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TOP COP Ch. 02

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Beach Sex

This is the second part of fictitious story of Melissa, a young female rookie police officer selected to participate in an undercover assignment assigned to a federal task force. Her FTO will serve as her guardian angel and security back up. She had an unexpected night with her FTO and are now going through the process of joining the investigation. LB, formerly known as FBB, my love and soul mate is the coauthor and editor.


Melissa snuggled with Gene, her new partner, field-training officer (FTO), oh and lover, after they had both rolled from the chaise settling onto the floor as the orgasms rolled through their bodies. She had no idea when she reported for her first day of duty as a rookie police officer that she would end up in bed with another cop, much less her FTO. They snuggled on the floor kissing and enjoying each other for a while. Then Melissa got up, pushed the clothes from the bed, pulled back the comforter, and motioned for Gene to join her. She didn’t know if there was a Mrs. Gene and this would be the crucial moment; whether or not he excused himself to go home. If he did then that would be a clear indicator that there was a Mrs. Gene and this was only a one-night stand. To her delight, Gene went to the bathroom, emerging minutes later still completely nude and slid under the covers and took her into his arms. Melissa snuggled under his strong embrace with her head lying on his chest, hearing his heartbeat; they both quickly dozed off under the cool sheets as the paddle fan turned slowly over her bed.

With a start, they both jumped when both their cell phones went off; first Melissa’s then Gene’s. The calls ended before either could find their phones in the pile of clothes from yesterday. Looking at the missed call on the screens they realized it was time to go to work; the calls were from the lieutenant. Gene decided it would probably be best if he returned the call. After a couple of rings the lieutenant (often called LT) was on the line.

“Hey LT, sorry missed your call. What’s up?”

“Gene, I need you to pick up Melissa and meet me at the fed’s building for a meeting at 1000. They have some requirements to go over with you guys.” Not waiting for illegal bahis Gene to answer the phone went dead.

Looking at his watch laying on the nightstand and trying to remember how it got off his wrist, he picked up the Omega Seamaster—not the typical watch for a street cop but a watch for a special operator in the Marines. He bought it at PX in Europe, while traveling through Europe to the Middle East a few weeks after the Marines recalled him after 9/11. Making a list of what he needed to do, he started to dress and told Melissa they had two hours to get downtown. Melissa, looking at him with a quizzical expression, wondered if he was leaving or… Gene realized he needed to let her in on the plan and said:

“Ok young lady, we need to get dressed in something we weren’t wearing yesterday and meet the LT at the fed’s office for a meeting.” I have a go bag in the car so I’m going to go get it, you better jump in the shower.”

“Shouldn’t I make some coffee first?” Being ever a Marine, she knew the morning priorities!

“Damn, you are thinking!” She had passed his first test of being a suitable partner.

Happy that his new partner wasn’t whining he stepped out into the cool morning air and grabbed the black bag in the trunk. It was one of two matching bags; this one held a change of civilian clothes suitable for work and the toiletries he would need to clean up. The other bag was his tactical go bag; it contained his passport and other important documents, a couple of meals ready to eat (MREs in military speak), bottled water, a poncho liner, an extra Sig Sauer P229 9mm, and 1000 rounds of hollow point personal defense ammo. The ammo was a special purchase of LEO (law enforcement officer) ammo from the dealer that supplied the department. In a long padded bag was a Smith their breathing getting harder and faster as they enjoyed the morning pleasure.

It didn’t take long. With a loud scream they both climaxed, Melissa collapsing into his arms she kissed his chest as the warm water poured over his body. Melissa looked to face him and said, “Mr. what are you doing to me?” “Me?” Gene said with the look of a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Melissa took illegal bahis siteleri her towel and began drying off as Gene finished washing. Grabbing a towel he joined her in the master bath with dual sinks so they could both get ready. Applying shaving cream to his face, she asked whether she should dress as a civilian or wear her hair up like she would do in uniform. Gene reminded her that as of yesterday she was undercover and should forget about acting or dressing like a cop. Gene finished and went into the bedroom to begin dressing while Melissa finished drying her hair and applying make-up; daytime appropriate but not to uniform standards.

In the bedroom, the question Melissa had asked in the shower, “Superman. what are you doing to me?” rang through Gene’s mind as he slipped into a clean pair of casual khaki trousers, a pressed oxford shirt, and casual brown loafers. He had a blazer in the car which would cover his Sig Sauer P229 service weapon, also set to use standard police 9mm ammo, which he would carry in the small of his back and his back-up Sig P938 in an ankle holster on his right leg.

Melissa came out of the shower wrapped in a towel around her body covering her breast. She walked to Gene, kissed him again, and told him, “Well you clean up nicely. What should I wear?”

“Melissa, you can either wear casual slacks or a skirt, doesn’t have to be fancy. Think business casual.” “Ah, OK.” With that she reached in her closet for a cute and short but respectful denim skirt, a white long sleeve cotton blouse with western cut and a pair of brown mid-heel open toed shoes. She grabbed some jewelry to put on in the car. Collecting her purse and taking her weapon from the drawer she checked the magazine, racked back the slide to ensure a round was in the chamber, and slid the now “locked and loaded” weapon into a special compartment of her bag. She had invested in a purse specially made for a lady carrying a weapon so it would not be floating around in her purse. At the range, she spent as much time practicing drawing from her purse as she did from the belt holster.

Getting into the car, Gene looked over and pointed to the roof. He usually drove with the top down canlı bahis siteleri but wasn’t sure if Melissa would want to mess up her hair before the meeting. Without answering him, she reached for the switch on the console, pressed it and in less than a minute the motors began to whirr; opening the trunk and then sliding the roof back into its storage position. Gene decided she had just passed her second test.

Driving, Gene concentrated on the morning traffic and didn’t notice Melissa’s hand inching towards the leather gearshift knob. Laying her hand over his she said:

“Gene, I’m not sure how last night happened but I don’t regret it and I hope you don’t. Nevertheless, please understand, I hope that it wasn’t intended to be a ‘one-night stand’. I will always conduct myself professionally when we’re around other officers or the Feds. I don’t know if there is someone else in your life but if there is I will understand. Just don’t lead me down the wrong path, I am not interested in being the other woman. Does that make sense?”

Coming to a red light, Gene glided the sports car to a stop and, catching a whiff of Melissa’s perfume as the wind blew his way, looked at her.

“Melissa, last night happed because two adults were attracted to each other. I don’t regret it either and, no, there is no one in my life. I’m not a two-woman man, hell I can barely handle one lady! I do appreciate what you are saying about professionalism. If I had thought it would be a problem I would have never come on to you. Neither of us needs the locker room rumors or the damage it could do to our careers. Yesterday, I saw a very special woman when you walked into the squad room.”

Relaxing, she smiled at him. They didn’t say much the rest of the trip, they simply enjoyed the fresh morning air and sunshine. Pulling up to the gate of the federal building Gene showed his new badge and credentials identifying him to be a special deputy marshal to the gate guard, who then pointed him to a visitor spot. He parked the yellow Mercedes Kompressor in a line of non-descript government cars all assigned to the assortment of federal agencies that were occupants of the building or the adjoining courthouse.

Walking toward the entrance, they spotted the LT and the SAC both who looked over at the bright yellow car. Entering the building, the SAC muttered to no one in particular, “We may need to do something with the yellow car, kinda stands out doesn’t it?”

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