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Thinking Of You

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I have been thinking about you all day long…

I can’t wait till you get home… Till we can be alone…

I can’t wait to hug you and touch you and feel your arms around me… To feel your lips gently touch mine.

And then later… Well, that’s another story. I am looking forward to tonight. I need to cum really bad, and I need you to help me, like only you can. I want you to start by standing behind me and gently moving my hair aside and giving me gentle kisses right along my hair line, up and down my neck. Gently. Occasionally letting your lips gently brush my ear, allowing me to feel your warm breath on my neck and on my ear. I am getting chills right now, just thinking about your gentle kisses on my neck. I want you to continue kissing me like this and gently press yourself against my butt, allowing me to feel your hardening cock move against me.

Mmmmmm… I am getting so turned on. I like feeling your hardness against my ass. I can already feel the tension building somewhere deep inside my stomach, tension that REALLY needs to be relieved. You continue this sweet torture, kissing my neck, rubbing your hard cock against my ass… Now one of your hands has made its way to my right breast. You gently trace your fingers all around, deliberately avoiding the nipple. Around, and around. Teasing. Gently kissing my neck, and my ear. Your warm breath sending chill after chill all the way down my spine causing me to press my ass even harder against your big hard cock. Oh my gosh… You are soooo hard.

You turn me around and pull me firmly against you. You gently graze my lips with yours, and then go directly for that spot on my neck. You know, the one that bahis firmaları drives me wild. You concentrate there for a few minutes, all the while touching my breast with one hand, and running your hands up and down my back with the other. Your hand has somehow found its way under my shirt and is now in direct contact with my nipple. Squeezing. Gently sometimes, roughly other times. Our breathing has become fast and irregular. I am running my hands up and down your back and your are moaning against me. I can feel your hardness straining against your shorts. You take one of my hands and guide it to your hard cock, and I begin to touch you there. Rubbing gently all the way from your balls up to the head of your dick. It is so big. So hard. Harder than I have ever felt it. I slip my hands inside the waistband of your shorts and begin to slide your shorts down… Your huge cock is suddenly released and jumps up with a life of its own. You sit down on the edge of the bed and push me down on the floor, onto my knees. You grab the back of my head and guide me toward your waiting cock. Not that I need much encouragement.

You moan loudly when my lips make first contact. Gently, I trace my tongue around the head, and get a small taste of you. Then I work my way down to your balls, and lick there for a few minutes, ever so often going down even further to trace my tongue around your asshole, getting it well lubricated. I then make my way back up to your waiting cock. This time, I open my mouth and start to take you into my mouth, a little bit at a time. I concentrate on the head for a few minutes, sucking , licking, and applying a little bit of pressure to your balls. Then, as I kaçak iddaa start taking all of your cock into my mouth, I also start running my finger around your asshole. Your cock is so big that I nearly choke as I try to take it all down my throat. You moan as you feel the head against the back of my throat. I suck and suck, and while I am sucking, I am gently pushing my finger in and out your tight ass hole. Just a little. Not enough to hurt, just a little. I bring you almost to the point of exploding, and then you jerk away from me… Not wanting to cum right then.

You sit up and grab me… Pulling me roughly to you and crush your lips against mine forcing your tongue into my mouth. You pull me to my feet and in one motion, you jerk my shirt off me and then push my panties down around my ankles. You push me back on the pile of pillows you have ready for me. Once again, you kiss me roughly, and then more gently. Your hand is roaming freely all over me now.

From my nipples to my bellybutton. And at the same time you are sucking that special place on my neck, causing me to almost cum right then. Your hand makes its way lower, and you moan again when you feel my shaved pussy. You immediately start making your way south with your lips. You spread my legs wide and settle yourself between them. Looking at my shaved pussy. You take your thumbs, and spread my lips apart. Looking in all the folds for that special place that you know is the key to my orgasm.

You gently push your tongue in there, searching, and finding. You start circling my clit with your tongue ,around and around. Deliberately avoiding putting pressure directly on it. You stop for a minute and kiss all around kaçak bahis my shaved mound, remembering how much fun you had shaving it. Then you start teasing my clit again. You lick and lick and lick, driving me just about wild. One of your hands moves down and you push one finger up inside my dripping pussy, still continuing to lick my clit. I am just about to explode. You are making me feel sooo good. I am rubbing my own nipples now, and pushing myself at your face and your fingers. You move up on the bed now, still with your fingers in me.

Your cock is HUGE. I feel it against my leg as you continue to rub me between the legs. I am just about to cum. Oh my gosh… I am going to cum all over you. Just when I am about to cum, you get between my legs and put my hands on my own pussy, encouraging me to keep rubbing. I do, and you are poised right there, waiting for my orgasm. Just when I start shooting my cum, you force your huge cock into me, sending me right over the edge. Then you starting pumping me, hard and fast. You are filling me up so completely. Your cock is made just for me.

We fit together perfectly. Your eyes are locked with mine now, and I can tell you are about to cum. All of a sudden, I feel you tense, and see your eyes roll back, and you fill me with your hot cum. It feels so good shooting up inside me, setting me on fire all over again. I just LOVE feeling your cum shoot into me. You know what I need, and you reach immediately for the vibrator, turn it on, and shove it down on my clit. After, a minute or two of holding the vibrator on my clit and kissing my neck, I reach orgasm again and you toss the vibrator aside and put your hand between my legs, running your fingers around in the mixture of our juices. The heat from your hand soothes my now sore pussy.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms, both with a contented smile on our faces.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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