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Under the Waterfall

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Dropping the black lace bra to the floor, fully exposing hard nipples, Alia could see in his eyes that he wasn’t focused on her. Alia moved more in his view, stepping out of matching panties revealing the slender curves of her body. In full view of him she sucked on her finger provocatively and ran it across her bare breast, twisting the nipple ever so slightly. Desire filled her being, and with hungry eyes she stared intently at him. He saw her, but was looking through her, as if she wasn’t there. Dishearten she persisted; she crept slowly toward him on hands and knees across the bed, letting her firm breasts rub against his legs. His foot touched her clit and she knew he could feel the wetness. She was in the mood, ready for him to take her and yet… He watched, but not hungrily, and as she reached his mouth to kiss him, he turned away.

“You’re blocking her view of the T.V.” He said faintly irritated.

Taken by surprise, she instantly sat up pressing that hot deprived pussy into his leg intentionally. His body didn’t react to hers; he wasn’t the slightly aroused by her seductive dance. Her heart sunk further in her stomach as she put on a playful pouty look with lip protruding out.

“T.V.? But babe, I’m in the mood.” She protested softly trying to get a rise out of him. He gently pushed her off without another word. She sat naked on the bed without a look or kiss from her beloved husband. “We’re on vacation, we can watch T.V. anytime.” She continued to protest. “If you don’t want to have sex then let’s go do something, like hiking. I hear there are beautiful waterfalls we could hike to and enjoy a nice swim.” Thoughts of being naked in the water fluttered in her mind and she bit her lower lip anticipation a positive respond from him.

“Then go for a hike so I can watch T.V. in peace.” He said, not even looking at her. Alia’s eyes widen with surprise and just as hot as her clit so was her rage. But what could she do? He obviously didn’t want her around. Hurt and disappointed she put on her bikini and cut off jean shorts and T-shirt over it and packed a light backpack and set off.

Behind their beachfront cabin was a tropical forest paradise. Amongst the wild greenery was a single dirt trail leading to what the tour guide had promised was the most beautiful of waterfalls.

The trail seemed easy enough at first, but soon became a monstrous climb. Sweat rolled off Alia’s brow and down her face as dirt caked to her skin. With each passing step she felt stickier and dirty and couldn’t wait to reach the waterfall and enjoy the taste of the cool water.

The sound of the water pounding against the rocks grew closer and soon Alia could taste the freshness in the air. Mists of water casino siteleri rushed toward her tantalizing her already aroused. She shuddered at the stir. Trying to calm her self, she took a deep breath and continued forward. Wrestling through the shrubbery she finally reached the water’s edge and let out a sigh of relief gladden to see the cool refreshing water. Hot, sweaty, and dirty the bluish green pond at the base of the beautiful waterfall, looked enticing.

The waterfall was everything and more than what she had expected. With the tropical trees, the green bushes and the moss covered rocks took her breath away at first sight. She quickly dropped the pack and striped down to her bikini and dove into the water. It water was perfect, all that a hot dirty body needed. She swam around enjoying the freedom and invigorating water. It was nice and peaceful, but she could not forget her husband’s rejection. It wasn’t the first time she had been rejected by him, push off and told he was to busy for her needs. She suspected it wouldn’t be the last time either. Alia felt an anger stir inside her and as she swam, she contemplated on what she could do to satisfy her needs. It seemed that she had tried everything and nothing was working.

As different thoughts danced in her head, she swam up under the falls and found an open cave. It was beautiful, adding to the enchantment of the waterfall. Alia lifted her self up out of the water to have a better view of the cave. Water pounded on her head. she enjoyed the sensation of it cascading down her body. Not wanting to move from that very spot and with her body aware of every touch and sensation, she ran her hands up over her head, and then down to her breasts and on down to her waist and stomach. Eyes closed, enjoying the experience she seem to become more alive at the tease, and felt her body ache with agony. She toyed with the idea of striping off her swimsuit and lying upon the cool rocks and satisfying her desires under the spill of the waterfall. As she considered the idea she ran her hands back up her body, lingering at her breasts for just a second longer, rubbing them, feeling the nipples harden under her bikini top.

Suddenly, a feeling washed over her that she wasn’t alone. Alia opened her eyes and there before her was a man, tall with dark hair standing a few steps away bare chest, wearing only a pair of blue board shorts. Alia stepped slowly out of the water a little apprehensive of the stranger watching her at such a vulnerable tiher.

“Hello.” He said with a charming smile.

She smiled bashfully back with no reply. He stepped closer letting her see that he was aroused; his shorts were tight around his cock. Alia’s heartbeat canlı casino quickened as she wondered what his intent was.

“I came down here to swim. It’s her last day here in paradise.” He told her. “I leave tonight.”

She didn’t reply but watch him carefully, craving a look at his raw cock wondering if it was already flowing with pre cum that she could suck on and enjoy.

“I was wondering if I could swim with you, if you don’t mind.”

“I’m done swimming for now.” She replied. Her clit started to ache as a sexual ambiance ran through her body urging her to step toward him, to say more to him, to kiss him, to hold his cock in her mouth, to have it deep inside her cunt. Desire started to empower her thoughts and she felt her body flush with a fire that couldn’t be stopped but by just thoughts alone.

“Oh.” He said with a hint of disappointment.

“We can do other things together besides swim.” She said immediately looking down at his shorts with a small smirk.

He smiled pleased with the words and started to move even closer. His dark brown eyes sparkled with a hunger she knew reflected in her own. He grabbed her tight pulling her into him. She let out a small gasp of excitement knowing this was exactly what she wanted. She could feel how hard he was as his cock pressed into her hip. He gently laid her down on the cool rocks and kissed her hard, slipping his tongue in her mouth. Passion flared hot and ready. Kissing was aggressive and intense. She wrapped her arms around his neck surrendering to his all that he would give her. The rocks were cold against her back but she paid it no mind as the water toppled down upon them, losing her self as they became entangled in a heated desire for each other.

He slowly pulled away from her ardent kisses and started down to her neck. He was searching with his lips and tongue… first it was the nape of her neck, then her collarbone, the edge of her bikini top. He stopped; slightly panting, he looked up at her.

“Are you sure of this?” He asked.

With her body aching for more, she could barely breathe out the word, “Yes.”

His eyes steady on hers he moved his hand down the side of her body and untied one side of her bikini bottoms. Moving it back up, he reached behind her and tied her top. His eyes ventured down to her breasts as he lifted the bikini to reveal her nipples, perked and ready for him. With eagerness he swooped down on it and took the whole of the nipple in his mouth, and bite it ever so slightly. Her mouth gapped open at the feel of his teeth and placed her hands on his head caressing his hair. He sucked harder and Alia gasped feeling her pussy swell for much needed attention.

The water cascaded kaçak casino down their bodies making them slippery, but that did not stop him. As if he knew exactly what her body demanded he reached down with his hand and slipped two of his fingers into her pussy and started to thrust them in and out. Moving her legs further apart to let him go deeper inside she grunted softly with each thrust. He went deep, keeping them there for a moment, he wiggled his fingers, and she released instantly cumming. Crying loudly in gratification she arched her back. He released her nipple hard and pulled her close to him to kiss her on the mouth. He was zealous with every move and Alia felt a strong craving for more of his touch. The passion between them grew intense as they kissed harder, longer, deeper. He trusted his fingers more and more inside her not giving into her moans. He fucked her hard with his powerful hands, lifting her small frame off the rock several times.

Quickly he pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed them lightly against her clit. Alia let out a small gasp as her body tensed and she cummed for a second time. She was ripened with desire and was painfully aware of every move he made. Her body reacted to every touch. It was a thrill for her deprived body. He smiled pleased with the reaction and slipped his shorts off. She never saw his cock, but felt it as he slipped it into her wet pussy. He started to grind her hard and her body started to rub against the rocks. Pain started to shoot across her body as he moved harder and deeper inside her. He pulled her up lifting her up and away from the hard course surface. His strong arms wrapped around her slender waist as his cock hit deep and hard inside her cunt. She heard him breathing in her ear, panting hard with each movement that was made.

Alia nipped at his lip and playfully sucked on it as he pressed his hips harder into her. She felt the heat of his penis deep inside her. It swelled even more and she knew he was about to explode. She kissed him hard. At the same time she reached down and started to rub her own clit as he moved his hips back and forth. A powerful stir surged through her body and she knew both of them were about to cum soon. Alia closed her eyes and arched her back and released her tension as he pulled her long and hard into him one last time. All at once, under the waterfall, a heat filled her being satisfying her yearning desire. They both had cummed hard. He let out a long breath and relaxed his hold on her and she fell against his chest panting. She could hear his heart racing, and knew her own could match his, beat for beat at that very moment.

Needless to say the walk back to the cabin was a pleasant one and she seemed to sing all the way back. When she entered the door Alia was greeted with a quick hello from her husband who hadn’t moved from off the bed.

“How was the hike?” He asked.

With a smile of happiness, she replied, “Satisfying.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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