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The Waterbed

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I knew you would be at my place that evening, so as a surprise I went out and bought a king size waterbed and ordered satin sheets to go with it. After a sumptuous dinner we both knew what we wanted. We entered the door kissing passionately and caressing each other all over. We slowly moved into my dimly lit bedroom and it was only when I went to sit you on the bed that you noticed that you were in fact – on a waterbed. You looked up at me with a mischievous grin as you started to unbutton my shirt slowly, working button by button as moved downward. You leaned forward and blew hot air through my pants very slowly – causing my cock to instantly stiffen and stretch against my pants. You started to kiss my stomach as you undid my belt and buttons – sliding my pants to my ankles – leaving my thick, hard cock straining against my boxers. You again blew hot air through the material and gave the head a playful nip – causing me to moan and caress your hair softly. I then started to pull your top off, leaving you with your hot looking bra on and your pants.

Once this was done you slid my boxers too the ground – your cool hand sliding around my hot thickness – stroking it slowly. As you started to stroke my cock and rub my balls with your other hand – you leaned forward again to give the head of my cock a long, lingering kiss – your lips pressed around it. I was getting so hot at this stage I knew I had to pay you back for the pleasure you were giving me. I pulled you up off the bed into a hot and passionate embrace – my hands roaming illegal bahis freely over your breasts – tweaking your nipples, then around to your tight ass – rubbing and squeezing it gently. After several very arousing minutes my hands moved up to unclasp your bra – letting your breasts fall free – my mouth chasing them – kissing all over at first – then running my tongue around each of the nipples and then finally licking and sucking on your nipples as my right hand started stroking your pussy through the material of your pants. At this stage you started to moan and run your hands through my hair as I undid your pants – leaving your very wet g-string as the only piece of clothing left on your hot, tight body.

This was not to be for long as my thumbs slid your g-string to the floor – leaving my fingers ample access to rubbing your clit very slowly. At this stage I laid you on the bed and joined you – both of us laughing as the bed jiggled around under our naked bodies. You playfully jumped on top of me so that your wet pussy lips were straddling my hard cock. After several minutes of heavily passionate kissing and slow grinding I pulled you up further towards me so that I could suck on your pouting nipples again – taking each one in my hot mouth – licking and sucking them until you were moaning uncontrollably – nibbling on my ear. Then I moved you up even further, kissing and nibbling on your stomach – feeling your wet pussy rub over my stomach while I was doing so. Then, suddenly I moved down lower so that your pussy was perched illegal bahis siteleri right on top of my mouth – your pussy lips wet and pouting at me. As I slid my tongue up and down your pussy – my hands reached around and the fingertips started to caress your ass.

You held onto the bed head as if your life depended on it – moaning my name loudly as my tongue gave your clit a workout – the bed moving beneath us. As I playfully slid a finger deep inside you – you came very hard – me lapping up your juices as your legs spasmed – your breath ragged after cumming so hard. You begged me to fuck you but you thought my cock needed some attention first. You slid two fingers deep inside yourself – coating them with your juices – then you spun around and started to stroke my cock with your wet sticky hands. I closed my eyes in sheer rapture as you blew cool air over my balls while you stroked me to full hardness. Once I was as hard as a rock – you moved down until you had your pussy poised over my cock – you facing away from me. Tantalisingly you lowered your pussy onto my erect cock – letting go a moan of pleasure as the head slid inside you – followed slowly by the rest of my cock. You held onto the frame at the bottom of the bed you raised and lowered your hips onto my cock – the waterbed causing my cock to meet your thrusts. I stared in sheer joy at your ass and pussy as my wet cock slid in and out of you.

You started to moan uncontrollably as the waterbed made my cock move in all sorts of directions inside you – filling canlı bahis siteleri you in every way possible. Then, without a word you pulled off me – spun around to face me and then slid my cock inside you again – this time fucking me a lot faster – sliding back and forth – squealing and moaning with pleasure as you every thrust was met by mine – thanks to the bed. My hands spread and rubbed your ass as you rode my cock non-stop – all the while kissing your neck and breasts. You started to pant hard again as your clit was rubbing against me non stop – your pussy milking my cock from the balls to the tip. You screamed as you came hard again – but you did not stop fucking me – you were almost trying for another earth shattering orgasm – but you soon collapsed on top of me – your pussy still sliding back and forth. In one quick movement I rolled over so that you were on your back and I moved your legs up over my shoulders. I knew that I felt close to cumming so I started to fuck you hard and deep – you loving the sensation of the bed moving beneath you as I pistoned into you, my balls slapping against your wetness. As my balls tightened – readying my cum for you – I knew what I had to do – I closed my eyes and pounded you until I felt the cum slide up my cock. Then I suddenly pulled out of you – your hand reaching for my wet cock and stroking it quickly. I snapped my head back and let out a long moan as my hot sticky cum sprayed out of my cock over your stomach, breasts and upper chest – 4 big long squirts. As I was still spraying out the last of my cum you pulled me forward and slid my cock between your cum covered tits – milking the last drops out of me. After we had showered and as we lay in bed in each other arms, you turned to me and smiled – ‘what a way to christen the bed!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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