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Tony’s Story: The Flight Over

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The rattling of the planes wings snapped Tony out of his light sleep. Still dark. He glanced out the window but everything was pitch black. No doubt they were still over water and would be for quite some time. Again the plane shook, causing him to grip the arm rests tightly. It felt that although he was flying in a 767, it was pieced together with chewing gum and a prayer. Sort of a flying machine for MacGyver.

A soothing, heavily-accented voice came over the intercom. “This is Captain Ribault. We have run into some turbulence. We should pass through it momentarily. We will be landing at Charles de Gaulle International in about 1 1/2 hours. Thank you.”

New York City and JFK seemed like weeks ago and the circumstances that brought Tony Micciani here seemed like a lifetime ago. Staring at the back of the head of the girl in front of him, he mused over the affairs that placed him in this seat to Paris. Freshly out of high school on Long Island, Tony had opted not to go to college right away. He didn’t have a real goal in mind and didn’t want to waste his money or his time. His grades were good enough; he could have probably done quite well at a state college but doing what? He didn’t want to teach, he didn’t want to be a CPA, didn’t want to build anything or tear anything down, and he certainly didn’t want to manage anyone. So he did the logical thing: Tony went to work at his father’s small Italian grocery store.

“Stop it.” A voice snapped him out of his reverie. Startled, Tony glanced around. The businessman sitting next to him continued to snore quietly.

The raven-haired girl in front of him turned around. “You’re staring at me.”

“Staring? I wasn’t staring,” Tony lied.

“You were boring two little holes right through the back of my head.” She smiled. “I could smell my hair smoldering.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just spacing, I guess.”

“Uh-huh. What’s your name?”

“Tony, Tony Micciani.”

“Well, Tony, Tony Micciani, you gotta be careful who you’re staring at. Never know what kind of weirdo you’re gonna piss off.” She laughed, a pretty, lilting laugh that made Tony smile. “Where are you from, Tony?”

“I’m from Hicksville, Long Island, home of Billy Joel.” He smirked. “What’s güvenilir bahis your name?”

“I’m Marie from Richmond, Virginia.”

“Why are you going to Paris?”

“Well, I’m not stopping there. Just changing planes and going to Rome. I’m going to the St. John’s campus there to study art.” She ran her finger across the top of the seat. “Or at least to occasionally study.” She smiled broadly.

Tony’s head spun, drifting back again. His cousin, Frankie, had taken an essay that Tony had written, as he was wont to do, and entered it into a scholarship contest, open to any first generation Italian-Americans. The subject of the essay was “The Madness of Caligula” and was a simple thing he had written after watching the History Channel. Nevertheless, Tony won first place in the contest, much to his surprise, not even know that he had entered it. The prize: a scholarship to study writing and literature at St. John’s University in Rome.

Tony’s father, Anton, was so proud he dipped deeply into his savings account and cashed in some bonds to ensure that his son would be able to eat and such while in Italy. Tony fought with his dad the whole time, but he would not be dissuaded. Living arrangements were made with a cousin of Anton’s who lived in the Eternal City. The school term in which he was to begin was not for nearly five months but it was decided that he should leave early so as to become acclimated to the European pace and to get comfortable with the family with whom he was staying.

One day Tony was packing groceries, the next he was winging to Rome. Life is bizarre, sometimes.

“Earth to Tony.”

“Huh?” Tony shook his head. “Sorry.”

“Hey,” Marie said, glancing around the quiet cabin, “you wanna come sit up here with me? I’m all alone.” She stuck out her bottom lip and pouted. The effect of that expression on her beautiful face, framed by her bountiful brown hair, was partly comical and partly very sexy. Tony started to feel a stirring in his groin that surprised him.

“Well, heck, how can I say no to that?” He stood as quietly as he could and tried to step over the outstretched legs of the gentleman next to him. His legs all akimbo, Marie giggled.

“Shhhh,” Tony warned.

Freeing türkçe bahis himself from Mr. Businessman’s lap, Tony sat down in the seat next to Marie. It was the first time he was able to get a good look at her. She had dark brown hair that poured to the middle of her black and was a little wild after their eight hour flight. She had powerful green eyes that took his breath away and perfect, flawless skin. She was wearing short white shorts and a pink tank top. Her breasts strained slightly in her shirt, not too big, not too small. She had long, tanned legs that she had crossed with the feet under the seat in front of her. Tony would guess that she was a year or two younger than he, maybe eighteen or nineteen.

“Hi.” Tony tried desperately not to stare.

“Hi.” She smiled with perfectly white, straight teeth.

Tony couldn’t contain his emotion. “Wow.”


“You are really very beautiful.” A flush went up his cheeks but not hers.

She smiled again and put her hand on his knee. “Thank you, Tony.”

“No, really, I have seen many beautiful women, and you are really quite remarkably stunning. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

“Tony… I look like I’ve been on a plane for eight hours.” There was now just a hint of blush crawling up her perfect cheeks.

“Doesn’t matter. Beautiful women, truly beautiful women look beautiful no matter what condition they’re in. You could be in a potato sack and still be beautiful.” He meant it.

She stared at him thoughtfully.

“In fact,” he leaned in closer, “wanna know a secret?” She didn’t respond, just continued looking at him a little confused. “If I were blind, I would still know you were beautiful.”

She looked at him askance. “You’re crazy.”


“No, I mean, you’re really crazy, like a loon.” She smiled and looked him up and down. There was a moment of silence, and then on an impulse, leaned in and kissed Tony squarely on the lips. It took him totally by surprise but he returned the kiss. Her mouth was warm and she was very passionate. She had crawled into his lap and wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. After a moment, she broke the kiss and pulled back a few inches.

“Wow,” she said breathlessly.

Tony güvenilir bahis siteleri smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’re makin’ me feel all tingly, yankee.”

“Yeah, not quite what I had in mind for this flight,” Tony said, “when the suit sat next to me.”

Her ass was right on his crotch and it was giving him a painful erection. He shifted around a little to try to draw attention away from it. Didn’t work.

“Yeah, I see what you have had in mind,” she said smiling and looking down. She reached down and grabbed his erection through his jeans, making him gasp. She looked back into his eyes, continually rubbing his throbbing hardon. “Tony?”


“Tony, I’m not a slut,” she began pulling his zipper down. “Open your eyes.” Tony opened his eyes and looked back into her gorgeous greens. “I’m not a slut.” She pulled his cock out and began sliding her hand slowly up and down. “I like you, Tony. You say nice things.”

The pleasure coming from Marie’s hand wrapped around his dick was powerful but he could not tear his eyes from hers. He was swimming in a sea of green. “Do you understand that, Tony?” She whispered. “I’m not a slut. I really like you.” Her hand began moving faster up and down, up and down, excruciating pleasure, divine green, up and down, up and down. “I know I’ll never see you again, so I thought you should know that. I knew it the first time I looked at you. I really like you.”

Tony’s scrotum began to tighten. “Oh, god…”

Marie jumped off his lap back to her seat and bent over his crotch just as the first stream of cum blew out of his cock. It was a powerful explosion and it kept coming. Tony saw green stars exploding in front of his eyes as string after string of jism exploded into Marie’s mouth. He felt like he would never stop. Eventually he did, though, and Marie licked the head of his dick and the shaft, cleaning up any cum that may have leaked out.

Tony was breathless as Marie pulled his zipper back up and leaned into his shoulder. After his heart rate returned to normal he said, “I like you, too, Marie.”

It was midmorning when Tony watched Marie board her flight to Rome. She turned and looked at him one last time with a look of sadness on her face that made his stomach flip-flop. He had decided before he had even left New York that he was going to take the Eurorail to Rome. He watched Marie disappear on to the plane.

He hadn’t told her but he would be seeing her soon.

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