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Timmy’s Torment Pt. 08

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I laid on the floor while Beth rode my face. I had been tonguing her, but she seemed more interested in grinding on face.

“Fuck…almost…there.” She squeaked as she bucked even faster on my face. “FINALLY!” She yells as she collapses on top of me.

Beth lays across my chest with her ass and pussy still on face. I feel her hands slide down and into my pockets.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously.

“Shush.” Is all she says. Sitting back up and putting her full weight back on my face.

There is a short silence but then I hear a clicking noise and the sound of her nails tapping. She’s on my phone again. “She’s addicted to that app.” I think to myself. But then Beth begins to talk.

“Hiya. You don’t know me, but you met my boyfriend, Timmy the other day… Yes that’s right…Yes I’m Beth…Haha. Thank you so much…So the reason I rang is that I’d like to invite you over for tea sometime?…Tomorrow works…Okay brilliant!…Okay, sure I’ll send it right over…Okay see you tomorrow!”

“Who did she call?” I asked myself. The call hand ended, and the clicking had begun again.

“So, Timmy. Change of plans.” Says Beth as she raises herself from my face.

“Who was that?” I interject, finally able to speak.

“That’s a surprise.”

“Okay, well can I have my phone back then?”

“No you’ll peek!”

“I won’t I…”

“I’ve said no, Tim.” Beth snaps abruptly.

There is an awkward silence then Beth begins again.

“So as I was saying. I don’t actually have much stuff here. So I’m going to go home, pack a bag and head back. If I can’t get back before 11pm I’ll come back in the morning, okay?”

“Umm yeah, okay.” I mumble.

“Good. Well I’ve made quite a mess on your face so you should probably go shower.”

“Yeah, probably.” I laugh nervously.

“Okay I’ll book an Uber.”

“I can drive you if you want?”

“No, that’s alright. You get cleaned up.” She says pecking me on the cheek and staring back into the phone.

Upstairs in my bedroom, I watch Beth leave from my window. I turn from the window and sigh. “She will be back.” I tell to myself and walk into my ensuite and start my shower.

“Wait. What am I doing? Why am I using this this when I can use the bathroom suite in the master bedroom?” I think to myself.

Grabbing my towel I saunter through my bedroom out through the hall into the master bedroom wearing only my cage and straight into the bathroom fit for a King.

I start the shower and step inside. The tray is ridiculously huge and even has a His and Hers shower stands for their shower gels. The power of the water and the multiple shower heads felt amazing. This is luxury, and probably why Mindy would spend so long in here.

Looking in the HIS section the shower gels where mainly Old Spice. “Fuck that.” I thought to myself. The HERS is section wasn’t much better, but then I found a bottle at the back. Watermelon infused…with aloe…. “That’ll do.” Turning off the water, I begin to lather myself up. Leaning my forehead against a cold tile I spend a few extra minutes massaging my balls while recalling the day.

With my whole body sudsy, and my balls sufficiently massaged. I start to lather up my face. When I feel my balls start to tingle. “Did I rub them to much?” Reaching down and moving the cage to the side for a better look. A huge clump of hair drops from above the cage. “What the fuck?” I Ask myself. Using my right hand I rub my left forearm and the hair just wipes straight off. Grabbing the shower gel i re-read the bottle…Watermelon infused hair removal cream with aloe Vera after care! ” For fucks sake! Oh shit it’s on my face too.”

Frantically turning the water back and rinsing the cream off as quickly as possible while my whole body tingles. Jumping out of the shower I quickly run in front of a full length mirror to see the damage. I’m completely hairless barring my head and eyebrows.

“You idiot.” I tell myself. “You look like a fucking Ken doll. Beth isn’t going to believe this.” I say grabbing my trousers to look for my phone. I’m searching for a couple of minutes before I remember Beth took it with her.

My body is still tingling from the cream so I decided to go back and read the back of the bottle in case there are instructions for after use.

Apply evenly over the designated area. WARNING DO NOT APPLY FOR LONGER THAN 90 SECONDS

Wash off with warm water and a cloth if necessary. HairAway is high strength and will also act as a peel for super smooth skin. Use recommended moisturizer to relieve any burning sensation.

“Seriously? Why do women do this to themselves?”

As I begin moisturizing I notice just how smooth my skin is. My hand is gliding over my body with ease. As I apply a very liberal amount to my sack, I notice how smooth my balls are also. They feel like glass. My body even shudders as I let go of the cage and the O-ring rubs against my scrotum.

As I finish I look at the mirror. “Still looks a little pinkish. Definitely staying upstairs tonight. yalova escort Hopefully the colour will have faded by the morning.” I tell myself.

As I step forward to reach for my pj’s. The O-ring swivels on my balls and makes me shudder once more and pre-cum starts to leak out of my cage.

“Uhhh.” An uncontrollable moan escapes me.

The sensitivity is overwhelming. Almost like the build up of a milking. Deciding to forget the pj’s I try to quickly dash to the bed. But with each step brings a shudder and even more pre-cum oozes out. I grab the cage and tug it forward tightly so the o-ring is tight against my scrotum and creep forward and get into the bed.

In bed my cock starts to stir and even attempts to get hard. Bringing back the shuddering. Yanking at the cage hoping that the pain overpowers the sensitivity ends with pre-cum all over my palm.

“Maybe if I slowly tug at the cage I can cum this way?” I think to myself and slowly begin to tug away.

The tugging brings on the shuddering and the feeling of climaxing. It’s almost as if I’m right on the edge of cumming. So I tug harder and faster at the cage.

“Please cum. Please cum. Please cum.” I moan to myself.

So close to the edge I can almost feel it. “The explosion will come, just keep going. That’s it. You’re there. Here it comes…” But instead of the joy of ejaculation, the sensation of fire comes out of my cock.

Writhing in pain from the feeling of my cock shooting out sand, I lay quivering in the bed.

After a few minutes the pain eases, but the shuddering remains every time I start to move. Dread begins to feel me. “What the fuck just happened? What if there is blood?”

Scared to look down at my cage I lower my hand and reach down to feel… It’s completely dry. Sitting up and feeling the wave of another shudder, I look down. The pre-cum that was there before was now dry crust on the sheet and there was no visible sign of the fiery sand orgasm.

“Did I just dry cum? Is that a thing? Why am I still horny?

Falling back. I try to lay still. The thought of another dry orgasm terrifies me. But the pleasure of the shudderings urge me to try again. “Maybe this time you’ll really cum? No! Stop. Just lay still and it’ll be better in the morning.” I recite to myself until I drift off to sleep.

I wake the next morning to thuds from the hallway. As I roll over to get out of bed the I get reminded by my cage of the shudder from last night. Luckily though, today’s isn’t anywhere near as powerful. Standing and walking slowly to adjust to the sensation it feels like a vibrating ring is around my balls. The sensation is constant, but luckily bearable. While pulling on a pair of sweats and a tee, the thuds from the hallway kept occurring, so I opened the door to see what the commotion is.

To my surprise there were Mindy walking boxes from downstairs to the guest room. She was wearing a French maids outfit several sizes too small. Her tits were busting out of the top. Her panties clearly visible from the front and her ass hung out of the back. The outfit clearly wasn’t purchased for herself.

“I bet that’s the outfit she wanted me to wear.” I thought to myself.

Mindy walked past me. Jaw clenched. Clearly focusing on getting to the guest room and not wanting to stop. Although she probably didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of her downfall I’d be lying if I said she didn’t look stunning dressed up. Easily something out of a porno.

Shutting the door. I let out a quiet moan. The feeling from the O-ring, although no longer as intense, remains very constant and I feel it’s beginning to overwhelm me. I decided to risk moisturizing once more, fully aware that it could incapacitate me once more.

Moisturizing my super smooth balls. It’s so sensitive, like a G spot has appeared at the base of the ring. The arousing feeling is so soothing and intoxicating. I sort of drift off into a mini coma as I massage the cream in rubbing my balls back and forth.

My belly rumbling brings me back to reality, I need to eat.

Downstairs in the kitchen making a bowl of Ramen noodles. Mindy walks in.

“50 cent noodles? Really, Timmy?”

“Excuse me?” I snap back.

“You have money now, and you still act like a pauper.” Mindy scoffs.

“You really can’t help yourself can you? You’re standing in MY HOUSE, wearing a fucking maids outfit, and you have the audacity to try and talk down to me?”

*door bell*

“I guess you’re saved by the bell, huh Min…Sorry. Ella.”

“You want me to answer the door dressed like this?”

“You would’ve made me.”

“Timmy, please, no.”

“It’s just Beth, Ella. Now go open the door.”

I watch as she walks out of the kitchen visibly shaken. Even though she’s nervous to open the door dressed like that. I reckon it’s more likely she’s scared of facing Beth.


Putting down my fork I wonder who it can be. As I stand I’m greeted once more by the arousing feeling yalova escort bayan of the cage rubbing my balls. Breathing through the sensation I walk through the kitchen door to a giant figure in the doorway. It’s Jade with a very handsome man on her arm. She’s holding a leather duffel bag and dressed in a full length leather jacket and high heels towering almost 7 feet tall.

“Jade?” I say flabbergasted.

“Hello, Tim. How are we today?” She says stepping over the threshold and breezing past Mindy and leans in to kiss both sides of my very flushed face.

“I’m good, thanks…erm…sorry, you’re… here?”

“Yes. Beth invited me last night. I can’t wait to meet her. She’s certainly not the maid is she?”

“Erm no. She isn’t actually here right now. She’ll be back soon though.”

“Not a problem. Baxter needs to get ready anyhow.” Replies Jade handing her duffel bag to the man with her and then turning back to Mindy. “You, girl. Take my coat.”

Clearly embarrassed with her attire being on show, walks forward to take the coat. Jade throws her arms back, the coat opens revealing Jade in nothing but a corset and her massive cock literally taped to the inside of her thigh. Even though I had seen her cock before, it startled me.

“People get a little anxious if it randomly pops out. I find this helps.” Jade says with a wink.

“Oh right.” I laugh nervously. She obviously caught me staring.

Mindy’s face reads of confusion. Up until the point where Jade turns around to dismiss her. Mindy feigns a smirk then her eyes glance over Jade’s body. You actually see Mindy’s face constrict and eyes pop as she clocks Jade’s massive schlong. Jade walks into the lounge without so much of a second look at Mindy.

As soon as Jade is out of earshot Mindy scurries over to me. I’m sure to ask me about Jade.

“Timmy. That man…with that Jade. Do you know who he is?”

I shake my head.

“Tim he’s…”

“TIMMY. WILL YOU BE JOINING ME?” Calls Jade from the lounge.

“Coming.” I say walking away slowly from Mindy. Coping with the shudders from the O-ring.

Stepping into the lounge riding the waves of the shudders. Jade is sitting on an armchair with her arms laying on the rests, legs slightly spread and the taped cock on full display.

“Jade. I gotta ask, how do you do it?” I say taking a seat and easing the pressure from the cage.

“What’s that, Timmy?”

“The dominance thing. Like you walk in like you own the place. You’re practically naked with zero hesitation. It’s so…powerful.”

“Well being a Goddess for starters and then I guess having the biggest cock in the room makes women in awe of me and men feel inferior, naturally. So I’m just assertive and people submit. Why do you ask?”

“I wish I could be more like that.”

“Hmmm.” Is all Jade says as she squints me and tilts her head.

“What?” I ask curiously.

“Well dominance and assertiveness are not traits one associates with a locked boy.”

“Oh. Well, erm…maybe comfortable is a better word?”

“Timmy. The first time we met you were half naked in a plastic cage. Being comfortable isn’t the problem. You don’t know your place, that is the problem. Now considering you’re in the NUC, that’s quite alarming.” She says sternly.

“To be fair I did stumble into that.” I thought to myself.

There was a short awkward silence where neither of us said a word. I was getting a little anxious and then I heard a huffing and shuffling noise behind me.

“Ruff ruff.”

Turning around I see the man who accompanied Jade on all fours completely naked barring a leather jock strap and leather gimp puppy style mask. He crawled into the middle of the lounge and started to circle, that’s when I noticed the tail.

“Baxter. Heel.” Ordered Jade.

Immediately he stopped chasing his tail and went and sat directly next to her.

“What’s your maids name?” Inquires Jade.

“Oh it’s Mi…oh erm Ella.” I nervously splutter out.

“Oh Ella?” Jade calls out condescendingly.

Like magic she appears. I really didn’t know if Mindy would actually answer to Ella, but it seems the transformation is complete.

There is a short silence

“There really is no discipline in this house is there?” Jade asks me in disbelief.

“Huh?” I replied.

“You girl.” Jade snaps. As she stands up to face Mindy. “When you are summoned the appropriate response is ‘Yes Miss?’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.” Squeaks Mindy.

“Good. Now walk back out, count to ten and do it again.” Barks Jade as she turns around and sits back down.

Legs shaking Mindy walks out of the room timidly.

“HOLY FUCK! JADE IS SCARY! Is Jade counting in her head? How long has it been? How long is left? What if Mindy takes too long or comes back too quick?” I think to myself.

Slowly with her head down Mindy walks back into the room and stops in front of Jade.

“Yes, Miss. How may I help?” Whispers Mindy.

“We are thirsty. Bring a pot of tea on a tray, milk and sugar separate. escort yalova Understood?”

“Yes, Miss.” Nods Mindy, as she turns around to leave.

Mindy takes no more than three steps as she pauses, then turns back to Jade.

“Erm, Miss. Would you like for me to bring you some biscuits and muffins also?”

Jade smiles at me as she turns to Mindy. “Good Girl. That will be lovely.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Replies Mindy with a little curtsy and turns and leaves.

“You see, Tim. A little discipline goes a long way. I must say, I’m a tad disappointed in Beth.”

I just sit there quietly, unsure of how to respond.

Some moments later Mindy appears tray in hand with the tea. Placing it down between Jade and I.

“Do you require me to pour for you, Miss?” Mindy inquires.

“No girl. Go wait in a corner.” Say Jade with a wave of her hand.

Jade pours herself a cup, not offering me one. She drops in two sugars, a splash of milk lifts up the cup and saucer, stirs the tea methodically while staring at me sternly.

“Nervous?” Asks Jade.

“A little.”

“That’s good. It heightens the senses.” She says, sipping at her cup.

*door bell*

Without being asked. Mindy steps out from her chosen corner and heads straight for the front door.

There is a slight noise from the hallway and in walks Beth, beaming from ear to ear.

“Oh my. Timmy was not exaggerating about you at all.” Says Beth to Jade as Jade stands to greet Beth.

“To be fair dear, nothing about me needs exaggerating.” Laughs Jade sitting back down.

Beth pulls up a chair next to me, takes my hand and looks at Jade in awe.

“Where to begin.” Asks Beth.

“Well for starters. Explain this.” Asks Jade using her hand to gesture at Beth and I.

“How so?” Asks Beth.

“Well, what is the dynamic here?”

“Oh that’s easy. I’m his Queen and he’s my King.” Beth says, stroking my hand.

“That’s cute. But wrong.” Jade tells Beth putting her cup down and giving a disappointing look.

“Why?” Asks Beth curiously.

“Well one you’re implying therefore equals. King and Queen are not equals. King ranks higher. You want to use cute names, sure. But it’s more like Queen and forgive the pun. Knight in shining armour.”

“I kinda like us being equals though?” Beth shrugs.

“Then the relationship would disintegrate in time.” Jade shrugs back.

“Why would it?” Beth says letting go of my hand and leaning closer to Jade.

“There needs to a superior. It’s that simple. In every aspect of life. That is a constant. At work they’re called a boss, in nature they’re called alphas. Without a proper power dynamic, chaos insures. If he’s your equal, how can you deny him a release?”

“I get that. I think, for me. I’m cool with being a Keyholder. And yeah, I want him to be pussy free. But everything else seems…cruel.”

“Why? If the roles were reversed, how many loads do you think he’d dump in you without a seconds thought?”

“I don’t think I would do that.” I interject.

“Really, Tim. If Beth here agreed to release you and be your slave for a week, you’re telling me you wouldn’t be getting morning BJs, or some afternoon anal? Really?” Jade says sarcastically.

“I…er…well…maybe.” I begin to stammer.

“Exactly! Now be quiet, Tim. The ladies are talking.”

“I know what you’re saying, Jade. And, I have been looking at FLRs and Femdom. I just, I just feel like, like I’d be being a bitch if I acted like that, and what we have, well it’s working.”

“Listen, Beth. What you have is new, fresh, novel. It will grow old.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Shrugs Beth.

“Allow me to explain. Right now Tim is caged. You play mainly in the evening occasionally in the morning. It’s all fun. You tell him to strap up, or lay down while you use him and he loves it, right?”

“Yeah…” Beth answers nervously.

“That’s great. It’s fun. It works. For a month, or two. Then Tim is going to start sulking, because he’ll want more.”

Beth looks at me curiously. Then turns back to Jade. All while I sit there like a deer in headlights.

“I don’t say this to be mean, Beth. I’ve just seen it too many times. Tim is a locked boy. He isn’t locked for a fashion statement. Stroking himself is too easy. He’ll cum too quick and then the fun is over and the guilt sets in. He doesn’t actually want to cum you know? He just wants to he so close to cumming it becomes almost unbearable.”

“He doesn’t actually like to take the cage off. He prefers it on. I’ve offered to take it off.”

“Exactly, Beth! HE WANTS TO BE DENIED! He wants you to tease him, he wants you to dominate him. He wants you to cuff him to a bed, strap a dildo to his head and ride him like a cowgirl. He wants you to wear a strap-on and skull fuck. He wants you to fuck his ass like a whore. He wants you to berate his cock and tell him how tiny he is as you jerk him off. He wants it. He needs it.”

“Really, Tim? Do you want that?”

“Beth not only does he want that, he wants even more than that. He wants you to fuck other guys! Fuck other guys and feed him those creampies. He wants you to put him in panties, a crop top and knee high socks and shove a butt plug uo his ass and let him prance about like a pixie!”

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