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Tom at the doctor’s office.

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“Yes, I have an appointment for tomorrow at 12; I was wondering if there was any way I could have that earlier?” “I’m sorry sir but we are fully booked for the morning.” “Is is ok if I come in early in case of cancellation?” “If you want to sir, that’s fine, but we hardly have any cancellation.” “it’s worth a try I need to be done as soon as possible.” “Ok sir, we’ll see you tomorrow then.”
Tom wasn’t just trying to be difficult; he did have a full day the next day.
Tom arrived at the office at 10 am. As expected, there were no cancellations that morning and he sat down in the waiting room. Knowing the full day he had, he was starting to get pissed until he noticed the girl on the other side of the waiting room. The girl was gorgeous, she must be a high school girl and that’s probably her mother right there. “Dam, what I’d do to fuck that piece of ass.” He thought. But an idea popped into his head.

He quickly watched the goings on in the office and timed it right to enter the door to the hallway in the back without being seen. The hallway had many doors in it, mainly the examination rooms. He did remember from last time though where the closet full of lab coats was. He quickly grabbed a coat and put it on and waited in the last room that he knew was never used. He waited with the door propped inches open and watched; the nurse finally brought the girl and her mother with her to one of the rooms. After a few minutes, the nurse left the room and placed a folder right outside the door on the folder holder.

He moved up to the folder as soon as the coast was clear and picked it up. He browsed through it quickly, found her name and complaint, a cold. He put on a mask, knocked on the door and walked in. “Hi, my name is Alex, I’m the P.A. I’ll be helping you today until Doctor James is ready.” The mother looked towards him and at the mask before introducing herself.

“I’m sorry, I’m always cautious.” He said pointing at the mask. They nodded their understanding and continued the introductions. “Sally, would you confirm your date of birth for me please?” “06-21-96” “alright, that’s good,” he said absent mindedly looking through the folder. “Alright, any allergies?” “No.” “alright.” Sally already had a gown on, he noticed. Her clothes were on the chair on the side, he saw that even the bra was there.

Trying to contain himself, he browsed through the folder, “did you get your weight measured?” “No.” “What about your height?” kocaeli escort “No” “hmm” “I think we should go get those measured so we could have a full record.” “How long do you think the exam will take, I need to get back to work?” Interrupted the mother. “I’m not sure mam, the exam itself shouldn’t take long, but I need the doctor to confirm everything I do, so it will be a while.” “Shoot, I need to get back to work.” “If you’d like, I can drop her off at home during my lunch hour. I saw the address close by from here right?” “Yes it is. Are you sure it’s ok?” “Yeah, no problem at all.”

The mother almost jumped up, “you’ll be ok honey, and I’ll see you at home tonight. Dad should be there at 6, your brother is out for the night, so call my cell if you need anything.” “Ok mom.” Said sally weakly after coughing. Tom closed the door behind the mother and browsed through the folder again, “ok we’ll leave the weight and height later if we have time. Ok, if you’d take off the gown and lie down.” She pulled the gown down presenting a perfect pair of breast with pink nipples.

He grabbed a stethoscope from the drawer and put on a glove on the right hand only. “Open your mouth.” He grabbed a flash light and peered inside her mouth. He examined the eyes, the nose and ears with the flash light. He finally put down the light and checked her throat and neck with his hands. The whole time, his eyes were flying between her eyes and her breasts. He put the scopes in his ears and placed the other end on her chest, right above her right breast. “Take a deep breath.” She did.

He moved down an inch, “again” she did, he moved down further so that he was right next to the nipple. Again she took a breath; he moved to the other side and did the same, this time he was holding the scope with his left hand, no glove. His hand kept on brushing her nipple accidentally many times. When he couldn’t pretend to be listening any longer, “if you’d flip over please.” She did. Now he was presented with a perfect ass, full and firm. He wanted to smack it and slip inside immediately.

He placed the scope on her back and moved it randomly around asking her to breathe multiple times. Finally he stopped and glanced around the room and an idea came to him. He suspected how naive she was and was going to bet on it.

“Alright, the nurse took your temperature right?” “Yes, she said it was 101.” “Correct, did she use the ear thermometer?” “Yes.” “Ok, I think we need a kocaeli escort bayan second opinion, I’ll use this thermometer, it’s an anal thermometer. Do you know how it works?” “no.” she answered a little worried. “It’s not that bad, I’ll do all the work. We just need you lubed up a bit and loosened a little bit. Here, lie on your side facing that wall and pull your knees to your chest. Yes just like that.” He grabbed the stool and sat right behind her ass.

With one hand, no glove, he lifted a cheek to peek at the prohibited area he was about to invade. He looked around and found a lotion bottle; he put some on his finger and applied it to her ass hole. Slowly he moved his finger around spreading the lotion; she flinched and tensed quiet often, but she didn’t say anything nor look back.

Finally, he pushed his finger in a knuckle deep. She was not as tense as earlier, but it was still very tight. With his middle finger, he was applying the same lotion to her pussy lips. He noticed her face color deepen a bit. He pulled out his index finger from her asshole for a second and pushed it slowly back in, at the same time, he pushed his middle finger back in her pussy. His middle finger encountered resistance so he stopped immediately and pulled it back out cursing his luck.

He pulled out the index finger and joined the middle finger with it. He pushed both fingers into her asshole; she tensed and relaxed a few times until he could push them in all the way. He pulled them back out slowly and pushed them back in with ease. Finally he pulled them back out and added a third finger to them. It took an extra minute for her to get used the extra finger, but she didn’t complain still.

Ignoring all the warnings in his head, Tom slowly unzipped his pants without making a sound and pulled out his rock hard dick. “Alright, we’re getting there, but I think we need to loosen you up a bit more before I use the thermometer.” “Ok” she replied in a small voice and covered her face. “Awesome” he thought.

He grabbed the lotion bottle and dumped some on his dick and spread it around making it nice and slippery. He moved closer to her holding his dick with one hand and lifting her ass cheek with the other. He lined up his dick with her asshole and pushed in slowly. She again tensed and relaxed a few times and gasped in pain a little, but didn’t move or look up. He continued pushing his dick in slowly until the tip finally went in. “ok, that’s izmit escort usually the hardest part. This shouldn’t hurt as much from now on.” “Ok.”

He placed a hand on her hip and pushed in again. His dick was slippery from all the lotion, but she was so tight, it was hard to move. He moved back and forth in and out quite a few times until she loosened up enough to him to get in deeper. Finally he got in as far as he could without touching her with his body. He was already excited by the whole situation and he knew he was very close to cumming. He moved a little faster going deep every time until he was close enough to cum.

He pulled out and, “ok, I have a first medicine to give you, but it may splash around, so I’ll cover your eyes with this extra mask, all you need to do is open your mouth as wide as you can and don’t close no matter how bad the taste is ok?” “Ok.” He covered himself quickly with the lab coat while she turned to her back and turned her head to him. “hmm this will be harder that way, how about you let your head dangle off the table end, yes just like that, why don’t you hold this mask over your eyes, but still keep them closed tight.” “ok” she said grabbing the extra mask from him.

She placed it over her eyes and opened her mouth. He quickly wiped his dick with a wipe and dried it with a wet paper towel to remove the lotion from it. He pushed his dick in her mouth as far back as he could, while rubbing it on her tongue. Her position plus the view and the whole idea of what he did, pushed him over the edge and he came deep in her mouth. She gagged a little but didn’t close her mouth and swallowed. Finally he pulled his dick out and put it back in his pants still hard. He so wanted to take her cherry but knew that he was out of time.

“Ok, I think I’m good with the initial assessment, Dr James will be here shortly to finish the rest of your exam and give you prescription. You may want to ask for suppository and let him know that it was your mother’s request and that she’ll help administer it.” “What’s a suppository and I didn’t hear mom say that.” “No she did right before she left; I think your fever is getting worse.” “Maybe you’re right.” “When you’re done with the exam wait for me in the waiting room, I’ll come to give you a ride or send my assistant.” “Ok.” “Now put your gown back on so you won’t get even sicker.”

He quickly withdrew from the room and placed the lab coat back in the closet and slipped into the waiting room. He wasn’t sure if his plan will work or not, but he already had a good treat.

More to come, let me know what you think

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