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Their First Toys

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Thousands of readers were intrigued by the title of this story, but didn’t like that it only tantalized. After a complaint that it was “a major letdown,” I have added additional chapters that folks find much more arousing. Originally, I hadn’t imagined how inventive and sexually active “my” girls could be. They move on from toys to lesbian oral sex, and then want to find out what they can do with a cock. They do in the following chapters. New readers can skip to them, but the story starts here. It’s only about half a page of Literotica text, but then …

As I mention later, all this is before internet let people see more about sex than their grandparents probably ever imagined.

Original introduction:

From the title and first line of this very short story, the reader will immediately know what it is about. The use of names is intentionally avoided, a stylistic experiment. The reader may imagine that the story is a transcription of what a spy camera could capture.


“Oh, you have an electric toothbrush, too.”

“Yeah, you too? Mom gave it to me before coming to college, said that I probably wouldn’t brush three times a day, needed a better brush.”

“Hmm, about what my dentist suggested. Yours is different than mine. Let me see. But it is the same brand. Yours looks more feminine.”

“What do you mean? What’s yours look like?”

Her new roommate finds hers, holding it up:

“See, mine gets bigger at the bottom, I guess so it stands up better.”

“And mine looks more feminine?”

“Pink and not swelling out at the bottom like mine, more rounded.”

“Hmm? Does that then make yours look more masculine?”

“Not really, I guess, just that yours looks more feminine.”

A couple of weeks later, they are familiar enough to use the bathroom together in the nude, but still learning about each other. There one evening, the one with the “feminine” toothbrush asks:

“Who was that girl who greeted you; you seemed to know each other.”

“Oh, yes. We played against each other, different teams from our town. Didn’t know we were both coming here.”


“Yeah, nice to know someone from back home. She, uh, ‘got around’ quite a bit, came to games with different boyfriends.”

“Oh. Well, she looked like she could, cheerleader … Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest anything bad about her.”

“No problem, I know what you mean. She is nice, just looks like she might have more experience with boys than I do.”

“Or me, for sure.”

“Don’t know if I would want to have her figure.”

“I sure don’t.”

“But yours is also nice.”

“Yours too.”

“No complaints.”


“A couple, since summer before senior year.”

“Only one, before we went away to college. Hmm? Not really a boyfriend, like we’re not going to get back together at Christmas.”

“Oh? bahis firmaları But you did?”

“Yeah. A little funny, embarrassing to tell.”

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Oh, I guess I did. We both thought we shouldn’t go off to college as virgins.”

“Better than drinking too much here and it happening after a football game.”

“We didn’t think about that, but you’re right. Anyway, we did, twice, better the second time, well, a little.”

“Like my first times.”

“It gets better?”

“Of course. Well it doesn’t have to, but it should; I hope so.”

“Hmm! Me too.”

“Helps if you know what you want.”


“Uh, you know, play with yourself.”

“Do you?”

“Don’t you?”

They both giggle and then one replies:

“You didn’t notice?”

“You, neither?”

They both shake their heads, but then nod with wry grins and begin to laugh, then smirking as they see the other’s tight nipples jiggling. The one with the “feminine” toothbrush takes it and the tube of toothpaste.

When she turns it on, the other girl gets hers and turns it on. She snorts with a grin, holding it. The other one looks at her in the mirror and mumbles:

“Going to run down the battery.”

“It’ll recharge.”

She smirks a little, still letting it run. When the other finishes, she looks up again and says:

“Still on? Why? You’re going to have to brush the old way.”

She turns it off, nodding, but smirking again and replying:

“You do know what a vibrator is?”

The other girl nodded slightly, murmuring:

“Heard about them.”

“Our toothbrushes vibrate.”

She turns hers on again, grinning. The other snorts, looking at it in her hand, scowling and remarking:

“You’re not thinking about doing that? It won’t fit, that big flat bottom.”

“Doesn’t have to, just somewhere else.”

She slid her hand down around the base and murmured:

“It would, but you’re right about the flat base. Yours would be better.”

“You are thinking about it!”

“Just occurred to me. Why not before?”

“I sure haven’t.”

“I wonder what it feels like; must be a reason why girls use them.”

“You want to!”

“Just thinking about it.”

“Hmm! And want to use mine?”

“Doesn’t need to fit in to see how it could feel.”

“Hmm! Hope your battery hasn’t expired, if you really want to.”

“It can be recharged.”

Her toothbrush stutters and stops vibrating. The other one smiles a little triumphantly. The first one wrinkles her nose with a disappointed expression and plugs in her charging unit.

After that, they are less reserved about what they do in bed with their fingers, chuckling when they hear each other, still just with their fingers.

A few days later, the other one also meets kaçak iddaa the girl with the cheerleader figure. And a few days later, when the three of them were together, she suggests that they share a sixpack of beer the next evening, a Friday.

They do, in the roommates’ room. During their second cans of beer, the talk about boys gets looser. The girl with the “feminine” toothbrush, the least experienced one, mostly just listening. She is a little surprised at the turn of the conversation, much more surprised when her roommate mentions their electric toothbrushes, embarrassed, when she mentions their conversation about them. The third girl snickers with a nod and grin and replies:

“Thought about that with my first cellphone, a little old Nokia one. Hm-hmm! Mmmm! Tried it. You’re right. Hm-hm-hmm! Almost lost it, when I wanted to feel how it would be inside, too.”

The embarrassed girl is more embarrassed, just snorting as the other two snicker, seeing her roommate grin before she replies:

“Couldn’t lose my toothbrush. What did you do?”

“It popped out. The next time, after that, I put it in a rubber, something to hang onto. Should have before; popped out before it could get all wet. Oh, you can make it ring, vibrate, without having someone call.”

“All wet?” the still embarrassed one murmurs.

“Don’t you?”

“Not yet,” she admits.

“Try your toothbrush,” the other replies quietly, then chuckles again and continues:

“But once I did it with a boyfriend, and he called me. Wow! Even though he sitting there, and I was watching him dial, expecting it, suddenly feeling it buzzing and trying to ring in my pussy really surprised me.”

The thighs of both the others twitch together. The one is shocked to hear her use the word “pussy.” The other one hums with a grin. The one who had spoken grins at their response and takes a drink of her beer. The others also drink. Then she asks to see their electric toothbrushes. With very skeptical expression, the shocked one shakes her head slightly and then stronger with a disapproving frown when she sees her roommate nod and get up.

She returns from the bathroom with both electric toothbrushes. When the girl reaches out towards the “feminine” one, she turns it on with a grin and hands it to her.

“Oooh! It does vibrate,” she remarks as she inspects it. Its owner looks displeased that hers was chosen, and looks even less happy, when the girl remarks:

“Yeah, bet it would work, certainly would fit.”

She looks up at the girl who is still holding the other toothbrush and asks:

Is it yours?”

As she shakes her head, her roommate almost blurts out:

“No, its mine, and you can’t try it.”

Her sharp remark doesn’t stop the other girl from continuing:

“Wasn’t going to, but it would be fun to. Mmm, nice, the little ridges on the kaçak bahis rubber grips.”

She held it near the brush end to let them see. When her other fingers close around the brush, the vibrations slow down, it buzzing in a lower tone. Its owner’s displeased expression returns, but her roommate chuckles softly, exchanging smirks with the other girl. She turns it off and back on again, moving it up and down, smirking back at her, both snickering. She turns it off again, to the relief of its owner, who reaches out to take possession of her toothbrush. When she grasps it, however, a finger turns it back on. The others chuckle at her apparent discomfort, while it takes her a moment to turn it off.

“Let me see yours,” the girl asks, taking it and turning in on. It buzzes faster than the other one had, and she smiles and remarks softly:

“Even better.”

“Mine buzzes that fast when it’s been recharged.”

When both the others look at her, she looks chagrined at her having joined in the conversation. Her roommate replies:

“It does.”

“How long do they run?” the other one asks.

“Don’t know; for several brushings,” the first one replies, clutching her toothbrush and accidentally turning it on again. It obviously buzzes slower than the other one. She turns it off with a wry smile. The other one is then turned off, and the girl remarks with a grin:

“Maybe I should get one, like the pink one.”

She hands the other one back, adding with a smirk:

“Wouldn’t have to hide it, like I do my old cellphone. Wouldn’t have to use a rubber to protect it; wouldn’t want to – those little ridges. Oh, let me see it again, can you take the brush off?”

The girl hands it back to her, explaining:

“Just pull it off; comes with other brushes for family use.”

She does, looking at the long, thin metal pin that rotates the brush. She scowls, murmuring:

“Too pointy, and not the brush either.”

Then she snorts to herself and says:

“A cork, no, better, a champagne cork!”

She looks up at the others with a pleased grin, humming.

Even the girl with the other toothbrush has to chuckle, but not as much as her roommate does, who nods with a grin, then remarking:

“But then better also use a rubber.”

“Um-hmm, of course. Hey, if you lend me yours, I’ll buy the champagne, well, just California bubbly, and we can have a party, just the three of us.”

Again, they all chuckle, even the most reticent one, but then she remarks.

“But be sure it isn’t a plastic cork.”

That earns her a couple of surprised glances, the others both nodding. She smiles wryly. The one who had suggested it asks:

“You want me to?”

“Sounds like you do.”

“If you say so.”

She smiles wryly again. Her toothbrush starts buzzing, slowly. She snorts and turns it off. Her roommate chuckles and remarks:

“Sounds like you do, at least, that your toothbrush does.”

They all laugh, nodding.

If I get the bubbly – with a real cork – then it’s a party?”

Nods and smirks.

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