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They Met Online Ch. 01

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She scanned the status board of flights where she saw his plane listed as “Arrived”. It would take at least ten or fifteen minutes for him to make his way to the baggage claim where they would meet in person for the first time. She took her cell phone out of her pocket, ensuring that the ringer volume was maximized and that the vibrate setting was on so she wouldn’t miss his call when he got off the plane. Anxiously pacing back and forth, she hoped she’d be able to calm down before he got there. She knew he’d probably be nervous too, and that helped to ease her mind a little. Even though they’d been talking online for almost a year, and looking forward to meeting for the past two months, Crystal felt like a kindergartener going to her first day of school.

Her mind wandered to that night last August when they’d first met each other in cyberspace. Having just gotten out of a four-month relationship a few weeks prior and feeling down in the dumps, Crystal sat in her bedroom in front of her computer, debating whether or not to engage in some innocent online flirting. She wasn’t interested in creating a profile on a matchmaking site, nor did she want to scroll through other people’s fluff and bullshitting, hoping to find one person with similar interests. She also didn’t feel like using any of the random video chat programs, since one normally had to click “Next” and bypass dozens of penises before seeing a person’s face. Crystal was no stranger to cybersex; it was a great way to be creative and relieve stress at the same time, but the element of mystery was part of the fun.

She navigated to her favorite chat room site and clicked on the category appropriately named Sex & Flirting. A window immediately popped up asking for a handle. Crystal thought for a moment before entering “Hottie22FMich”. Being a twenty-two year-old female from Michigan and using this handle usually eliminated the need for the cliché “A/S/L” opening messages from other chat room members. Crystal was far from what she herself considered hot, but it sounded more appealing than “Average22FMich”, which would be lucky to get any responses.

Upon entering the room, she was bombarded with a barrage of popup windows. Many were spam advertisements for other chat sites or services, sent by automated “bots”. She quickly closed those out and added the senders to her ignore list, before perusing through the remaining messages. The one from “HungNHorny” asked if she would like a big black cock in her tight ass. “Lipstix” inquired as to whether or not she was bi or bi-curious. Someone named “CoolWhipped” wanted to tie her up and spank her with a paddle, while “DoctorJason” told her he would fuck her tits until he came on her face. She sighed, as none of these introductions were very original.

She was about to close a couple more messages when another lone popup interrupted her. It was from “WashingtonGuy” and it read simply, Hi there. She smiled at how he must have had the same idea she did when choosing a handle. She replied with a hello and asked how he was doing.

Fine, thank you, he typed. Do you like to talk dirty?

Crystal was incredibly horny, but something about this guy piqued her interest and she didn’t want to jump into the cybering right away.

Sometimes, but I like to get to know the other person a little first, she replied. She hoped that playing a little hard to get wouldn’t scare him away.

Ahh, well what would you like to know? he asked with a smiley face.

She was able to find out, not surprisingly, that he was from Washington state, his name was Nick, and that he had just turned twenty-one. They chatted for over two canlı bahis hours about random things like movies, work, and food. They seemed to like a lot of the same things and she felt completely at ease talking to him. The two hadn’t even discussed anything sexual, except for the fact that they were both single and liked to chat online. Crystal didn’t notice it was past one in the morning until she felt her eyelids get suddenly heavy as she let out a huge yawn.

I need to get to bed, LOL.. Work in the morning, she typed.

Awww, he replied. Do you think you could give me your email address? Maybe we can chat again soon.

No one she’d talked to online ever asked for her email address, since cybersex seemed to be all about anonymity and one-time interactions. She smiled and gave him the address, really hoping he would contact her, since she had felt so comfortable chatting with him.

The next morning, Crystal awoke at six for work as usual. Her administrative assistant job was usually pretty boring, but she made decent money and worked her online college classes around it. Still living with her parents, she had very few expenses except for her car, insurance, and gas, so she tolerated it for the time being.

When she got to her cubicle, she pulled up her personal email account from her cell phone application. Hoping to get a message from Nick, she was disappointed to see only a forwarded joke email from her father, and a few junk messages advertising generic erection pills and porn sites. She remembered that Washington and Michigan had a three-hour time difference, and that it was only five o’clock in the morning for him, so maybe there was still a chance he would email her. For the next few hours, Crystal found herself daydreaming about Nick, wondering what he looked like and how his voice sounded. Despite being preoccupied with her fantasies, she managed to get a good chunk of her work done.

At noon, she headed downstairs to the deli with a few co-workers to grab a quick bite for lunch. They had suggested eating in the restaurant but Crystal said she had some things to do at her desk so she would be getting her meal to go. This was a good excuse for her to get back to her cubicle as quickly as possible to relax and check her email again. As she unwrapped her turkey sandwich, she heard a faint beep from her cell phone, alerting her that she had a new email. The sender’s name was Nick Gray, and the subject line was “Hello Again”. Her heart began racing in anticipation and a slow smile spread across her face.

Opening the email, it read:

Good morning,

How is work going? I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you, but I wanted to know if you’d like to meet again tonight online to chat. You made quite an impression on me last night and I don’t think I could stand it if I never talked to you again. 😛


Crystal couldn’t hit the “Reply” button fast enough. She said she would love to chat again and considering the time difference, asked if they could meet at nine o’clock her time. The rest of the day went by quickly as thoughts of “WashingtonGuy” ran through her head.

Later that evening, at five minutes to nine, Crystal logged into the Sex & Flirting channel, using the same handle she had the previous night. Again, she was immediately flooded with messages. Closing them all one at a time, she finally received one from Nick: another simple introduction that read, Evening, cutie. It occurred to Crystal that she had never told him her first name. Usually she just made up a name when another chat member asked for it, because she figured she’d never run across the same person twice anyway.

She bahis siteleri replied with, Hello, Nick. By the way, my name is Crystal, followed by a smiley face.

Nice to meet you, Crystal. That’s a really cute name.

Thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I’m not used to giving it out, she typed.

That’s okay. I actually found it out earlier when you sent me the reply mail, LOL, was his response. Crystal instantly felt like a fool, forgetting that he would have seen the sender’s name with her reply. However, the fact that he knew her real name did not bother her in the least.

They went on to chat about their days and their plans for the upcoming weekend, since it was Friday night. Nick said he had planned to play poker with some friends on Saturday evening while Crystal mentioned that she was going on a family vacation to Niagara Falls the following weekend with her parents. Having seen the falls three times already, she really had no desire to see them again, but at least it was a few days off from work.

The conversation took a bit of a turn as they started talking about the previous night.

This is a little embarrassing, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night after you logged off, Nick said.

Crystal smiled and replied, Me too.

He continued, Truthfully, when I came into that chat room, I was basically just looking for someone to get off with. Once I got to talking with you, it just seemed different. I mean I was still horny after you left of course, so I got into bed and thought about you for a while.

Crystal had a feeling she knew where this was headed, and she liked it. Thought about me? How?

Well, I just laid there for a while, trying to fall asleep, but I had a huge boner that wouldn’t go away, LOL. I had to, you know, take care of it…

Crystal felt a tingle radiate from between her legs. She pressed her thighs together, briefly imagining Nick’s hard cock, straining against his pants while he lay in bed. She asked, How did you take care of it? What did you think about?

First I got up and locked my door, since I didn’t want my mom or my sister walking in. Then I got back in bed and pulled off my boxers. I was already really hard and I kept thinking about the girl from Michigan. I started to stroke my dick, kinda slow at first, just imagining you and what you looked like.

Mmmmm, that sounds hot. Tell me what happened next. Crystal could feel her pussy getting wet and her heart was starting to beat faster. The image of Nick thinking about her while he jacked off was a huge turn-on.

I kept rubbing my cock up and down, thinking about you kissing my chest. I grabbed some lube from my drawer, then I started stroking myself a little faster. I imagined it was your mouth going up and down on my cock. It was so warm and wet, I thought I was gonna explode.

Crystal closed her eyes and read his words over again, feeling herself getting more and more aroused. She slid her left hand down the front of her panties, the wetness from her slit soaking her fingers instantly. She teased her pubic hair, slipping her middle finger in between her pussy lips, and rubbed her clit softly.

With her right hand she typed, Keep going, Nick.

I started to think about you sucking me harder and looking up at me, so I started stroking faster. I was so fucking hard I couldn’t take it. Then I started rubbing my balls with my other hand, and grinding my hips up and down off the bed while I pumped my cock. It felt so good, your mouth on me. I could feel myself getting really close, so I started using both hands. I just kept seeing your lips bahis şirketleri and your mouth on my cock and your eyes looking into mine and I was stroking so fast. I came really hard, all over my stomach.

Crystal’s pussy was dripping as she read his story. Imagining him breathing heavy after his orgasm, cum dripping down his shaft, she began to rub her clit harder. She leaned her head back in her chair and closed her eyes, putting one leg up on her desk. She moved her panties to the side, exposing her wet sex. Parting her pussy lips with her right hand, she slid her left middle finger inside her aching cunt. She was still somewhat tight, but her juices made her finger slide in easily. In and out, she slowly fingered herself and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

You still there? Nick asked. She realized she hadn’t responded because she was too busy masturbating. She laughed to herself and straightened up.

Yes, I’m here. I’m sorry, LOL.. I got a little distracted, she answered honestly.

That’s ok. Did I make you wet?

Oh God, you have no idea. I was touching myself, which is why I didn’t answer.

I’ve been jerking off since we started talking. At least I don’t feel so bad now, LOL.. Do you want to keep going?

Mmmmm, yes. I really want to cum, Crystal replied.

Me too. Rub your pussy for me while I stroke my cock.

She did as she was told, moving her hand down, her finger back inside herself. She was moaning quietly so her parents wouldn’t hear her, even though they were two floors down in the house. Faster and faster she moved her hips in rhythm with her hand, her wetness making a soft sloshing sound as she fucked her finger nice and deep.

She glanced up at her computer screen and read Nick’s latest message: Tell me how it feels, please?

Slipping her panties completely off, she tossed them aside as her wet fingers found her keyboard. Breathless, she described what she’d been doing.

I’ve been fingering my pussy for you. I’m so wet, my fingers are soaking, and it feels amazing. I just took my panties off and my leg is up on my desk. I’m thinking about you jacking your hard cock off and it’s making me crazy. It’s so tight around my fingers, and my clit is so swollen. I just want to cum so hard.

Oh wow, that’s so fucking hot. My cock is rock hard for you. I want you to pretend that your fingers are mine and I want you to rub that pussy and cum all over my fingers. I’m gonna cum so hard right now, oh my God…

That was all Crystal needed before she felt her muscles completely relax in a wave of warmth, soft shivers rolling through body as her orgasm hit. Feeling her pussy tighten up around her finger, she pressed her thumb hard against her swollen, throbbing clit, letting out a quiet shriek, and quickly covering her mouth with her free hand. She spasmed for what seemed like forever. Pausing to catch her breath, she wiped the sweat from her clammy forehead and pulled her nightshirt back down over her legs. Her knees felt weak and her throat was dry. She desperately needed something to drink now, but didn’t trust her wobbly legs to make it to the kitchen.

Holy shit, was all she could type.

That good, huh? Hang on a sec, I need to go clean up, Nick replied.

Crystal retrieved her underwear from beneath her desk and slid them back on. A few moments later Nick returned and the two chatted a bit more, even though both were exhausted from the hot masturbation session they’d just shared.

So, I know you’re going out tomorrow night with your friends, but do you feel like meeting up again Sunday night? Crystal asked.

Absolutely. How about 8:00 your time?

Sounds good, she replied. The two wished each other sweet dreams and retired to bed, bodies still sticky with sweat, and minds still racing with hot thoughts of each other. Could Sunday arrive quickly enough?

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