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***From my THIS NEVER HAPPENS series***

As Charlie wandered through the grocery store with a nearly empty cart, he retrieved his phone and scrolled to the last time he and Brenda spoke. He stared at the green receiver icon, tempted to reach out to her. He then thought better of it and scrolled to his best friend’s number.

Paul answered, “What’s up, Charlie?”

“Hey, what are we doing tonight?”

“When do we ever make plans?” Paul asked.

“I…I just…I want to go somewhere and get drunk tonight.”

“Did you talk to Brenda today?”

“No,” Charlie said. “I’m just…I just…”

“When are you going to stop obsessing over her?”

“I’m not obsessing. We dated for two years, Paul. We were all but engaged.”

“Dated…Charlie. Past tense. I’m not trying to be an ass, but you need to move on.”

As Charlie listened to his friend rant he caught a glimpse of a short but hot woman walking by the opposite end of the aisle in which he stood. All he really saw was that she wore a bare-midriff sweatshirt and yoga pants. That and that she had an ample and shapely behind for a woman so petite. She couldn’t have been more than five feet tall.

“… You know, the best way to get over someone is to move on to the next person,” Paul continued. “Find someone new to fuck around with and have some fun with.”

“I think I just did,” Charlie said, moving over to the next aisle and hoping to get another look at the young woman, to no avail.

“Where are you?” Paul asked.

“Grocery store. I just saw this smoking hot woman with an amazing ass walk by.”

“Perfect! Go for it.”

“Right,” Charlie said. “I don’t even know if she is my type. A nice ass doesn’t necessarily make a nice girlfriend.”

“You can’t find out unless you find out, Charlie. And who said anything about a girlfriend? A nice ass does make for a nice fuck.”

“Really? And how does that conversation go? ‘Hi. Nice ass. Wanna fuck?'”

“Sure,” a woman’s voice said from behind Charlie, startling him. He quickly turned around to see the woman in the yoga pants coming up from behind him and holding a small shopping basket. Charlie stared at her.

“Oh, you weren’t talking to me?” she asked, winking and smiling as she walked past him.

“Charlie?” Paul called for his friend after several seconds of phone silence.

“Uh… yeah,” Charlie said, his eyes glued to the young woman’s ass as she strolled down the aisle.

“You OK?”

Once she moved out of sight, Charlie answered, “Oh… yeah. I’m fine.”

“Well, it definitely sounds like I need to get you drunk tonight. I’ll call you later and we’ll go to Lafayette’s so you can flirt with your favorite bartender.”

Charlie chuckled. “Thanks, man.”

Done with his shopping, he reached the front of the store in just enough time to see the beautiful stranger – and her amazing ass – walk through the exit with her single grocery bag. Charlie exhaled. He then made his way to the checkout with his paltry collection of items.


“Hey!” Charlie heard a female voice behind him call out as he left the grocery store. He turned to see the hot stranger from inside the store resting her back against the wall as she held her grocery bag.

Charlie briefly turned toward the parking lot, thinking she had to be talking to someone else. He then looked back at her as she flashed a mischievous smile. Charlie then asked, “Me?” as he pointed to himself.

She nodded.

“Do I know you?” Charlie asked.

“Not yet,” she said as she began walking toward him. “I’m Rebecca.”


“Where is your car, Charlie?”

“Ummm… Down this row,” he said, pointing toward his vehicle.

“Come on,” she said, leading the way. She then briefly looked over her shoulder at him. “I know you don’t mind walking behind me.”

Charlie’s face was heated from embarrassment. However, his mind had no time to process the emotion as he followed Rebecca through the parking lot until they reached his vehicle. He did enjoy the view as they walked, though he was wary of what might be happening.

“Nice,” Rebecca said as she examined Charlie’s late model Lexus. “And you keep it very clean.”

Charlie nodded. A smile then crept onto Rebecca’s face as they stood and looked at one another. “Are you going to load your groceries?” she asked.

“Oh… yeah,” he said, opening his back door and placing his bags on the seat.

He closed his car door as he looked back at Rebecca with a puzzled expression. Her smile widened. “Follow me to my car,” she said, turning and leading him a couple of rows over from where he was parked.

“Wow,” Charlie said as Rebecca placed her single grocery bag in the back seat of her brand new Camaro.

“You like it?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh yeah,” Charlie said, wide-eyed. “It’s a very nice ride.”

“Come on,” Rebecca said, nodding toward the car. She then opened her driver-side door, preparing to enter.

Charlie’s brow furrowed.

“I need someone to help me carry my groceries into my apartment,” Rebecca güvenilir bahis said as she sat inside her car. She then closed the door and started her engine.

Charlie was frozen standing next to Rebecca’s Camaro. She lowered her window and looked at him. “Come on. I’ll bring you back to your Lexus.”

Charlie eased toward the passenger side of the vehicle, feeling like he was starring in a bad slasher film. He then wondered if he had inadvertently solicited a prostitute. Uneasy but curious, he decided – against his better judgement – to get into her car.

The first thing Charlie noticed was that the vehicle smelled brand new and the interior was immaculate. The second thing he noticed was Rebecca’s thighs bulging through her yoga tights.

Rebecca – facing forward as she pulled out of the parking lot – said, “I saw that.”


“You. Looking at my legs. So do you like my body more from the back or the front?”

Charlie sat in stunned silence as Rebecca glanced at him with a smile. “Don’t be bashful. You’ve already been caught twice checking me out.”

“Umm… “, Charlie said, with a chuckle. “Sorry about that.”

“Why? You don’t like my ass?”

“Oh, it’s… very nice.”

“And my legs?” Rebecca asked, seductively rubbing her quad as she drove.

“Also… very nice.”

“So which view do you like better? The front or the back?”

“Umm… “

“Fine,” Rebecca said. “I’ll go first.” She then looked at Charlie out of the corner of her eye like he was a juicy steak. “Well… you do have a fantastic ass. Especially in those jeans. A woman definitely bought those for you.”

A flush-faced Charlie recalled the trip to the mall with Brenda where she told him how great he looked in those same pants before she bought them for him.

“But I love a tall man with a broad chest. What are you… six feet?”


“Damn. Yeah. Super tall… especially for me. And with a huge, muscular chest. Big enough for me to curl up on it and take a nap… ” Rebecca glanced at Charlie with a smirk. “…after I do other things to your body first.”

Charlie nervously laughed. After a few seconds of silence, he asked, “So… what do you do for a living?”

Rebecca gave him a sarcastic glare. “Really? Is that the best you can do?”

“What?” Charlie said. “It’s a typical question for someone you just met.”

“Is this a typical meeting for you?”

“Fine. Um… What’s your… favorite sex position?”

Rebecca grinned and slowly nodded. “Nice.”

Charlie laughed as he shook his head.

Several seconds passed before Rebecca said, “Sitting on your face.”


Rebecca giggled as she glanced at Charlie. She then asked, “What about you?”

“Oh… Um… I’m pretty flexible.”

“Flexible is good,” She said with a smile.

Charlie chuckled.

“But I’m sure you have a go-to sexual position,” Rebecca said. “What position comes to mind when you picture fucking me?”

Charlie’s eyes bulged and his heart started racing. “Wow. Uh… “

“Maybe that’s too easy. Since you had your eyes on my ass you probably want me doggy-style, don’t you?”

Charlie shifted uncomfortably in his chair as his imagination flashed to petite Rebecca on her knees on the edge of the bed with her nude ass facing him.

“You’re picturing it now, aren’t you?”

After a goofy chuckle, Charlie said, “Um… Where do you live?”

“We’re almost there. Does talking about sex makes you uneasy?”

“I… uh… I mean… We just met.”

Rebecca briefly looked over at Charlie before turning her attention back to the road. “I hope you aren’t this shy when we get to my place.”

That last statement squelched any questions Charlie might have had as to Rebecca’s intentions for him. He just needed to figure out how to steady his nerves.


“Wow. This is a great building,” Charlie said as Rebecca pulled into the parking lot of her riverfront apartment complex. He was more curious than ever about her chosen profession, but didn’t want to venture down that road again.

“Thanks. It’s pricey, but I love the view.”

As she parked and Charlie opened his door Rebecca stared at him with a slight grin.

“Yes?” Charlie said.

“You’re not going to get my bag for me?”

Charlie chuckled. He then reached into the back seat. “Right. That is why I’m here.”

Rebecca smiled as they exited her car. Walking toward the apartment building, they passed one of Rebecca’s neighbors. A poshly dressed woman in her mid-sixties headed to the parking lot.

“Hi, Mrs. Fuller,” Rebecca said with a wave.

Mrs. Fuller responded with a snarky smile.

Rebecca returned the same as they passed one another before saying, “Bitch,” under her breath. A stunned Charlie looked back to see if the neighbor had heard her. Rebecca looked at Charlie. “She doesn’t like me.”

“Why not?”

“I’m sure she thinks I am the wrong element for this building.”

Charlie tried contemplating, to what element she might be referring. “That’s… türkçe bahis not OK.”

“Yeah. Fuck her,” Rebecca said as she pressed the button for the elevator.

Oh shit! Charlie thought. She is a prostitute!


Entering Rebecca’s 11th floor apartment, Charlie was blown away. Directly across from the entrance was a bay of floor-length windows that surrounded her living room. They overlooked the riverfront park as well as the river itself. Her decor was very modern but functional. Much more conservative than Charlie had imagined.

As he stood and looked around her place, Rebecca walked up to him. Taking her bag from him, she said, “Thank you.” She then ran her finger down the middle of Charlie’s muscular chest before walking toward her refrigerator. Charlie’s eyes followed.

“You’re looking at my ass again, aren’t you?”

Charlie quickly returned his gaze to the large windows. “Um… you’ve got an incredible view,” he said.

Rebecca placed her bag on the kitchen island and stared at him with her head slightly tilted. “Charlie. What would you rather look at? Right now. My view of the river? Or my ass?”

The blood rushing to Charlie’s head was making him dizzy. He had never been around a woman so blunt. Or so sexual. It was a massive turn-on. He was just having a difficult time handling her… which was also a turn-on.

“Your… you. I’d rather look at you.”

Rebecca began moving toward Charlie. Standing in front of him, she shook her head and said, “That wasn’t an option.” She placed her hands on her hips. “My river view… or my ass.”

Staring into Rebecca’s eyes, Charlie could feel his inhibitions melting away. “Your ass.”

Rebecca smiled. She then turned her ass toward him while looking over her shoulder. “What do you like about it?”

Charlie took a very deep breath. He then moved his eyes from Rebecca’s face to her backside. “It… looks great. Especially in those pants. Bigger than… ” He glanced at Rebecca’s face, hoping he wasn’t being offensive, before looking back down at her bottom. “… than I thought… “

“… bigger than you thought someone my size would have?”

Charlie nodded. “Yeah.”

“Does it look soft?” she asked, looking down at it, herself.

Charlie nodded, his eyes glued. “Yeah. It looks very soft. Especially when you walk.”

Rebecca grinned. “Follow me into the kitchen.”

She took her time as she walked, swaying her hips and creating maximum movement for Charlie’s visual pleasure. Hypnotized, he followed her. He then stood behind her as she opened the refrigerator and put away her few groceries. He particularly enjoyed her bending to open the vegetable crisper.

Her body still lowered, she turned to look at Charlie who was nearly salivating as he stared at her butt. “Is this the view you wanted?”

Charlie nodded. “Yes.”

Rebecca then shot up, closed the refrigerator, and turned toward Charlie. “Good. Now it’s my turn.”

She pulled Charlie toward her as she moved her back against the kitchen island. Rebecca then hopped backward onto the island, sitting with her legs spread. She tugged at the bottom of Charlie’s t-shirt until he was standing directly in front of her. Charlie’s body was weak as he felt the heat from between her legs through his jeans.

Rebecca then took Charlie’s shirt off and tossed it onto the floor on the other side of the island. “Oh, hell yeah,” she said, raking her fingers down Charlie’s protruding chest and well-defined abs. “This is the view I wanted.”

Charlie very briefly wondered how to broach the prostitute question. Those thoughts faded as Rebecca leaned forward and placed several wet kisses on his body. She also slowly ran her tongue over each of his nipples, causing Charlie’s already growing erection to slide above his beltline as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Rebecca looked down at Charlie’s pants and saw his protruding tip. “Oh shit!” she said as she ran her thumb over it. “How big is your fucking cock!”

A barely intelligible Charlie said, “You’re making it… pretty big.”

She returned her hands to his chest, massaging it as she said, “Well, your body is making me pretty wet.”

Rebecca took a deep, longing breath as she admired Charlie’s physique. She then pushed against his chest, guiding him backward enough for her to hop off of the island. She took him by the hand and led him down the hallway.

Rebecca gestured as she said, “Here is the bathroom so you can freshen up. When you’re done, I’ll be in the front room waiting for you.”

As she began walking further down the hall, a very nervous Charlie called to her. “Yes?” she said, looking over her shoulder.

“Uh… I… don’t have any cash on me. If this is… “

Rebecca chuckled. “I’ll be waiting for you in the front room.”

A thoroughly flustered Charlie then watched her walk further down the hall and into, what he presumed, was her bedroom. Rebecca left the door slightly open, tempting Charlie to try and steal a glance at her undressing. Once she was out of sight, he thought better güvenilir bahis siteleri of it and moved into the bathroom.

Charlie immediately eyed the well-stocked, doorless cabinet on the opposite wall from the sink. It held myriad unisex grooming products: body wash, shaving cream, shaving gel, razors, lotions, etc. He wondered just how many men she had coerced into her apartment.

He then wondered what type of freshening up she was referring to. He had taken a shower just before going to the grocery store. He didn’t know he was going to have an impromptu date after his shopping but he felt like he was presentable.

Charlie looked at his reflection – bare upper body and all – in the mirror. He checked under his arms and only smelled his deodorant. He was good there. His hands seemed like they could use some moisturising. He turned and grabbed the scentless lotion Rebecca had provided and applied it. He then instinctively smelled his hands. No scent.

He checked the smell of his breath. Even though he detected nothing alarming he decided to avail himself of one of the travel-sized mouthwashes in her cabinet, just in case.

He then unzipped his pants. Though she had already seen – and touched – at least a part of his dick, he wanted to ensure he wasn’t sweaty or anything. He was good there.

After zipping back up, he stared at himself in the mirror, wondering if he had forgotten anything. His nerves then returned. “What is this?” he whispered to himself. He had never been picked up by a woman before. Not to mention in such a brazzen fashion. He had never been with a prostitute, either, though that didn’t seem to be the situation in which he found himself.

Charlie tried to relax. Rebecca was hot as hell. He figured he might as well unwind and enjoy himself. He finally took a couple of deep breaths before exiting the bathroom.

When Charlie eased back into the front room he saw Rebecca lighting an incense as she bent over one of the end tables between her perpendicularly positioned couches. His heart jumped as he studied her ass in her white thong. It was even juicier and more shapely than when it was encased in her yoga pants.

Hearing his breathing, Rebecca rose and turned around. She was wearing a thin halter top with no bra and – for the first time – Charlie got a good look at the shape of her perky breasts.

Rebecca smiled as she walked over to him. “Do you like my outfit?”

“A blind man would love your outfit,” Charlie said, evoking a burst of laughter from her.

“Good. You’re loosening up,” she said. She then looked down at his legs. “Why are your pants still on?”

Before he could answer, she said, “You want me to take them off for you, don’t you?”

Before he could answer, Rebecca began unbuckling Charlie’s belt. She unzipped his pants and squatted as she slid them down his legs. His dick was very erect and protruding through the slit in his boxers. Her mouth hung open as she grasped and began stroking it. She shook her head as she stared. “You have a really big cock.” She looked up at Charlie. “We’re going to have to go slow… and use a lot of lube.”

Charlie nodded, mesmerized by the feel of his shaft being massaged by her tiny hands. As she continued she motioned for him to sit down on the couch behind him. She then got on her knees between his legs and took his tip into her mouth.

Charlie’s ass muscles tensed at the euphoric sensation of her tongue and lips. She continued gliding her hands up and down his erection as her mouth moved past his tip. Her hands grew wetter and wetter from saliva and coated the rest of his erection as she increased the speed of her piston-like movements.

Charlie’s breathing sped as he heard the exaggerated sounds coming from Rebecca’s mouth. She was very adept at creating a sloshing-slurping noise as she sucked him, occasionally generating a sloppy popping sound as she quickly pulled him out of her mouth before immediately sliding him back between her lips.

“Damn.” Charlie said, eliciting a barely-perceptible smile from Rebecca’s full mouth. Fully relaxed as he laid back on her firm but very comfortable couch, he was in heaven. Though her lips could only slide halfway down his girth, her skilled hands more than made up for it.

Rebecca pushed his dick as deep in her mouth as it would go, his tip tickling the back of her throat as she furiously pumped her soaking wet hand up and down the bottom half of his shaft. She then quickly slid her mouth completely off of him, creating one last popping sound for his enjoyment.

Rebecca raised up on her knees with a smile, wiping the excess saliva from her lips and chin as Charlie stared at her in awe. She giggled as she shook her head. “My mouth is sore. You stretched it out pretty good.”

Charlie wanted to chuckle but was working on remembering how to breathe.

She then said, “I can’t wait to see what you do to my pussy.”

Charlie sat still as Rebecca stood up and pulled off her thong. She then reached down to help Charlie take off his boxers. They struggled a bit as he was very hard and the slit in his boxers that his dick was poking through wasn’t designed for such removal. “They should have a piece of Velcro on the ribbing for situations like this,” Rebeca said as Charlie began helping her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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