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Touches and Whispers

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I lean over and kiss you, bringing my hands to the sides of your face, tracing your jaw with my fingers. No matter how many times I touch it, the softness of your beard surprises me. I slide my hands down and spread my fingers out, curling them over your shoulders, pulling at the muscles there, gripping you tightly.

I feel your hand at the back of my neck, your fingers tangled in my hair. Soft kisses, exploring. You taste like the beer we’ve been drinking. Part of me wants to do just this all night. Part of me can’t stop at just this.

I clutch at your arms as you reach under my shirt and push my bra up. You duck your head down, and I moan as you run your tongue over me. I feel your teeth catch my skin and gasp again. I feel your mouth stretch into a grin. Our eyes meet. I love seeing the sparkle there. I can only imagine it matches mine.

I climb fully into your lap, pushing my hand down between our bodies, reaching to feel you hardening. You groan as I play my fingers over you, rubbing you gently, then harder as I feel you react.


You don’t want me to stop.

I don’t want to stop.

You kiss me again, your hands sliding around to my back, pulling me back to you. There is so much heat trapped between us. I can’t catch my breath.

It’s so hard not to touch you all the time. There are times we’re together and I have to leave bahis firmaları the room. I want to wrap my arms around you and hold you for hours. I want to kiss you over and over again. I sometimes think it has to be obvious; I sometimes think I hide it really well.

You rest your head on my shoulder. I lean into you, run my fingers through your hair, then back down your neck. I can’t stop touching you. I love just running my hands over your body, feeling you sigh, feeling the tension slip away. It’s the touching, the closeness, the attention that we both need.

There are moments of contentment that I want to hold onto. There are things we whisper to each other that carry me through, that fuel my imagination for days and weeks. I always think that I’m alone in this, and then you say these things that make me feel like you’re right there with me, that you’re thinking of me as much as I think of you. I wish I really believed the things you say. I wish I believed you remembered them.

I fumble with the button and zipper on your jeans, lifting myself away from you. You shift under me, groaning again as you spring free. I slide back and lean over you, taking you in my hand as I run my tongue over your tip. I lick you lightly, then pull you fully into my mouth. I feel your hands dance across my back and up to my head. I roll my tongue, sucking you further kaçak iddaa into my throat. I increase my pace and suction, loving the feel of your hands gripping my hair, pulling slightly. You groan my name. I laugh to myself and run my tongue around you, tasting you, feeling you struggle to maintain control. All I want is to make you lose control.

Your hands travel back around my body. Your fingers find my breasts, holding their weight as I lean over your lap. I hear you moan again and look up at you. You pinch me lightly and I gasp. I move up your body to kiss you again. I taste your tongue, breathe in your scent.

Your hands go to the button of my jeans, snapping it open and pulling them down. I lift myself up to help you, leaning forward and over you and you bite at my breast as it comes close to your mouth. I squeak in surprise, but I lean toward you. Until you, I didn’t know I liked that. I didn’t know that a little bit of pain could make me so hot. I slide back into your lap, rubbing up against you. I’m so wet for you, so ready.

We continue to kiss as I feel your hands slide down my sides to my hips. You grab me and lift me up and over you. You start to slide into me and I try to slow it down, but you feel too good. We both hold our breaths as we settle into each other.

This shouldn’t feel as good as it does. Nothing should feel this good.

We kaçak bahis fall into a rhythm, kissing and touching each other greedily. For once I’m out of my head, lost in the feeling of our bodies coming together. There’s only you and how you’re making me feel. There’s the friction of skin against skin, the pinching and pulling of your mouth on my breast, the clenching of my legs. My hands grip your shoulders, your skin feels smooth and warm under my fingers. I feel woozy from the heat, and realize I have been holding my breath.

You stop suddenly, lifting me up again. I forget how big you are until you do something like this. I feel girly and small and out of control and sexy and so turned on. You turn me around and slide in behind me. Again we both moan. You feel amazing.

You pick up speed again. I feel you lean back over me, kissing my back, reaching around me to my breasts. I rock back harder into you, feeling you go faster and harder in return. We’re building and building. You whisper words that turn me on even more, making me feel wanted, desired. I can’t take much more.

And as I’m about to tell you, I feel you tense. I tell you to let go, this is what I want. You hold onto me so tightly. You gasp in my ear, murmuring words I want to hear. We stay like this, catching our breath, rocking slowly against each other.

We collapse together. I curl into you, slowly passing my hand over your arms and chest. You pull me to you, kissing my forehead and cheeks before coming back to my mouth. We kiss again, long, luxurious, endless kisses. I could do this all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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