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The Trip Ch. 07

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The camper was a beehive of activity as everyone helped to clean or fix supper. Jane might bump into Terri and give her a quick kiss or Shona might have to squeeze past Barry, grabbing his cock as they slipped past one another. They decided to eat outside in the cool night air. There were no other campers nearby so the girls put on their night-clothes. Jane, who loved baby dolls, wore a sheer blue top that loosely tied just above her large firm breasts. The top hung down to just below her trim waist. Small, thin panties barely covered her beautiful round ass. Shona wore her gold satin chemise. The top of it was sheer, barely holding her breasts. Her nipples, hard from rubbing against the thin lace, showed through while the skirt part hugged her hips then flared loosely. A pair of gold, bikini panties finished the outfit and were easily seen whenever she even slightly bent over.

Terri walked out of the camper carrying a plate of appetizers. She had on a simple stretch black lace chemise that was tight around her shapely body then flared at the hem, barely reaching the tops of her thighs. Thongs had come with the chemise but like everyone else, she wore panties so she could sit more easily. A slight breeze blew as Beth stepped out of the camper. The baby doll she wore did little to keep the air off her body. She had on a red sheer top with ruffles on the neck and hem and a pair of red matching panties. In the moonlight, Barry could clearly see her body as if she were naked. Beth had brought this, hoping to rekindle some of the lost passion between her and Mike. She had somehow never quite got around to wearing it but felt as though tonight would be a good night for it. Clad in just a T-shirt and shorts, Barry kept the fire going, the flickering of the fire casting a shimmering light on everyone.

They all talked freely for the next hour or so, mostly sitting on lawn chairs. Jane sat at the feet of Shona, stroking her long, shapely legs as they talked. After a while, the conversation eventually turned to sex. Jane and Shona talked about their wild days at St. Mary’s Boarding school, giggling at some of the outrageous escapades they had got up to. Terri had been more active than Beth, enjoying her years in college. Beth was surprised at some of the things Terri had done.

“Come on, Beth, you aren’t going to tell me that you never picked up some random guy at a bar?” Terri asked incredulously.

Beth blushed, telling everyone one that she had just one time, but that she had felt so guilty, that she never did it again. She did, however, confess that she had wanted to many times, just that her strict religious upbringing made her afraid.

Beth listened intensely to the stories Jane and Shona told, wishing that she had had the nerve to do things like that. She really liked her new friends and realized that just because they had been free with their bodies, that they were still very sweet and caring people. She also thought about those people who professed holiness and purity but were actually quite mean and cruel.

“When I bought this outfit, I was almost ashamed to take it to the checkout. I thought that the sales woman might think of me a slut or something. Mike saw it in my bag but was more concerned about the cost than what it would look like on me,” Beth said softly, almost embarrassed at how her life had turned out. She sat upright, biting her lower lip. She had a determined look on her face, “but I have decided right now that things will be different.”

Everyone smiled and congratulated Beth on her decision, even Terri, who had never really liked her husband, Mike.

“You know Mike tried to put the move on me earlier this summer?” Terri said, confessing to Beth. Beth’s eyes widened, her jaw dropped. “Remember when we were at our pool last month? You and John stayed outside while Mike offered to help me with the drinks.” Barry looked at Beth, seeing the hurt in her eyes. Terri saw the hurt, too, and wanted to stop.

“Go on, Terri, finish the story. Beth needs to hear it so she can make a clean break of the asshole,” Jane said. Shona nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, once in the kitchen, Mike closed the door then walked up behind me. Remember, I was wearing that red twist top bikini. Well, as I was saying, once in the kitchen, Mike let his hand slide across the back of my waist, then down onto my ass. He leaned against me as I poured the drinks. I could feel his cock against me. He told me how hot I looked and how he had always found me sexy. I tried to ignore him, making a joke about it but he kept at it. He slid his hand up my side, cupping my tits, then pulled my top down. He kissed the back of my neck while his hand groped my tits,” Terri confessed, the words tumbling out in a rush. Beth just sat there, numb. She had suspected Mike of flirting too much with some other women, even thinking he might have even fucked someone, but not a close friend like Terri. Terri continued slowly, ” I thrust my hips back, hitting Mike in the balls. He grabbed my hair, jerking my head erenköy escort back telling me that I had better not tell you or John about this. I told him to get the fuck out of there then we came out to the pool. Nothing has happened since.”

“I remember that you were wearing the top as a twist, then later as a tube top, Terri. Is that the reason? You also seemed very cold to Mike from then on. I did notice the change,” Beth said, accepting the fact that she would now never go back to Mike.

“I’m sorry for not telling you sooner… I just didn’t know what to do, what to say,” Terri said.

Beth stood up, the light from the moon and fire highlighting her curves, “Well, enough of this… that is in the past. What I want right now is to be with my new friends.” Jane smiled, standing and walking over to Beth. She slid her hands up and down Beth’s arms, their breasts pressing lightly against one another. The others just watched as Jane reached up to kiss Beth softly, tenderly on her lips. Beth moaned softly, letting her hands fall down Jane’s back. She pulled Jane tight to her body, wrapping her hands around Jane’s waist. Barry looked at their breasts, squeezed out the sides.

Shona, meanwhile, moved over to Terri, stroking her hair as she leaned to kiss her new friend. Jane ground her pussy against Beth, the thin panties doing little to dampen the feeling. Barry watched as the four women caressed each other, their hands gliding effortlessly over their partners. Beth cupped Jane’s large breasts, squeezing them gently. Jane cooed as she felt Beth pull the string holding her top together. Her breasts fell out into Beth’s waiting hands. Sliding her tongue down Jane’s neck, she began sucking on her fleshy globes.

“Oooohhhh yesssss, Beth, suck my tits,” Jane moaned, holding Beth to her breasts. Beth sucked and bit her flesh, taking her hard nipple into her mouth. Jane reached down, cupping one of Beth’s breasts, rubbing her nipple through the lacy material. The scratching of the lace sent bolts of electricity through her body.

Jane looked over at Barry, who was sitting on he chair enjoying the show. She smiled at him, winked then turned her attention back to Beth. She slid slowly to the ground, pulling Beth with her. “Oohhh fffuuuucckkkkk, Beth… yesssss,” Jane cried as Beth bit her hard nipples. Beth slid her tongue down Jane’s belly to the top of her panties. She inhaled Jane’s aroma, flicking her tongue over her wet panties.

Until meeting Beth and Terri, Jane had only had been with two other girls apart from Shona. The girls in question had been friends of Shona and Jane’s at school and on both occasions, Jane had merely responded to the situation, her actions dictated by her high state of arousal rather than any real desire for her friends. Since leaving school Shona was the only girl that Jane had had but the emotions surrounding the past few days had added to the passion she now experienced with Terri and Beth.

Jane lifted her hips, letting Beth slide her wet panties off her tight ass, exposing her smooth, wet cunt to the cool air. Beth looked at Jane’s pussy for a moment, still amazed at all that had happened recently. She had never imagined herself loving another woman as she had Jane, Shona or even Terri, her best friend.

Jane looked at Beth as she paused between her legs. Jane pulled Beth’s head slightly towards her cunt. Beth came willingly, plunging her tongue deep into her quivering muffin. “Ooohhh fffuuuucckkkkk!!” Jane screamed, “Eat me, Beth, eat my cunt!!” Beth drove her face hard against Jane’s wet pussy, her tongue lashing at the moist folds. Jane arched her back as her first orgasm spewed her juices from her tunnel, filling Beth’s hungry mouth.

Jane grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard as she came, her body shuddering. Beth licked and sucked all she could, taking in Jane’s sweet juices.

Barry looked over at Shona and Terri who were locked in a sensual sixty-nine position with Shona on top. Terri was moaning loudly as Shona sucked her cunt with the expertise that only years of experience could give. Terri was writhing in lust, her hips bucking wildly as Shona teased then plunged her tongue deep into Terri’s aching cunt. Terri tried to stay focused on Shona’s pussy but she kept losing her concentration.

“Ooohhh Gggdddd, Shona… you’re killing me!!” Terri cried, her hips reaching for Shona’s talented mouth. Unable to keep eating Shona, Terri thrust two fingers deep into Shona’s cunt, fingering her hard. Shona jumped from the sudden thrust, but kept working on Terri. “Oooohhhh fffuuuucckkkkk,” Terri screamed, her hips fucking Shona’s tongue. She thrust her hips up, her body tensing as she came hard, her cunt flooding Shona’s mouth with her cum. Shona sucked hard on her cunt, taking all she could, flicking her tongue over Terri’s swollen clit.

Terri fell back, breathing deeply, trying to catch her breath, “Ooohhh Ggddddd, Shona, that was incredible.” Shona slid around, kissing Terri, sharing etiler escort the taste of her juices with her.

Barry sat in the chair, stroking his cock slowly, nursing it back to life after the fucking he had received just a few hours ago. Jane and Shona crawled over to Barry, eyeing him seductively. Barry knew he was in for a treat. Shona still had her chemise on. She rubbed her large, firm breasts over his hard cock, the lace adding to the friction on the tender underside. Barry moaned, feeling Shona wrapping her large breasts around his cock, sliding it up and down.

“Ooohhh Ggdddd, you two are the best cock suckers ever,” Barry said, by way of a complement.

“Are they better than me?” Beth said pouting, her fingers playing with her clit.

“I hate to say it, Beth, I really do, but yes… they are the best I have ever had. You’re good, really, but they are something special,” Barry said, trying not to hurt Beth’s feelings.

Beth looked a little dejected “Mike used to try to get me to watch the porn movies he has… now I know why.”

Shona turned to Beth, pulling her to them, “Look Beth, Jane and I ARE special as far as sucking goes,” she said matter of fact. “We pride ourselves on it and everyone at the school knew that we were the best. Nearly ever guy we have been with have said that,” Shona said with a little pride.

“When Jane and I first become head girls at school we had to race each other, giving head to the then head boys,” Shona explained. “Jane just beat me that day, setting a new school record in the process,” she continued, giving her friend a quick kiss. “It was a record that she held until my kid sister bettered it by almost ten seconds the following year.”

Jane sighed theatrically. “Well it was fun while it lasted,” she said, “and there’s no shame in losing out to a pro like your Niamh. It’s just possible that she might even be better than we are. She certainly seemed popular.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Shona said with a shrug. Turning back to Beth, she said, “Anyway, just watch Jane and me and see what we do. It probably isn’t much different from what you do, but that little bit is enough. Hmmm, Barry?”

“Oh Ggggdddd, yes!” Barry exclaimed. “just watch these two in action and you will see what Shona means.”

Shona smiled at Beth, kissing her gently on the cheek. She looked up at Barry, smiling. “Now are you ready for the best BJ you have ever had?” she asked coyly. Barry could only nod his head. He knew he was in for something special.

Jane and Shona decided to take turns with Barry, each showing Beth and Terri their different skills. Shona started first. She wrapped her fingers around Barry’s thick shaft, stroking it gently. Barry could feel the warmth of her breath on the tip. Shona whipped her tongue around the head, flicking the tip of her tongue into the slit. Barry leaned back in the chair, already having to concentrate so as not to cum too soon.

“Now, look up at him, show him you want him,” Shona said to Beth, just before she dropped her mouth, engulfing Barry’s hard cock completely.

“Ooohhhh Gggdddddd, Shona”, Barry moaned as Shona bobbed her head up and down, sucking tightly on his thick rod. Beth watched as Shona used her fingers to add to Barry’s sensations. Shona squeezed and released her grip at different points to bring Barry closer to cumming. Letting his cock slip out of her mouth, Shona, tilted her head, sucking and kissing the tender underside of his prick, her fingers caressing his balls. Beth noticed how Shona would change her pace, sometimes sucking hard and fast, then sometimes slow and soft.

Engulfing his cock once more, Shona lifted her head, scraping her teeth up his cock as she did. The pleasure, mixed with pain, was almost too much. Barry had to think about the trash and sports to keep from cumming in Shona’s wonderful mouth.

“My turn, babe,” Jane said, pulling Shona away from Barry’s thick cock. Barry looked at Jane, smiling. He knew that Jane loved to suck cock and with her reputation on the line she was going to be great.

Jane nuzzled her face against the hard shaft, like a dog nuzzling against his master. Looking up at Barry, Jane gave a seductive smile, sliding her tongue up and down the thick cock. Barry was already straining not to cum. He wished he could stay hard and enjoy the lesson for hours. Holding his cock upright, Jane lowered her head below him, taking his sensitive sac into her hot mouth, gently flicking her tongue over his balls.

“Ooohhhh fffuuuucckkkkk, Jane,” Barry cried, grabbing at the chair. His body trembled uncontrollably. This was the first time Beth and Terri had really watched someone giving and getting head. They both found it very erotic, their pussies getting progressively wetter as the watched the scene unfold. Seeing Barry on the very edge of ecstasy, straining to control himself, gave the girls a new perspective on lovemaking.

Looking up at Barry, Jane opened her mouth and slowly slid florya escort his cock into her, wrapping her lips tightly around the thick shaft. Slowly she slid her mouth up and down his cock, making the sensation last longer. Then Jane did something a little different. She held the cock, rubbing the head around her mouth, poking out her cheek. Barry could now not only feel his cock in her mouth, but also see it there too.

Jane batted her long lashes over her ice blue eyes, giving an innocent look to this very sensual and erotic moment. After teasing him like this for a few moments, she then took him hard, sucking harder and harder on Barry’s throbbing cock. Jane knew that he could not hold out much longer. Just before she felt him about to let loose his load, she pulled her mouth off, stroking the thick, hard shaft furiously. Shona and Beth joined Jane in circling Barry’s cock, waiting for his ejaculation.

“Come on Barry, cum on us”, Jane cried, flicking her tongue over the tip. Barry leaned back in the chair, grabbing the armrests as he groaned with pleasure, his cock jerking in Jane’s fingers. His cock erupted, firing stream after stream of hot goo through the air. While Terri watched, the three other girls opened their mouths, trying to catch what they could. Much of the cum fell on their faces and breasts, running down their cheeks and chin. Beth reached out and took Terri’s hand, wrapping it around Barry’s cock as it continued spewing it hot seed. Together they stroked his still hard cock until no more cum came out of the tip. Jane and Shona kissed and licked each other’s faces, cleaning the other of the warm goo. Beth smiled at Terri then engulfed the twitching cock, sucking it dry of all its juices.

Barry slumped in the chair, breathing hard, looking a the four beautiful women at his feet. Jane slid up between his legs, letting her large breasts rub against his cock and belly. She smiled, kissing her way up to his face.

“So can you tell Beth who is the better cocksucker, me or Shona?” Jane asked, batting her beautiful blue eyes at Barry.

Shona stood at his side, rubbing her breasts on his face, “Yes, tell us, Barry… who is better?”

Barry froze for a moment, unsure as to what to say. “Hhhhmmmmmmmm, let me think,” he said smiling. “Now for the benefit of Beth and Terri, let me describe why you two are the best damn cocksuckers around.” The girls settled onto the ground, eagerly listening as if to a great teacher. “First, you are both great… no doubt. I think even Terri and Beth could see that.” They both nodded their heads in agreement. They had been impressed with the style and technique of Jane and Shona. Barry sat up, leaned forward in his chair. He smiled, thinking about situation… here he was, sitting in a chair with four incredibly beautiful and sexy women sitting on the ground in front of him. “As to who is better, I can’t say. You are both great… subtly different but both fantastic. Like filet mignon or lobster… which is better? Either way, you are having a great meal.” Jane and Shona looked at each other, smiling knowing that neither had “lost”.

“One thing that makes them so great,” Barry continued, ” is that they LOVE to suck and it shows. It’s not something they feel like they have to do to get it out of the way. They love doing it. That adds so much to the feeling. The change of pace, the different things all add to it. Not just sucking up and down, but sucking on my balls, tonguing the tip and underside. They concentrate on the whole cock, not just one part.” Jane and Shona were giggling, basking in the glow of their success. Beth and Terri were actually listening intensely, wanting to improve their style.

“How were their styles different and could you really tell?” asked Terri.

“Yeah… can you really tell them apart? Is there that much difference between women going down?” Beth asked, resting her arms on Barry’s thigh. Barry took a deep breath, pushing Beth’s hair away from her face. The light of the fire threw a soft glow on the faces of the women, adding to the sensuality of the night.

“Even though you have been with a woman for just two days, can you tall a difference between me and, say, Shona?” replied Barry. Beth nodded her head slowly, thinking about how Shona was more tender when she took her whereas Barry was more aggressive. Even when Shona or Jane got more active and aggressive, it was different. She couldn’t really place her finger on it, but she understood what Barry was saying. Reflecting on it further, she realized that even between the two girls, there were subtly differences in their approach.

“Now the difference between Jane and Shona, Barry began again, “is that Jane tends to make love to my cock more, whereas Shona tends to fuck it with her mouth. Now… who needs a drink?” he asked.

Everyone raised their hands. Barry offered to get everyone a drink. When he returned to his chair from the camper, the girls had paired off, cuddling together near the fire. Jane and Shona sat arm in arm next to the fire while Terri lay on the ground, her head resting in Beth’s lap. Barry gave each girl their drink and returned to his chair, enjoying the view from the fire. They talked quietly for about an hour. It was beginning to get a little late so Jane and Shona excused themselves, giggling as they went into the camper.

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