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Trixi Goes Off-roading

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“Pleeeeease!” Trixi pleaded to John, hugging him from the side. “I would be the happiest 26-year-old on the planet!” She flashed him a puppy-dog look. She had stayed after game night to help him clean up, as any Midwestern would.

“That doesn’t work on me, silly. Although, it isn’t too cold, and the leaves are cool this time of year.” John stated, glancing out the picture window. Living near the woods always had its advantages, and he never could say no to a trip to off-road in his Jeep. Yet, he did have that huge issue at work to solve, and it was starting to frost at night… his resolve was weakening as Trixi squeezed him a little tighter. He looked down at his friend, always one of the guys, she looked pitiful trying to play the pouting girl, it just didn’t work on her. “Ughh, fine.”

“Yeayyyyy! Thanks John, it’ll be fun! I’ll bring a picnic, and my ever famous hot chocolate. Trust me, it’s awesome. I can’t believe I finally get to go off-roading! Can I bring my camera to take pictures? How far is it? When can we go? What-” Trixi was content of excitedly rambling, but John cut her off.

“I have stuff to fix at work, so it’s going to have to wait until this weekend. I know you have free time while you’re in town, so will Saturday work? We’ll probably go to the Badlands if you want to make a whole day of it,” he explained.

“Sweet! Sounds like a plan to me,” she replied, grabbing her keys. “I should probably head home. My mom freaks if I’m out late, and she likes me in early when I’m staying at home. I’m just glad I’m living so far away, they are driving me crazy! I feel like I’m 12 again.”

“Trust me, I understand.” John replied. He gave her a quick hug before she put on her jacket and walked out in the crisp fall night, almost his favorite time of day. He liked dusk, the sun setting behind that falling leaves was the best… but having to choose his second favorite would be the clear, starry fall nights. He watched Trixi walk to her old car, rubbing her hands together then shoving them in her pockets to keep warm. She had apparently adjusted to the California weather fast. He quietly shut the front door as he saw her get into her car and shut the door. He walked up stairs, located his most comfy pair of sweat pants (with Boilers up the side) and hoodie (Purdue hoodie too, of course), then stripped off his jeans. As he was pulling on his sweatpants, there was a knock at the door. He grabbed his hoodie and bounded down the stairs. “Coming!” he called, pulling the hoodie over his head. He opened the door to find Trixi on her phone.

“What do you mean it’s done this before? If the car refuses to start EVER, take it in to get checked. No, Dad. Yes. Not sure. I’ll call you back in 10. Yes, I don’t know. I said I’d call you back… ok. Bye.” Trixi snapped her phone shut and looked up at him. “Hey John… so, my car won’t start. Apparently, this has happened before when the temperatures dip low… annndddd my Dad said to warm it up and it should be fine, could I push it into the garage or something? I told him to fix the damn car, but-” “Don’t worry, um, sure we could push it in. How long does it need to warm up for?” John asked, running all the car knowledge through his head to find another answer than pushing a car up an incline, into a barely warmer then outside garage, and staying up until it get cold. He had a long day and was super tired.

“He said at least an hour… which would make it 11pm. I could just make him pick me up and I can come back tomorrow.” Trixi answered, shivering and yawning.

“Come in. Call you rents, tell them you’re staying with a friend. We’ll deal with it when we both aren’t tired.” John offered, ushering her inside.

“My parents are going to flip if I tell them I’m staying here. I may be living on my own and an adult, but remember the whole feeling like I’m 12 thing?” she countered, while hustling inside to warm up.

“Ha, ha. Yeaahhhh, just tell them you’re staying at Alicia’s place.” He said, shutting the door and taking her coat. “I’ll get you some sweats to wear.”

“Thanks.” Trixi said, dialing her Dad’s number, “sounds awesomely warm.” John headed up stairs, grabbed a pair of sweatpants, and ran back down stairs. He tossed them onto the back of the couch she was setting on. She shut her phone and smiled up at him. “What would I do without a friend like you?”

“Freeze to death in your broken-down car.” He taunted.

“So true.” She confirmed, picking up the pants. “Got a blanket to go with these?” He gave her a thumbs-up, a be-right-back, and off he went upstairs again. Trixi, waited up he was out of sight before pulling her hoodie and shirt off. “First things first!” she thought unsnapping her bra and tossing it on the floor with the rest of her clothes. Her jeans were next, pulling them down over her hips.

John had forgotten to ask her if she wanted 2 blankets, because it was chilly. He quickly walked down the stairs and glanced toward the couch. There stood Trixi, wearing only her black boyshorts, cupping her ass ever-so nicely. She bent to slide on the sweatpants, slowly pulling them bahis firmaları up to her hips, covering her lovely butt. The pitch-black night had turned the picture window into something close to a mirror. He watched her breasts sway as tied the drawstring and reach for her tank. Although he never had seen her as more than a friend, at this moment, it took all his strength not to bound down the stairs, push her on the couch, and touch all those curves he just watched get covered up. He quickly tiptoed back to the top of the stairs, grabbed the blankets he left sitting there, adjusted his now hardening cock, and noisily tromped down the stairs.

“I found ya two, so you can stay warm.” He said after clearing his voice. Trixi whipped around, crossing her arms over her chest. The flimsy tank was a tad too thin for such a cold night. John walked closer and held the blankets out to her. As she reached for the blankets, he couldn’t help to notice her nipples pressing against the thin top.

“Thanks. I owe ya one.” She said, taking the blankets. He nodded, turned, went upstairs, and shut his bedroom door. Only then did he untied his sweats and replayed the reverse striptease in his head. Meanwhile, Trixi was down stairs doing almost the same thing. She had noticed him watching her dress, and although part of her wanted to call him out, the other part of her was getting wet at the thought of him watching her…it was always a fantasy of hers, so what was a girl to do? Plus, even from across the living room, she could see he was thoroughly enjoying it. She knew nothing would come of it, but it gave her something naughty to think about while getting herself off tonight.

Saturday morning, John lay restless in his bed. He hadn’t slept much, in an hour Trixi would be showing up for a day trip to the Badlands, and to be honest, he wasn’t sure what the hell was going to happen. That’s a lie; he knew that they were going to trudge through an awesomely muddy trail in his Jeep. He also knew she was an amazing cook, and had some orgasmic hot chocolate she’d be bringing. Although it had been business as usual at Friday when all of their high school friends went out to dinner, every time he looked at her, he saw her almost completely naked, except for those damn black lace boyshorts, that he really started to like. He just had to keep it in his pants, literally, for 12 hours. No sweat, off-roading wasn’t all that sexy anyway. It’s a rough, guys-type activity that was sure to bring out the tomboy in an already tomboy, Trixi. Once up, showered, and dressed, his fears were squashed when Trixi knocked on his door, in jeans, sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. She held up a backpack and thermos.

“Food and drink,” she explained. “annnndddd if we have some off time between driving, I have some special hot chocolate with a little rum and peppermint in it”. She teased, holding up a small thermos with an “A” Sharpie-d on it. “Ya know, just in case,” closing her explanation with a giggle.

“Hells yea, Trix. Let’s do this.” John replied, happy thing everything was back to normal and today looked to be a great outing with his friend.

“Fuck.” John cursed.

“Does this normally happen?” Trixi asked, looking at the mud which was 1/3 way up John’s door. She was holding onto the ‘oh-shit’ handle, trying not to slide toward him.

“Ha ha, Trixi.” He grumbled, trying rock out of it. He had been in situations like this before, but usually there was a friend or two to tow him if needed. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Oh, oookay…” Trixi responded, not quite buying it, but much to her surprise, in a few minutes they were out and bumping through the trail. It was the most fun she had in a long time. They soon stopped in the only level spot they could find. She had insisted on a level area to eat. She unpacked the fruit salad and two beers from the cooler. From another cooler came mini-pizzas and apple crisp, still warm.

“What the?” John asked.

“Put a couple hand warmers in there to keep things warm.” Trixi replied. And with that the food was quickly devoured. While waiting from their tummies to settle, John and Trixi just sat, talked, and watch the sun quickly fall over the tree tops. By 6pm, it was almost completely dark at their shaded spot.

“Whelp, we should probably be on our way.” John said, sad to leave the comfortable place. Trixi put everything away and buckled back into her seatbelt.

“Ready when you are!” She announced. John started the jeep, put it into gear, and pressed on the gas. He could hear the wheels spinning. Putting it back into park, he hopped out and used his cell phone to shine a light on the wheels.

“Great, we settled while eating and now we’re stuck until it dries a little, but with the temperature dropping, it should be an issue.” He explained to her as he got back into the car. It felt like 40 outside. Trixi looked at his face, his nose already red from the cold.

“Good thing I have my special hot chocolate that should still be somewhat warm! It’ll warm us right up.” Trixi took off her seatbelt and wiggled her way to the back. She poured kaçak iddaa some into the cup-like lid of the thermos and handed it to John. “Enjoy!” John tipped it back and let the warm liquid slide down his throat. Even when it wasn’t super-hot, it was delicious.

“Damn Trixi, this is good! Can’t taste the alcohol, but you sure can feel it!”

“Thanks!” She replied, pouring herself a cup. She climbed back up to the front with his emergency blanket in one hand and her drink in the other, “I’m already a little cold, thought I’d be preemptive. Want some of it?”

“Nah, I’m good. Wrap yourself up in it, I’m sure we’ll be able to go in a little bit.” John said, leaning his seat back. Looking through his moon roof, he watched the stars come and go as clouds passed by silently across the sky. After a bit, he felt the cold reach under his jacket and hoodie. He tried to move the car again, no such luck. The stars were no hidden and a light rain assaulted the Jeep. He sighed and let Trixi know they’d be here for a while. He felt Trixi moving around. Looking over he noticed she had fetched the rest of the hot chocolate and was pouring herself another cup.

“Want some more?” She asked. He shook his head.

“I still have some left… wait…” he said, looking into his cup. He had drunk the whole thing without thinking, no wonder he was so warm. “Never mind, sure, I’d love some more.” Trixi poured him some more and started to giggle.

“With over 4 shots per cup, most everyone will have another.” She explained. He almost choked on his drink.

“Four?” He croaked.

“If I make it weak.” She said flippantly, “but I like it strong. Anyway, if we are stuck her might as well enjoy it… oh, and are you cold yet? Or do I get all this snuggly warmth all to myself?” He finished his drink and looked over at her.

“I am a little cold.” He said, taking the part of the blanket Trixi offered him. He took off his seatbelt and moved as close as he could to her while staying in his seat. This, however, left them both half covered and uncomfortable. “I’ll just come over to you.”

“Ok.” Trixi answered moving over to make room. The seat wasn’t that big and she felt a little buzz going. John finagled his long legs and tall body over to the passenger seat. He was on his side, as was Trixi, and again not super comfortable. She laid the seat back, in hopes of giving them more room. Although it did, it still wasn’t enough. They both moved around and soon he was on his back, and Trixi was off to the side, but slightly resting on him. The blanket covered them wonderfully, and with the added effect of the alcohol, they were comfortable and content. “Want another round?” Trixi asked, sitting up and reaching for the thermos.

“Sure!” John replied. As she grabbed for the closed Thermos, it tipped out of the cup holder and fell behind the seat.

“Oops! Just a second.” Trixi whispered, reaching behind them, pulling her body along his. John couldn’t help but notice her body now laying across him, wiggling as she reached for the thermos that was just out of reach. She pushed her body toward the back, rubbing her chest against him, her legs parted by his knee. He grabbed her waist and lifted her up a little. She grabbed it and sat up a little. He watched her face change when she realized that she was laying on him, boobs inches from his hungry eyes, his hands playing at the skin near her waist and hips from when her shirt rode up while reaching from the hot chocolate.

“Um, sorry. I mean, uh…” Trixi stammered, brushing her hair back behind her ear.

“Don’t be.” John said simply. Then, he did what he wanted to do since he got into the front seat with her; he ran his hand into her hair and guided her head closer, capturing her lips in his. She let her body fall onto his as they made out. He teased her by nipping at her lip, she moaned and devoured his mouth. The thermos was dropped and rolled under the seat. Neither of them noticed as his hand snaked under her jacket and hoodie. She felt his cold hands on her back, unhooking her bra. She began to unzip his jacket, then her own. After the jackets were thrown to the back, she was back to straddling him, kissing the cold out of him. He adjusted the blanket over her and then squeezed her lovely ass. The jeans had got to go. Reaching around to the front of her jeans, he quickly undid the button and lowered the zipper as her hands reached down to cup his cock through his jeans.

John roughly pulled down Trixi’s pants, causing her to moan against his mouth. Her fingers nimbly unclasped his pants and pulled him out of his boxers. As they still hungrily nipped at each other’s lips, John raised his hips and lowered his jeans as Trixi continued to stroke his now hard penis. Once his jeans were past his knees, Trixi climbed off his lap to his feet, barely fitting under the dash. Her mouth quickly found his crotch, her tongue swirling around the plump head.

“Ughhh, Trixi. You’re killing me.” John moaned, slightly thrusting into her wet mouth.

“Then let me put you out of your misery.” She mumbled and took his length all kaçak bahis the way into her mouth. His head rolled back as he held onto her head lightly, so she wouldn’t release him fully. Slowly, she bobbed her head but quickly found the cramped area had her knee hurting. Damn old injury. She slowly brought her mouth to the tip of his penis, lightly scraped the head with her teeth, and popped him out of her mouth. John began to protest, but quickly stopped once she maneuvered back onto his lap, placed his hands under her shirt to her bare boobs, and leaned in for another kiss.

He roughly pawed at her chest, twisting her nipples and pulling slightly. She was moaning and grinding on his naked cock. He could clearly feel that she had soaked her panties and was fit to be fucked. With one hand, he traced down her stomach and into the front of her undies. Apparently, she had shaved for the occasion. This elicited a moan from them both, John from his discovery and Trixi from him brushing her clit. She broke the kiss and leaned to his ear.

“Fuck me, please.” She asked in a breathy voice. John didn’t need an engraved invitation to take action. He pulled her orange panties to the side and lined himself up, and slowly began to push into her tight, wet pussy. “Yessss.” She sighed as she sank onto him. She raised up and prepared to sink back down as he slightly thrust back into her, but her eyes refocused on him. She tensed and stopped. John eyes flew open.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Please tell me that you have a condom you can put on.” She replied as she begrudgingly got off him, his cock popping out and hitting his stomach. He quickly checked his wallet. Nope. Glove compartment? Nope. His dick was starting to soften in sadness. Trixi had pulled her jeans back on.

“Well, shouldn’t waste this, should we?” She said, gripping his semi-hard-on. With that being said, she bent down and sucked him hard. John, still stunned, slowly put his hands through her hair. “Just pull it a little.” Trixi directed between suckings. He carefully pulled slightly on her hair, she moaned in response. He pulsed harder. She moaned again and his now throbbing dick sliced in and out of her mouth. John got a little bold.

“You like it a little rough?” he asked, as he trust a bit more into her mouth. Trixi responded by sucking harder and snaking a hand into her jeans. John could only guess that she was playing with herself, that just made him more horny. At least point, it didn’t take him long to get to his peak. “I’m going to come… right… about…” and right when he felt himself tipping over, instead of her releasing him to finish with a handjob as his old lovers usually did, she attempted to deep-throat him. He came gushing in her mouth. Even though she gagged and couldn’t deep throat him, he got a jolt from her trying and it hitting the back of her mouth. Trixi tried her best to swallow, but some dripped down the corners of her mouth.

“God that is hot.” John stated as he watched her lick her lips and wipe one corner of her mouth.

“Take a picture, it will last longer.” She replied playfully sucking on her finger. John reached for his phone, quickly brought up the photo command and told her to say cheese. She opened her mouth slightly, and let the tip of her tongue play with her finger, a drip of cum still sliding off the other corner of her mouth. He took the picture, but he didn’t think he would ever forget that. She then quickly cleaned up herself, taking a swig of the special hot (now lukewarm) chocolate to rid the taste of cum. She didn’t dislike it, but it wasn’t super tasty either. John also took this time to get himself put away, dressed, and in the driver’s seat. Trixi mentioned that she didn’t really what to sleep in the back of the Jeep and to try again. John agreed and started the car. With a little finagling, they got out of the now drier mud, and was on their way out of the Badlands.

Getting back to John’s place, Trixi was still cold, and her face felt slightly sticky. Still, she helped him bring everything in and checked that clock for the time. Although it was a little after 9pm, she still felt awake and super horny. Reminding herself that she didn’t get off, and boy, did John have a nice accommodating cock. Shivering slightly, she thought of a plan.

“I’m still a little cold, and slightly sticky.” She said, feeling her cheek, “mind if I take a quick shower?”

“Not at all.” John replied, feeling his cock jump. “I’ll show you where the bathroom is.” He led her up the stairs and into the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and started the shower, letting the hot water warm up. He added that she had free reign on the shampoo and soap.

“Thanks.” Trixi replied, “what would I do without you?” Playfully, she set the towel down and pulled the hoodie over her head. Not telling him to leave, but not inviting him either. She didn’t want him to know she was a complete slut inside, but it was truly trying to get out. After kicking off her shoes, she took a step closer to him. Her hands rubbed her breasts over her t-shirt, slowly making their way south as steam swirled around them. She reached her pants and was undoing the button on her jeans, John’s eyes glued to her hands as she slowly pulled down the zipper. A phone rang, snapping John back to reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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