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Travelling for Pleasure Ch. 03

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As I checked out the following day, I looked around to see if Tom was around but to no avail. Disappointed, I turned to follow the porter out with my case, however as I walked away, the receptionist – Hazel, called me back.

“Oh, Mrs Parker, I have a parcel here for you. It was left by another guest earlier on this morning.”

As she handed me a very small package wrapped in silver paper, my heart raced!

Taking the package, I thanked her and continued towards the waiting car. I was keen and excited to unwrap the parcel, wondering what was inside however, wanted to do so in private. Usually, I would have called Mike to come and collect me however, I didn’t want him to know I had returned from New York yesterday and decided to hire a luxury car and chauffeur to take me home. I knew the company would pay my expenses and wasn’t unduly worried about the cost.

As I settled back into the warm leather I checked to see that the driver was concentrating on the road and started to rip the light paper apart. Suddenly, something fell into my lap. It was a very small pale pink thong! The one I had worn briefly last night. Bringing it up to my face I could tell it still held my personal scent! However, there was something else? His scent!! Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I could almost see him here with me. I could feel myself redden as my hand automatically moved to my breast and began to tease my nipple. I couldn’t believe how I had let myself go last night … bared my breasts and opened my legs for not just him but for others too! This was so not me!

I lay back in the seat for the rest of the journey, just remembering!!!!

When we were around 10 minutes away from home I thought I would ring to see if anyone was home and was speechless, just for a second, to hear Jennie’s voice answer my phone.

“Hello Jennie” I said, “It’s Anna.”

Stuttering, Jennie replied “Oh hi Anna, that was good timing. I’ve just popped in to check Catherine’s up and ready for college.”

“Great” I replied. “Is she ok? Can I have a word please?”

“Well she’s actually just left, Anna” she said quickly.

“Is Mike there?” I asked quietly.

“I’m not sure. I’ll just check for you.”

I could hear muffled noises and bangs then she returned. “Yes, I’ll just put him on. He must have been upstairs when you rang and didn’t hear the phone” said Jennie, seemingly out of breath.

‘They must think I’m stupid’ I thought. ‘There’s a phone in our bedroom! I bet she was in the middle of fucking my husband?’

“Hi babe” I heard Mike say. “Good journey?”

“You sound out of breath Mike. How come?”

“Oh I was just doing a workout in the spare room. Trying to work off some of this excess weight I’ve put on” he laughed uncertainly. “Want me to pick you up?”

“No it’s fine. Actually I’m just calling to tell you I’ve hired a car to take me home so I should be with you in around 10 minutes.” It was almost laughable… I could hear lots of movement in the background – probably them both trying to get dressed and tidy round before I got there.

“Oh great!” he replied. “See you soon then” quickly ringing off.

I just sat there, not sure if I should go straight home or not or perhaps drive around a little more. Did I want confrontation or not? Perhaps our sham of a marriage had gone on long enough so I decided to go straight home.

A little over ten minutes later we pulled onto the drive. I collected my luggage from the driver and met Mike at the front door, looking hot and flustered.

“Hi babe. Good to have you back. Successful trip?” he asked, taking my case and moving in as if to kiss me. I quickly took a step backwards!

“I’m tired Mike. I just want to have a bath and relax. Where’s Jennie?”

“Oh she’s gone home. She only popped in for a minute and wanted us to have some time to ourselves, so left when you called.”

‘I bet she did’ I thought. She knew that a woman could spot the tell tale signs of sexual activity a mile off and she also knew I would spot it on her too. I wondered how much energy he had used on her this morning and decided to put it to the test.

“I’m just going to run myself a bath Mike. How about bring me a cup of tea up eh?”

“Of course, darling. Carry on and I’ll bring it up in a minute.” he said quickly.

Little did he know what was in store for him!

Prior to running a bath, I took my case to the bedroom and removed two silk scarves. Wrapping them around the upper posts on the bed I quickly returned to the bathroom.

Whilst the bath taps were running, I slowly stripped down to my underwear – A black lacy bra and matching thong. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and thought for the first time for a long time, that I looked how I was meant to look. A sexy mature lady with a body that shows she’s experienced a full life – Child bearing silver stretch lines, round heavy breasts with long sturdy nipples that had nurtured two children and wide child bearing hips. I didn’t escorts in london see myself as fat and ugly any longer, I now saw what Tom had seen. A sexy wanton woman with a consummate need to both give and receive pleasure.

As I dabbed a little perfume behind my ears and between my breasts I could hear Mike coming up the stairs. I quickly moved into the position I wanted him to see me in when he entered.

If it wasn’t so serous it would be funny! Just to see the look on his face as he came through the door and nearly dropped the tea cup. I had leant over the bath, raising my bottom in the air and making sure my legs were wide apart. The silky slip of material at the back of my thong resting tightly between my cheeks and I knew he had spotted my pussy lips being held within the smooth black silk. Seconds after he entered I stood and turned towards him. I could tell he was uncertain as to what to say; his eyes taking in my heaving breasts, noticing the hard nipples trying to push through the thin material.

He watched me trail my fingers lightly over my body, almost absentmindedly. Over and around my bound breasts, slipping my fingers over the lace and teasing it down so that a little of the brown rippled skin next to my nipple was showing. Asking him to put the cup down next to me I began to move my hand down, over my rounded stomach and resting against my covered sex. I watched as his eyes widened, following the direction of my hands.

‘This was having an effect on him’ I thought to myself.

His face, possibly still a little flushed from his earlier coupling was now a deeper red and I could see that his breathing was becoming more erratic. As I looked down I could tell that his cock (Wow – what progress! I thought of it as his cock and not his penis) was less limp even to the point of growing under my watchful eye. But I didn’t want that. I wanted his cock rock hard and aching…I wanted – no needed – him to beg me for release, so I continued stroking and teasing my pussy with one hand and pulling on my now bare brown nipple, until he could see how wet I was.

One other thing to realise about Mike was he liked to be in control. He liked to call the shots and totally believed that he was irresistible to all women. He once said he only had to give a lady a certain look and she wouldn’t be able to resist him. I wonder how many women had had the pleasure?

It was at that particular moment that I wondered what on earth I had seen in him and why had I wasted my life being made to feel so undervalued. The only good thing he had done for me was give me his seed twice – resulting in 2 fantastic kids!

I could tell he didn’t like the fact that I was currently in control and couldn’t control his growing erection. As he moved forward I held my hand up to stop him, reached behind and unhooked my bra, freeing my full breasts.

His eyes widened as I reached forward to cup his hardness and said “Aren’t you a little overdressed Mike? Shall we move into the bedroom?”

As he turned to leave, hastily stripping his clothes off, I said quietly “Lie on the bed Mike, on your back but leave the lights off. Once I felt I had worked Mike up nicely I grinned as I watched him scuttle to our bedroom. His face said it all! As I entered the room I looked closely at him; lying stretched out on his back, eager for sex. I could see the rise and fall of his chest, emphasising his quick breathing, the ruddiness of cheeks and, looking along his body, his obvious erection. He caught my eye, drawing me down to observe his now stretched purple shaft straining for release.

I moved forward and kissed him seductively, making sure my lips only gently touched his and indicated that he should not make a sound. Noticing a faint smell of perfume lingering around his face I almost decided against continuing with my plan but decided to go on. I reached out and softly took each of his willing hands and raised them towards each post, making sure his fingers ‘accidentally’ brushed my sensitive nipples. I almost laughed as his cock jumped as each finger made contact.

Once his hands were secured tightly and I knew he was unable to break free I stood back from the bed a little. Sensing my withdrawal Mike opened his mouth to say something but before he could, I quickly placed my rolled up thong in his mouth, so that he was unable to speak. I could see he was now very angry at the position I had put him in and began the futile task of struggling to break free.

“Do you want me Mike?” I asked, touching myself intimately. “Would you like me to touch you – take you in my mouth?” I laughed, seeing his cock grow even harder and noticing the small drop of liquid seep out of his tip. “Oh I forgot! I don’t do oral, do I love?

As he continued to thrash around, I moved around the room, noticing his eyes follow me to see what I would do next. I couldn’t swear to it but I think he was a little disappointed to see me get dressed and repack a bag. I could see his hard cock softening escorts in london a little so moved towards him, took hold of him and slid my soft hand up and down his throbbing shaft.

Happy with the result I picked up the phone and dialled.

“Hello Jennie. I just thought you might like to come over for a cuppa, catch up on things?” I asked. “I’ll put the kettle on so see you in a minute” and quickly rang off.

Seeing the look of horror on his face I smiled and walked downstairs, carrying my now full case.

“Hello” I heard Jennie’s voice behind me, as I poured the tea into the cups.

“Oh hi Jennie. How have you been? I hope my husband and daughter haven’t been using you too much?” I asked, almost laughing at the look of horror on her face.

“No, no” she stuttered.

Before she could continue, I said “I have a present for you, just to say thanks for all your efforts. I know you’ve put yourself to a lot of trouble for Mike. I’ve left it upstairs for you. Go on! Help yourself. I hope you enjoy.”



It had been quite a hectic and definitely stressful couple of months. I’d had word that one of my hotels in the Chambers Group was in some form of trouble and the only way to sort it was if I were to go there personally. Frank, my PA and long standing friend, had sent a message to Claridges informing me that I was needed quickly and, knowing him well, I knew it had to be important and had no choice but to leave; even though that was the last thing I wanted!

What had started off as pure carnal desire, had grown to something seemingly more important – well, to me anyway. Perhaps our relationship was only ever meant to be just a physical one? Relationship? Maybe that’s not quite the right word, is it? I had just enjoyed the most surreal night of my life and wondered whether leaving Anna so abruptly would result in us ever getting together again?

Anna! A woman I had only met once before and hardly knew! I’d spotted her at the airport check in desk and had then craftily reassigned my seat next to hers on the plane. This woman appeared to be quite feisty and I decided she would make a good travelling companion. My business over in New York seemed insignificant when compared to what had taken place on the flight. I still can’t believe we had actually enjoyed a blatant, semi public, sexual coupling.

I’d recently (well, a little over a year ago) split with my childhood sweetheart Stephanie, who had finally decided she couldn’t change me and make me settle down in one place. I knew she loved our family home, Sutton Manor, and wanted us to settle down in the Lincolnshire countryside however, she had at last understood that I wasn’t ready to settle down yet and so had moved back to be with her family in America. Perhaps I was feeling a little neglected? Wanted some intimacy? I’d had little time or inclination for female company and when I saw Anna, I’d felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

After leaving London, I flew to Schipol Airport to see what the latest problems at The Chambers Inn in Amsterdam were. This hotel was one of the smaller hotels in my group however, because of both building issues and ongoing staffing problems I had decided to sell; albeit reluctantly, to one of my competitors.

Although verbally having agreed a price with Howard Benz, a distant relative of the Von Dehn family (founders of the Hyatt Group), Frank informed me that he had received correspondence from Benz stating that, as the hotel was being used as a brothel at the moment, he was reluctant to pay the full asking price. I knew he wanted or perhaps needed this property badly. The land the hotel stood on was situated right next to one of his own small hotels and he wanted to expand his own growing empire.

Frank advised me that he had looked into the situation and found out that Julia Benz, Howard’s daughter, had booked a number of rooms in various names over the last few weeks and was inviting some of the less experienced ladies from the famous Red Light district to use them. These ladies were disinclined to follow rules and regulations about their chosen profession and were not too choosy about their clients. It sounded very much like a set up to me and, anyone knowing me well should understand I wouldn’t be threatened in any way. It was right for Frank to call me.

“Leave it with me, Frank” I said, smiling. “Ms Benz has met her match I think! Next time she books a room let me know will you?”

It worked out even better than I imagined! Within the week, I’d had Frank on the phone telling me that she had actually booked one of the larger suites for the following Saturday. Frank, having a previous murky and very colourful past, had a great many contacts and had found out that she had planned an orgy for some of the girls who worked the streets behind the railway station.

After making a call to Sgt Drew Van Steen of the Amsterdam police, incidentally an old friend and close confidante, I contacted Howard’s office escort service and invited both Howard and Julia out for a meal to discuss the sale, on that particular Saturday night. I had previously found out that Howard had business in the States and would not be in the country that night. I was banking on Julia thinking that I had buckled under and would sell for the much lowered offer. She accepted! My plan was working so far.

I had arranged to meet her at the hotel at 8pm, informing her that we would be dining in my private suite. As predicted, I met her as she walked into the reception area, suitably late and looking very confident, and suggested that perhaps we should have a pre-dinner drink in the lounge. Unbeknown to Julia, the cool Champagne had been doctored a little; having ensured my own had been poured first.

Frank had told me a while ago of a new drug currently being tested, which induced a relaxed state of mind. The recipient, totally awake, would be brainwashed into thinking they can be subjected to any physical actions and, not only enjoy but want more. They would be insatiable.

After a few minutes I could see Julius eyes glazing and suggested we move upstairs to dine. She agreed readily. Once inside the lift I thought I would test her re-actions to me.

“Lift up your skirt Julia” I demanded.

Without hesitating, she took hold of the hem of her full skirt and raised it high above her head. She had obviously dressed for the occasion as she was wearing very little underneath. She wore a pair of white French panties along with a pair of white hold-ups. The lace edge panties resting along her sex but very loosely. As she raised her arms, the silk pulled tight against her swollen lips, displaying the narrow strip of pubic hair above her slit.

“I want to see your pussy. Remove your panties and show me Julia.”

Before even finishing the sentence, she has slipped her hand inside the pure white silk and slowly slid them down her legs, shuffling a little when it caught on her soft curly pubic hair.

“Is that all you want to see Tom?” she asked. “Would you like me to strip for you?”

Smiling I said “That wont be necessary just yet Julia. Just remove your skirt and panties and leave your top on for now. When we step out of the lift I want you to knock on the first door you come to along the corridor and show whoever opens it, your pussy. Invite them to touch you!”

I stood back in the shadows as she knocked, so as not to be seen. An older gentleman, dressed very smartly in a lightweight grey suit opened the door and stood back – aghast! Julia leaned against the door; legs spread a little and suggestively licked her lips. She looked and acted like a true professional!

“Do you want to touch my pussy sir?” she asked.

I watched as he slowly looked down from her face, past her partially covered breasts to settle on the naked part of her body. Reluctantly moving his eyes away from her nakedness his face turned a harsh shade of puce as he uttered “Please Madam, I don’t know what you think you are doing but I suggest you return to your room, if you have one that is?” he demanded, slamming the door shut in front of her.

She turned to me and said “Why doesn’t he want to see my pussy Tom?”

“Don’t worry Julia” I replied. “Perhaps he doesn’t like the way you’re dressed? I have a friend staying here who would love to help you dress in a way he will love. Ok?” Her eyes lit up as she nodded her consent.

I continued “Once you are suitably dressed you will be able to have as much fun as you want and show your whole body to everyone that wants to see it. Do you like men in uniform Julia?”

“Oh yes Tom. Can I then show them my pussy?” she asked quickly.

“Yes Julia, but only after they have agreed to pay you 100 euros. You must ask for money first, because if you don’t they wont want to see your naked body. You must tell them that if they want to see your pussy, they must pay for it first. Ok?

Opening the door to the large suite, I saw that the girls were already there and in various stages of undress. Turning to my left I noticed Rebecca, Frank’s partner. She winked and said “Oh Hi Julia. You look good. However, I have something far more exciting for you, taking hold of her hands and leading her into another small room.”

When they returned half an hour later Tom stood back in amazement.

Whilst, when he had met her earlier he thought her both elegant and strangely beautiful, he was now faced with a totally different picture.

She looked every inch a prostitute. Rebecca had not only dressed her appropriately but she had also made up her face with heavy make up and bright red lips. She wore a black Basque with an open crotch, which fastened at the front with red lace ribbons. Her breasts were bared and Rebecca had put the finishing touch to their appeal by rubbing some rouge into the hard bullet like nipples. Gone were her white virginal stockings and they were replaced by black fishnets and 5″ black shiny patent heels. Around her neck was a diamond studded choker and she also wore matching wrist bands.

As she entered the other girls and their escorts seemed to stop what they were doing and watch as she paraded her body in front of them.

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