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Their Morning Love

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As the first morning light slowly enters in the bedroom window, he awakens to see it laying a gentle glow onto her soft skin. Rolling over to face her, he places his hand delicately onto her left breast, lightly tracing his fingertips around her areola as he leans in kissing the side of her neck tenderly her body shivers, she moan softly, Wrapping her fingers around his hardened, swollen cock that’s pressing firmly against her ass, she strokes it gently yet firmly. His hips gyrate to the feelings she sends through him as she strokes his cock.

When he least expects it, without saying a word with a very devilish look in her eyes, she pushes him over onto his back, still with cock in hand, leaning over him, slowly she runs her tongue around the head, and ever so lightly down the back side and back up again before sucking the head into her mouth. He gasps, his body shutters and stiffens as she glides her lips all the way to the base of his cock sucking on him gingerly yet very hungrily.

“Oh god yes that’s it baby girl, suck my cock just like that!” faster and even more hungrily güvenilir bahis she begins sucking and stroking his cock for whenever he talks to her like that its such a turn on for her. “You know how to make my cock so hard and horny first thing in the morning, and make me need to have to fuck you.”

“Your damn right I do, I am good at what I do. I always know how to make you need to fuck me. I think you need to fuck me right now.”

“I need to fuck you right now?”

“Oh yes you do, now get up here and fuck me, you know you wanna.”

“Yea I wanna fuck you baby. I want to bury my hard cock inside your wet, and very juicy pussy.” Rolling onto her back, taking her legs over the tops of his arms, pushing her knees back toward her head, he holds his cockhead at her opening, teasing her as he enters only the very tip of his cock inside her then removes it quickly as he stares down at her. Their eyes locked onto each other, she runs her tongue over her top lip. She begins to whimper slightly as he teases her one more time, before sliding his shaft all the way inside her. His türkçe bahis girth filling her completely, she lets out with a loud shriek like gasp.

“Oh yes that’s it baby fuck me, oh my god yes fuck me!”

“I will fuck you baby, I will pound that pussy.” Slowly he begins to pummel his shaft in and out of her, feeling her juices beginning to flow over his cock. Her moans growing louder, her pussy getting tighter as she tightens down her muscles around his cock as he fucks her into orgasm. Knowing full well that he has a thing for her large tits, and she knows what it does to him when she pushes her chest together while he fucks her, she takes hold of her tits and pushes them together. Watching her do this, he takes hold of them and begins to fuck her even faster, deeper and harder.

“That’s it baby fuck me, oh god yes don’t stop, fuck me baby fuck me!” she screams out repeatedly. The more she screams the harder and faster he begins to fuck her. ” Bring your cock up here and let me suck on it for a minute!” she suddenly screams. Without hesitation, he pulls his cock from her pussy, güvenilir bahis siteleri bringing it to her mouth. With a very hungry look in her eyes, she takes his cock balls deep into her mouth and sucks all her juices off it. He gasps once again as this is such an erotic sight for him to watch her doing this. The velvety feeling of her mouth on his now very sensitive cock makes things even more intoxicating for him. Removing his cock from her mouth he once again pushes himself back inside her hot box, burying himself all the way. Now without warning suddenly he feels his orgasm rapidly approaching, his pace picks up rapidly, his breathing quickens, feeling his cock growing even harder inside her, his balls tightening, she could feel all his cum roll up that main vein.

“Ohhhh Kim!” he screams repeatedly pummeling his cock inside her deeper, harder and faster.

“That’s it baby, dump it inside me.” She screams as she tightens her pussy around his shaft, milking him for all he’s got. Suddenly he lets out with a hell of an erotic scream as he unloads all his hot cum deep indeed her. Wrapping her arms around him she holds him close to her as their bodies settle.

Lifting himself onto his elbow, he just lies atop her and stares down at her and smiles.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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