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Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 05

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Joan and Sandra were not yet satisfied. They wanted to explore more…

Back at my secluded villa, Joan and Sandra were amazed at the beauty of the old villa aslopes of the high hills, all green with evergreen trees, especially olive trees, shaped the perfect background. No inhabitants lived for about a few hundred meters on all sides, which gives it the perfect setting and privacy.

‘Wow Sam, this is wonderful. What a setting? Joan shouted surprisingly

‘I love this setting Sam. Sure I could last a hundred years living here.’ Sandra continued.

Walking by the swimming pool both girls were mesmerized with the beauty of the surroundings.

‘Wow, we can have fun fucking around the swimming pool.’ Joan said with a great smile.

‘Definitely so my dear, it was practiced many times over, and sure it is more than convenient.’ Sam answered.

‘Tell us something about its’ history, Sam?’ asked Sandra.

‘It was originally built over a couple of hundred years back by one of the richest families of the time. Since then it had been inherited many times by the next of kin until a time came when the last members of the family died and those of kin, mostly living in main land Greece, were not wanted to invest to sustain it. It is a quite big villa with a very large surrounding garden mostly planted with olive trees. The thick outside walls keep out both the cold of winter and the heat of summer. It was our fathers’ natural way of insulating their houses. The breeze from the hills, which rolls down along the terraced land covered with olive and pine trees, brings a sense of relaxation. This is why it is so cozy at any time of the year.

‘When I purchased this property, it took me quite a few months, and a nice packet to restore it to what it is today. The condition it was in, was not that bad but the number the years of abandon could be felt every where, from the garden to the insides.

‘The villa itself comprises of three bedrooms with the main enjoying the Mountain View, an extra sized bed on which three people can sleep in great comfort and an en suit bathroom comprising of all the necessities for both the male and female needs. The other bedrooms have twin single beds and one of them even an en suit small bathroom with shower toilet and sink. Another common bathroom comprises of a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna is also available for anyone who might be staying over in the villa.

‘The rest is a big kitchen with an adjoining dining room, furnished with solid oak furniture. The strong table in the middle was not only used for breakfasts and dinners, but also for erotic purposes. The sitting room is also quite large, with television, hi def sound system etc. plus the usual furniture and most useful a thick carpet which will be utilized when such ladies are staying over especially during the evenings, when everybody will be enjoying a nice drink au naturel.’

‘It looks like you done a great job. Seems you done wonders.’

‘After the hard work come the pleasures. So now I will give you a tour of the insides.’

‘Sure we will love that.’ Joan concluded.

After we entered the grounds it took us straight to the swimming pool area from where we walked to the main entrance of the villa itself. Its’ main entrance is about 15 meters from the outside surrounding wall where the main entrance is located. Actually there are two entrances, one for the inhabitants, friends and guests; the other was used for the animals, like horses etc. This I changed into a garage.

First we walked around the huge garden which is mostly shaded with huge olive trees, planted many, many years ago. Then continued walking inside through the main door leading through a small corridor where on the right is the sitting room and then we continued through the rest of the bedrooms.

The kitchen was left to the last moment so that we can enjoy a very refreshing drink while plans were discussed. I suggested that first we take off our clothes and enjoy a cold shower. Then we will drive down town, collect their belongings, enjoy a meal in one of the local restaurants and return back to the villa for a much needed rest.

As we shed our clothes in my en suit bathroom I had a very interesting look at their beautiful bodies, worked my hands up and down their backs, starting from their round smooth asses, up over their shoulders and finish with collecting their beautiful tits in my hands. I started with Sandra. Moving towards her, I put my hands under her half moons while my lips went for her lips. She pressed her tongue into my mouth while very slowly I started circling my hands, massaging her very smooth ass, then, opening her cheeks, feeling her wet pussy, moving slowly upwards towards her ass hole. I pressed my finger over her rosebud, feeling the smooth ribbed area over her back opening, wow it felt great. She pushed her ass backwards putting more pressure from my finger against her little dark opening. My hardness became more evident ataköy escort as I became more exited of my intention, that in the next twenty four hours I will not only be exploring more of their dark holes but much more than that. I couldn’t wait.

Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth, her hands caressing my now very hard pole which, had been pressing against her golden pussy. My hands, slowly moved up, our kiss was broken and very slowly I moved behind her so that I can move my hands up to cup her round sizeable tits. Her nipples got harder while my pole was resting against the crack of her ass. I pushed my self against her while she pushed her ass in the opposite direction pressing her crack against my hardness. I started rolling her hard nipples between my fingers, getting them harder and harder. My tongue was giving her new sensations when I tongued her earlobe. ‘Ohhh Sam I love that’ she moaned. I kept it up, rolling her nipples, pinching them, sending some light pain through her blood veins. My hard rod was really pushing against her ass hole, while Sandra was pushing her ass against my dick. Now it was being squeezed close to her rosebud. I was not yet ready to invade. Still a lot more things need priority action.

Her nipples were getting really, really hard, her body was about to start shaking. ‘Oohhh shit, I’m getting off.’ One of my hands moved down to the valley between her legs. She parted them and felt my cock settling further in between her ass cheeks. My fingers invaded her very wet pussy. The other hand kept the good work at the top. It did not take long before my pointing finger found her clit.

Joan was watching the action, sitting on the stool with a hand between her legs. She was following every move. Her eyes wide open, watching with jealousy and desire. I am sure her pussy was as wet. Sandra started shaking. My finger moved down and found the wet hole. ‘Ooohhhh Samm, I am cumingg Soo hard. Can you fuckk mee please?’

‘Not now darling, after we return,’ I answered. I let her enjoy her orgasm, which was long, then I moved over to Joan to give her some of the same treatment. I moved over towards her, pressing my cock against the side of her thigh. From this position, I had the opportunity to have one tit in one hand and her ass in the other. While starting to roll her very erect nipple, the fingers of my other hand where moving up and down from her asshole towards her wet pussy. Her legs parted giving my fingers more access down towards her clit. She did not need too much encouragement. Her pussy juice was already flowing down between her pouty swollen lips, oozing down towards her ass hole. I pressed the palm of my middle finger against her clit when she gave her first moan. I moved it a bit backwards and went straight inside her cave of Venus. ‘Aaaahhh Samm. I love this feeling. Stay as you are. Don’t move. I am starting to cumm. Ooohhh Saamm!’ Her pussy muscle got my finger.

When I felt her relaxing I moved my saturated finger and moved it up to her ass hole which by now felt even wetter. Here I pressed it straight inside her tight ass hole. ‘Oohhh Sam I’m cummingg. Cummingg.’ Her ass hole was really tight. Her muscle

was contracting against my finger. I moved my other hand down to her pussy where I pushed two fingers inside her vagina. Now my fingers where feeling each other just separated with the thin membrane. Her body was shaking with a huge orgasm, she was enjoying. I held my fingers still until she started to relax. Then very slowly I pulled them out of her holes. She turned towards me, put her hands around my neck and gave

me a long passionate kiss. ‘Oh Sam you are fantastic. What about your hard on?’

‘No Problem, I want to save that for tonight. One of you definitely will enjoy it before bedtime. There is also a possibility you both can enjoy its pleasures. Well I think I would love to be sucked a little.’ Instantly I finished talking, Sandra went down on her knees and took the whole length of my hard cock into her mouth while Joan moved around my body and with the smooth palms of her hands started massaging my firm buttocks until one of her fingers started pocking for my anus. The suction of Sandra’s mouth on my cock felt great, making it harder and harder. Joan on the other hand, kept one hand searching for my rosebud while the other hand went round my neck. Her tongue was massaging my earlobe and every now and then started blowing light hot air around my ear. Her fingers had found the O ring of my ass hole and without lubrication was finding it a bit hard to enter the first centimeter. I pushed my ass back against her finger as an act of encouragement.

‘How you like it lover boy?’ she said in my ear while pressing her finger trying to jump inside my sphincter.

‘I am sure a bit of your pussy juice can make miracles,’ I answered while enjoying the sensations of Sandra’s great mouth sucking and licking my hard cock. ataköy eve gelen escort Then I felt Joan’s finger pop out of my ass while Sandra took my balls in her hand feeling the nuts moving them from side to side of the sack by her expert fingers. I was only hoping that she will not press them too hard. Joan’s finger was back at my back door, this time wet with her own juices. She pressed it against my ass hole and very slowly, in it went without much trouble, but it soon started giving me trouble as new sensations started brewing in the area.

Sandra’s mouth and fingers were also expertly increasing the new sensations while I became scared that a load of cream I will flow into her mouth, something which I wanted to save for later. I started breathing deeply, and at the same time pulling up my P.C. Muscle trying to avoid going over the top. Now Sandra moved her attention to my balls by licking them and then sucking them one by one. She was quit an expert and was moving from one nut to another with her expert tongue while inside her mouth. I relaxed a little bit but soon Sandra started moving her tongue up the underside of my shaft moving towards the head which she very slowly engulfed into her mouth, slowly taking the whole length some of it crawling down towards her throat. Joan was

pumping her finger in and out of my ass sometimes teasing the prostate from the inside increasing the sensations. The feeling I was enjoying was great and thanks to the control I had that I continued to enjoy it so much without filling Sandra’s throat with hot jism.

I continued enjoying their ministrations to the maximum until I felt Joan getting on her knees behind me, opened my ass cheeks and started licking my rosebud. ‘Oh Joan please stop. I want to save this for later, your pussy will love it. Please stop.’ I begged. She stopped and also felt Sandra pulling her mouth away from my hard phallus. As soon as I relaxed, a bit, I ordered the girls that it was time for a shower and hit the road.

Together we entered the shower and started helping each other with shampoo, soap etc. It was great fun to have two girls giving me a good soapy massage, although this is not the first time I have enjoyed such luxuries. I had the honour to wash the two ladies, one after the other especially their tits and nipples, their wet pussies and also their round asses, including their ass holes. After rinsing off the soap the temptation was still there to feel the insides of their wet pussies and the tightness of their ass holes.

The problem always was, time never stops and we had to hit the road. The girls put the same clothes minus their bikinis and therefore were bare underneath their thin summer dresses. A light wind and they were on show.

Within half an hour of leaving the villa, we were down town parked infront of their hotel. I just waited in a bar across the street enjoying a refreshing drink while they were clearing their rooms. Within fifteen minutes they were out, walking towards me with their luggage, a new set of clothes and a big smile on their faces, which can only mean they were ready for more.

With their belongings safely in the back of my Pajero, we drove to a local restaurant on the side of the city, settled nicely in a quite corner away from the other tables. The coloured lights hanging from the tress above, the sun just close to the horizon gave the place that beautiful warm feeling just before the day turns into the night.

We ordered a nice set of fish dishes, cooked au naturel with only olive oil and lemon juice, salads and French fries, a bottle of home made wine and loads of water. I was sure that we were going to have to wait quit a bit to get this healthy food prepared and presented to us. Therefore I decided to start a good conversation by asking the girls how they can describe our day’s adventures together and whether they regretted meeting a good old aged guy like me.

‘Not in a lifetime Sam,’ Joan started. ‘I believe that you really know how to pleasure a woman although I believe we have only tasted the tip of the iceberg.’

‘Well,’ Sandra continued, ‘I think that this was the greatest day of my life. I couldn’t believe what I had been through, today. I never been so hot and still am. The sex we enjoyed today was the best. Gosh, the orgasms, one after the other, wow. Many times

you get a man who is just ready as soon as he enters and if I don’t get my pussy sucked before hand I feel nothing except frustration. But with you, it was different. The time you managed to keep that cock of yours hard inside me was incredible. The orgasms, oh my god that was the best I had ever experienced. I already feel my pussy sore and I do not know what will happen by end of this holiday.’

‘Sam you are the best fucker I have ever had the good fortune to meet.’ Joan commented. ‘From the moment I saw you this morning, my pussy became aware of the ataköy grup yapan escort day ahead. Very rarely I start getting wet just by looking at a strange guy, but you were different. Don’t ask me why?’

‘I couldn’t say I had the same immediate feelings but when I heard Joan asking for a ride, ripples started pouring through my dirty mind. Usually I don’t accept such sudden encounters, but something pulled me through and couldn’t refuse. I’m not sorry.’

‘The feeling and the way you prepared me was incredible. I thought that my hearth would blow out of my body.’ Joan continued, ‘It was the first time that I couldn’t control my body, the shaking, the moaning and the pleasure, were incredible. I had never enjoyed sex so much. I even started thinking how I am going to live without it as soon as I return back home… The way you pleasure a woman is far-fetched. I had never had a man who cared so much in giving his date so much pleasure, even before putting his penis inside her.’

‘Well, men are like that, they think that by fucking a woman, or putting a dick inside her, they have achieved the ultimate in sexual pleasure. But how many women are frustrated at end of day, by just have to go to sleep with a messy load of cum inside their pussies and probably have to masturbate to finish themselves off.’

‘But by not Cumming, you are not getting full satisfaction. I mean today you have only cum once’ Sandra said.

‘During the vaginal massage, the female vaginal area is massaged as you have already experienced. Come to the point where I have already sent my partner over the clouds by a couple of vaginal orgasms, I start using my left hand around the anal area until I get to the next orgasm when I press my finger into the anal hole. I need only up to the first knuckle. After that it will be sucked in automatically by the partner herself through the mini orgasms and sphincter movements. Through these muscle movements,

clutching around my finger, energy will be passed all the way through, from the female partner to me. With every anal movement, my hard dick will be responding one for one until the partner is in such a state, enjoying one orgasm after another until I pull my

fingers away from her vaginal area and her anus. Then I connect my hard rod straight into her pulsating vagina and the rest is shear pleasure. By this moment I will be so relaxed that I start enjoying the pleasures of the action itself, holding back the semen and just the same time enjoying the pleasures of the moment as long as I want. Blowing the seed the man is dead.

‘In this state the female will be so hot and lost in a world of her own that she will be going through a series of orgasms that the pulses will be felt and enjoyed by the male through his phallus which is embedded in the female vagina while her vaginal muscles will be contracting so much as every orgasm flow through her body until it builds itself into a huge all body orgasm when the whole of the body will became one whole earthquake which will include the male. It’s possible that the male enjoy it as much as the female but without blowing off the seaman. After relaxation they start a new built up.’

‘But Sam, just tell me how did you manage to learn not to cum?’ Joan asked.

‘Well it is a long story…Started about six years ago. Before I met this particular girl I used to cum very quickly usually within a few minutes. She was an Asian beauty who tried to get away from her poor country and changed my life. She taught me all the tricks of Asian sexuality coming from Hinduism and Buddhism. She stayed living with me for about four years as a live in maid, companion, cook and most of all sexual teacher and masseur. Since then I have had a harem of girl friends that every now and then make appointments to come and stay over for a few days at a time but I still miss this Asian Beauty. Padme… She wanted to go back home to her family. She was great in every respect and I feel very grateful to her and the time she spent living with me.’ I said.

‘I’m sure you have enjoyed yourself since then,’ Sandra said.

‘If I have to tell you all the stories that happened since then and the pleasures I have enjoyed I have to write more than one volume and we would not have time enough in the next ten days to tell it all. You have to realize that I have pleasured many ladies since she has left both young and others in mid age and including a few virgins too. For the virgins it was the most exciting as they received only pleasures from the day my hard cock first penetrated their virgin pussies including one of 36.’

‘Oh! Oh! That must be a great story to hear,’ Joan said.

‘What about a story of your first time girls?’ I asked.

‘Not so exiting. Mine was the biggest disappointment,’ Sandra answered.

‘And what about yours?’ I asked pointing my finger towards Joan.

‘Well nothing special, especially after all the preparations I made for that special day.’ Joan answered. ‘But if you like to hear about it, maybe one of these days I’ll brief you.

‘OK Girls I think I have to hear your stories before you go back home and then I also tell you some of my adventure. I think I should start from the beginning, from the time I have purchased this exclusive property’

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