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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 19

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After Steve left I changed the bedding and decided to shower before I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to deal with my hair in the morning. The steamy moist air in the bath room enhanced the musty pungent odor of sex fluids still smeared on my body and I enjoyed the reminder of hot sex I had just had with Kozmerl.

Stepping into the stream of hot shower water that sexy smell was soon replaced with the scent of strawberry shampoo and body wash. Showers take longer for me since I spend extra time cleansing my waist length hair. As luck would have it just before I finished my cell which was on the vanity rang.

I quickly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower but just as I was about to flip it open the call went to my voice mail box. I knew it was Bill calling but I also knew that if I called him back I’d get his voice mail so I just stood there dripping water all over the floor waiting for my lover to leave his message.

It seemed like forever until the new voice mail icon appeared on the tiny screen. I instantly called my voice mail box and entered my pass code.

“You have one new voice mail message” The computer generated voice said.

I didn’t wait for her to tell me to press 1 to hear my messages.

“Hi baby its Bill. If you get this message in the next five minutes call me back. If not call me first thing in the morning. Love ya.” Bill said.

I pressed seven to delete the message then hit Bill’s name in my speed dial list.

It rang once then he answered my call. “Hi Gen did I call at a bad time?” Bill said.

“Babe there is no bad time for you to call me. I was in the shower.” I replied. “In fact I’m standing in my bath room dripping wet as we speak.” I added with a giggle as I looked down at the puddle of water around my feet on the tile floor.

“I like the mental image of that Gen.” Bill replied.

“Wish you were here to enjoy the real thing baby.” I answered.

“I got your message the other day Bill. How was your Wednesday night with Tess?” I asked.

Bill replied. “She’s such a pain in the ass, always signing us up for this community group or some educator’s action committee. It was a totally boring evening and didn’t get any more exciting when we got home.”

I was glad to hear that he didn’t end up having sex with his wife and teased him by asking. “So you didn’t get any action after the action committee meeting either.”

“No but I did meet some one there who knows you Gen.” Bill said.

“Oh really I’m not sure that’s a good thing.” I replied quickly asking “Who was that?”

“Well I only got her first name Gen but Marsha had nothing but good things to say about you. Bill replied.

“Oh my god Bill I shop in Marsha’s boutique all the time.” I answered.

“She told me that Gen. Marsha was there with her husband who teaches at Central High. Bill explained.

“How did my name come up?” I asked.

“Well Marsha and I were chatting while her husband and Tess were formulating a plan to make high school math curriculum perfect. I mentioned that I taught at the university and she immediately asked if I knew you.” Bill explained.

“Oh I see.” I interjected as I pressed the speaker button on my phone and set it on the vanity so I could dry off while we talked. .

Bill continued. “I told Marsha that I knew you but that because our class rooms are in different buildings we seldom run into each other.”

“So she has no idea we’re seeing each other?” I asked.

“Oh no!” Bill replied.

“That’s good baby.” I answered pausing before I continued. “Bill do you remember a few weeks ago when we were together and I broke down and poured my heart out to you about my sexual escapades?”

“Of course I remember Gen.” Bill answered. So you remember me telling you about the ménage à trios’ I had with another woman and her lover?” I asked.

“Yesssss?” Bill replied extending the word for affect.

“Well babe, Marsha was that other woman.” I admitted.

Bill replied. “I’m not all that surprised Gen she came on to me pretty good at the meeting.”

“Oh really that doesn’t surprise me either baby.” I answered.

“Was her husband?” Bill said.

I cut him off saying. “NO baby the third in our ménage à trios’ was her secret lover.”

“I’m glad to hear that Gen cause her husband is a jerk.” Bill commented.

“But what about Marsha babe do you think she’s hot?” I asked.

“Yeah I suppose she is.” Bill replied.

Would you like to fuck her baby?” I asked.

Bill paused for a moment I assumed to consider his reply.

“Are you talking about a ménage à trios’ Gen?” He replied.

I giggled and replied. “Absolutely Bill.”

“Hmmmmmmm.” He said.

“Can I take that as a yes baby?” I asked.

“Absolutely!” Bill exclaimed.

“Great Bill I’ll talk to Marsha and set it up but I will surprise her with you if that’s okay?” I suggested.

“Sounds like fun Gen.” Bill said.

“So baby did you call me just to chat or was there something else on your mind?” I bahis firmaları asked wanting to move the conversation to just Bill and me.

“Actually Gen I called to ask when I can see you again and to apologize for not calling you sooner.” Bill said.

“You can see me anytime you want Bill and there is no need to apologize I know you can’t just pick up your phone and call me when ever you want.” I answered.

“What’s your schedule like tomorrow Gen?” Bill asked.

“I have a nine o’clock class then I’m free from ten til one baby.” I said.

“That’s great Gen I have a nine thirty class so I could stop by your office around ten thirty.” Bill suggested.

“I have a better idea baby. Why don’t I come by your office after my class that way when you finish at ten thirty I’ll be there ready and waiting for you.” I suggested.

“Hmmmm I like the sound of ready and waiting.” Bill remarked.

“Great Bill don’t forget to leave your office unlocked or I’ll have to get ready in the hall.” I said with a giggle.

“I can’t wait Gen.” Bill said then added “Oh shit Tess just pulled into the garage I gotta go baby.”

“Okay Bill I’ll see you in the morning then.” I was able to say before he disconnected.

While Bill and I were talking I was able to pretty much dry my body and wrapped a towel around my body but my hair was still soaking wet. Instead of my usual blow drying I decided to pull it back in a pony tail and sleep with a dry towel under my wet hair.

I pulled the comforter down and spread two dry towels where I’d be sleeping. Laying down I started thinking about the last few hours. Steve Kozmerl had giving me one hell of a fuck. My pussy was still swollen and when I slipped a finger down to touch my clit I found it quite sensitive. As I slowly masturbated I began fantasizing about a three some with Bill and Marsha. I imagined that she and I were kneeling before Bill taking turns sucking his cock. While Marsha sucked on the head and shaft I would suckle his balls and lick the scrotum. Then we’d switch and I’d have his throbbing cock in my mouth while Marsha gave his balls her attention.

I was certain my secret lover would love having two expert cock suckers pleasure him that way. I wondered if he would like having me lay on the bed legs spread offering him my tight little pussy while Marsha knelt above me offering him her hot wet pussy and even tighter ass hole. I could almost see Bill going from one fuck hole to the other in long deep strokes.

My finger moved from my clit to slip between swollen pussy lips and dipped inside as I continued to pleasure myself and imagine what else my lover might enjoy.

Next I thought about having Marsha laying on her back with me sixty nine over her body. Bill could kneel between her lush thighs and fuck her while I licked and sucked her clit. Marsha would of course be taking care of my steamy pussy with her expert tongue and lips.

I slipped a second finger inside and began pumping them into my wet pussy a little faster as my fantasy of our three some continued.

I know how much Bill loves having me dangle my head over the edge of the bed and letting him face fuck me driving his cock as deep in my throat as he likes. To that we could add that Marsha could be seated on the floor with her head turned back and she could lick the length of his cock shaft with each thrust he made into my throat sucking his balls when he was buried deepest in my oral fuck tunnel.

My fingers now ground into my sopping wet pussy and my loins began to tingle with the approach of my self induced orgasm. My fantasy turned to Bill’s orgasm. I imagined after all that hot steamy fucking Bill would stand over Marsha and me as we knelt before him slowly stroking his cock. Marsha and I begging him to shower our faces with his hot cum.

“Give it to us Bill!” Marsha and I would say in unison.

Bill would be watching our faces intensely as his climax approached his surging cock swelling as those glorious balls began pumping hot cum toward the tip of his cock.

“Please baby shoot that hot sticky cum load all over our pretty faces!” I’d plead.

“Paste our eyes shut with your hot sperm!” Marsha would beg.

My self induced orgasm built to a fever pitch as I imagined Bill’s cock exploding shooting one thick gooey stream of wonderful cum on my face and on Marsha’s lush lips. My loins were on fire as I imagined a second thick shot of hot cum landing squarely on Marsha’s forehead and down the middle of her nose dribbling into her hot open mouth. Another stream of his wonderful hot cum shot from his cock and splashed on my cheek as Bill nearly collapsed still stroking his cock and enticing every possible drop of cum his balls could pump from him.

My fingers ground into my dripping wet pussy trying to extend my own orgasm as I imagined Bill leaning forward and pressing his cum covered cock head between my lips. Then with drawing to offer the same rock hard cock to Marsha.

As my orgasm subsided I imagined that I would kaçak iddaa turn and lick Bills cock shaft as it disappeared inside Marsha’s mouth. Licking cum from his rock hard cock and Marsha’s soft lush lips.

Bill would withdraw still stroking his cock as Marsha and I would share his cum load, licking it from each others faces. Kissing and letting our cum coated tongues dance before the awesome man who had just showered us with his hot sticky cum load.

I pulled my fingers out of my wet pussy and brought them to my mouth so I could taste my own juices imagining they were my incredible lovers cum.

Yes a ménage à trios’ with Bill and Marsha would be incredible and I could hardly wait to call her and make the suggestion.

As I drifted off to sleep I began planning how best to arrange what was sure to be an incredible night of hot steamy sex.

I woke Thursday morning wondering if perhaps Bill had fallen to sleep the night before fantasizing about our planned ménage à trios’. I was pretty certain he wouldn’t have masturbated while having that fantasy since his wife Tess would have been laying next to him. None the less I hoped that he was thinking of the same thing I was as he drifted off to sleep the night before.

I stumbled into the bath and looked at my self in the mirror. My hair was a mess and it looked as if I had dark circles under my eyes. I had a slight twinge of pain in my left thigh no doubt the result of some crazy position Kozmerl had gotten me into the evening before.

At least my hair smelled clean and some careful make-up would hide the dark circles under my eyes. I dragged a brush through my long black hair and slipped on my favorite fluffy white bath robe to head to the kitchen to make some coffee.

While the coffee brewed I returned to my bed room and sat down at my make-up table. Some expertly applied blush eye liner and mascara and I was starting to look alive again and feeling better also. My thigh was still rather tight not enough to cause a limp but none the less still a little painful.

Some hot coffee and a bite to eat brought me back to life completely and I picked out an outfit I knew Bill would enjoy. White lace bra and thong under skin tight black slacks. An equally tight pull over sweater and a black satin vest buttoned completely. I let my hair in the pony tail since I knew that for today my hair was probably a lost cause.

Grabbing my brief case and slinging my purse over one shoulder I headed out and made the short walk across campus in record time not pausing to talk with anyone but not ignoring anyone who offered a “Good Morning Ms. Walker.”

My eight thirty class was with an advance literature group so I had little preparation to do before they began filing in. And for the next hour I served as more of a moderator of their discussion of the reading assignment I had given them at the end of our last session.

It was a lively discussion with one young man Kevin Jaymes nearly always taking the opposing point of view. Had I not wanted the group discussion to end promptly at nine thirty I would have questioned Mr. Jaymes on his opinions but I had more important things or thing on my mind and that was my lover Bill’s big thick cock.

“Lets read the next chapter for next time and we’ll continue our discussion.” I announced as the end of class bell sounded.

I was happy that none of my students wanted to ask me a question after class and by nine thirty five I was locking up my office and class room and headed toward the building where Bill’s office is located.

It’s a short walk and in three or four minutes I was slowing walking down the hall. The door to his class room was open and as I passed I saw him leaning against his desk discussing the topic of the morning with his class. I paused for a moment at the door hoping he would glance toward me but his attention was with his class so I moved to the next door which lead to his office and turned the door knob. It opened and is stepped inside without being seen by anyone else. I turned the dead bolt securely insuring that for the next few hours Bill and I would be totally alone.

Bill’s office like most men’s offices is a little cluttered. Piles of papers were scattered across the small sofa and his desk looked like someone had dumped a filing cabinet of papers on the top. But I wasn’t as concerned with the appearance of his office as I was with getting “ready” for him to enter.

I unbuttoned my vest and removed it so I could peel the tight sweater over my head and slip out of my bra. My nipples were already becoming hard in anticipation of his soft kisses. Slipping the vest back on I buttoned only the bottom button. My vest fit tight enough with that one button closed that my pert tits were pressed delightfully together giving me very defined cleavage to entice my lover with.

I left my slacks and heels on figuring I’d give Bill something to remove himself. I toyed with the idea of removing the band that held my jet black waist length hair in a pony tail kaçak bahis but figured if Bill wanted to run his fingers through my long tresses I’d let him pull the band out himself.

Just as I heard the ten o’clock class bell sound I applied some additional pink lip gloss and pushed one stack of papers aside on his desk. Taking a seat on that cleared spot I crossed my legs and pushed my tits higher and tighter inside my vest and waited for him to enter.

I heard his class room door close and a moment later the door from the class room opened and Bill stepped through with a huge smile on his face. He closed and locked the door without taking his eyes off me. I smiled widely at my awesome secret lover and said. “I’m ready for you baby.” Shaking my shoulders so my tits would jiggle a little for him.

Bill instantly walked across the room and placed one hand on either side of my legs flat on his desk. He leaned forward and ever so gently kissed me on the mouth.

“I’ve missed you so much Gen.” He said after one gentle kiss.

I brought one hand up to his cheek and replied. “I missed you to Bill.”

Bill reached up and slowly ran his fingers along my jaw until he reached the sensitive spot just behind my ear. His touch excited me and I could feel my nipples grow tight under the fabric of my satin vest.

His hand slid behind my neck and under the gathered pony tail. As he gently pulled my head toward him he whispered. “Kiss me Genevieve.”

I closed my eyes and parted my glossy pink lips offering him my soft moist tongue.

Our lips touched first then his tongue darted toward mine. Only the tips touched at first then with more passion he circled my tongue with his. I moaned softly as his tongue explored my mouth.

As he explored with his tongue his hands began slowly moving around every part of my neck and skull. Soft gently caresses that sent tingles of pleasure shooting through my body. His fingers circled my neck and played with the tightly pulled hair before it entered the band holding it in a pony tail. The short hairs on my neck stood up and goose bumps rose on my naked arms.

“Oh god Bill how I’ve missed you.” I whispered when he broke our kiss for a moment.

I felt him move slightly to one side and then slip one arm under my crossed legs while the other circled by back. I instantly moved my arms around his neck as he plucked me from his desk our mouths still firmly together.

“Oh baby.” I whispered into his ear as he carried me toward the small couch.

Reaching that alter of lust Bill looked at the papers strewn across the surface. Bill slowly lowered me to my feet and whispered. “I should have cleaned up a little I suppose.”

I just smiled and kissed him softly on the mouth.

In one movement the papers were cast to the floor and Bill giggled before saying. “There we go all cleaned up.”

He drew my body close to his and again kissed me deeply on the mouth his tongue darting in and out of my soft moist oral cavity.

Our tongues mingled and danced during the longest soulful kiss while his hands started exploring my tingling body.

From gentle caresses of fabric covered ass cheeks to soft kisses planted on naked flesh Bill’s lips and hands moved skillfully arousing me and wanting him to expose more tingling skin to kiss.

His lips moved from my mouth to my naked neck and down to kiss and lick at the heaving mounds of tit flesh still held firmly by my tight vest. His tongue darted out and slowly slid between and into the soft cleavage exposed in front to him.

“Oh god Bill you’re setting me on fire.” I exclaimed as he kiss and licked at my breasts.

I wanted them completely exposed I wanted his mouth to capture the taut nipples that were still covered by satin fabric. I wanted his teeth nibbling at the pink areola surrounding the two hard nubs of pleasure.

Bill knowing we had more time then we could possibly need for our love making this morning took his time and instead of unbuttoning the one button that kept my full soft tits from his mouth he moved down kneeling before me his hands sliding down my back to grasp my ass cheeks through the skin tight material of my slacks.

His tongue flicked out to tease the miniscule patch of naked flesh just below my vest and above the waist band of my slacks. I shuddered with pleasure as his tongue teased that spot and his hands squeezed my ass cheeks.

“You’re driving me insane baby.” I whispered.

Bill only looked up into my lust filled eyes and grinned as he slowly slid his hands around front to undo the clasp that held my waist band tight to my hips.

His fingers skillfully moved around again this time along the waist band until he could slowly peel the skin tight fabric off my ass. As he slid the soft material off his fingers teased the now exposed flesh they found. Slowly, almost too slowly he slid my slacks down off my body until they were a puddle of fabric around my high heels.

I slid my fingers through his hair as he reached down and slowly removed one shoe then the other so I could step out of my slacks. As quickly as I did he grabbed the material and slid it aside then as slowly as he had removed my heels he helped me slip my feet back into them.

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