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Unlocked Door

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Anri Okita

This is a fictionalized rendering of an encounter I had a few months ago.


She is in position on the bed: face down on a pillow, feet hovering over the edge, and ass in the air for easy access to her holes.

She is wearing the glass butt plug that he had requested and is masturbating with her vibrator while she waits for him to arrive. As she cums a second time, she thinks back to exactly what has gotten her in this situation.


She had had an interesting but long day at work, she had woken up very horny but hadn’t had time to masturbate before getting ready, so she had taken to teasing some of her partners with suggestive photos and scenarios during her lunch break. She had a way with words and a filthy mind. Some of them had responded with their own ideas and that had just exacerbated her horniness.

On her way home she kept up the sexting, hoping to get enough material and roleplay to help herself get off. She had barely walked through the door that she was already getting naked and contemplating which of her many toys she was going to use in her soaking pussy.

As she settled on a dildo and vibrator, her phone dinged with incoming messages. She had piqued someone’s interest.

They hadn’t met yet in person, but they had been talking for a couple weeks of what turned them on and who else they were fucking, gossiping about the good and not so good dates she had been having, and wondering when they would finally have time to meet and see if they got along as well in person. He lived with his girlfriend, and to her delight, the discussion had come up more than once that they could eventually have an adventure all three of them.

He still had an hour of work but was intrigued with just how she planned on getting herself off. He already hadn’t been feeling very productive and this seemed like a more interesting use of his time. So she sent him a photo of the dildo that she was going to fuck herself with. And then a photo of herself sticking her little pink tongue out from between her red lips and licking the tip, imagining it was his cock. He visualized the same thing, at his desk, and felt his cock bulge in his pants. She kept snapping and sending photos as she put the entire dildo in her mouth, eyes fixed at the camera, hoping to tempt him to come over and replace the fake phallus with his own.

As she moved the dildo to her wet slit, running it up and down, tickling her clit with it and finally sliding it in, she moaned and imagined that he was the one about to penetrate her dripping cunt. She had no choice but to put the phone down while she illegal bahis started slowly fucking herself so she could also press the vibrating end of her wand to her clit. The combined sensation of the two toys had her panting very quickly, and she came hard from the buildup of arousal she had been trying to ignore all day. She couldn’t resist another orgasm and kept playing with herself until she was spasming from the pleasure.

She knew if she kept going, she could easily cum many more times, but she wanted to share her pleasure. She left the dildo inside herself and kept the vibrator rumbling away as she snapped a few close up pictures, and with unfocused eyes picked the clearest photo she could and hit send.

Halfway across town, he was throbbing and had definitely given up on accomplishing anything. Furtively glancing at the time, he made mental calculations about how much time was left to his shift, and how long it would take him to get to her place. He knew her neighbourhood, from when they had met online, but hadn’t had the chance to visit her yet. He had really enjoyed all the tales of her sexual adventures over the past few weeks, feeling that when they would finally meet, it would most likely be an explosive experience. They had several kinks in common and from the photos she had been sending over those weeks, he could see that she was very much his type: slutty and empowered about it.

He messaged her that he was going to come over and have his way with her, and she couldn’t help but grin. She thrived on this type of situation, on other people’s undeniable desire for her. Nothing turned her on more than being lusted over, so she raised the bar and started writing out exactly what she hoped he would do when he got there, and asked him which of her two favorite plugs he wanted her to wear.

When he got to her front door, he turned the handle and saw she had indeed left it unlocked for him. The entryway was dark, but he could see a light at the end of the hallway where her room is, where she told him she would be waiting for him.


He walks down the unlit hallway, taking off his shoes and coat, listening carefully for her moans, and starts unzipping his pants. He arrives at the doorframe of her bedroom and takes in the sight in front of him.

She is in position on the bed: face down on a pillow, feet hovering over the edge, and ass in the air for easy access to her holes.

She is wearing the glass butt plug that he had requested while rubbing a small but powerful wand vibrator against her clit.

She has come twice since placing herself in this illegal bahis siteleri vulnerable pose.

She had been holding her breath since she heard the door open, and was very attentive to every sound he made as he came towards her, trembling with anticipation and pleasure.

He continues to undress while watching her play with herself and once naked, picks up one of the condoms she has ready next to her on the bed. He swiftly opens it and slips it on, before placing a kiss on her left butt cheek. Neither of them fully believing this is really happening, yet unwilling to jeopardize the moment by verbalizing their now dissipating uncertainty.

It takes all of her self control not to look back at him, just as she had told him she would resist doing. She wants his cock inside her to be their first introduction, and he is happy to oblige, both of them driven wild by the situation.

She feels his hands grip her hips as he aligns himself with her opening and slips his entire length in with one motion, her slickness more than enough to ensure the friction is as pleasurable as can be. She barely has time to register how full she feels that he is pulling out and thrusting back in, making her moan and scream in satisfaction as the entire day culminates in this glorious fucking. He keeps pulling out and slamming in, revelling in her cries of pleasure and clenching muscles around him. Her orgasm hits after barely a few thrusts, thanks to his size, her vibrator and her ultra aroused state. He makes her cum several more times, pounding her pussy in a steady rhythm, focusing on not blowing his load yet. She completely loses count of her orgasms and becomes just one ball of sensitive nerves, pleasure invading her every thought, his thrusts barely registering as anything other than bliss.

She can’t resist finally glancing over her shoulder, with a grin, and they happily recognize each other from all the photos they had shared over the last couple of weeks.

He varies depth and force and angle just enough to keep her guessing which part of her is about to be sparked with friction. Her nipples rub against the bed with every motion while her spine is arched into his lunges and she is riding wave after wave of ecstasy, no longer able to register when each orgasm is starting or ending since they are all blending together.

When she’s become entirely incoherent from the overwhelming sensations, he pulls out and tells her to turn over. She slowly does, not entirely sure why. He spreads her legs, crouching down between them, his arms around her thighs, and pulls her so her ass canlı bahis siteleri is hanging over the edge of the bed and drapes her legs over his shoulders as he crouches down to lick her dripping slit. He dips his tongue as deep in her as it will go and brushes his fingers against the glass plug sticking out of her ass, pushing on it a little, then gripping the base and wiggling it slightly. She grips the sheets around her frantically overloaded once again with sensations. She can’t form the words but he understands that she doesn’t want him to stop. He gently squeezes her thighs on his shoulders while looking up at her writhing on the bed in front of him, very happy to have taken a chance on this strange encounter. He keeps playing with her ass plug while alternating between tongue fucking her and licking her clit. She looks down at him and their eyes lock in a mischievous look and they know that this won’t be the last time they share this type of adventure.

In the middle of one of her moans, he stops everything he is doing and stands between her thighs and lines up his cock to fuck her again. She wraps her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles and he leans forward to put his hands on the bed either side of her. She pulls his face to hers and licks the taste of her pussy off his lips before kissing him deeply, sticking her tongue in his mouth to taste more of herself on him. He kisses her back and thrusts into her at an angle, making her moan into his mouth. One of his hands reaches up behind her back into her hair, gripping a fistful and pulling her away from his lips so he can catch his breath. He keeps his hand in her hair to hold her still so he can focus on fucking her deeply.

While she enjoys his rough fucking, she rubs her breasts, pinching her nipples and tugging them outwards. One of her hands goes down between their bodies to rub her clit. Her inner muscles squeeze his cock in ripples.

He gasps that he is very close and she begs for him to cum on her as she keeps rubbing her clit and clenching around him, so he thrusts in rapidly a few more times and pulls out, takes off the condom and explodes over her stomach with a groan, and she keeps cumming from the rapid flicks she is inflicting on her poor overstimulated clit. She squeezes his legs with hers, arches her back and holds her breath as her wrist moves back and forth frantically and she feels the warmth of his ejaculate on her, cumming like she almost never had, and then finally lets her hand fall away from herself and goes limp on the bed.

Her legs release his and he stands up straight while they both catch their breath. She opens her eyes to get a proper look at the young man who had been fucking her and sticks out a hand towards him.

– Hi! I’m Fae. Very nice to meet you!

He chuckles at her and shakes her hand.

– Hey. I’m Alec.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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