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The TV Star

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Big White

Author’s note: This is my first offering and it doesn’t have much sex. So if your bag is all about hot sex throughout you might want to pass this. I am working on several more that may have enough to satisfy. I do appreciate constructive critique but if you just want to berate the new guy, well then GFY.

I’d like to give a shout out to kr4zymonkey97 who has helped me get this piece ready.



Wife: Clair a beautiful Cable TV Personality co hosting a local cable show

Husband: Mark — very successful engineer and businessman in electronics

Clair’s co-host: Debby Lydel

A character’s thoughts are in italics … Quote marks for speech


Clair is ambitious and wants to up her status in the television world especially her national standing. Currently she is a co-star along with Debby Lydel of a woman’s talk show on local cable TV. An idea had entered her devious head on how to make this happen.

Ironically this idea was spawned during a discussion with her husband Mark during breakfast one morning. Mark was trying to make a point with her that he was unsatisfied with their sex life. He said that over the last many years while he continued to service her in all her favorite ways she had become withdrawn and was not showing any interest in his satisfaction. She countered that he was full of shit and further challenged him to provide a single example. He recounted that before they were even married she had always made his birthday special by waking him with a cup of coffee on a tray with a tasty pastry in bed while she peeled back the sheets and took his already throbbing cock in her mouth and took him to heaven. Over the last few years the pastry, then tray had disappeared. Coffee was now placed on the night stand, then that too was gone but most significantly the BJ morphed from best ever to his being not allowed to finish in her mouth to more of a hand job, to a hand job that she didn’t even finish — making him cum by his own hand. Last year she was down stairs getting ready to leave as he came having not realized she had cut and run totally unconcerned with his satisfaction or birthday. This year she had already split before he was completely awake — No BJ, No HJ, no sexy words to assist his own manipulations — nothing, not even a Happy Birthday. Her actions reeked of being deliberate.

Clair responded to this dramatic and heartfelt observation by 1st claiming that a big deal was happening down at the station that morning and she was called in early. A later check of her phone on the sly indicated that no such call was made from anyone that morning, so BS to that answer. Her phone did show a lot of contact with a Bill Baker, but he was a producer or something at the station so nothing there. Next she ignored his observations and instead of addressing the crux of his comments she made one point and one point alone.

She proclaimed “I do not have to give blowjobs if I do not want to and I don’t want to.” In fact a big smile appeared on her face because she believed she had hit on the angle she was looking for to increase her popularity with women especially feminist types. She mused out loud “On a future show I should work in that remark that I don’t give BJs and get Debby to say something like: “what does your husband think about that?” then I would respond that he has no say in the matter.”

Hearing this stuns Mark and he thinks she didn’t even acknowledge my concerns and totally blew off all I said and to take the proverbial cake she has come up with an idea to totally emasculate me on her TV show for the purpose of furthering her career. For the moment Mark shelved the lessor points and faced the immediate crisis.

He took a deep breath and restated what he thought he had heard: “Are you saying that you are going to humiliate me in front of your TV audience, your friends, my friends, God and everybody?”

Her answer was to confirm that she intended to make a point of saying that she, as a modern female and would not be intimidated into doing something that she didn’t want to do and that all men better wise up to the new paradigm. Shit she was already into sales pitch mode.

Mark said “don’t I get a say in this? What you are suggesting affects me also.” Her response was “NO, you don’t get a vote” to which he readily responded “NO, HELL NO! You can’t do that to me”

Then she replied “Darling, (with a sarcastic tone) I’m telling you, not asking you.” He tried a less aggressive appeal “baby, please don’t do this, you may start something that will get out of hand and we won’t be able to fix the damage.” Clair said “better get used to the new me – one that is not bossed around by any man.” Suddenly a side thought crashed in Mark’s head: Any man? Is there someone else to be denied a BJ? ANY MAN?

So the discussion ended with her saying “YES” sternly and him saying “NO” just as emphatically. Something was wrong güvenilir bahis here, Clair was avoiding direct discussion regarding their sex life and she was having trouble looking Mark in the eyes as though she were guilty of something. Plus her outrageous plan, as if she were deliberately provoking him, trying to push him into a fight.

At work that day Mark wonders if he may have a bigger problem than he had first thought, there may more going on with Clair and he had better get out in front of this quickly. It’s a big advantage being the boss at work. Mark called Sharon his personal assistant into his office and had her take over for the day. She would see to the day’s business in his place including the instruction that no one was to know he wasn’t at work, especially not his wife. He trusted Sharon explicitly and knew she’d take care of his business and have his back without explanation. First stop, Mr. Conners who is the company attorney and had protected this business since Mark’s grandfather started it. Mark knew Mr. Conners would know where and how to start looking into his suspicions concerning Clair. After hearing the story Conners said he knew the best lawyer for this circumstance and made a call and had an appointment set. Mark was to go immediately to the office of R.D. Fowler Attorney at Law.

Within two hours Mark was seated in Mr. Fowler’s office explaining that something radical had been changing with his wife. Something was up. Cheating maybe, but no known facts supported that, just a gut feeling that was welling up inside him. Mr. Fowler said now was the time to get on this and resolve it one way or another, it may be nothing at all. He had an associate, a PI who was good at the job and would be given info so he could begin a thorough investigation. Mr. Fowler also said that a copy of Mark’s pre-nup (Clair’s agent had insisted on one thinking it would be her that would be worth millions) had arrived from Conners’ office and he recommended moving as much the joint assets into accounts only in Mark’s name without alerting Clair. This was probably not that difficult as Clair tended to get all wrapped up in her career and paid little attention to anything else especially since she was likely going to be obsessing on her plan to up her status.

So beginning the next day Mark began to transfer joint assets to a new account in his name and close all joint credit cards. Only now did it seem odd that Clair had recently started to use a credit card all her own. Mark had not previously paid attention to that change, but now? Did she not want him to see her transactions? Why? Mark had a brief thought: Am I over reacting here? I don’t KNOW anything except she’s ready to trade my dignity for her own fame. I need to call her. A phone call went to voice mail and he left a message once again asking her to not go through with her plan. He also sent a text, same message. She texted back “be late tonight – just extra work at the station, nothing for you to be concerned about.”

The next day Clair is up and gone for the station without hardly a word and ignores Mark’s attempts to begin a dialogue. Mark struggles through work all day and then home for dinner but no one’s at home, Clair’s working late again he guessed or perhaps she stopped at the Eden Pub with “the girls” but he wouldn’t have to check on that as he had mentioned to the PI about the E Pub and some others she might go to with friends. He was tired so he took a shower and thought he’d wait for her in bed. Mark turned on the TV, which naturally was tuned to the channel that carried Clair’s show and at a commercial break from the TV show playing it was advertised that Clair would have a special show tomorrow, so it seemed certain her plan was a go. Mark tried to wait up for her, but fell asleep.

The next morning there was evidence that she had been home but had already gone so that killed his last chance at a face to face plea not to go through with the no BJ proclamation so he once again called and texted his plea, no unanswer. In a few hours the TV show that she was a co-host would be on and their life would be changed forever, not likely for it to be a good change. Mark felt he might as well go to work.

It was hard concentrating on anything but he did get some work done with Sharon’s help during which he briefed her on the reasons for his recent behavior. The hour for the wife’s show arrived and he couldn’t continue working so he turned on the TV in his office. The usual talk of politics and make-up were being discussed when Clair’s co-host introduced a new topic: “oral sex and women”. Of course the audience lapped it up (ha, ha) and it was obvious to Mark that it was the set up for what Clair was itching to say. The co-host was kind of playing devil’s advocate by saying she believed a lot of women didn’t really mind doing it for a man they really cared for when Clair jumped in and said “Nothing goes into my mouth türkçe bahis that I don’t want and I won’t allow that thing in there!” A gasp fell across the audience with cat calls, whistling and lots of LOL. Her co-host Debby recovered and said “but your husband” and Clair cut her off and said “It’s my mouth and he doesn’t get a say — just ask him, he’s absurdly honest.” Mark heard another gasp but this one was from Sharon who had walked into the office just then. She began apologizing profusely for walking in but Mark waved her off saying “forget it”.

Sharon walked over behind Mark and placed her hand on his shoulder and softly said “I’m so sorry, if you need to talk …” Mark thanked her for her concern and said “I may need your help soon” and she replied “just let me know what and when boss.”

Mark left for home knowing that Clair would be at least 3 hours of post production meetings before leaving the station plus the 90 minute drive. This allowed him plenty of time to get enough of his things together and move out, at least for a while to get himself together.

On the way home his cell began to light up with an unbelievable amount of texts from people with access to his cell number. Some from good friends expressed sympathy but most weren’t kind, berating his manhood and implying the likely location of his balls was a recurring theme.

In the state of mind he was in it didn’t take long to pack and get out. The office would do for now as it had a back room with a full bath and a bed which years ago was very handy as he worked late on his industrial electrical control board designs. Before leaving he remembered a couple of DVD’s he and Clair had made back in their adventurous days, since they were very explicit they might come in handy in what he now perceived as imminent divorce proceedings. He thought: That self-centered bitch must have forgot about these — I’ll bet she shits when she remembers and can’t find them! Take them, might be good leverage.

Clair arrived home at a normal time and wondered why Mark wasn’t there, although she was mainly itching to rub his nose in how successful her stunt had been. Her show was lighting up the phone lines at the station and the clip of Clair’s moment had gone viral. She was elated. She called and texted but no answer, this was not like Mark — he always responded. Oh well, her ridicule would have to wait, a shower and a night out to celebrate certainly was deserved she thought.

Sharon found Mark in the office the next morning and said there was a call for him, it was Mr. Fowler his attorney he said “I have seen the show and the PI had submitted an early report, it’s not good. Better get over to my office now, we have things to do.”

Mark informed Sharon where he was going and why, he trusted her and had many times over the years mused that he should have married Sharon instead of Clair.

In Mr. Fowler’s office they got right to it, Mark said “I can’t believe she did that to me, I don’t know if I can forgive her.” Fowler responded “It’s worse than that, much worse. Here’s the PI’s initial report” and he slid the folder to Mark. Mark did a quick review of the report and was visibly shaken, Clair was indeed having at least one affair. The guy from the station, that Bill Baker guy that was on her phone had fucked her several times since the PI started watching her. Who knows how many times or how many men over the years? It didn’t matter a bit though, once or twice with Baker or a thousand men, divorce was the only choice. “Is this all?” Mark asked.

Mr. Fowler had a lap top but held on to it as Mark started to reach for it. Fowler reluctantly responded “No this computer has pics & video” then continued “There’s some really bad shit in there, maybe you otta just take my word for it.”

Mark replied “If it’s as horrendous as I’m guessing then I NEED to see it, burn it into my mind so I will be incapable of going easy on Clair.” Fowler got up, spun the lap top around for Mark and left the room to give a deeply hurt man privacy to face what he needed to face. The first part of the recording were single pictures of Clair and a Baker meeting at one of the clubs that the PI was tipped off to. The pics showed what can only be described as a couple out for an evening’s fun at a bar where there was drinking and dancing, which the couple was enjoying to the fullest. According to some audio clips played next the two decided to move on before somebody recognizes her. A note by the PI in the presentation stated that Clair was exceptionally easy to track because “everybody remembered her”, knew when she arrived and left and with who.

They didn’t go far, just a little motel with cottages. Here the video started, the couple was kissing with a passion like they wouldn’t get anymore sex for 10 years. Cloths were flying everywhere, the playful giggling, the obvious fact that this was not their first time, a least a dozen times before güvenilir bahis siteleri was more like it. Mark’s soul was taking a hit because that slut, his wife was now naked and on her knees was devouring the guy’s cock as if trying to win a gold metal. Mark couldn’t help having a replay in his head of her proclamation on TV then thought: Yeah, she don’t suck no cock — look at her, what a whore. Next Baker lays back on the bed and she mounts him like a cowgirl rodeo star and Mark can see it all as the their choice of this old cottage allowed the PI to get really close in to capture good camera shots, even the sound was coming through. She began this bronco busting secession by dangling her tits in the guy’s face, then while squirming all over his abdomen and chest wiping her scent all over him she slides down to where his cock makes contact with her cunt. She reaches behind her and grabs his cock, which Mark realizes is not any bigger than his own and thought: So she’s not doing it for his dick size – a minor win but Mark needed something to restore a little pride. Now with her lover’s cock in her hand she starts rubbing it up and down her slit, then momentarily touches it to her asshole. He bucks up to try and hasten entry and Mark’s previous win is destroyed as his ego takes a big hit. She had never allowed him her back door.

Just as her lover thinks he’s home she says “Not right now big boy — I have to be able to maneuver tonight, last time you did that I couldn’t walk normal all day.” Baker said “OK baby but Friday night after we’ve been in New York signing your new contracts that ass is mine.” Clair said “You can plow me good after making my dreams of getting in the big time come true, besides I think I like it as much as you do.” At that moment she could wait no longer and impaled herself in one motion, squealing and bouncing through an almost immediate orgasm. Her enthusiasm pushed Baker to the edge, just before his release she pulled off him and put his cock in her mouth to take in her reward. Mark was actually beginning to feel ill but he forced himself to take in the finale of Baker’s cum being pumped into his wife’s mouth with her making a valiant effort to swallow it all. What cum did escape her mouth she quickly licked up and smiled. He had seen enough. Mark called Fowler back into the room and said “Launch our plan “B” — the nuclear option: divorce, sue the TV station, sue Baker, if he’s married — wreck it, upload it to the internet — I want her and him to hurt!”

Mark went back to the office to brief Sharon on what was to come. A call came in from the TV station and Mark wasn’t going to take it thinking it was Clair, but Sharon said it wasn’t Clair — it was her co-host Debby Lydel.

Mark said “well Debby what the hell do you want?” She responded that she wanted him to be on her show and give his perspective on Clair’s provocative announcement.”

Mark said “No, I don’t want to see Clair” but Debby responded “Clair won’t be allowed to be there, management anticipated that would be trouble but your side of the story would be terrific TV.” Mark told them he’d call back and called Sharon in for advise.

When he asked Sharon what she thought she said “Well Clair really tried to make a fool of you and with the evidence you’ve described to me I think you can turn the tables on her.” The two of them put their heads together and developed a plan, then called the station back and Mark agreed to appear tomorrow afternoon.

Clair found out about the scheduled show and worried Mark might say something that would derail her plans. She texted him asking him to cancel, he texted “NO!” Next she went ballistic calling and texting Mark now threatening him and by the next day was pleading with him not to do it. He finally texted her back “Pretty ironic ‘eh — now your begging me not say something on “your show!”

Well show time arrived at the TV station and Mark was at the studio’s engineer’s station talking and seemed to be giving him something. Debby, Clair’s co-host started things off with a brief review of what was said by Clair and playing the video clip of her proclamation. Mark could have done without that replay.

Debby then asked for his reaction, He said “You should have a warning light come on that said BUCKLE UP, TURBULANCE AHEAD.”

Mark began “First I want to express my extreme displeasure with a spouse that would speak so publicly about such a private thing between a man and his wife. Unforgivable. Next, those of you that think so highly of her should know that the whole BJ story was invented two weeks ago when she got an idea of how to increase her popularity. She reasoned that by calling out men, specifically targeting me for authenticity, that her career would jump in value perhaps enough to become a national personality. To this point she’s been largely successful since the video went viral I’ll bet her name is being tossed about at the network level for moving up the ladder.”

Debby then interjected: “Well Mark you almost have to support her plan even if it didn’t play well for you, don’t you?”

Mark replied “No, not at all since her entire pony show is a lie.”

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