

It was clear by the rising pole between his legs that he was ready to fuck me again. I slipped some protection on his rock hard cock and showed him how to enter me doggie style. He humped me good for what seemed like hours and we both came again with semen filling his Trojan. It turned out that Charlie was quite the guy. After ejaculating twice, he came a third time when I showed him cowgirl, riding him up and down like a bronco buster. Finally he shot a load in my mouth doing a 69. So the final score was two to two. He had filled two Trojans and two of my holes. I, of course, was thrilled to be a teacher again and both the teacher and student were totally satisfied with the lesson.

Before he left he said, “Thanks, that was great. Can I buy one of your videos?”

“Sure, take it. It’s free.”

“Oh my dad said you probably türkçe bahis would expect a tip. How much should I give you?”

“Forget it, Charlie. You made me very happy in bed tonight. You will make some woman a very good lover. By the way, I’m curious. When was the last time you jacked off?”

Embarrassed he said, “Last week. My dad said to save it for tonight.”

He took the video and I sent him on his way. The maid was on her way up to the apartment as I was leaving and I hoped she had brought along an air freshener. The place reeked of sex. I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the “morning after” pill and was soon home fantasizing about another night with Charlie.

I never saw Charlie again but his dad left a nice tip on the credit card.

The following month I earned over $10,000 and Tommy gave me the apartment. In addition, my hourly rate increased to $750 due to my growing popularity. Barbara also required clients to pay for a two hour minimum per engagement. For the agency, I had become a cash cow. Barbara and Tommy had just bought a fifth condo shortly after my second month and it occurred to me that their business plan was to build a real estate empire on the backs of us girls. Eventually, it seemed, they would sell the escort service and rent out the apartments. Brilliant! My bank balance was also prospering growing like kudzu on a telephone pole. I even opened an account at Fidelity to invest in a few mutual funds. Things were going really well for all of us but as we all know, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are consequences.

Dressing in different costumes made me feel sexy and like a real actress. When not in costume, I would greet the customer braless with my tits bursting out of an undersized tank top. Guys liked the look and enjoyed unwrapping my package, anticipating the delights waiting within. They liked what they saw by the time they removed the last ribbon, usually a thong or g-string. One guy wanted me in panties so he could take a scissors to cut an opening in front of my pussy. Then he’d fuck me through that hole without removing my panties. Different strokes for different folks, it appears. I enjoyed posing nude and to increase the sexual heat, I’d shake and play with my tits. It was always met with overwhelming approval. In the bedroom, the basics are net stockings, teddies, garters and garterbelts. Among the most effective was sexy lingerie that would even make Victoria’s Secret blush. They did the job for which they were intended. Babydoll lingerie was particularly popular and there was one that drove every guy wild with animalistic passion. It was a see-through babydoll that accentuated my already ample breasts. When my nipples got hard, the man was treated to them poking through tiny holes in the fabric. The g-string left nothing to a man’s imagination. There was never a guy that didn’t get an instant hard-on seeing me in it. This, of course, made my job a lot easier. The pump was already primed!

Our Mayor made several more visits. He loved the tantalizing French maid outfit. Once I dressed as a fraulein in native Bavarian dress. Actually, I got some good ideas from a video, “Fraulein in Uniforme.” Well, sometimes the frauleins were in uniform. I told him how Nazi soldiers had tortured and raped me and I needed a strong American man to protect me. He fell for it hook line and sinker. Another costume was a girl dressed in Swedish holiday clothes. My blond hair worked well in this role play. The Mayor had booked me during the Christmas holidays and I was Lucia, the Swedish girl that was martyred and killed for her faith. However, I altered the story somewhat. Instead of bringing food to the persecuted Christians, Lucia provided sexual favors to them. The Mayor was not familiar with the St. Lucia story but believe me, by the end of our session, he had a pretty good idea what it was about. He was delighted and gave me the biggest tip so far in my fledgling career.

“Jaws” rang on my phone one afternoon when business was slow. It was the time of year when the rich and famous were away on vacation … in Switzerland, The Hamptons, or Hawaii. The following month was the beginning of convention season. That’s when I easily make up for any lost revenue as conventioneers hit town.

The ringtone played on and I answered. “Hello?”

“Hi, this a friend that saved you from the Nazis,” the voice whispered on the other end.

“Oh hi.” I recognized the Mayor’s voice. “Shouldn’t you be contacting me through the website?”

“No, I’m not scheduling another appointment but would like to speak with you about a business proposition.?

“Really?” and I was truly surprised.

“Yes. Can you meet me for dinner at the Como?”

“What’s this about?”

“I’ll tell you at dinner. You won’t be disappointed”

I thought a minute and wondered if this was within company policy. Well, Barbara said it was OK to have dinner with clients but she didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri say if it would be fine without entertaining them for a price.

“I think it’s alright. What time?”

“I’ll have a limo pick you up in front of the same place we met last week. Make it 6:30.”

“OK, I’ll be there.” This was an ideal arrangement because that condo is now where I live.

I was escorted to a private room in the Como. I knew there was a VIP room but never worked the room when employed as a waitress at the Como. The Mayor had already arrived and stood to greet me.

“Welcome Eve. Please sit down.”

“How did he know my real name?” I wondered. The maitre d’ helped me be seated. This was the same man that fired me and must have been curious why I was there with the Mayor. Neither of us let on that we knew each other.

“Eve, I’m sure you know who I am. Being rather well known, I appreciate your discretion regarding our association. I know I can trust you.”

“Thank you, Mayor Johnson,” I replied in a soft tone.

“Let’s enjoy some Champagne and we’ll talk business over dinner. I’ve ordered baked flounder for the entrée. It’s freshly caught and the chef has a fantastic recipe. The Como has the best seafood in the city. I hope you will like it.”

“I’m sure I will.” That part was genuine because when I worked at the Como, it was among the most popular dishes. It’s just that I could never afford it.

We sipped our chilled Champagne and munched on a delightful shrimp cocktail. Most of our conversation centered around the Mayor’s work and his upcoming reelection campaign. I was still curious why we were dining together without a reservation through InhibitionsLimited.com. And how did he know my name? Somebody squealed but then mayors have their ways and lots of clout. Midway through the succulent flounder, Mayor Johnson began telling me how difficult it was finding a private secretary with just the right qualifications. Finally getting to the point, he said, “I’d like you to fill that position for me.”

The Mayor was offering me a job! Wow! I never would have guessed as much. So that’s one of the consequences of success it seems.

He went on, “The office part is rather easy. You would answer my private calls and do some filing. It really doesn’t amount to much. Mostly you would dress well wearing fine but understated jewelry while welcoming visitors. If you need help with that, I have a rather generous expense account. There would be some travel because you will always be at my side during trips. I need someone to make me look good.” He smiled.

“Perhaps the most important part of the job is to host an occasional private party for dignitaries and colleagues. That’s very important in politics. The pay is good. The starting salary is $125,000.”

I said nothing and listened when he mentioned that I would have to leave my current employment and work only for him. The city would lease an apartment for me and all entertaining would take place there. The expense is within the Political Functions/Entertainment budget. “Holy buggers,” I thought. He wants his own private fuck girl … a mistress. We ordered a dessert but I only picked at it.

When we got up to leave I said, “Mayor, I really appreciate your offer but I need time to think it over.”

“That’s fine, Eve. I figured you would need some time on this. Call me when you make a decision. Here is my card with my private number. I need to know by Thursday. The limo driver will take you back to your condo.”

That gave me two days to decide. I was back home at 9:00 PM doing my homework. It wasn’t a simple decision but one thing kept creeping into the back of my mind, “What if he isn’t reelected?” The other consideration was the money. I already lived in a very nice apartment and I was now averaging $12,000 to $15,000 a month. That’s something like $150 grand a year! So, I thought I’d run this by Jan. I called her that night and heard, “Hi, this is Jan. I’m out. Leave your name and number and I’ll return your call.” I left my name.

She called back the next morning and apologized for the delay. Jan had been performing a much needed service to one of our top military generals and it ran later than usual. “So Eve, what’s up?”

I explained the deal. She was a great help by reinforcing my thoughts about the election and money. In the end, we both decided it was best to turn down the offer. The one concern we both had was the Mayor might turn vindictive and close down the agency. I called Tommy to explain what had happened and told him I had not taken the Mayor’s offer. He said not to worry about the Mayor. Mayor Johnson is a good man. If he decides to apply some heat, we have his record on file.

“Oh, and Eve, something’s came up and I need to speak with you right away. This is an out of agency situation and maybe we can talk about it in your apartment.”

“Why not tell me now?” I inquired.

“Well, it’s a delicate matter. I’ll be there in an hour.” and he hung up.

Oh boy, another mystery for me to ponder. For Tommy to come to my place and on such short notice, it must be important. He said it wasn’t about the agency so what could be so pressing?

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