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There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 08

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Saturday Morning

I couldn’t believe my eyes, three wondrous asses in a row waiting for me to attack them. Carolyn was on the left so I slid up behind her. I slipped a finger in her butthole and thrust my cock up into her cunt.

“Good morning Carolyn,” I said.

“Oooooohhhhhhh, now that’s the way to say good morning,” she laughed.

I pumped into Carolyn for 5 minutes or so.

“Ohhhh, Aaaaah, Fuck me, Yessssss, Aaaaaaah.”

Carolyn came hard and collapsed on the bed.

I moved over to the right a bit and slid my finger into Stephanie’s asshole.

“Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Don.”

I pounded my cock into her cunt pretty good.


“Good morning Stephanie,” I said as I pumped some more.

“Ahhhhhhh, Good, Ohhhhhhh, Morning.”

I picked up the pace.

“OOOOOOOOOhhhhhh God, Oh God, Oh Jesus, Fuck meeeeeeeee.”

Stephanie came hard and collapsed on the bed.

I moved over to the right a little further and slid a finger into Ellen’s ass.


I rammed my cock up into her.


“Good morning Ellen.”

“Good morning lover.”

I slammed into Ellen for all I was worth.

“Yeeeeesssss. Fuck me. Ohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh.”

It wasn’t long before I pumped a large load into her. I kept spurting and spurting. We both collapsed. Stephanie’s eyes were transfixed on the cum leaking out of Ellen’s cunt. She smacked her lips.

“Go ahead lick it up. She won’t mind,” I said.

Ellen looked at her and nodded her head with a blush. Stephanie moved in and started lapping. Ellen was getting all hot and bothered again. She reached out for my cock and started licking it. I saw that Carolyn was squirming and I motioned her over. I was lapping her cunt in no time. Stephanie’s fine ass was wiggling in the air unattended until Carolyn started licking her. We all switched around for the next few minutes. It was a very nice oral orgy. Then all 3 women concentrated on my cock. I was in heaven. I thought about my options. I could cum all over 3 beautiful faces, or I could pick one of their other holes. I’m sure Carolyn wouldn’t mind if I slammed her ass again. These are the tough decisions in life! Before I could make up my mind I spewed my small cumload into Stephanie’s mouth. She swallowed some and then a few drops leaked out. All of the drops were licked up in no time.

“You girls are gonna be the death of me,” I said.

They all had a good laugh.

We went out to the kitchen and fired up the coffee machine. Ellen made up some pancakes and we had a nice brunch. All 3 ladies were prancing around in nothing but thong underwear, although Ellen was wearing an apron. I was like a kid in a candy store. Stephanie walked by and I followed her ass with my eyes. She knew she had my attention and she put in an extra wiggle. The gap between her legs at the top was almost indecent. I felt stirrings in my groin again. She looked back at me with a very sexy smile and then grinned happily.

Carolyn followed all of the action with her eyes and then she stood up and walked by me slowly. She put in a sexy wiggle. I watched her ass hungrily. She turned back and looked at me.

“Good to know, I’ve still got it,” she said.

“Oh, you’ve got it all right,” I said with a groan.

She danced up to me and gave me a kiss.

Ellen took off her apron and put her hands on her hips. “Donnie, what am I going to do with you, you bad boy.”

I moved up to Ellen and kissed her and grabbed her ass roughly.

“Whatever you want honey,” I said.

She laughed and said, “I can’t even pretend to be angry with you, you big lug.”

Carolyn snuggled up behind me and reached for my cock. “Guess what ladies? Miracle boy here is hard again.”

Stephanie clapped her hands with a huge grin and grabbed my hand. “Come on, Uncle Don, back to the bedroom.”

Carolyn got on the bed on all fours. “Come on stud, my ass needs a drilling.”

I spit in her butthole and then slammed in.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, that’s what mama needed.”

I pounded at her good.

“Fuck me. Fuck my slutty ass. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

She collapsed.

Ellen rushed up and assumed the position.

“My turn Don, fuck my ass.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I spit in her anus and thrust into her violently.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yaaaaaaaaa.”

I pounded into Ellen like a madman for 5 minutes or so.


Ellen came and collapsed.

I was still rock hard. I looked over at Stephanie. She was horny as hell, you could tell, but she also looked kind of scared.

She turned to Carolyn. “Doesn’t that hurt?” “It hurts honey, but it hurts so good.”

“Don, can you be gentle?” asked Stephanie.

“I can and will honey. It will be my pleasure.”

Stephanie got up on the bed on all fours. I spread her 18 year old ass cheeks wide. Carolyn got down on the bed and was whispering something into her ear. Ellen came over to help lube up Stephanie’s ass. She seemed to be enjoying all of the licking as much as I was. Eventually, bahis firmaları she was as lubed as she was gonna get.

“OK Steph, are you ready?”

Stephanie nodded her head and said, “Do it Uncle Don.”

Ellen had maneuvered herself around so she could lick Stephanie’s cunt while I deflowered her virgin ass. I slipped in my cock as slowly as I could.


“Are you ok there Steph?”

“Yaaaaaaaaahhhh, is that all of it?”

“Nope just a couple of inches. Let me know when you’re ready for some more.”

Ellen was frantically playing with her clit and Stephanie was rotating her butt like crazy.

“Give it to me Uncle Don.”

I pushed in a few more inches.


She pushed back into me until I was balls deep in her ass.

“How does it feel Steph?”

“I feel like I’ve been split in two.”

I pulled out and pushed in again slowly.


I pulled out again and she pushed back into me so I slammed in hard.

“Yeeeesssssss. Fuck me Uncle Don. Don’t hold back.”

That was all I needed. I slammed it into her hard. I pounded and pounded for another 5 minutes or so.


My cock throbbed and throbbed and a little cum spewed into her ass. I collapsed.

“Wow,” said Stephanie.

“Yeah, Wow,” said Carolyn.

“There oughta be a law,” I said.

Carolyn and Stephanie gave me a quick kiss and left.

Ellen and I didn’t do much for the rest of the day. We lazed around and watched some TV together. We ordered in pizza for supper. When we headed to bed, there was no need for sex. We just had a nice pillow talk and then fell asleep.

I slept in again. I woke up around 11 AM. Ellen wasn’t in bed at all. I found her in the kitchen. The coffee was still hot. I slid up behind her and gave her a kiss.

She smiled up at me and said “Good morning sleepyhead. I was just about to come wake you up. We have a brunch date today.”

“We do?”

“Yup, I’ve just been talking with my friend Stella. She’s dying to meet you. We decided to meet for brunch. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Nope, I don’t mind, as long as we’re together honey.”

She smiled and kissed me.

When we got to the restaurant a dirty blonde hottie with huge tits rushed up and gave Ellen a kiss.

“Stella, this is my boyfriend Don. Don, this is my friend Stella.”

“Hi Stella, pleased to meet you.”

Stella gave me a quick once-over and said, “So, this is God’s gift to women is it? He’s kinda cute. I’ll give you that. But, I wouldn’t pick him out of a crowd.”

Ellen reached for me and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

“If you had kissed him even once, you would begin to see.”

“Really?” Stella looked at me doubtfully.

Ellen didn’t like having her word doubted.

“Show her honey, show her.”

I looked at Ellen in shock.

“You want me to do what?”

“I want you to kiss her like you mean it until her toes curl.”

“Wait a second honey, I didn’t sign up for this,” said Stella.

Ellen stamped her foot.

Stella looked from Ellen to me and then said, “OK then, but you keep your hands off my breasts. Understand?”

I looked at Ellen. “You’re sure about this?”

Ellen nodded her head defiantly.

I gave Stella an obvious ogle.

Stella was about 5’5″ tall. She had a pretty face with long dirty blonde hair. She looked to be around 25 years old. She had a sexy curvy ass. Not in the same league with Ellen of course. There was a little too much buttflesh for that. But it was definitely sexy. She wasn’t chubby, but she definitely wasn’t skinny either. Her tits looked like true monsters under her shirt. If you discounted the tits, she was better than average looking but not amazingly awesome. Her tits popped her into the top 10 percentile though. The shirt wasn’t particularly revealing, but it couldn’t hide them. They were a force to be reckoned with.

“Are you done staring? You lech?”

I blushed.

“Maybe this is a really bad idea. Ellen, I think we should have some brunch together first. Get to know each other a little better. I will keep my eyes to myself for a while and try and show Stella here that I’m not an ogre. This won’t work right now.”

Ellen had no choice but to back down.

“He was just paying you a complement you know. Showing you that you are worthy of being stared at.”

“Yeah, well I get enough stares from assholes every day. Sorry.”

We went through the buffet. I loaded down my plate with bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes. Ellen went for some pasta, and Stella filled her plate mostly with salad. Ellen and Stella were discussing Stella’s latest asshole boyfriend. I felt pretty useless.

Eventually Ellen said, “Don has been living with me for a week now, and we haven’t had a fight at all yet. I thought he called me a fucking bitch once. But he was referring to his ex.”

“And how does Mr. Perfect end up with an ex wife anyways?” asked Stella.

Before I could say anything Ellen answered for me.

“She kaçak iddaa didn’t have much experience with men before she met Don. Their marriage got a little stale and then she decided she could do better. She dumped him even though he hadn’t really done anything wrong. She was just at my place last week begging for Don to take her back.”

I had to say something. “Look Stella, I never said I was perfect, or God’s gift or any of that. I thank my lucky stars that Ellen puts up with me. I just want her to be happy. I’m only here because she asked me to be here. I’m not expecting anything from you. “

Stella’s eyes softened a little. “OK, let’s start over again shall we?”

“Hi Stella, I’m pleased to meet you,” I said.

She smiled and said, “Pleased to meet you Don.”

We got to know each other better and had a nice meal together.

Stella excused herself and went to the bathroom.

“So, what do you think of her?” asked Ellen.

“Too much flesh up top,” I said with a straight face. “It’s gross.”

Ellen looked at me in surprise and studied me.

I couldn’t hold it together any longer and I broke into a grin.

“I thought you were serious for a second, you.”

“I have come to appreciate little tits very much,” I said as I leaned in to kiss her and circled my fingers around her nipple.

She smiled and pushed me away. “None of that right now, sorry.”

“Let’s ditch your friend and go home. I’m hot for you honey.”

Ellen kissed me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I really think Stella needs to be shown there are good men out there. I want you to treat her right this afternoon. Fuck her silly. This is a one-time pass for you. Not a new fuck buddy.”

“Ellen, you are the one I want. She’s pretty. I’ll give you that, but I would much rather be with you than her.”

“I know honey. Please just do this for me. Stella needs this whether she realizes it or not.”

“I do, do I?” asked Stella.

“How much did you hear?”

“Enough to realize that I was much too harsh on Don earlier.”

Stella posed for me, thrusting out her tits.

“It won’t be too much of a chore to take care of me will it?”

I blushed. “It will be my pleasure milady if Ellen is really sure about all this.”

“Yes Don, why don’t you drop me back at our place and then take Stella to your old apartment. You two are free to do whatever you like together. Just be back home around 7 PM ok?”

Before we got in the car I pulled Ellen to me for a passionate kiss. She responded ardently for a couple of minutes or so.

“Ellen, you are 100% certain about this?”

“Yes, Don, I’ll be fine, trust me. Treat her right OK. She needs some real affection.”

“Whatever my lady commands.”

It felt really weird to come into my apartment especially with someone I had just met.

“Look, Stella, you’re a beautiful young woman. But, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We can just tell Ellen we had fun together, and everyone will be happy.”

Stella was stunned.

“You’re serious? “

“Of course. You really don’t seem to be into this thing at all. I would never impose on anyone if they weren’t at least a little excited about the prospect. Why don’t we watch a movie or something?”

Stella nodded her head doubtfully. “OK.”

We picked out a romantic comedy and settled in to watch the movie on the couch. We were side-by-side but not really touching at all. Eventually Stella leaned in to me. She was resting her head near my shoulder. I put my arm around her shoulder and she nestled in a little closer.

“This is nice,” said Stella.

I stroked her arm a little and she snuggled into me.

Eventually the movie ended.

Stella looked up at me. “I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a movie without my date making a play for my breasts.”

“Your breasts are pretty spectacular, I’ll give you that, but there’s a lot more to you than humongous tits.”

“There is?” she asked in wonderment.

“Of course there is. You would be a very pretty young woman, even if your tits were just like Ellen’s. Trust me.”

“You really think so?”

“I do.” And then I leaned in and kissed her.

She returned my kiss willingly enough. I pulled her in closer so that her tits were mashing against my body, but I kept my hands off them. I just rubbed her back while I kissed her passionately. She was really starting to enjoy herself. I grabbed onto her sexy ass and started kneading her buttflesh. She was kissing me fervently now and pushing her breasts up into me. I refused to touch them. I just kept fondling her ass and kissing her. I moved over to her ear and blew into it. Then I nibbled on her ear.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked.

“I’m making out with you my dear, would you like me to stop?”

“Nooooo. I want you to pick up the pace.”

“Whatever my lady commands. Let’s head into the bedroom shall we?”

I let my hand rest on her sexy butt as we walked. She felt good on my arm. We kissed some more and I kneaded her butt some more. She kept thrusting kaçak bahis her tits at me and I kept ignoring them. I slid my fingers around her thighs and began stoking her cunt through her jeans. She was really getting fired up.

“Why don’t we both remove our pants?” I suggested.

She nodded at me doubtfully but she began undoing her pants. I slipped my pants off, and she got her first look at my bulge. Her eyes widened and she reached out for it. I got hold of her panties and slid them down. We lied down on the bed and went straight to the 69 position. She was bobbing on my cock and I was licking all around her cunny without touching it. She rotated her hips trying to get her pussy into my lips and I kept on teasing her. She was gobbling my dick pretty good, so I eventually took pity on her and licked her pussy lips for a while. She showered me with pussy juice as I found her clit and flicked it with my tongue. I switched around so our heads were together and kissed her again.

“It’s ok, you can touch my tits you know,” she said.

“I know, but I think we should do this first without them being involved. OK?”

“Whatever you say, who am I to argue? You’ve got me more turned on than I’ve been in years, so you must be doing something right.”

I slid my cock into her.


I pumped in and out slowly at first.


She was bucking up at me. I picked up the pace.

“Ohhhhhh god.”

I pumped into her furiously for a minute or two.


She lost all control and passed out. She came to and realized I was still rock hard inside of her.

“You really are something special. I passed out with pleasure and my shirt is still on and you haven’t touched my tits and you haven’t even come yet.”

“Happy to be of service my lady. Let’s get our shirts off now hmmmmm?”

“Finally,” she said with a smile.

Her bra was industrial size and it still was having trouble holding all of her breastflesh. Her tits were hanging out from all corners of the bra. I gazed at them with uncontrollable lust.

“Now you look like every other guy,” she laughed.

I grinned at her.

“They are a work of art my lady, I can’t imagine what they look like naked.”

She unhooked her bra and her breasts sagged. They were obviously 100% natural.

“You are beautiful Stella.”

She smiled at me.

“Could you do me a favor honey?”

“Sure I guess. What did you have in mind?”

“Put your shirt back on with no bra, and put your panties back on and then just walk around a little.”

She looked at me funny, but she complied. She looked so sexy. Her hard nipples were poking out of her shirt, and when she walked her massive breasts jiggled and joggled all over the place.

“You just might be the sexiest woman on the planet Stella.”

She was mystified.

“But my breasts are sagging every which way.”

“Yes they are, and it’s a wonderful sight to see.”

She smiled at me. “You are a bad man.”

“Come here honey.”

She walked towards me with a saucy smile on her face. I reached out and grabbed her massive tits and pulled her to me. I mauled them good and I sucked on her nipples through her shirt. She was loving it. I pushed her onto the bed and had her get on all fours. I pulled down her panties and pulled her shirt up so her tits were free to bounce and then I plunged my cock in her hard.


I slammed into her harder and harder. Her ass had more padding than I was used to. It felt kinda nice. I pounded her for all I was worth. I watched her tits flop like there was an earthquake.

“OOooohhhhhh my god. Fuck me. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

Her tits were mesmerizing. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled out and flipped her over quickly and then came all over her tits. The cum just kept cumming and cumming.

“Wow,” she said.

“Yeah, wow,” I replied.

“I officially have to thank Ellen now, she was right.”

Stella started to get up.

“Hold on a second honey.”

She looked at me questioningly.

“Could you lick the cum off your tits?”

She smiled sexily and lifted up a funbag and licked it as clean as she could. Then she did the other. Her eyes widened as she looked at my cock.

“Oh my god, you can’t be serious. You’re rock hard again.”

I leaned in and licked and kneaded her titflesh like there was no tomorrow for a while. “Ellen said this was a one-time thing. I want to play with you as much as I can. You don’t mind, do you?”

She shook her head. “Nope, have at her, this is fun.”

Then I had her get on all fours again. I stuck my finger up her asshole.


“I usually would never try this the first day, but we’re in a time crunch. You want the full meal deal?”

“You mean we haven’t had the full meal yet?”

I spit into her ass and slipped in two fingers.

“Not yet, nope.”

She looked back at me with wide eyes. “You wanna fuck my ass do you?”

“The way you have reacted so far, I’m guessing you will enjoy it.”

“Be gentle, this will be my first time.”

“I am honored my lady.”

I spit into her but again and then positioned myself for rear entry. I pushed in gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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