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Training Rebecca Ch. 2

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Over the next few days Becky continued to visit. Not much cleaning got done but boy did that girl have a sexual appetite, I think I’d awakened a monster. All she wanted to do was fuck. I explained that I couldn’t afford to pay her every time but she wasn’t bothered about the money side, she just wanted more and more sex, I just couldn’t keep up with her demands. No sooner would I fill her with spunk than she was down on her knees trying to suck my cock back to life. You’d have thought she had struck gold the first time I came in her mouth, instead of spitting it out or choking she drank it like a seasoned whore, licking up every last drop.

“What happened,” she asked afterwards, licking her lips, “don’t you know Becky, you just made me cum in your mouth,” I explained. “Wow, you mean I did that, just by sucking your prick.” It was all so new to her, she really was like a young kid let loose in a sweet shop.

“Becky, look, if your going to fuck other men and start to earn some serious money then we need to make up a story to keep Richard quiet.” “I know,” she said curling up to me with nothing on but stockings, shoes and a smile, “I’ll tell him I’ve got a job.” “Yes, but he’ll want to know what sort of job, where, the hours, how much you earn, all those sorts of things.” “Hmmm, s’pose your right. What do you suggest Fred?”

Now I’d been giving this some thought, if she was willing to let other guys fuck her then I wanted to be there, two reasons, first I felt protective towards her and didn’t want just any jerk having her and two, I figured she might just want to experiment a little further. “OK Beck’s, how about this, you tell Richard that I’m doing some part time freelance accountancy work and I’ve offered you a job in the afternoons helping with the typing etc, how’s that sound?” “But I can’t type,” she said, lazily playing with my limp dick, “no Becky, you won’t have too, he just has to think you can, besides, I can teach you on my PC, enough to look convincing anyway. I’ll give you a proper wage slip and make it look kosher, OK.”

“But if I’m doing typing for you when will I get to fuck other men and earn my £50?” Christ Almighty, she really could be thick at times. “Look, I’ll arrange for men I know to come here during the afternoons your pretending to work. You go into the bedroom and let them fuck you, they pay you £50 and go away, easy isn’t it.” “Won’t you be jealous, all those men fucking me?” She was pouting now and was genuinely concerned about my feelings, if I was 20 years younger I’d have murdered Richard and married her myself, what a find. “No Beck’s, I won’t be too jealous, besides, I’ll be here to, you never know, I might peak round the door and watch.” “Oh Fred, you are naughty,” she giggled cuddling up close and pecking me on the cheek.

The problem now was, where do I find some suitable punters. When my wife was alive we used to place adverts in contact magazines, this always brought a good response and we made a lot of new friends over the years, trouble was it took a few weeks to get results. I was thinking of trying the internet but then it hit me, the British Legion, there were lots of blokes there in a similar situation to me, not only that but they all knew a good thing when they saw it and wouldn’t let on.

Saturday night and I was first at the bar. Harry was the next in, he was in the same regiment as me, had been divorced for the last five years and as far as I knew didn’t have a steady partner. In the old days when Mary, my wife, had been alive Harry had joined us on several occasions for a good threesome. “How do Fred mate, how’s it hanging?” “Arry, if a told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” We both laughed and chatted about all and sundry for a while. After a few beers I finally plucked up the courage. “Arry, you was always a randy old bugger, what bahis firmaları do you do for sex now?” “Oh I get by, there’s still some of the old crowd gets down the bingo hall, why, you wanna marry me?” We roared with laughter, “no chance mate, you’re two butch for me.”

We took our drinks to a corner table. “Arry, how would you like to get your hands on a beautiful 25 year old blue eyed blond?” “Oh look,” he joked pointing to a fat old dear coming through the door with her even fatter husband, “there’s one now.” “Stop fucking about, I’m dead serious, long legs, big tits and can’t get enough.” My old mate stared at me long and hard, “your serious, aren’t you.”

I told Harry the complete story. He was thoughtful for a while and then said, “£50 you say,” “yep,” “and she’ll do anything I want?” “Well almost, she’s still learning but she’s real keen.” “Ave you tried her on the old DP yet?” “Fuck me Arry, give the girl a chance. No, but I thought with you helping me we could get her to go the whole hog, even a gang bang maybe.” Harry had his own haulage business so I knew the money wouldn’t present a problem. “Count me in Fred old mate, what you aving?” We drank to our new challenge and made plans for Monday afternoon.

Sunday morning I found Richard on my doorstep, “oh shit,” I thought, “don’t tell me he’s found out already.” I opened the door and invited a stern faced Richard in. “Rebecca tells me you’ve offered her a job, is that right?” Pompous little git, no good morning, just straight in. “Well of course Richard it was subject to your approval,” I lied. He seemed to relax a little. “Just what exactly will she be doing?” She’ll be laying spread eagled on the bed dressed like a fucking slut sucking and fucking her brains out, I thought to myself, “oh not too much, it’s just that I’ve taken on some accounting work and need help with the admin, some filing, posting letters, that sort of thing.” “Rebecca says your going to teach her how to type.” I’m going to teach Rebecca a lot of things, swallowing cum, taking it up the arse, being gang banged and just a little bit of typing I thought again. “Yes, that’s right, I will need help with the occasional letter, I’ll show her how to use the PC Word Processor, it’s really easy and she’ll soon pick it up.” “And exactly how much will you be paying her for this, err, admin work?” The pompous little shit asked, “Well, we hadn’t agreed on an exact figure and it will be spasmodic but would a hundred and fifty a week sound OK?”

The little bastard was flabbergasted. “Err yes, yes that all seems in order, fine, I’ll um, leave you to it then.” You bet you’ll leave me to it, from what Becky’s said you couldn’t fuck your way out of a wet paper bag. I smiled sweetly, shook his limp hand and showed him out. £150 quid a week was twice his basic wage, no wonder he was happy. If I got the response I hoped for, then Becky would be earning three times that, easy.

Monday afternoon and Harry came over as arranged. A few minutes later, dead on 1 o’clock Becky arrived wearing a thin button down the front cotton dress, high heels and stockings. At my request she’d left her knickers and bra at home. I kissed her on the cheek, “I’ve got a surprise for you today,” “oh, I love surprises, tell me, c’mon Fred, what is it?” “Well, you remember you said you wanted to make more money, how would another £50 sound on top of what I pay you?” “What, you mean £100? What have I got to do?” “Simple sweetheart, you just fuck another guy.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d gone too far, her expression was blank and she simply stared down at the floor. I stood behind and wrapped my arms round her, gently massaging her tits and nipples. “All you’ve got to do is what you do with me, it’ll be OK and I’ll be right here all the time.” “You won’t leave me Fred, promise you won’t leave me,” “course kaçak iddaa I won’t, tell you what, I’ll even stay in the bedroom with you, how’s that.” A big grin lit up her face, “wow, £100, I’ve never seen £100 before.” “OK, lets go and meet Harry, he’s a nice guy and just dying to met you.”

I led her into the bedroom; Harry was sprawled across the bed fully clothed. “Becky, I’d like to you meet Harry, Harry, this is the beautiful Rebecca.” Harry got off the bed and stood directly in front of Becky, “Becky, your an absolute Goddess.” Becky beamed. “Becky, lets show Harry the rest of you.” I stood behind her, reached round and ever so slowly undid the buttons on her dress. She rested her head back on my shoulder and just let me get on with it. With the final button undone, I opened the dress to reveal her wonderful young body to Harry. “What d’ya think of this Arry,” I said holding the dress wide open. “Heaven mate, pure heaven … may I.”

He stepped forward and cupped both Becky’s tits in his hands. She still had her head leant back on my shoulder and her eyes shut tight but was now making purring sounds as Harry gently squeezed her flesh and teased the nipples. “Christ Fred, she’s got nipples like organ stops,” “you want to see them when she really gets going,” I answered. I removed the dress and steered Becky towards the bed, laying her on her back. She automatically spread her legs and Harry looked down absolutely flabbergasted. “Fucks sake Fred, she’s an absolute doll.”

Both Harry and I sat each side of Becky and ran our hands up her stockings towards her bare pussy. Still massaging her thighs we took a nipple each in our mouths and started to suck and nibble the prominent bud. Becky started to thrash about on the bed and put a hand on each of our heads holding us in place. I could see Harry working his fingers in and out of her cunt so I went for her clitoris. Within seconds she was screaming out, thrashing wildly as her first orgasm of the day hit. “Wow, that was fantastic,” she said propped up on the pillow looking wide eyed at both Harry and me, “both titties sucked at the same time, it made me go all tingly.”

Harry and I stripped off as Becky watched. Harry’s cock was also circumcised but a good inch longer than mine. I could see her comparing the two as we dropped our underpants and crawling down the bed she reached out and took each one in her hand. “Hmmm, yours is fatter and Harry’s is longer,” she mussed examining each one in turn. “Why don’t you see what they taste like?” Without any hesitation she took half of my cock straight into her mouth, gave it a quick tongue wash and then did the same to Harry. She kept this up for several minutes before Harry said he was going to cum. Becky knew exactly what to expect and with both arms round his arse she pulled him forward and started to suck like mad. She hadn’t learnt to deep throat yet but her tongue more than made up for it.

Harry had his eyes shut and his head thrown back as Becky worked her magic on his tool. “Oh yes,” he grunted, holding her head still as he fucked her mouth, “urghh, oh fuck yes.” He unloaded into Becky’s willing mouth and the little vixen drank every drop. “Hmm, it taste slightly different to yours,” she said licking her lips, “more salty but still yummy.” “Becky, how would you like to suck Harry’s cock back to life while I fuck you?” “Oh yes please.” Harry lay on the bed now and Becky crawled between his legs, her beautiful rump pointing straight up ready for action. I climbed up behind her and slid my engorged cock up her soaking wet snatch. We had other plans for Becky today so I didn’t want to cum just yet, trouble was, she would push back on each stroke and had a way of twisting her cunt, it took all my will power to hold back.

I could hear her slurping away on Harry’s tool and decided the time kaçak bahis was right. Holding her hips tight to prevent her from moving I left my cock buried in her cunt. “Becky, how would you like to try something new, something really sexy?” “This is really sexy,” she replied, reluctantly letting go of Harry’s cock. “Well, you know I said I’d teach you everything, there’s still something else to learn, something really, really sexy.” I knew this would spark her imagination, she just loved everything sexual and couldn’t get enough. “What is this thing, show me, oh please Fred don’t tease, show me.”

“OK, it might hurt just a little bit at first but after that your love it.” I pulled out and Harry positioned himself underneath, Becky instinctively lowered her cunt over his cock and started to ride up and down. I got behind and played with her cunt and arse, slowly putting one finger up her arsehole until it was knuckle deep. “Ohhhh Fred, that feels weird,” “don’t worry, just relax, your enjoy it.” She continued to ride Harry’s cock as I slowly inserted a second finger up her arse. I’ve never known a girl lubricate as much as Becky and it was easy to coat my fingers with juice every time Harry pulled out. We kept the momentum going with Becky riding up and down on Harry’s cock while I moved my fingers in and out of her arse. When I thought it was loose enough I climbed on the bed behind them and replaced my fingers with my cock. Realising what was happening Becky froze and clamped tight.

“Just relax Beck’s, I promise you’re love it.” As I felt her relax slightly I pushed forward, imbedding the first few inches up her arse. “Oh Fred, it hurts, you promised you wouldn’t hurt me.” She’d stopped moving now and Harry’s prick was up her to the hilt. “Just relax a bit more, can you feel Harry’s cock touching mine?” “Hmmm yes I can,” “and does it feel nice?” “Well yes, but it still hurts a bit.” “Just relax and we’ll go slowly, once your used to it I promise it won’t hurt anymore and you’ll have even bigger orgasms than before.”

As she relaxed, I slowly fed more and more in, pulling back a little each time before pushing forward. After a few minutes I could feel her pushing back until my entire 7″ were buried in her tight virgin arse. “Now we’re going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” Harry started to jerk his hips up and down while I fucked her arse. “Oh yes, I can feel your cock hitting Harry’s cock, God I feel so full,” “full of cock Princess, just the way you should be.” We pounded away at her holes until I felt her tighten up, that old familiar routine where her stomach muscles would pull in, her pussy would tighten, she would close her eyes, throw her head back and … “Oh Fred … I’m comminggggggggggggggggg.”

And boy did she cum. She ground her cunt down hard on Harry’s cock while at the same time pushed back hard onto mine. Harry had hold of both nipples and was twisting them relentlessly in his fingers while I put my hand round and fingered her clit. She rocked and twisted for ages, perspiration glowed on her back and her damp hair clung to her head. We both held still until she came down. “I told you you’d like it,” “like it, Fred, it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.” Harry and I changed places and started all over again. Before we came Becky had several more orgasms, none quite as big as the first but each one causing her to cry out in sheer pleasure. Eventually Harry and I could hold out no longer and I felt his cock pulsing as he filled her arse with hot spunk. I wasn’t too far behind him.

Laying naked on the bed later she told us that the feeling of two cocks filling her completely and then shooting there juice into her had been the most mind blowing thing she had ever encountered. “Are you two ready, I want to do it again.” Like I said, Becky wasn’t the brightest of girls, but she had now found something she could excel in…SEX.

* * * * *

To Be Continued…

In Chapter Three, Rebecca gets gang banged by a group of old soldiers – can she take it?

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