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Tuesday Afternoon

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A little thing I wrote for fun and of which there might be more.


We almost stumbled through the library doors in our hurry. The head librarian looked irritated at us over her round glasses, no doubt dismissing our youthful exuberance as vital character flaws. I knew Tuesday thought the same, because we both giggled when we had passed her. That earned us a shush and a pointed finger, and we had to work even harder to contain our mirth, if only she knew.

The library was quiet, even more so than usual this late, and only the most studious students remained. Each were focused on their work, and hardly noticed the two of us as we snuck by. Casually, mind you. Actual sneaking only gathers interest.

The rows of books was almost a maze in its complexity, no doubt conjured up from the mind of a former art student turned architect. But it did yield some interesting possibilities. Hand in hand we went, until we reached the backmost study quarters. Ostensibly made for those seeking quiet during their work, they went almost unused from the bother it was to access stuff from the atrium. Most people probably didn’t even know they were here. Which made them perfect for us.

“Are we really doing this?” Tuesday asked me. Her voice sounded excited, and I’d bet she had looked forward to this as much as I had.

I moved her hand over my crotch, letting her feel how ready I was for this.

“Aww is that for me?” She playfully retorted, and I leaned close to whisper in her ear.

“All for you Tuesday, I want you to feel how hard you make me.” She shivered softly, but managed to give my cock an extra squeeze for good measure. She had a little penchant for talking dirty, and I was happy to oblige her.

Now Tuesday was a wonder; her light caramel skin and her deep brown eyes, that always seemed to contain a smile, had captivated me from the moment I saw her, and still did. Her breasts were more than a handful, in jest I called them her bountiful bosom, and seemed to stretch most shirts she wore. A head shorter than me, I loved it when she stood on her toes to plant a kiss, though I’d just as soon sweep her up in my arms. Sometimes it ended with a tumble on the floor, but neither of us minded that.

With a quick check to make sure we were still alone, I lifted her onto the nearest table. She yelped softly in surprise, but fell silent when I placed bahis firmaları a kiss upon her lips. If love had a taste, I’m sure this was it. Butterflies, lust and happiness.

Her feet off the ground, she placed them behind my back, and pulled me into her. My pants were getting rather tight and she practically cooed when she felt it. Her hands gripped my short hair as she really got into the kiss. Tuesday could be quite intense, when she wanted to. With each grind between her spread legs she moaned a little more into my mouth. She was practically lying down on the table at this point, as we simply enjoyed each other.

With a practiced movement I slid my hand beneath her shirt, and made my way up her body. Her breasts were always a delight to play with, even in tight situations like this. Perhaps even more so, as her nipples were already hard little nubs that just begged for attention. Never one to deny her I let my hands play, rubbing her nipples between my fingers and pulling the sensitive buttons. She certainly enjoyed it, judging by the sounds of it, even if my hands were a little cold.

It struck me neither of us were paying any attention to the rest of the library, and reluctantly I left our, by now, rather steamy make out session. I slid down her body, and her initial “no’s” of dislike at the interrupted kiss turned into purring acceptance, as she discovered my destination.

For the occasion she had worn a skirt, and no underwear. The little minx had been flashing me most of the afternoon, the main reason we had decided on this little rendezvous, and I was ready to repay her. I placed soft little kisses upon her thighs, drawing closer to my goal, but never quite reaching. She tried pulling on my head, but I resisted and continued the slow, loving tease.

“Remember, you’re the lookout.” I whispered to her.

Her “what!?” became a silent moan instead, as I eased the tip of my finger into her, but at least she sort of rose up on the table, no longer lying down.

I let it explore, ever so gently, as I wetted it with her excitement. Looking up into her eyes, I slowly withdrew it, glistening, and made a show of tasting her. She liked seeing me enjoy her, and I loved it. Passion burned in her gaze, but she kept quiet, lest we attract unwanted attention.

With a mischievous smile I went back to my second favourite pastime, and started kaçak iddaa licking. Broad strokes, and a flourish of light tastes as I ate her out. With the help of a finger, her little clit peeked out from under its hood, and I lavished it with attention too. Sucking, licking, I loved the moans I knew she was holding back, as I felt them course through her body instead.

Her hands in my hair were getting more insistent and I knew she was close. With my finger I started fucking her again, and let my tongue pay attention to her clit.

“Oh Nick!”

This whisper reached my ear like a husky moan, and it only spurred me on.

“I’m gonna come, I’m…”

Her last words were mangled as I used my other hand to finger her backside. The tight ring resisted me slightly, but as her moans became heavier I pushed just inside.

She exploded. Silently. Quivering. Grinding my face into her as she came in a smattering of moans and mumbling. It almost pained her to be quiet, for she was usually so vocal in our lovemaking, but she kept it down and her body shivered all the harder.

I only stopped licking when she pulled me away, and I looked up at her with a triumphant grin on my no doubt glistening face. I loved making her come like this, on my face as I fingered both her holes.

I went back on my feet to kiss her again, softly this time, and she joined me passionately.

We were both breathing heavily, and quieted for a moment, but only the faint sound of a closing book reached our ears.

“My turn.”

I could see her eyes widen as I took her body and pressed her up against the closest row of books. Whether in surprise or excitement I wasn’t sure, but I had a guess.

I put my arms around her from behind, letting my body be flush up against hers, letting her feel my cock between her cheeks. She didn’t resist as I kissed the back of her neck, and the top of her shoulders. But rather sank back into my embrace. I withdrew a hand to open my pants, letting my cock free, and it sprung to attention.

Hands on her hips I pulled a little backwards, and she trembled when I let my cock touch her pussy.

“Do you want this?” I whispered in her ear.

She groaned, but didn’t answer me.

“I need to hear you say it.” I was teasing her, and she knew it.

“Fuck me, Nick!” She almost hissed at me.

With that, I eased inside her, letting kaçak bahis her get used to my cock before pushing all the way in. When my hips touched her ass I whispered to her once again.

“Better hold on to something.”

She complied almost instantly, and I started fucking her. This wasn’t the place to slam our hips together on every thrust, the noise would be rather suspicious in the quiet of the library, but I managed a hard pace nonetheless.

I had been rearing to go for a while, and most of all, I wanted Tuesday to come along with me. So I kept whispering in her ear, as she tried to hold on to the row of books.

“I love your body Tuesday, it makes me so hard just looking at it.”

I fucked her in short bursts, trying to hit that sensitive spot inside of her. Grabbing her long hair I pulled her head back, making her wince slightly.

“I love fucking your body Tuesday. Can you feel how hard my cock is, just for you.”

She visibly shivered, and I moved my other hand around and down her skirt, to finger her clit. She looked ready to scream and I released her hair and put my fingers in her mouth instead. She sucked on them, a definite improvement over moaning, sound-wise.

I could feel her body tensing around me, getting ready to burst, but I wasn’t done.

“I’m going to cum Tuesday and I need you to cum for me too. Can you do that? Cum for me Tuesday!”

And as her body began to convulse I drew my fingers from her mouth and squeezed her throat. She froze for a second, as her body seized up, and she clenched down hard on my cock. With a silent roar I spurted into her, coming harder than ever before.

When I released her, it was like she hit another peak entirely, and if I hadn’t covered her mouth with my hand we would surely have been heard.

I held her tight as we both came down from our high. It was exquisite. And I simply left my softening cock remain inside her.

Suddenly she lost her grip on the row, and instead grabbed a book, which fell towards the floor. As if in slow-motion I watched the leatherbound monstrosity make its way down, and with a decidedly non-quiet THUMP! it landed on the floor.

In a flurry she grabbed the book and sat at the table while I got my pants back on and sat down beside her. Red-faced and breathing hard I’m not sure we fooled the matron who peeked around the corner to check the noise, but she left us alone anyway.

I kissed Tuesday, and I know we thought the same.

This would not be the only time, the only question was where we would go next.

The End!

To be continued?

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