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Tiles in the Hall

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“You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you?”

“Heh… well that truly wasn’t my intention.”

Regardless of my intentions at first, the mood has clearly changed. This hallway is cold and dark. Walls tiled floor to ceiling. It wouldn’t be how I would have designed it, but it serves the purpose. She stopped part way down the hall and abruptly turned to ask such a question. She caught me off guard, something she doesn’t do much to me. now she has her hand against the wall, supporting her weight on one crossed leg.

Attitude is strong in her voice and her posture. The house is dark and cold. The storm has taken the power out and the backup generator on powers the essentials. I put my hand on her shoulder and turn her back down the hallway and direct her toward the master bath. This portion of the house retains all function and has always provided a hideaway during inclement weather. The attitude continues… ‘What now?!? We just hold up in here forever? This isn’t exactly how I was hoping to spend the evening, trapped in one room!!’ I assure her that a quiet evening at home isn’t all that bad.

We’d spent years talking about any and everything in the world. She’s been a best friend to me for years. We’ve shared good times and bad, laughs and tears, holidays and funerals. Everything changed quickly awhile back, and while we both knew there were much deeper feelings inside of both of us, we had done a good job of repressing it. but there she was standing in front of me, arms crossed, toe tapping, head cocked and scowling in the most adorable way. I suggest she takes a shower, gets into comfortable clothes and I’ll start a fire in the fireplace.

The master bedroom opens into a vanity area and walk in shower room. She takes her time walking around, snooping through drawers and the medicine cabinet, then disappears into the walk in closet. I begin to build and light a fire to take the chill out of the room. I hear the water turn on and she walks back out in the closet again and waits for it to come up to temperature. She reemerges only wearing a small cut lime green thong and messes with her hair in the mirror. I move to quickly to not seem as though I’m peeping.

Then a feeling comes over me…equal parts brazen courage and fear. The image of her long dark hair falling over her shoulders and across her breasts was burned into my mind. She had arched her back just enough for the curve of her back to pronounce her ass just perfectly. The brief glimpse took my breath away. I had quizzed myself a hundred times as to what I would do if I was in this type of situation, always to no mental avail. This day, I couldn’t contain it. I stood up, turned the corner to see her standing bahis firmaları immediately around to corner breathing heavily and she softly utters ‘jesus, how long were you going to wait’.

With one swift motion I turn and pin her against the wall and she gasps as our lips meet for the first time ever. It begins gentle and soft, lips turning, tongues lightly and quickly grazing, and she moans softly. My hand finds the small of her back and runs down slowly to find a handful of her ass. The other hand comes up to take residence on the back of her head and immediately the soft and gentle kissing ignites with a heightened sense of urgency. Her fingertips bury into my shoulders, her pelvis thrusts against me, and her tongue is deep in my mouth writhing with a passionate fury. I pull back quickly and we both gasp and look into each others eyes with nefarious intent. She drops her hand and presses her open palm against the front of my pants and discovers my cock is completely engorged and all but ripping thru my clothes to get out.

‘You’re going to fuck me, aren’t you?’

I reply ‘Unless you say stop, yes. Yes, I am.’ The only reply she could muster, as I pulled her hair to cock her head to one side and dove into kissing and biting away at her neck, was ‘fuuuuuuuccccc kkkkkkuuuuhhhhh’. I took it for granted that didn’t mean stop.

She pulls my shirt off in one quick tug and I spin her around the other side of the corridor and lift her up by her ass and set her up on the vanity countertop. Pushing her back, leaning her against the mirror giving me perfect access to her breasts. Her breathing quickens as I kiss my way down over her clavicle and down the center of her sternum and across kissing a circle around her nipple. Then across her chest again and around the other nipple…never touching them.

She was trying to move her hands in to undo my belt, but I moved her hands back and set them to support her on the counter again. She was about to ask why, but before she could even inhave to exhale those words, I drop down and suck her left nipple into my mouth firmly. I roll my tongue, increase and decrease suction, and then run my tongue across her ribcage to the other side and repeat. When I pull back both nipples are now rock hard and darker in color. I return and have seconds taking my time a bit more this time, letting them slide across my teeth gently.

She shudders and wiggles and sighs as I retreat. She reaches again for my belt and I move back slightly and drop to my knees and kiss her stomach and hips. Hooking my finger into the side of her panties a yank them down forcefully… right out from under her… and the effects of my teasing become very apparent. She is heated kaçak iddaa and slick. She almost convulses as I run my tongue up the inside of her thigh..expecting me to repeat down the other side she gasps… but I don’t repeat. I dive right in.

Tongue extended, I sink into her and lick my way up in a violent motion. She almost jumps off the counter and almost begins to protest, but that’s it quickly defused buy my lips finding and providing suction on the perfect spot. I unleash on her leaving nothing to chance. I was intent on setting a new world record for the ‘first kiss to orgasm’ category.

she was new territory and sort of an unknown. I didn’t intimately know her triggers, likes, and dislikes. Instinct is all I had to guide me. In no time flat, her back arched, hand tightened into my scalp and shoulder, and her head flew back and she let out a cry that turned into a deep panting. Her legs closed around my head, and her pelvis lifted to meet my tongue even more firmly.

Her whole body was tightened up and then let loose and she began bucking her hips against my face furiously. Her orgasm tore through both of us, and instantly upped the already-furious nature of what was happening. Regardless, somebody call Guinness…

She wasn’t taking no for an answer anymore… the pants were coming off. She slid off the counter top onto slightly weakened legs with a look of determination on her face.

‘Take…your fucking pants off. NOW.’

She knows me better than that… the request will surely be fulfilled, but when and how I decide. With not a stitch of clothing to drag her by, I scoop my hand around the back of her neck and draw her into the walk in closet, where its carpeted. That same hand changes from a pulling motion to a downward push and she immediately complies and kneels down in front of me.

Mirror on the wall in the closet to my left, mirror above the vanity to my right… it’s as if some pervert architect laid out this very spot for this very activity. I lace my fingers into her hair and pull her head against my thigh, turned so her right ear is pressed firmly into me.

I unbuckle ever so slowly. Unbutton. Unzip. As I reach in and begin to pull out I can hear her breathing quicken. An audible gasp could be caught as I finally pull it free on my boxer-briefs and hold it out only an inch or two from her face. She pulls away from my grip of her hair and plants one wet sensuous kiss on the side on my cock. Her lips felt amazing against me…

I wanted to kiss her more, but other things were at hand now. I took a small step back to reposition her in front of me. I could feel her breath at the base and the warmth from her cheek and neck against my shaft. kaçak bahis She reaches up and takes ahold near the base, and backs off slowly while placing slow wet kisses down the side of my raging hard on. It felt like an eternity till she reached the end. I couldn’t even decide if I should be watching in one mirror, or the other, or looking down at exactly what was happening.

I decided live action was were I wanted to be, and just as I changed my view, she takes me into her mouth. I was finally in disbelief. This all seemed impossible, but here we were. I even felt a bit light headed. She continued sucking… a little deeper each stroke. The steam from the shower was spilling out into the rest of the bathroom and closet. She stopped and stroked me for a brief second looking up and me and said ‘this is crazy…’. I couldn’t agree more, but I also could muster and words at that moment.

She ran her tongue along the underside from the base all the way to the head and then stopped and just tongue kissed the tip. I was boiling inside and I knew I couldn’t keep patient much more… I wanted to be inside her.

Immediately. I pull her to her feet and carefully back her into the shower room. My dick pointing directly into her stomach like some sort of bank heist. As I backed her into the water she jumped forward against me, and I grabbed her under the ass and picked her up and pinned her back against the wall, she wrapped her legs tight around me and a slowly eased my way into her. It was surreal. As she sunk down onto me we locked lips again kissed while just getting acclimated to what was happening. I carefully started working in and out and into a rhythm that worked for this somewhat awkward position. So awkward that we both laughed and decided to be a bit more realistic.

I dropped on of her legs onto the ground holding the other up with my forearm and pushed into her firmly and she let out a groan and pushed back. I felt like I was going to explode. She pushed me back and drew her other leg to the ground and pushed my back toward the wall and turned around in front on me, placing her hands on the opposite shower wall.

She reaches between her legs and guides me back into herself and eases back as far as she can. grabbing her by the hip on the right, and the shoulder on the left, I stand myself back up and take a better position. Pace increases, we get louder, water is flying off of us, until she begins to scream and gasp again… which almost instantly triggers whats burning inside me. I reach both hands under her arms and grab her by the breasts and pull her up tight to me and unload what seems like an endless orgasm. she turns to face me under the shower water and kisses me so delicately and lovingly as the water streams over us together…

And she says ‘I feel like you created this storm and power outage just to lure me in’…

“Heh… well that truly wasn’t my intention.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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