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Up for Breakfast and More

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Big Tits

“Yawwwn,” Tyler lazily woke and sighed, “mmm last night was amazing… but where exactly is…?”

Taking a glance around the room, he could very plainly see his partner was nowhere in sight. After the torrent of sexual energy from the experience the night before, Tyler was quite eager to at least plant an affectionate and thankful kiss on his dear’s forehead.

“Hmm… what’s that noise?” he questioned, sensing the faint sound of a skillet emanating from down the hall.

Gently tossing his coverings aside, the sleepy guy climbed his way out of bed, grabbing his lucky red boxers on his way up.

“Phew, I sure lost you in a hurry huh?” he spoke to them, half expecting them to reply. The night he had spent at his friend Alexia’s proved to be one of explosive excitations, not only supplying each of the participants with an unimaginable amount of satisfaction and delight, but physically messing up the girl’s bed to an outright asunder. The covers and blankets were skewed and disorganized, half not even on the bed itself. The pillows, save for the one Tyler had been using, were likewise spread across the floor halfway over the room, and even the nearby nightstand lamp had been knocked over. “What in the heck got into us?” Another question made itself known to his thoughts, pulling a shirt over himself and slinking to the bedroom door. Without seeing, he reached for the door’s handle, only to grasp something very soft. Apparently he had found the final resting point of Alexia’s soft green panties, hanging from the doorknob, bothering no one. A smile crossed his face as he chuckled to himself and turned the passageway’s handle. Ever the one looking to feed his sexual ego, Tyler puffed up his pride and continued stepping down the hallway.

The smell of eggs and bacon joined with the now loudening sound of the skillet, producing the age old scent of breakfast coming from the kitchen.

“Why good morning dear,” Alexia greeted, “I assume you slept soundly?”

“You could say that.” He replied, pulling a stuck sock off the back of his leg and tossing it to the floor.

“I thought you may want some “wakey wakey eggs and baccy” she said back, suppressing a slight giggle.

“I’d much rather have you for breakfast” He thought to himself. As he passed around the edge of countertop’s “L” shape, he started eyeing the young vixen. It looked as though the only garments she chose to wear this morning had been a long white t-shirt that hung to her knees, and… well the rest couldn’t be determined, though the image of a pair of white panties looked as though it showed itself for a brief second. Her hair was the kind one would expect a girl to wake up with, the “post-sex hair”, but didn’t have any flaws in spite of it. It was a light reddish-brown and hung lightly down the girl’s shoulders to almost her backside, some parts having little curls that bounced when she moved around. Tyler had always had a very heavy fetish for hair, of which Alexia knew full well and often flaunted in his face, usually to tease him in the most inopportune times. So many times in the past he wished to simply ravage the hair alone, feel its soft silky texture against his many parts, and of course physically show his appreciation for it. Unfortunately, inconvenience made itself present, relatives/friends showing up unexpectedly, important phone calls, etc. which would often deter his efforts. But today, the doors were locked, the windows were covered, and the phones were off. Potentiality was in the air as well as an as of now growing desire. Who know what could happen with this sort of situation?

Alexia happily bounced to the fridge for more eggs, her height bahis firmaları making her stand on tip toes to try and find them. She stood about 5′ 1″ even though she was eighteen, and in hindsight having a fridge this tall might’ve been a mistake. In any case, the eggs had been found and she was now onto the next item: some sort of veggie for an omelet. The veggies in her fridge, as is the way in most, were in the crisper. In other words, the very bottom of said fridge. Tyler watched as she slowly bent herself over, keeping her knees straight, reaching down with her one free hand. The shirt she wore was long, but not so long that it could cover an action like this. The bottom hem steadily climbed along her slender legs, along her young thighs, and finally sliding partway along her cheeks, showing that she was indeed wearing the white panties he had afore thought. The way she bent made them tight against her, the impression of her body pushing back against them, revealing her cleanly shaven lips and full, shapely ass. Tyler’s eyes made the opposite path, striding down along her legs, taking in every inch of what she was showing him, even unknowingly, until they reached her feet. It seemed to take forever to reach them as while Alexia was short, her legs made up a great deal of her height, proving just how long a pair a short girl can have. He quickly shot his eyes back to hers as she regained her previous posture and carrying the ingredients, made her way back across the kitchen floor. A little bit of her shirt had caught on the waistband though, and was still providing Tyler the sort of thing he enjoyed: a perfect view of several of her best features.

The TV was on in the adjoining room, blasting out some obscure song Tyler had never heard of but clearly Alexia loved. She sang to herself with the beat, unknowingly wiggling her hips to it as well. She wasn’t ignoring him, but since he wasn’t really helping she thought it better to stay focused on her work. Tyler leaned against the fridge, continuing to watch her and her figure’s traits as they all moved their certain ways. The hips wiggling, the hair bouncing, her chest bouncing as well whenever she turned enough for him to see it. Each part contributed to creating the overall stunning effect she was famous for in his mind. Alone each part was great, but combined they produced the most alluring effect he had ever seen. He felt the sort of longing for contact one does when watching a girl like this forming inside. The anticipation of what he could do with such a girl starting to creep up from the inside out, urging him on and on to take an action, to at least start something and figure it out as they go. He watched the swaying hips more, sensing his boxers starting to constrain, bringing his eyes up along her curvy back he saw the shoulders he would love to lay his hands on, next to the neck he wished to caress. This girl, in just the act of fixing breakfast, was ever increasingly driving him crazy. He imagined the thought of cupping those cheeks in his hands, her full breasts as well, and even running a finger along her neck.

–DING- the bell went off as she slipped the omelet off the pan and onto a nearby plate, along with the waiting bacon and fried eggs.

“Ok! Everything’s cooked! Are you ready to eat?”

“I certainly am…” He cooed, making his way to her still-stove-facing-person.

“Ahh..” She gasped, his hands pulling her hips against his, letting her feel his now bulging parts. “Tyler.. I..” She tried to say but to no avail. She could never resist him taking her in such a way. Her ass was such that it could push around his hardened cock, making a warm valley for kaçak iddaa it. She dropped her hands to the countertop and grabbed the underside with her now tightening fingers. Tyler looked down at the contact between him and unsatisfied with the situation lifted her long shirt the rest of the way up past the stuck part of her waist. It eventually rested on his manhood, as he had released it from its boxer confines and pushed between her legs, letting it rub against the outskirts of her underwear. Alexia sighed again as he slowly pushed with his hips into hers, letting his cock rub against her covered lips, making her unbearable to hold back the moisture she was letting go. The rough, circumcised cockhead continued to grind against her soft fabric, creating a sensation for her unmatched. It was one that made her want him more. She could feel it moving and pushing through the fabric, but wanted to feel the real friction against her wetting lips. She sighed deeper and took heavier breathes as he encompassed her body with his arms, sliding her down the counter, away from the hot stove. Her waist came up to just below the surface top, forcing him to bend his knees a bit to reach her parts. Wanting to do more, he grasped her sides and hoisted her up, bending her all the way over the glistening smooth marble, and letting her rest on top of it with her legs hanging down in front of him.

The white shirt, now gathering the sweat of the couple’s actions, lay limp along her smooth back, moving slightly with their motions. Her wetness was starting to leak down along the edges of her crotch to her thighs while Tyler continued pushing back and forth. Alexia’s arms were outstretched and tried their best to cradle her head as he thrust against her, one hand even trying still to hold the far edge of the counter to slightly brace herself. It was in vain though, as Tyler ceased for but a minute. Looking down at this object of sexual allure, he kneeled down and with two fingers from each hand, peeled off her soaking underwear. She could hardly move and certainly didn’t want to resist what he was doing anyway, but felt the invigorating breeze against her moist pussy. Leaving the panties at her thighs, he reached out his able tongue to her, slipping it along her folds, tasting the wet juices that flowed from it. They only helped to empower him with more desire though as the familiar flavor and scent hit his senses like a wave of brick-like intensity of pleasure. He lapped up the juices and spread her longing pussy to find more, exploring every crevice and fold, licking them as much as he could. Her moisture dripped off his tongue as he receded it back behind his lips, content with his spoils. She was still gasping, eyes closed by the time he looked back up.

Half her shirt had been raised to her neck he soon noticed, to allow her to kneed her own breast while he had licked. She was still squeezing and fondling with the one freehand that wasn’t grasping the edge as much as she could. Her left breast was face down, pressed into the counter, which left only the right to be attended to. Alexia moaned again and again as she tugged at her own nipple and rubbed her pleasure aching chest. It was overcoming her and she needed more. So much that she was begging him to fuck her.

“Please Tyler… I need it so badly… You’ve made me so horny… and I can’t take it anymore. Please.. fuck me… please.”

The pussy in front of him was now dripping with a whole entirely new set of juices, calling out to his cock to enter. It was inviting, desiring, begging to be screwed. The inside walls were lined with fluid and looked so incredibly warm. Tyler’s now raging hard on was kaçak bahis dripping with the same precum that had been plastered against Alexia’s lowered white cottons. He wasn’t about to deny her what she wanted. Taking the throbbing member in one hand, he held her hips’ side with the other, and slowly rubbed the head between her lips, gauging her response with each move. Her head would go back, letting her mouth open with more escaping moans and gasps, her hand squeezed more and more of the flesh of her breast, and her hips slowly swayed with his motion each time. This was exactly the way he loved to fuck his friend. After sliding the head against her warm clit for a final time, he started to push inside her opening, parting it slightly as he did so.

“Ohhhhh gooosshh.. Oh.. that feels so good… push in more.. please.. please I’m yours..” She moaned such words as Tyler tried his best to push in more of himself. Her pussy was incredibly wet but its tightness still served a difficulty. Finally, he was in to the hilt, the last of her internal folds past. The end of it was pressed against the part Alexia liked best, the deep inner wall that she herself could never reach. Tyler flexed his pulsing cockhead against it, provoking more sighs and breathes from the woman, in turn urging him on for more. His hand firmly around her ass, he slowly pulled back to the point of almost exiting, but kept his head inside. “Please.. Push back in,” she begged, “I need it… I’m your personal sex slave… please… just fuck me like you want to…” These words spurred Tyler to throw himself back into her moist slit, expelling more and more of her wetness with each thrust. He pulled her hips back as well, making her slide back and forth along the marble, letting the surface texture slide and drag her stiff nipples. She could no longer grab at either of her firm, full tits anymore, compromising instead to try and use both hands to grab the end of the counter to push back as little as she could muster. The precious hair she had swished back and forth with her body, her stomach sliding only due to the lubrication of sweat she produced, and her face turning red with determination.

She was approaching her breaking point and was well aware of it, even if she might pass out. Tyler’s intense drilling was getting to him as well and knew he would be unable to hold back much longer.

“Tell me… you want it.. tell me how much you want me to cum inside.. you…” He commanded, not letting up, but trying his best to hold back for the answer.

“I want it all.. Tyler.. oh gosh.. please.. please give me your cum.. inside my pussy. I want it so fucking bad… I want that throbbing cock to let go of all of it… please..”

Tyler’s eyes winced and shut tightly as he brought her hips back as hard as he could, and pressed into them, forcing the both of them against the side of the cabinets under the counter. Alexia let out a loud, deep moan as her body tightened, squeezing his mighty cock as hard as she could, trying to milk out the cum. Her legs came up and around his, locking as hard as possible so as to keep the position. Wave after wave crept and swept through her body, pulsing inside her stomach and chest, ringing out from her convulsing pussy, and audibly from her mouth. Tyler stood against her, his cum pouring out inside, flowing into her folds, against her pleasure wall, and some even being pushed back out against his pumping manhood. The white substance dripped down Alexia’s thighs as he slowly pulled out, watching his own juice continue to creep out from the end of his rod to the floor. Looking back to her, she was a near limp form of satisfaction, still whispering, “Tyler… fuck me.. please … fuck me..” eyes shut and body loosening as she lay.

He sat down against the cabinets and taking a deep breath said, “Alexia… I think.. we may have to reheat…our food. Hehe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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