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The Young Sales Executive Ch. 05

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Jessica stood eyeing the luggage tumbling down the carousal trying to find hers in the sea of black suitcases; she picked her phone out of her purse and texted her husband.

Jessica: I landed safe, just heading to my hotel now
Josh: Okay. Call me when you get settled

She quickly glanced at her watch as she grabbed her suitcase from the baggage claim; it was 2:30 PM. As she turned to exit the airport, she noticed a familiar face, it was Jorge. He rushed to meet her and grabbed the suitcase from her hand.

“How was your flight Miss Jessica? My car is just over here.” He waved with his free hand.

“I’m great Jorge.” She walked through the door in the direction he waved.

“This way, it’s not too far.” He waved to a group of limo sedans nearby.

“Is it always this hot and sticky here Jorge?” She was trailing behind him as his short legs raced for the cool air conditioning of the car.

“Si, it is especially hot right now.” Jorge quickly opened the door letting her in to cool off as he loaded her suitcase in the trunk.

There was something special about her Hispanic driver; his accent and mannerisms charmed her. Small talk with a driver at home usually focused on the weather or traffic getting old easily. Jorge’s stories about his home and family entertained her without knowing it.

After an extended story of his family’s immigration to the United States, they arrived at her hotel. Jessica handed Jorge a nice tip and checked in. Her hotel room looked exactly the same. Although she was on the same floor, she had a different view looking out over the Galleria shopping centre. She couldn’t help but let out an “ooh” at the view.

Josh’s phone rang. He stood quickly and answered it as he made his way through the maze of cubicles to get outside. “Hello?”

“Hi baby, I’m all checked in.” Jessica turned the air conditioner higher in her room.

“Well? What do you have planned? Did you let him know you are in town yet? Are you seeing him tonight?” Josh was full of questions already.

“Wow! One question at a time please! Sheesh.” She rolled he eyes playfully. “I just got here; I haven’t sent him a message yet.” She flopped on the couch and removed her heels.

“Text him, try and see him tonight!” Josh was excited.

“You really want me to do this?” Jessica giggled.

“Yes, badly. It makes me so fucking horny Jess.” His voice grew excitedly.

“Okay, I’ll email him now and message you if I hear back. Okay?” She was still amazed at her husband’s behavior.

“Perfect, I’ll be home in 30 minutes, so just call the house. Love you.” Josh was talking faster than usual and found himself out of breath and his heart pounded in his chest.

“I will and I love you too Josh.” She pushed the red button on her phone ending the call.

Jack’s phone chimed indicating a new email startling him to attention. He was trapped in a long board meeting and the usual gabbers were off on some tangent. Nonchalantly he read the email from under the table.

Hi Jack,

I just wanted to let you to know I arrived early and will be staying at the same hotel. If you are free, I would love to grab a drink later.


Jack’s cock twitched to life in his pants. “Would you all excuse me for a minute please? I have to attend to something and will be right back.” Jack stood and exited the boardroom taking a seat in a tiny alcove.

As Jessica sat on the sofa rubbing her feet, her phone rang catching her off guard. She was confident it was Josh again anticipating an update. WHAT?” Her voice disbelieving.

“What?” The voice on the phone mimicked her with a slow southern drawl.

“Oh my god Jack! I…uh…thought it was my husband calling back again.”

“Not a problem Jess. Sounds like there is a story I need to hear when we meet.”

Jessica’s heart raced at his final words, “So you did you want to meet for a drink?”

“Most certainly Jess!” His response was smooth. “Let’s go for dinner and get caught up. I’ll can pick you up at 6:30 if that works for you?”

“Sounds like a plan. I will see you then.” She ended the call and put her phone down beside her.

She flopped on the couch hugging her knees pondering whether she should actually be meeting Jack tonight. Leaning over the couch she picked her phone up and sent Josh a text.

Jessica: He’s picking me up at 6:30 tonight.

Josh sent a smiley emoticon

Jessica:You are way too excited perv-boy.

Apparently he wanted to hear her voice, because her phone began to vibrate in her hand immediately; she looked at the display this time to ensure it was Josh before answering it. “Hi Hunny.”

Josh was full of questions and recommendations as expected, “Have you decided what to wear yet Jess?”

“I was thinking I’d go naked.” Her voice was playful.

“That wouldn’t be much fun now would it?”

Jessica’s response was sultry, “or would it? Maybe I should let him eat me for dinner.”

“Seriously, tell me what you are going to wear!” He wanted a full perabet visual.

Jessica described her single button skirt suit until Josh remembered it, “Maybe my cream colored satin blouse underneath.”

“Don’t wear a bra!” Josh blurted it out.

“Why on earth…”

“Trust me, he’ll love it!” Josh had excited confidence in his voice.

“I’ll think about it.” She was being playful. “I have to get ready now.”

“Okay, let me know how it goes!” Josh hung up.

Jessica sat shaking her head in disbelief about the conversation she just had with Josh. After freshening up in the bathroom she opened her suitcase and began to select her outfit. As she looked through her bra and panties she decided on matching black and red lace ones that matched. Slipping her blouse and suit jacket on, she admired herself in the mirror. Opening her coat she stared at her reflection and unbuttoned her blouse revealing her cleavage. She dropped her coat off her shoulders and wondered if maybe Josh was right about not wearing a bra.

Removing her bra she redressed and looked at her nipples poking at the thin fabric. It felt good and would definitely be a lot cooler. Slipping her jacket back on, she leaned over and slipped on her open toed Burberry pumps. Glancing at her watch, she realized it was time and made her way to the lobby.

Jack’s unmistakable red Mercedes SL550 pulled up right on time and she made her way out to the car. As she approached the car Jack stepped out and walked around the car to meet her. She enjoyed the confidence in his walk and the way his tailored suit flowed over his legs.

He quickly kissed her cheek as he embraced her like an old friends. “It’s been too long Jess.” He turned quickly and opened her door. As she climbed in to the car, he took liberty and looked down her top. Her cleavage made his mouth water.

On the ride to the restaurant he placed his hand on her knee and kept it there for the duration. Jess placed her hand on his and watched the city speed past them. “So… where are we going? I’m starving.”

Jessica’s answer came immediately as Jack pulled in to the Capitol Grille. Two valets sped to the car and opened both of the doors. Climbing out, Jack walked around offering his arm to Jess before escorting her in to the restaurant.

A tall slender woman in a conservative black dress approached them, “Good evening Mr. Deschaine, your table is ready.” Following her in to the back room they were seated at a dimly lit table for two; a miniature hurricane lamp flickered off the cutlery from the center of the table.

“So, how are things at home Jess?” Jacks gaze catching hers.

“Great. Why do you ask?” A puzzled look crossed her face.

“You seemed flustered earlier when I called and mentioned your husband that’s all.” He appeared genuinely concerned.

“Oh right!” She blushed thinking back to how she answered the phone. “It’s nothing; he’s just overly excited about something we talked about.” She had decided to leave it at that.

Sipping from her glass of wine she watched Jack’s eyes occasionally glancing down to her chest. Her cleavage was doing its job that was for certain. Putting her glass down she was about to unbutton her jacket to reveal her braless surprise when the waiter arrived to take their order. Quickly she dropped her hands to her lap and placed her order.

Memorizing their order, he disappeared in to the main area of the restaurant leaving them alone again. Jack’s gaze returned to her chest immediately upon the waiter turning and walking away. His mind raced as he recalled the passion he had shared with her previously. His cock stirred in his pants and at this point he realized he was staring at her breasts again. As he quickly looked up from her chest Jessica gave him a knowing smile.

Jack shrugged, “Busted.”

Jessica picked her glass up and took a big drink and put it down, “Typical male.”

She did her best to undo her jacket without him realizing, which was difficult because he was quite focused on her. As the button released she opened her jacket letting it part to the outsides of her breasts.

“So tell me about these business associates that you want to introduce me to?” She gently swirled the wine in her glass.

“I’ve been talking with a couple of friends and they are very interested in meeting with you to hear about the implementation your team did for us.” His eyes flirting between Jessica’s gaze and her nipples fighting against the fabric of her blouse. “They are in a similar situation and I think they would benefit greatly from a similar solution.”

Jessica held her glass up as if to toast, “That’s terrific! I can’t wait to meet them.”

“I booked a golf game on Thursday; I think it would be a good venue to introduce you.” He relaxed in to the back of his chair.

“I can’t golf.” Jessica frowned.

“Don’t worry, neither can they.” Jack laughed. “It’s mostly about the fresh outdoors, a few drinks and some business. You will be just fine.” As they ate perabet giriş their meal, Jack provided some background on his friend’s organizations and their roles within it.

Kerry and I did our MBA’s together at the U of T. He’s been the president of TransOil Pipelines for about 4 years now. “He’s a unique personality and extremely risk-adverse Jessica. You are going to have your work cut out for you.” The waiter returned to clear their plates and topped up Jessica’s wine glass before disappearing again leaving them alone.

“My buddy Todd is the polar opposite of Kerry. Ironically, I met Todd through Kerry; what an odd couple they are as you will see. This guy lives on the edge at life and work. His company speculates a lot of money the latest in I.T. infrastructure each year and they can afford it too! ChemFlo refines oil products and sells all the by-products of crude to a hungry overseas market. He managed to get C.I.O. last year thanks to his go getting attitude. If you can sink the hook, he’ll buy quickly and be a repeat customer for sure.” He watched as Jessica’s eyes lit up with dollar signs. “I thought you might like Todd.” He laughed quietly.

Gaining her composure Jessica smiled and thanked him for the opportunities. “Is your team happy with solution now that it’s in place?”

“You’d know if we weren’t happy.” Reaching across the table Jack took her hand in to his own and gently caressed the soft flesh of her hands. “Did you enjoy dinner?”

“It was delicious Jack. Thank You!” She smiled as she watched his eyes return to her blouse.

“Were you coming in to the office tomorrow Jess?”

“For a couple hours, I have some updates for Dan that he was looking for.” The wine in her stomach began to warm her. “Maybe we can do lunch?”

“Sounds like a plan Jess, I’ll let my admin know in the morning.”

Jack waved the waiter over as he passed by. “Check please!”

Grabbing her purse, Jessica pulled her corporate credit card out and placed it on the table.

“I’ve got this Jess, trust me it will never get approved if you pick this tab up.” He rubbed his thumb and index fingers together indicating that it was expensive here.

Jack paid the $400 tab and stood quickly. Walking behind Jessica he leaned over her as she sat and kissed the side of her neck watching her eyes close. Looking down her blouse as his lips traced their way to her ear he took in the beautiful curves of her breast before pulling her chair out to let her stand.

Jessica set the button of her coat as she was stood and took Jack’s hand. He led her through the restaurant holding her hand. Jack didn’t seem to care what anyone thought or of the possibility that he may be spotted with her like this.

As the valet pulled Jack’s car up, she unbuttoned her jacket once again and felt the humid night air encircle her flesh. Her nipples stiffened against the thin satin of her blouse as she pulled her jacket off.

The valet liked what he saw and quickly opened her door for her. She knew he was staring down her top as she got in to the car, and she enjoyed the attention.

No sooner had they pulled away and Jack placed his hand on her thigh. “Have I told you how gorgeous you look tonight Jess?”

“I’m not sure if you did Jack.” Jessica bit her lip, “You could risk telling me again though.”

“You look amazingly fuckable Jess; my cock has been hard since I picked you up.” Jack took his hand from the wheel and groped himself firmly while simultaneously squeezing her thigh.

“Oh my.” Jess was at a loss of words. Her mind raced wondering if he intended on fucking her tonight or just used the term broadly. Josh never mentioned his thoughts on sex; his focus was always oral.

As Jack weaved through the traffic, Jess wondered if she should ask Josh or not. Would I have sex with him? She knew they were all rhetorical and she would definitely fuck him if she was single. She convinced herself that she would not be having sex with him unless Josh wanted her to as well.

Jack slowly slid his hand up her thigh until his heel was against her mound. He was not surprised when she put the seat back and pulled her skirt up exposing herself for him. Jack cupped her pussy in his hand and began to gently massage her. “Take those off Jess.”

Jessica loved the attention from Jack and his hunger for her. Pulling her skirt higher her thumbs caught her black thong and slid them down her legs before placing them in her purse. His fingers returned to her pussy and traced her lips. The city lights seemed to disappear and Jack brought his car to a stop in one of the Houston flood plains.

Jack looked over at Jess in the darkness and grabbed a handful of her hair. Meeting her half way their lips met and he pushed his tongue in to her mouth eagerly. His hand grabbed her breast and pulled at the nipple through her blouse. His cock struggled to find room in his pants as it swelled.

All the nerves in her body went in to overdrive at his touch. He really knew how to awaken perabet güvenilir mi her lust. His hand squeezed her breast as if trying to pull it right through her shirt. Jessica had to feel his hardness and reached over gently rubbing the bulge in his pants.

Jack’s cock strained in its awkward state and he knew it was time to release it from his pants. “Let’s go outside Jess.” The car’s interior light violated the darkness making them both squint.

When her door opened she took Jack’s hand and stepped outside. He immediately embraced her lips. His right hand attacked her blouse trying to release her breasts from the confines of her shirt. His other hand pulled her skirt up to her waist. As he pressed her against the car, the coolness of the metal sent another sensation through her body as her bare ass adjusted to the temperature.

Jack pressed his bulge against her mound and began to grind her. With her heels, she was perfect height to fuck like this, but first he was going to savor every moment of her. Finally successful in undoing her shirt he sucked her nipple in to his mouth and began to gently nipple it. Each of his hands took a breast and squeezed as he worked back and forth between them with his mouth.

Jessica loved the feel of her nipples being licked and tugged in his mouth. Her pussy was on fire as his hard bulge continued to grind against her clit and she needed release. As if he could read her mind, Jack spun her around pushing her bare breasts against the side window of the car.

Jacks hand reached around her and attacked her pussy. He worked his fingers furiously over her magic button using her juices as lube. His bulge pressed and pounded at her firm ass as he pulled her back in to it grinding her roughly. His mouth kissed and licked at her neck and ear lobe with a hunger. Jack listened to her breathing and devoured her neck as she turned her head offering it to him. The wetness of her pussy increased and he slipped two big fingers in her grinding his hand over her pussy as he fucked her with them.

“Cum for me little girl!” His breath was hot in her ear. “Make that pussy explode again for me.”

Her pussy burned hot and she could feel the intensity in stomach edging nearer. When his free hand grabbed her breast squeezing and tugging her nipple it was more than she could take. Her pussy exploded with an intensity that caused her knees to buckle. Jack had her firmly and did not let up his assault on her exploding pussy. She could feel her juices gushing down her thighs as her body convulsed wildly on Jack’s experienced hand.

“Good girl.” His hand stilled on her pussy. “That’s my good little girl.”

She braced her hands on the roof of the car in an attempt to gain composure and waited for the feeling in her legs to return. Jack stepped back for a moment before taking his place behind her again. His hands gently squeezed her breasts and he kissed her neck slowly. Jessica turned her head to face Jack and his lips found hers. As he kissed her she felt him press himself against her again. She jumped slightly in realization that his bare cock was poking between her thighs. It slid easily in the triangle of her thighs and pussy aided by the lubrication of her orgasm.

His voice returned to her ear, “You want this big cock baby girl?” His thrusting sped between her thighs.

Jessica’s pussy sprung back to life as his swollen cock slid between her thighs; teasing the lips of her pussy before crossing over her sensitive clit. Her pussy had betrayed her and her mind raced at how to handle this situation.

Jack sensed a faint hesitation in Jess as he lined himself up at her opening. Her silence to his question spoke loudly so he opted to continue as he was doing and grind between her thighs. As his cock returned to sliding between her slippery thighs he felt her relax and he kissed her deeply.

“I’m gonna fuck you like this until I’m ready to cum Jess!” His voice mumbled in her lips. “You are gonna let me cum on those tits aren’t you?”

Jess could not speak and nodded her assent as they kissed. Jack’s cock raced faster between her thighs and tortured her clitoris with electricity as he slipped over it. His big hands squeezed her breasts tightly and his breathing got shallower. Jess squeezed her thigh muscles to tighten her grip on his cock.

“Give me those tits.” His voice hurried as he stepped back.

Jessica spun around and sat on her heels with his cock inches from her face. She watched as he jerked his cock at her for a moment before reaching in his pants and cupping his balls. “Give me it all Daddy.”

His cock exploded across her chin and the top of her breasts. Quickly rising she put his hard cock between her tits and let him fuck the remaining load out on them. Another big wad of his semen shot out from her cleavage before he stilled.

When his orgasm subsided he helped her to her feet.

Jessica looked down at her cum covered titties and wondered how she was going to get cleaned up. Jack stepped up to her and his finger traced her chin catching a gob of his cum and feeding it to her. She licked his fingers clean as he began to slowly fuck her mouth with two. She reached up and squeezed her breasts slowly massaging the rest of his cum in to her breasts.

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