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Tombstone Luke , the German Tourist

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The shotgun blast ripped through my chest…

I flew back into the dirt with a thud, but fired off a shot into Doc Holliday just before I died… After a few minutes Doc helped me to my feet. We brushed off the dirt and posed for pictures.

Some people spend their summers at the beach. I spent my summer getting shot and killed four times daily— five on weekends. Working as a Tombstone stuntman is damn tough work. But the tourists fucking loved it.

Especially the cute German tourists.

For the final stunt I got blasted off my horse and landed flat on my back in the OK Corral. Opening my eyes I was surrounded by a swarm of German girls snapping pics. “Der Cowboy! Der Cowboy!”

Two sisters named Gerta and Katja helped me up. “We speak much good English, ja?” Gerta handed me my revolver, holding it in both hands like a scared object. “What kind ist your gun cowboy?”

“Oh I got a steel Colt with a ten inch barrel and blazing bullets.”

Katja translated for the girls, pointing to my crotch. “Hat einen 10 Zoll Stahl Schwanz! Und Feuersperma schiessen!! Ja!!” The other girls jumped back and ran off, covering their crotches.

“NEIN STUPID! Colt not Cock!” Gerta punched Katja. “She tell them you have ten inch steel cock— shooting fire-cum bullets!”

I grinned. “…actually I do.”

Then Katja screamed and ran off, leaving only little Gerta. A cute girl with bright blonde pigtails, blue green eyes and pointy nipple bumps in her blouse. She looked like a pixie. The blushing pixie stared up at me, twisting her thighs together. “Luke you are real-real Cowboy, ja?”

“You betcha.” I took her hand. “Gertie let’s get a beer. Germans like beer right?”

“You betcha,” she giggled.

In the Red Eye saloon a buxom waitress carded Gerta then served us two mugs of beer. Gerta squeezed my hand and we tongue kissed. But then her drunken sister Katja walked up, grabbing my zipper. “Cowboy, me play with your gun bitte?

“NEIN BITCH!” Gerta twisted Katja’s arm back and the two girls smacked each other’s tits off, until Katja fell on her fat ass and ran off. Gertie snarled. “Stupid Katja want to suck your Schwanz.”

“Really? Gosh that’s sounds fun.” I rubbed Gerta’s nipple bumps. “Do you want to suck my Schwanz?”

Gerta looked into my eyes, then down my zipper lump and her face flushed. “…ja ja, okay cowboy.” Taking my hand she led me into a broom closet. We kissed and I squeezed her lemon-size tits like I was making lemonade.

Nudging illegal bahis Gertie to her knees I whipped out my prick. The German girl’s eyes widened, watching my erection stick up and hardened. “Aaack your Schwanz ist hard as steel!” My steel prick touched her lips.

Her mouth opened and her little tongue tickled my cockhead. Cool but I wanted deep throat. Grabbing Gertie’s pigtails I pulled her pixie head onto my prick working it back and forth. Gerta moaned and gagged as I pumped it down until she gagged. “Ugggh…!”

Her little fingers pulled on my balls while fucked her sweet mouth. “Oooh yes… suck it… suck my prick!” Soon I felt my balls swell and churn and… explode, blasting cum down her throat.

“Ugggh… UGGGH!” Gerta choked and swallowed. Her cheeks turned red as she gulped down gobs of cum with more spilling down her chin. After the last swallow Gerta pulled away panting. “Aaach… ist too much sperma goo!” She wiped her sticky mouth on my shirt.

Hoping for more I yanked at her skirt. Gerta slapped my hands. “NIEN! NIEN! NIEN!” …I took that as a maybe.

Back at the bar the girl gulped another mug of beer to wash down the cum. “Hey Gertie let’s go for a trail ride down to the San Pedro river. We’ll have some real cowboy fun.”

“Gerta hopped to her feet. ” Und we see injuns, ja?”


“Ja ja. Okay.” Soon we were snug in the saddle, riding Loco down the trail. Gerta’s soft butt wiggled against my hard lump as I fondled her braless tits. Reaching the San Pedro we chased off a herd of javelinas, then stopped under a huge cottonwood and kissed.

But something rattled below us.

Gerta screamed. “Schlange! Flapperschlange!” Loco bucked as I fired twice, hitting the rattlesnake. Gertie leapt off the horse and smashed the snake’s head in with a rock. Damn she was a tough little twat!

Then the girl took a dozen selfies with the four-foot long diamondback. Gertie held up the rattles, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Flappers for me, bitte!”

Sure honey.” I cut off the snake’s head and tail and ran a leather bootlace through the rattles to make a necklace. “Hey Gertie, take your top off so I can put on your rattlesnake necklace.”

“Ja ja, bitte!” The eager girl tore off her top, letting her lemon titties bounce out and jiggle. I placed the necklace around Gertie’s neck and wiggled the rattles. Gerta squirmed like she was going to cream her panties. “Ich liebe es! I love it!”

After illegal bahis siteleri more selfies, the pixie girl dropped her skirt and spread naked in the buffalo-grass. She pointed to her fuzzy blonde pussy. “How you say in English… flesh… tunnel? Ja ja. Luke me want your hard gun in meine fleshtunnel!”

“Well you kinky-kinky gal.” Gertie fell back and covered her ears when I emptied my Colt, firing two shots in the air. Then I rubbed the warm gun barrel along her tender pussy lips.

Gerta yelled, “Nein! Other gun! Other gun!” She tried to push it away. But I was having some old-fashioned cowboy fun, and pressed the nozzle at her juicy slit. Gerta looked between her legs and we both watched the steel barrel push into her tight pink hole.

Gerta squirmed. “Ooof… ist lang…” Pumping the barrel in and out I let the hammer nibble at her clitty. The panting girl lifted her legs as I pistol fucked her faster.

After a bit Gertie’s entire body turned red, and her hips humped with the pumping gun barrel. Gerta moaned, rubbing the snake rattles across her aroused nipples. “Shoot me! Shoot me Cowboy!”

So I pulled the trigger, the hammer flicked her clitty and Gerta’s legs flew up in the air. “Ich Komme! Ich Komme!” Two orgasms later Gerta collapsed in the grass.

“Oooh you ist real cowboy, real naughty cowboy.” I lay beside the panting girl and rubbed her pistol-fucked pussy. Reloading my Colt I fired a few more shots in the air to clear pussy juice out of the barrel. No cowboy wants a rusty barrel.

Gerta giggled at the gunshots, and slowly fingered her pussy. “Cowboy Luke… meine fleshtunnel ist ready… ready for other lang hard gun…”

Yes ma’am. I yanked out my throbbing boner. Gerta jumped back but I pulled her forward until my prick touched her delicate pink slit… and shoved in. The girl squirmed. “Autsch! Autsch! Ist too big!”

Grabbing her tiny tits I plowed deeper, cramming her German cunt full of American cockmeat. After a few more strokes I felt her pussy squirm and twist. Gerta giggled, “Giddy up Cowboy!”

Shoving her little legs over her head, I fucked the naughty girl harder, making her tight butt bounce off the ground. “Autsch! Autsch! …meine fleshtunnel… ist burning!” Gertie panted and gripped my neck, pumping her hips up.

“Ahhh…Ich Komme! ICH KOMME!!”

Her quivering pussy muscles clenched my prick… making it spew. Hot spurting cum filled her burning fleshtunnel. We collapsed together canlı bahis siteleri in the grass and tongue kissed.

After a few minute Gerta and rolled over in the grass… displaying her firm little ass. Wow. A butt so tight you bounce a quarter off it.

That cute butt needed some bronco bustin.’ My hands spread her firm cheeks until I saw her little pink anus, winking at me. Greta looked back. “Nicht mein Arsch!” But I pushed my prick straight up that tight tunnel.

“AUTSCH!!” Greta gripped the ground, squealing as I screwed her rump.

My hand moved to her pussy, finger banging and butt banging her at the same time. “Unh Cowboy …unh… der pole… ist so lang!” Greta turned her head and we kissed, as I pounded my prick up her sweet asshole.

Soon my fingers found the throbbing bead of her clitty and pinched it. “Oww!” The girl wriggled and jerked with her butt muscles gripping my cock until it spewed. We cuddled and kissed as Gerta tenderly touched her reamed-out asshole.

“Ooooh… I feel much fucked.”

After a minute the little twat got up, jumped into the river and splashed around. I watched Gerta chase away two water moccasins. Like I said, she was a tough little twat.

After a long swim Gertie came back with a crow feather stuck between her blonde pigtails, and two lines of black mud smeared across her face like war paint.

Wow. The girl looked like some kind of pixie Apache.

She giggled. “Me injun— you cowboy, ja?”

“Ja ja, sure.” I lifted her sore butt onto Loco and we headed back to Tombstone, riding off into the red-orange glow of setting sun… just like in the westerns. My pixie Apache rode topless of course, with the snake rattles shaking between her jiggling tits.

Back in town I took little Gerta to the Red Eye Saloon, for another beer and blowjob.

Blondie stayed awhile in Tombstone. We both got jobs in a comedy stunt show. I was of course the evil gunslinger. Gerta played a blue-eyed German speaking Apache. A feisty, pistol-packin’ Apache who loved rattlesnakes and fire water… Klapperschlangen und Feuerwasser.

For the rest of that summer Gerta and I shot each other all day, and fucked each other all night. Her little twat loved to be pistol fucked… the old fashioned way.

On our days off we rode Loco down to the snake infested San Pedro.

We’d swim in the river and I’d tickle her aroused nipples with the snake rattles… then we’d lay naked in the buffalo-grass and make love under the warm desert sun… with buzzards softly circling above us and coyotes yipping in the distance… So damn romantic.

And just like Loco, I made sure Gerta always got rode hard and put away wet.

It was a mighty fine summer…

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