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This Seat Taken

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Work had drawn it out of me this week. I needed to get out and have some fun. As I striped my cloths off I considered my options. I could call Emily and we could get together with the rest of the gang for drinks and what ever. Or I could go it alone and see what I could stir up. My third option was try someplace new, someone new and something new. I liked that idea.

The shower felt good, washing myself I indulged myself in a little playful touching and now I was horny. I decided on a pair of cut off shorts, they showed a lot of my ass and With no panties, my pussy lips were evident for anyone wanting a look.

The top was plain white loose fitting cotton with a big collar. No bra and a couple open buttons and I knew I was giving a show to any and all with the nerve to look.

My long tanned legs and tight ass, were enough to get a priest to look twice. The fact I was a 38D as well. My blonde hair and deep blue eyes set off my smooth skin. I decided to type the tails of the blouse up to show off my smooth flat belly.

The outfit complete, it was off to the adventure. I decided on a poolroom that I had past by but never stopped at. It was usually busy with cars out front. A good place to display my wares over the green felt of a pool table.

Standing at the bar I surveyed the tables. I was looking for the right table to ply my wiles when I saw him. He was wearing a cowboy hat that was the real thing. His faded Levi’s were worn low and his big belt buckle must have been his Saturday night special, I couldn’t believe he would wear that everyday. He was lean and well tanned like he worked outside all day. He was a little older than I liked but then the rest of the room was way to young for what I wanted.

Taking my bottle of beer I worked my way to a seat near the table he was playing. I put my coin up to get in the rotation. I was third in line, I wanted to see how good everyone was and who wanted to play against me the most. My money was on the cowboy.

When my turn came I racked the balls while the cowboy chalked his cue. He was eyeing my ass as I leaned over the table to make the rack good and tight. I could feel his eyes undress me, this was going to be easy. “What’s the bet?” I asked as I turned from the table to face his look of admiration. He wasn’t shy about looking me over; I liked that.

“We been playing for a beer, but I’d be willing to up the ante if you like.” He smiled with the look of confidence. “ What did you have in mine? “ he wanted to know.

I leaned over to whisper in his ear, “ How about we play to see who gets to eat first?” then licked his ear. His eyes became like two saucers. I thought he was gonna choke on his beer.

The game was over before it began. He miscued on the break and left me with three easy shots. Then on the fourth I left a shot just short of the pocket. It was a big mistake because he had recovered his composer and ran off six balls before missing. Then I left him on the rail with my ball blocking his shot. He made a good shot but it hit the eight ball and knocked it in the pocket losing the game.

He looked at me; “Well I guess I ‘m the lucky one where do I get the pleasure.” güvenilir bahis His grin filling his face. I had already noted that there no other ladies in the place so the choice was easy.

“I have to powder my nose, care to join me?” I whispered in his ear as I walked away.

To no one in particular he said, “ I need to get rid of some beer, I’m out this game, I’ll get back in later.” Then he headed for the men’s room.

Out of sight of the room he entered the ladies room. I was in a stall waiting. He opened the door to the stall to find me with my blouse unbuttoned and my shorts were hanging on a hook.” Hey you lost you go first.” I said grabbing him and pushing him down on the stool. I removed his hat, ”Where are your manners, no hats at the table I scolded him.”

He put his hands around my waist and pulled me to him burying his face in my breast, licking the cleavage and then taking my left nipple in his mouth sucking it deep in his mouth. Then he worried the nipple with his teeth as it grew hard, raking his teeth over the firm nipple sent my head back an evoked a moan of pleasure from my lips.

He switched to my right nipple and repeated the same, while his fingers pinched and his hand cupped my left breast. Now he switched back and forth licking and sucking each melon breast holding them in his hands with the nipples protrudingso that he could nip on them or suckle them in turn.

He let one hand drop to my crotch. He cupped my hot pussy and slid his finger between my lips. Finding my already swollen clit he pressed on it and I let our louder moan. He began to finger fuck my hot wet pussy as my hips matched his thrust. Then he took my hips and pulled me to him making my legs go on the out side of his opening me up to his mouth, He cupped my cheeks in his big hands and pulled my pussy to his face. With his big tongue he parted my lips and began to tickle my lips, then he darted in and out lapping at the pink wetness. He knew how to tease, his tongue touching and flicking over my hard clit. Then he took it between his teeth and nibble on my clit sending a sensation of pleasure throughout my body. I had all I could do to stand, as I became weak with the pleasure of his actions on my pussy. The rapid licking and darting in and out hasten to bring me to a blast of juices as I reached my first orgasm. As my body betrayed the fact of my orgasm he kept at it until the jerks and spasms passed before he stopped.

I had chosen right, he was what I needed to help me release all the weeklong tensions.

As he released my cheeks he patted my pussy and looked in my eyes and said. ”Sweetest pussy I’ve tasted in quite awhile. I hope you feel the same when you’re done.” As he rose up and turned me around.

As I sat on the stool he undid his Levi’s and let them drop to the floor. He wore no shorts. His Huge cock hung semi limp between his legs. I was awed by the size even limp it measured at least seven inches. I took both hands and lifted it up and began to stroke the shaft. He was soon hard and I knew he wanted to fuck my face. I started to lick the length of his shaft, and end by wrapping my lips around the head. I slowly drew in türkçe bahis the shaft as far as it would go. With one hand holding his balls, the other on his shaft I began a slow and wet suck and lick of his big cock. My hand messaged his shaft as it slid in and out of my hot mouth. He his hand held my head and he began rocking back and forth matching my bobbing head.

He was enjoying the fuck and I was giving him all he wanted. My hand squeezing his balls and the shaft of his cock as I jerked him to the rhythm of my head bobbing, he began to sense his load was ready to burst forth. He grasped my head in both hands now and his jerking back and forth became faster as he was about to explode. Then his body twitched and he drove his cock deep in my mouth as he let lose the load of hot salty cum down my throat. It was more than I could swallow and the excess seeped out of my lips and on my chin, drizzling down on to my tits. When he had slowed his jerking motion I pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked his shaft squeezing it till the last drop emerged from the eye of his cock. I licked the droplets off and licked his shaft getting all the salty cum off. He had fallen back against the wall of the stall. He had spent his energy and I had drawn it all out of him.

While he cleaned up at the sink, I used the toilet. Then we switched places. Before I walked out I asked him if he was interested in an encore at my place, it was a redundant question, I gave him the address and headed for the door. The looks of those in the room following me as I wiggled my ass, just for their benefit, all the way out.

Part 2

My cowboy didn’t waste anytime. I had barely had time to check the answering machine before he was knocking on my apartment door. I let him in and gave him a bee, took one for myself and we sat on the couch. I asked if he like to watch movies as I reached for the TV remote. He said he wasn’t much of a moviegoer. I assured him he wouldn’t see these movies in the local movie house.

I fast forwarded through the ads for other movies and then let it play as it began the feature.

The scene opened with a guy coming into the house with his gold clubs, he was hollering up the stair to someone about being ready to go. Then he put the clubs down and climbed the stairs to the bedroom. There he found a woman with her ass up against the window air conditioner. The airflow was blowing up her chamis she wore no panties and her shave pussy was shown in a close up.

‘You’re too late he already left” she told him. “What are you looking at, you can’t have any of this.” She smiled at him.

“Like hell I can’t.” He said striding across the room and cupping her pussy. Then he took her hand and pressed it to his swollen cock bulging in his pants. Then she bent down and freed his cock and began to suck it in front of the air conditioner.

My cowboy was staring at the screen. His mouth hanging open, I noticed that his pants were bulging as well and his cock was throbbing in the confines. I let him continue to watch as I undid the big buckle and unzipped his pants. His cock jumped out of its confines and the big head was pulsating. I slipped off my blouse güvenilir bahis siteleri and shorts and stood in front of him. He took his eyes from the screen and looked at the real thing in front of him. He slid his pants off an tore his shirt off as I knelt on the couch and straddled him. I directed his big hard cock to my hot wet pussy and then slid down over his cock. I let it go deep inside of me and then with my hands on his shoulders I began to bounce up and down on his cock.

The sensation of that big cock going in and out of my hot pussy ramming against the walls of my pussy and pressing on my swollen clit sent a surge of pleasure I couldn’t help but acknowledge with a cry of more. As I bounced up and down I kept saying YES YES YES.

My cowboy was trying to hold my tits as I bounced, he had one nipple sucking on it and the other he was pinching and ooh it felt good. Then he had me stopped with his big cock deep inside and I was leaning back he picked me up and turned around laying me back on the couch. He climbed between my legs and grasped my hips and as my legs flailed oveer his head he slammed his big cock hard and fast in and out in and out driving me hard against the cushions. Now he moved his hands to my tits again and squeezed them and bent over me and pulled the nipples with his teeth till they were stretched taut.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed him as the orgasm swept through my body. I jerked and jerked with each spasm. Then his cock exploded with his cum filling my pussy and seeping out and down the crack of my ass. His final thrust impaling me to the couch as he fell on top of me.

The movie had ended and the screen was blank, we lay beside each other and soon were asleep.

When I awoke I slipped from the couch and used the bathroom to clean up. How ironic that the bathroom was where it had started. I would never use the restroom in a place of business without thinking of this night.

The hot water from the shower stung my skin. I was lathering my hair when I felt the air from the door opening. My cowboy was relieving himself and from the sound of it he was flushing out the beers. The door to the shower opened and he stepped in behind me.he took the bar of soap and began to lather my back and shoulders. Then his hands found there way around to my tits where he spent a little more time. It didn’t go unnoticed as my nipples became firm once more. Then he turned me around and his hand went to my crotch where he soaped my pussy , being sure that his finger touched my clit and pressed it to firmness.

I wasn’t to be alone in this as I took the soap and began to lather his cock. It was soon hard and throbbing. With one smooth motion he turned me around and bent me forward. His throbbing cock banging on my ass cheeks. Then he slid his cock in my pussy and began to rock as he drove it home. Oh God the feeling was the best as he seem d to go deeper ramming his cock harder and harder. His hands on my hips pulling me back as he thrust forward until once again he had me spurting and then he too let go he pulled out and shot his load on my back. I couldn’t help it as I fell to my knees and grabbed his cock and sucked the last of the hot cum in my mouth.

We finished washing and drying off and got dressed. It was time for him to go, no overnight guess, house policy. I’d never get out of bed if I had that cock here in the morning.

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