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Three Desserts

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

“I’m sorry. Am I in your way?”

The speaker was a woman and judging from her completely white hair and fine wrinkles around her eyes, she was probably very close to my 62 years, give or take a couple. She moved a shopping cart to the side of the aisle I was slowly moving down.

“No, you’re not,” I said with some enthusiasm. “I’m not in any hurry. Not even sure where I’m going.”

She laughed and tapped my shoulder lightly as I passed her slowly. Thinking back on it, I decided to go around again so I hurried around the next aisle back to the one she was on and slowly approached her. As I did, I admired her big round bottom. I’ve always appreciated a woman with curves and she surely had a nice one. Nice although not too much on top but that’s okay – her ass was prominent enough to grab and hold my attention.

I crept up to where she was until I was right beside her, not realizing until then that she was at least as tall as my six feet, if not an inch or so taller. In a stage whisper, I said, “Besides I’m never in so much of a hurry that I wouldn’t enjoy that kind of scenery.”

It took her a moment to digest what I’d said, and then a huge grin broke her frown of concentration. At the same time, I became aware of another person on my left. Glancing over, I noticed a younger woman, probably 19 or 20, quite attractive, wearing a short sweater that showed very nice cleavage and a tanned midriff.

At first I thought she was just passing by but then realized that she put something in the first woman’s cart and leaned over to whisper something to her. The older woman smiled but shook her head.

“Oh, come on, Grandma,” the younger one said. “You ought to take him up on the offer. You know how … horny you’ve been. Let him try to take care of you.”

“But, honey, I don’t know him.”

The younger one giggled. “Yeah, but he sure wants to get to know you better.”

“No, Jan, he’s just kidding around. He doesn’t want an old woman.”

“Whoa!” I said with emphasis. “I’m very serious.”

The smile disappeared from the older woman’s face. “Why?” she queried.

“Because … you ARE a beautiful woman,” I said, “and at the risk of proclaiming myself a dirty old man, you are also, in my opinion, a very sexy woman.”

The smile reappeared, albeit a little shyly, as she bumped her shoulder into mine. “I’m too old for this. Why do you think I’m sexy?”

I cocked my head a little and looked into her light blue eyes. “Well, the entire package is very good looking, and this,” I let my left hand go around her waist and then my hand slid down around her ample butt, “is my definition of fantastic.”

I thought she was going to break out laughing but she didn’t pull away. “And what would you do with it if you could?”

“Well … I’d start with kissing and licking every square inch of it,” I said with enough feeling to let her know I meant it.

She raised her left eyebrow and asked, “Every square inch?”

“Yes, every square inch … especially …” I let the thought drift off into space. I knew she was thinking exactly the same thing I had implied.

“You don’t really mean …”

“Yes, I do!”

“Oh, Grandma! You’ve got to try him!” the younger woman was holding onto her grandmother’s other arm. “That sounds so delicious. If he does it, think how good that would be. If he doesn’t, we can throw him out.”

Slowly the girl’s words seemed to soak in while the older woman pressed her hip into my side. Gradually she began to nod.

“How much more shopping you have to do?” she asked me in a hoarse whisper.

“Not much. You?”

“Just a little. How about we meet at the front of the checkouts?”

“Sounds good to me.”

When she turned back to look at the products she had been perusing, I turned to my list and rapidly finished collecting my target items. I was almost running when I went to the checkouts and couldn’t wait to get through. As it was, I had to wait a few minutes and began to wonder if they had set me up and already left but then they appeared in one of the short lines.

I followed them a couple of miles to a big, relatively new house, which was fairly typical of the area in which I lived. I helped the women carry their few purchases inside and was offered a cool drink. I accepted a glass of water and took the opportunity to again feel up the bottom of the older lady. She gave me a devilish grin and led me down a hall to a bedroom.

I turned her around and planted a kiss on her lips, letting my tongue slowly slip into her mouth. She was slow to respond but she did respond and soon we were in an all-out spit-swapping, tongue-teasing, tonsil-testing kiss. My hands slid down her back and cupped her big bottom, tugging her closely to me. There could be no doubt that she bahis firmaları could feel my hard cock rubbing against her stomach, nor could she possibly have any lingering doubts that I truly wanted to have sex with her.

I liked that she pressed her breasts into my chest, just as much as I loved kneading handfuls of her ass and occasionally sliding my fingers between the cheeks of her bottom. Her breathing left little uncertainty that she was hot and ready for more action. I began lifting her T-shirt over her head and she helped me by raising her arms. When I slid her bra off, she was a little self-conscious, wanting to hide her slightly droopy breasts with her arms, but when I pulled her arms away, she let me admire her globes. I stooped to kiss and lick them and she seemed to appreciate my attention.

A few moments later she kicked aside her sandals and it just seemed so natural that my hands slid down her sides, into the waistband of her slacks and panties and on down her side until her clothes dropped into a puddle around her feet. I helped her back to lay on the bed and moved her clothes to a chair out of the way. While I quickly dispensed with my own clothes, I surveyed her body. I’m sure that many guys would have given her one glance and no other consideration. She carried a little extra weight around her middle and for sure her hips and buttocks were the epitome of “broad” but then that was also the kind of figure that sent my mind into a lustful frenzy.

She had moved to the middle of the bed and was laying with her arms semi-hiding the triangle of pubic hair above her pussy. They didn’t completely cover her core though and I could tell from the puffiness of her outer labia that she was turned on. I crawled onto the bed from the foot, gently pushing her legs apart so that I could settle between them.

I moved her hands aside and examined her treasure, softly blowing the blood-engorged lips which elicited a soft sigh from my partner. Ever so gently I eased the tip of my tongue out and stroked up and down the hot flesh, finding little droplets of liquid coating the surface. As my tongue reached the top of her crevice, she suddenly sucked in her breath and jerked away, only to relax almost instantly and press herself back to my mouth.

I began to lick from top to bottom, back and forth, over and over, gradually pushing my tongue deeper into her gash. Savoring the heat of her core and the sweet-and-sour taste of her nectar fueled my own fire of desire for the woman. Nevertheless I was unprepared when my mouth closed over her clitoris the first time and she suddenly groaned, became stiff as a board, and flooded my face with her juices. I looked up and was gratified to see her eyes closed, her head rolled back and her hands digging like claws into the mattress.

After a few seconds, I felt the tension leave her body so, with a hand behind each of her knees; I pushed her legs up and back as far as I could get them. Then I set about doing what I had promised: I kissed and licked every inch of her ass, starting with a huge horseshoe around her hips, slowly narrowing the horseshoe until I got down to her puckered center. By the time I licked across the tight little opening, her breathing was shallow and rapid. A few moments of daubing the tip of my tongue at the center of her anus brought her to a thundering orgasm.

I was surprise to hear, “Hot damn, Grandma. He actually did it, just like he said.”

I glanced around and there was the younger woman, whom I had forgotten about, sitting slouched in an easy chair. She was naked and her right hand was furiously digging between her legs. My partner sighed loudly and I turned back to her.

She had a sheen of perspiration over most of her body and a rather lopsided smile on her face, which went well with the I-don’t-give-a-damn-what-happens-now expression.

I crawled up between her legs, aimed my hard-on at her pussy and asked, “May I?”

She just nodded and I plunged into her, lifting her legs to my shoulders. It felt good – no; make that great – to bury my cock into a warm slick pussy again. Her legs helped me stay upright while my hand fondled her tits, tweaking her erect nipples. I loved how every few seconds she pressed her hooters up into my hands. For several minutes, I enjoyed a leisurely fuck of a sexy woman.

Spreading her legs and easing them to the bed, I bent over and kissed her, a sloppy wet kiss with both tongues active like angry snakes. After a few minutes of that, I pulled back enough to whisper in her ear, “Would you mind if we try doggy for a while?”

“I’d like that,” she responded.

I backed away and watched as she scrambled over, raising her big bottom like an archery target. My cock slipped back into her pussy from behind and drove all the way to the root into her slick opening. My hands circled her hips, quickly beginning to rub around the lush curves from her waist to the flare of her hips and back to her trim thighs. With each stroke, I drove my crotch against the kaçak iddaa pillowing action of her twin rear globes, loving the cushioning feature it provided.

I could feel my excitement building and knew my climax was not far away. I began to work again on her hanging tits and trailing my fingers down her spine in an attempt to bring her to another orgasm. I tried to work my fingers under her to tease her clit but just couldn’t reach it, so I focused mostly on her nipples. As it turned out, that worked because she came just seconds before I shot my hot load deep into her steamy snatch.

I held myself deep into her pussy until my cock went limp and slipped out of her. Then I rolled over and lay beside her, gulping in air. I closed my eyes and pondered my fantastic luck.

I was shocked back to my senses with a shifting of the bed and a hand that circled my flaccid cock. My eyes popped open but I couldn’t believe it: the younger woman was sitting on the bed at my knees, fondling my cock.

“Are you done for the day?” Jan asked. “Or is there anything left?”

“What would you like?”

“I want some of that stuff you did with your mouth.”

“Okay. There’s plenty of that left.” I glanced at the older woman but she just smiled and shrugged.

“Good. Both places, huh?” Jan said.

“Okay. But you have to let me have samples after you get yours,” I replied.

“No problem.”

As I moved over, she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back, spreading her legs to let me lay between them. Well, hell, if the older woman had been cake, her granddaughter was the icing on the cake. She was sex personified, the kind of tall, tanned, hour-glass body that I would never in a million years get a chance to fuck. Except here I was burying my face into her twat at her request.

Unlike her grandmother, she trimmed her pubic hair to a short triangle just above her entrance, making it much easier to sink my tongue into her snatch without getting a mouthful of curly hair … not that I was complaining! But I set about my task with enthusiasm and vigor, perhaps driven on by the existence of juices obviously produced by her self-induced orgasm minutes before. Still it took only a few minutes to bring her to a pitching, bucking, rolling climax that made me think of a wild amusement park ride.

When she had calmed down a bit, I treated her just like her grandmother, pushing her legs back by her tits and kissing and licking all around her ass. Again I slowly narrowed the size of the U-shaped path I followed until I focused directly on her anus. She was even more demonstrative when my tongue wandered back and forth over the puckered closure and eventually locked her fingers behind my head, repeatedly yanking my head toward her ass as if to stuff my head inside her bowels. When I curled my tongue into a tube and stabbed it a half inch into her tight opening, she screamed, jerked me into her again, and I felt her pussy juice flood over my face as she came.

Long before then, my cock was rock hard again so I crawled up between her legs and looked askance at her. She spread her legs and guided my cock into her pussy, not hesitating at all to yield my reward for her pleasure. I sank my old cock into her young pussy, then lowered myself over her until I could kiss and suckle her beautifully shaped tits. They were large and firm and had the puffy areola that indicated that she was probably still growing in that area. When I broke away from her globes and looked her in the eyes, she puckered up and kissed me with passion I had not expected.

I knew it would take me a while to build to another orgasm so I settled in to enjoy her treasures, taking my time, loving the feelings that coursed through my cock into my brain. After some minutes, she asked about changing to doggy style and I readily agreed. In that position while her pussy periodically grasped and released my shaft, I could fondle her breasts and even reach her clit, since there was not as much around her waist as with her grandmother. Several minutes later, she shouted that she was cumming.

Afterward her splayed knees simply slid outward until she was laying flat on the mattress, my cock still in her pussy but my weight resting fully upon her. I started to pull away.

“No, baby, don’t go. Keep fucking me.”

“Are you sure? I can’t … keep from crushing you.”

“I’m fine, honey. Just don’t stop.”

That was the first time I had fucked a woman in that position. Obviously my cock didn’t sink as deeply into her pussy as in the ass-in-the-air doggy style but it was fun and satisfying. I spent several minutes plowing her fertile field from that direction.

Then Jan asked, “Do you want to try the back door?”

“You mean …?”



“Go for it.”

As I backed out of her, she reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks, spotlighting her little target. I eased up to it and gradually added pressure until I popped inside. She grunted softly so I gave her a few moments kaçak bahis to adjust and then she urged me to move ahead but slowly. I took a couple of minutes to push the rest of my shaft into her ass and then she asked me to hold still while she savored the feelings. I felt her tight sphincter grab my cock and release it over and over again before she let me start to fuck her.

For the next several minutes while I carefully explored her ass and loved the feeling of her firm buttocks pressed into my crotch, she kept up a running commentary with her grandmother about how great it felt to be butt fucked, considering that she had already cum three times and was much more relaxed than usual.

I had a problem with my hands while screwing her in this position. I kept wanting to fondle her tits but she was laying on them. So an alternative was to rub down her back and hips but I was laying on her so I couldn’t do either very satisfactorily. However she turned her head to one side to talk so I began to nibble on her ear and neck and kiss on her face and she began to get hotter and hotter. The truth is I don’t know if I got her off with my antics or if her squirming got me off first but we wound up cumming at almost the same instant and we were both well satisfied.

I hadn’t even finished cumming when I heard a new voice say, “Well, what have we here?”

I looked back at the door to see a third woman enter the room.

My partner said, “Hi, mom. Hey, you need to try some of this. Grandma and I have just had some of the best loving we’ve ever had. Right, Grandma?”

“Yes, she is right, Libby. Have you ever had your bottom licked?” Grandma said.

“My bottom licked?” Libby queried. “No, I guess not. Both of you?”

“Yes,” my partner said. “If you’ve never tried it, you really need to, mom. He is great!”

My cock had gone flaccid again and eased out of her anus so I rolled to the side. She turned and looked at me.

“You think you can do it for my mom? I mean the licking thing?” Jan asked.

“Sure, if you let me have a minute,” I responded.

“Come on, mom. You’ll love this, I promise.”

Libby seemed torn between throwing me out of the house and doing what her daughter asked. When Jan ran to the bathroom and came back with a washcloth and began scrubbing my cock, Libby licked her lips and began shedding her clothes.

She was probably in her early forties and like her mother tended to the overweight side a bit though not too much. She had a heavy pair of boobs but her bottom was not as prominent as her mother’s. All in all, she was a very sexy looking woman.

When she was undressed the other two moved to the sides of the bed, leaving the middle for her to lay on her back. This time I started on her feet, licking and rubbing one after the other, back and forth, gradually moving up her legs until I reached her pussy. By then her legs were twitching back and forth in a kind of anticipation and my tongue found her pussy wet and hot. The thought passed through my again-lust-filled brain that, with cake and icing, she was the ice cream for cake a la mode. Like her mother, it only took seconds to send her over the edge for her first orgasm.

After I cleaned up the mess I’d helped her make, I retreated to lick her upturned ass, following the same pattern of narrowing U-shapes until I was focused on her anus. The first time I raked my wet tongue over her center, she moaned, grabbed a handful of my hair and tried to push me inside her. I began to ping her opening with the point of my tongue. Very shortly she began to tense up, at the same time she began a low wailing sound that gradually grew in decibels until it was nearly ear-piercing just as she climaxed.

I lowered her legs so that her feet rested on my back while I employed my tongue cleaning the juices from her pussy. Jan turned around and lay down again and I had no objection when her hand snaked between my legs so that she could fondle my semi-erect cock and balls. By the time I pushed Libby’s legs back to her tits again and repeated the ass licking routine, Jan had my cock hard and ready for more action.

I started again to plunge my tongue into Libby’s ass, driving it in maybe a half inch, as far as I could but mostly just enough to tease all the nerve endings in the tight little hole. Even though she’d cum twice, it only took a few minutes to get her there again, especially when my right thumb began drawing circles around her hard little clit.

I cleaned her up once more and then slid up her form, taking time to steal a sloppy wet kiss. Then I asked if I could fuck her and she didn’t really answer; however she spread her legs, grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her waiting pussy. Needless to say, I took the hint, quickly burying my entire length in her wetness.

Keeping still inside of her – except for an occasional involuntary flexing, I curled around to suck on Libby’s big tits. It didn’t hurt that she held them up to my mouth. She seemed to enjoy my attention more than the other two had and, since I love sucking on the breasts of a willing partner, I spent several minutes working back and forth between her two globes while moving my bottom in little circles to try to tease her clit.

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