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Train Journey

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This work is copyrighted to the author LuckOfTheDraw in the year 2001.

Please do not remove the author information or make

any changes to this story. This story may not be posted to any site, free or otherwise, without the written permission of the author. Thank you for your consideration.

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Train Journey – Part 1 and Part 2

To travel from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt, one very good way is the EuroCity(EC) train service that transits every two hours. From Dusseldorf you pass through Duisburg to Cologne, and then to Bonn, Koblenz and Mainz to Frankfurt. That afternoon, in early November, I was taking the EC leaving Dussledorf at 3.28 PM, passing through Bonn at 5.14 and reaching Frankfurt at 7.08 PM.

I had come to Dusseldorf for a trade show, and as always happened to me at the railway station when I was on my own, I was starting to wonder if this would be my lucky day.

I liked travelling by German trains for two reasons. One was of course the comfort, speed and the lack of crowds, and the second was my search for the “stranger on a train” fantasy. I had been unable to shake off this fantasy ever since I had read Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying”.

So, as usual, when the train arrived, I boarded the coach and started walking down the corridor searching for a compartment, which had a woman in it. It was fairly crowded that afternoon, and I had to cross two coaches before I found a compartment that had only one man and a woman in it. In a German coach, till very recently, there were six seats in every compartment, three facing each other. The compartment can be closed by a sliding door.

The man and the woman were occupying the window seats, and I took the empty corridor seat opposite the woman. The curtain on the corridor window was open, and I could see the countryside going by in the reverse direction.

The man was busy writing a report of some kind in a proforma. He was completely busy and did not look up. The woman took out a pack of cigarettes and lit up. I realized I had got into a smoking compartment by mistake (I stopped smoking years ago). She looked at me out of the corner of her eye with something a brief smile, then went back to a magazine she had in her hand.

I studied her, first covertly, then quite openly. She had brown hair pulled back and held in a ruffle, spectacles, and was dressed in black stretch pants, very tight the way German women like to wear them, topped by a loose blue turtleneck sweater. It was pretty warm with the central heating, and I thought she must be uncomfortable in her sweater. The curve of her hip on the crossed leg looked slim and shapely, and I began to be glad that I had chosen this compartment.

I stretched my legs out in front of me, and tried to relax. I’m fairly tall (6 ft) and I need leg space and a comfortable backrest. I looked around at the sides of the seat to find the backrest lever. I looked up and found her smiling at me. She said something in German. I speak a

little German, but not enough.

“I’m sorry,” I said in German.”I speak only a little German. Do you speak English?” (my standard line!)

“Yes” she said with a slight laugh.”I was telling you that that the lever is under the seat” And so it was. I worked the lever and stretched out a little more comfortably.

She was still smiling, and picked the packet of cigarettes up and offered it to me.

“No thank you” I said.”I don’t smoke. Not any longer”

She started to laugh.

“But you have come into a smoking compartment”

There was nothing to say except to brazen it out. “Yes.’ I said. “I do that often”

“And why?” she asked still smiling.

“I like to meet interesting people when I travel. I find smokers to be much more interesting.”

“Why is that”she asked.

“Because smokers are people who have let themselves try something new. Non-smokers know only how to follow other people’s rules. I’ve been a smoker myself, remember.”

She laughed at that, a full-throated genuine laugh this time. It sounded good and very sexy as it died away slowly.

“What do you do?” she asked.

“I’m a software engineer.” I replied. “From India. I’m here for a project. “

“Will canlı bahis you be here long?”

“It’s a three month project.” I replied.”I’ve got another month to go.”

“And where do you live?”

“In Frankfurt.” I said.”And you?”

“In Hannover.” she said, smiling.

“And what work do you do?”

“I’m a radio journalist.”She replied.

“Do you specialize in any particular field? You know, politics, sports and so on?”

“Yes. In theatre. Experimental theatre is my specialty, to be precise. In fact, that’s why I’m going to Frankfurt. There is a very original set of plays being put up over the weekend.”

“That sounds very interesting.” I said.”What kind of plays?”

“They are completely silent. No speech at all. Everything is communicated through movements and gestures, non-verbal communication as it is called.”

“Really?” I said.”Is that actually possible?”

“You’d be surprised.” she replied.”I was also very skeptical earlier. But now, I have become an expert in non-verbal communication. In fact,” she snapped her fingers.”now I can tell immediately in most cases what the real communication is, behind the spoken words.”

Again, there was the slow smile. The silence hung in the air like an invisible thread. I looked at her and felt the slight tension start to build up between us.

I realised the train had started to slow down. I looked out of the window and saw that we were in the outskirts of a city. Cologne, the next stop. The man in the corner, who till then had been silently writing his report, started to pack his papers up and put them into a small briefcase.

The train slid into the station. The man in the corner stood up, collected his coat from the rack above him, and with a brief “Wiedersehn” was gone.

I held my breath. Would we be lucky?

People came into the coach and bustled down the corridor. A couple of them looked in, saw both of us and continued on their way.

The train started again and moved slowly out of the darkness of the station gathering speed into the evening.

The train conductor came in, saw that there was nobody new. pulled the door shut with a clang and moved on.

I turned around and saw her looking straight at me. Her expression was unreadable.

The tension between us was getting to be unbearable. I could feel the blood starting to pound through my body. My penis was now rock hard in my pants.

Then she said. “The countryside is very lovely.”

I looked out of the window. And so it was. Flaming autumn colours in the evening sun.

I looked back at her. Now was the time.

“I don’t like to watch the countryside going in the reverse direction.” I said (my seat was facing the end of the train). “Can I sit next to you?”

“Please.” she said.

I moved over and sat next to her. I could hardly breathe.

I turned slowly and looked at her. Her lips were half parted. Then she slowly rested her cheek on my shoulder.

I leaned towards her and kissed her. Our lips clung together and my tongue slowly moved into her mouth.

Her tongue flicked against mine and then all at once her arms came up around my neck and held me fiercely. Her mouth opened and we were suddenly kissing as if it was the last kiss on earth. The ferocity of her response was unbelievable.

I lost track of time as we kissed unendingly. I moved my hand tentatively up and gently brushed her breast. Her response was instantaneous. She arched her back up and her breast came naturally into my palm.

I reached below and started to tug off her heavy sweater. For the first time since we started she broke the kiss, reached down and in a second the sweater was off. Below she was wearing a tight thin off white jersey knit to that came to her waist outside the stretch pants. I could now make out that her breasts were small but shapely, the way I like them.

She came right back at me and again her tongue was in my mouth. I moved my hand to her waistband and then slowly up and her to her breast. She moaned deep in her throat even as she continued to kiss me.

I had to see what her breasts were like, had to feel her nipples. I reached behind under her top with both my hands, easily unhooked her bra, and drew it out through one sleeve. She broke the bahis siteleri kiss and smiled at me for a second as I did that. A cousin of mine had taught me to do some things rather well, but more on that some other time!

Her breasts were now in my hands and I could feel her nipples. They were small and absolutely rock hard. God, she was on fire all right!

I reached down and pushed her top to the top of her breasts. I could see them now and they were what I had dreamt of. Small but firm and upstanding, with pink nipples that were small and surprisingly long. I greedily bent down and one nipple came into my mouth.

Now she was moaning uncontrollably as I tongued her nipples. I was gentle at first and then sucked them deep between my compressed lips before tongue lashing it. My hand had moved down wards of its own accord and was now between her things, stroking higher and higher till it reached the fork.

She parted her legs and I could now lay my hand flat against the fork of her stretch pants. My center finger was rubbing right against her cunt and clitoris. Even through the pats I could feel the heat and the wetness.

Then suddenly the train jerked a little and we both looked up. Through the window we could see houses and streets. We were already nearing Bonn. We’d been at it for twenty minutes and it had seemed like only two or three!

She pulled her top down and straightened herself. Her hair was still in its ruffle and her spectacles were still on!

We waited in Bonn station for the dream to end. We were lucky again. The train had started to move and we were still alone.

I turned back to her and tried to kiss her again.

“No'” she said. “The conductor will be coming by to check the tickets. After that.”

We were lucky again. It took only a minute for the train conductress – it was a she now – to come in. She saw us sitting next to each other and there was just the fractional lift of the eyebrow. She asked something of my companion and received a short and polite sounding reply. As she left she gave us both a long look. Her lips were half parted and her tongue briefly flickered at the edge of her mouth. This time the door shut slowly.

I looked at my companion.

“She knew.” she said smiling. ” maybe….”

With that she leaned forward and kissed me again.

Now there was no holding back. Koblenz was 45 minutes away and it was getting quite dark.

She broke the kiss for a moment.

“Close the door.” she said. I got up and moved the latch to the locked position. When I turned back I saw that her spectacles were off and she had removed her ruffle. Her hair was falling softly to her shoulders now.

In a second I was back next to her. She had pushed the seat rest between the two seats up and there was nothing between us now. My lips were at her nipples again and my hand between her thighs. But now her hand had also moved down and was stroking my engorged penis through my trousers.

I moved back and unzipped my pants. My penis sprang free and strained towards the roof. There was no hesitation. She bent down immediately and her lips were at the head of my cock.

She did it beautifully. First she licked the head in an experimental kind of way. Then she took the head slowly into her mouth only to release it again. She then tongued my cock all the way down to the base and up again. She licked the bottom of the head at its most sensitive spot slowly and forever it seemed.

I was scared I would come then and there, the sensation was so exquisite. She seemed to sense it and moved back and took my cock completely in her mouth. Her head started to move up and down first slowly and then faster and faster. It was I who was groaning now, my hands in her hair.

I was getting close to the edge and going out of control. I pulled at her hair and her mouth came off my cock. I pulled her up and I could taste my precum juices in her mouth.

I started to unzip her pats. She seemed as though to resist for a second and then stopped. She had on black silk panties under her trousers. I rubbed my thumb against them and she gasped as I found her clitoris though the soaking silk.

I wondered for a second what to do next. She solved my problem for me by pulling her pats and panties below her bahis şirketleri knees herself in one swift movement.

“I have a condom in my bag.” she whispered. She reached out took her bag off the small table rummaged in it and handed

me the plastic packet.

I tore the cover off and rolled it on.

“This way.” she said as she twisted round and brought her knees onto the seat.

Her ass was in front of me now. I had been right, she was slim and very shapely. I felt one buttock and it was soft yet firm. trembling a little under my hand. I moved my hand down and my finger went easily into her cunt. It was tight and slick and incredibly hot.

I slid my finger in and out. She was gasping now, moving her ass back each time. I took my finger out and moved it down until I had found her clitoris. She shuddered and put one hand to her mouth to stop the noise that was rising from her throat.

“Fuck me. Fuck me please.” she gasped between her teeth.

I needed no second invitation. Her legs were together because of the pants which she still had on below her knees. I put one foot on the seat and left the other on the ground. My cock was less than an inch away from her cunt now. I couldn’t control myself any longer.

I lunged forward and my cock started to bury itself deep in her cunt. She was tight, damn tight because her legs were together, but she was smooth and slick as anything I had ever felt. And she was hot, it was like a furnace down there. I pushed forward as hard as I could and I could feel my balls tight against her ass now. I could hear her bite down into her hand to stop from screaming.

I started to pump her and immediately discovered something wonderful. I needed to do very little, the rhythm of the train was doing it all for me. I was moving easily in and out of her cunt as her ass swayed back and forth with the train. It was fantastic; something I’d never experienced before.

I leant forward and cupped both her breasts in my hands. Her nipples were rock hard against my palms. I squeezed her breasts roughly.

My eyes were closed as I pumped my cock in and out, in and out. My breath was rasping raggedly now, and some strange animal like groans were coming from my throat.

I moved faster and faster and her ass was bucking wildly now.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My back arched and my cock slammed into her cunt as it got harder than I thought it could ever go. The orgasm was coming up from my balls and it felt like an ocean, a tidal wave. I thought I was going to die.

The train screeched into a tunnel and we both screamed into our hands. My cock exploded and I could feel her body flail completely out of control. Her ass was slamming back against my balls in a way that I thought would crush them. It went on and on as though it would never stop and then, slowly, it started to subside.


We were walking down the Frankfurt platform hand in hand. We had stopped in Koblenz. Our clothes were back on and we had kissed softly and sweetly and gently. No one had come in, nor had the conductress disturbed us.

I had held her close during the final twenty minute run from Koblenz to Frankfurt. My lips had brushed hers from time to time. She has run a finger slowly over my face as though she wanted to remember each and every feature. It was night by then and I could see her face momentarily as the lights from the smaller stations flashed by. If the world had ended then, it would have been Ok with me.

Just before Frankfurt she spoke.

“It was a wonderful dream.” she said softly and ever so gently. ” But it will never happen again.”

I didn’t say anything.

The conductress had been waiting for us at the door of the coach. We had been the last to get out.

“Wiedersehn” she said and then did something completely unexpected. She leaned forward and kissed my companion first full on the mouth and then me. We had been both too taken aback to even move.

“Danke” said the conductress as she held the door open.

We were outside the platform gate now. It was time to go.

I drew her to me and we kissed. It was the sweetest gentlest slowest kiss I had ever experienced.

I broke the kiss.

“In your life, I wish everything that is best for you.” I said.”Only the best.”

“And you too.” she whispered, her fingers stroking my cheek.

I stepped back and our hands came apart. I looked at her for one last moment, then turned around and walked out to the road outside.

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