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Vanilla Village Ch. 02

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This is a joint effort with cuninglinguist61 and myself. If you missed chapter one, go to cuninglinguist61’s profile page and check it out. For future reference, he will submit the odd chapters and I will submit the even chapters.

* * *


It’s been a couple months since our night of fun with Kathy and she had become a regular guest to our hotel room and now to our home for the past month. She and I have become pretty good friends now and I think Charlie was starting to resent her coming over, though he doesn’t say so because she and I seem to spend so much time together now; looking over paint color and fabric as well as having a little girl fun with each other.

Standing at the kitchen sink, looking out to the back patio, I see Charlie hooking up some lighting for our deck so we can have some BBQs, parties and enjoy the nights. Biting my lip, I realize that my poor husband has been neglected for a week and I need to rectify that soon.

Dinner ready, I decide to use the patio table outside so we can enjoy the first night of comfortable weather. With the weather turning warm, I know Charlie is so looking forward to getting his garden going again. He does it so well and his plants flourish under his healing hands.

I walk outside, and set up the patio table as Charlie looks at me questioningly. He sees me place the forks, knives and glasses and understands. “I should have the lights done in a couple more minutes, babe,” he tells me as he walks to the side of the house.

“Ok, by the time you are done, dinner will be ready to eat,” I tell him, going back into the house.

I look around and realize I have my dream home; spacious living room by the front entrance with a dual-face fire place in the wall that heats both the dining room and the living room. That’s just for starters and just part of the downstairs. My kitchen didn’t need any remodeling and was huge! I had two ovens, microwave oven, top-of-the-line compactor, dishwasher and refrigerator so it is a joy to cook here. Huge granite counters all over the kitchen with a breakfast nook that overlooks the back yard. A walk-in pantry with tinted glass doors and the light was fixed so that when the door opened it went on.

Hearing Charlie return to the back yard, I move to the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of champagne for us. First Friday that we both are home on time and nothing planned for the weekend so time to celebrate and play with my husband a bit.

I uncork it, put into the ice bucket and walk back out. Charlie raises an eyebrow at the bottle and then grins, his all knowing grin. Yes, my darling hubby knows that I get horny after drinking champagne and he is enjoying the thought of after dinner. I put the ice bucket onto the table, turn and give my hips an extra sway, for good measure, knowing he is watching me walk back into the house. I hear him chuckle as I get back in the kitchen to grab our dinner plates I prepared and put into the oven.

“Honey,” I say loudly, calling out to Charlie, “are you done?”

“Yeah, I am,” he says back. “Is dinner ready?” He asks.

“Yes, but I know you want to wash up, so I will hold off for a minute,” I tell him. He comes into the house and goes into the bathroom to wash up, so I sneak into the pantry and take off all my clothes and put my apron back on, walk out quickly, grab our plates and put them on the table before Charlie steps back out.

I sit down, waiting for him to return, looking at the lights he just installed twinkling above my head. He is such a great handyman; he made them look like shiny stars looking down on us.

I hear the screen door open and Charlie walks out, sits down and grabs the bottle and pours some in each glass. He raises his glass and looks over at me and smiles big when he realizes that all I have on is the apron. “Baby, take that damn thing off,” he says laughing.

Well, I don’t have to be told twice, so I pull it off, drop it in the open chair next to me and look over to him. His grin gets bigger when he sees my tits and nipples above the table and he reaches over and slides his fingers across them and raises his glass again, this time saying, “For those beautiful tits of yours, baby. I like dining with a naked wife,” he chuckles.

Smiling, I raise my glass and take a drink. Ah, I sigh, this is going to be a good night, I think as I eat my dinner, taking peeks at my husband from under my lashes.

“What’s on your mind, Andi?” He asks, knowing I have been looking up at him often.

“Are you glad we got the house?” I ask. “I feel like we got it because I loved it so much, not because you did and I feel guilty.”

“Honey, I love the house, I love you and I am going to have a great garden this year,” Charlie answers. “So what’s for dessert?” He asks knowing what I will say or so he thinks. My devious mind has been up to no good but I know he will enjoy dessert very much.

“It’s a surprise,” I tell him, finishing another glass of champagne. I get up take our plates into the kitchen and bring out another bottle of champagne and a big glass bowl and one spoon. In the bowl is chocolate casino siteleri mousse with a light whipped topping. I put it and the bottle on the table and clear some room on the table in front of him. He looks at me strangely but doesn’t say anything and watches. I grab his glass and put it on the other end of the table and get on the table and straddle his chair, a foot on each arm rest. I take the bowl and spoon and scoop out a bit of mousse and spread it on my tits and my bare pussy. I look at my husband and tell him that dessert is served.

He grins and slowly starts to lick my left nipple, taking all of the mousse off and eating it. His tongue slowly moves over to my right nipple and he does the same, his tongue circling around my nipples.

He takes the spoon from my hand and spread more mousse on my pussy, drops the spoon into the bowl and pushes me down onto the table as he pulls my legs over his shoulder and starts to nibble, lick, suck and eat my pussy.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good,” I moan as I feel his tongue rolling around my clit and licking my swollen pussy lips, tasting my juices and the mousse.

“I love my dessert,” Charlie says, taking another scoop and spreading it all around my pussy again. He really starts to suck and lick harder and my breathing is getting heavier as I can feel the tension of my orgasm build within my pussy. Charlie hears it and knows that he has the power to make cum hard.

Most men can make me cum when they go down on me but my husband can make it more intense and I love that. His tongue slides in and out I feel his fingertip rubbing against my clit, his other hand down at my asshole, caressing it. He dips his finger into my pussy and then slides it back down to my ass and slowly slides it into my hole, knowing that will take me over the edge. I relax and let his finger slides in and he brings his tongue down to lick around to moisten it more and he slides his whole finger in as his other fingers slide into my dripping pussy. He starts to slide them in both holes with the same tempo, slow at first but faster and faster as he feels my legs start to shake, his indication that I am close to cumming. He puts his tongue onto my clit and licks around it and then takes it into his mouth and sucks harder and harder as I feel my body shake, knowing any second I will explode.

“Oh, Charlie, baby… Oh yes! Oh yes! Baby, yesssss!” I scream as my orgasm rolls over me in tidal waves, shaking my body on the table as his fingers fuck my holes and his tongue and mouth ravages my clit.


As I bring Andi to a screaming orgasm, my cock was trying to bust out of my shorts. I lick up her juices, which are flowing out of her pussy, and coating my fingers, which are still sliding in and out of her pussy and ass. I can feel her asshole pulse and squeeze around my finger.

I stand up and unzip my shorts, letting them drop around my ankles. As usual, I am not wearing any drawers while I am home, so my cock springs up, hitting Andi on her ass cheeks.

I take my cock in my hand and slap Andi’s pussy with it, smacking her clit with the head. That causes Andi to moan and squirm, and she tells me, “Don’t tease me, baby. I need your big, thick cock in my tight little pussy.”

Smiling at my beautiful wife, sprawled out on our patio table, juices flowing down to pool in the divot that is her asshole, I tell her, “After you’ve been teasing me all week, making noises with Kathy, kissing me with her pussy juice on your lips, you don’t want ME to tease YOU?”

“I’m sorry, baby,” she gasped as I slide the length of my cock along her slit. “I know that I’ve been neglecting you. You know how I am with a new toy, though.”

I know that she is right. Andi has done this before, especially when she discovered that she likes women, too, so I am not really upset. I just like to tease her like this.

I also know that Andi is just about the only woman that I can bury my cock all the way into in one thrust. I place the head of my cock at her wet pussy hole, and shove the entire length in at once, feeling my hips bounce against her ass.

“That doesn’t mean that you can forget about your old toys,” I tease her as she yelps, feeling my cock slam against her cervix. I slide myself all the way out, and slam it back in again.

“Especially…THIS…toy,” I tell her, slamming into her with emphasis on every word, as I start to fuck her hard.

“Oh, yeah baby,” Andi moans loudly. “I’m sorry. I promise I will never do it again! Fuck me honey!!! I’ve missed your thick, hard cock SOOO much!!!”

I start to fuck her faster, reaching up to squeeze her chocolate coated tits and pull on her nipples. I know that she likes to have her nipples pulled hard sometimes, so I am pulling on them as I fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh, yeah, Charlie,” she moans. “Fuck me, baby. I’m almost there!”

Knowing that it has been a week since I have last enjoyed my wife’s pleasures, I know that I am not going to last very long, but I don’t want to cum yet. I stop and pull out of her warm, wet hole, earning a moan from Andi. “Nooo!” canlı casino she cries, as I slap her pussy with my cock again.

“Roll over,” I tell her, as I reach for the bottle of cooking oil that I always keep near my grill. As she places her tits and belly on the glass-topped table, I start to pour some oil down her ass crack, and then onto my hand. I start to stroke my shaft with one hand, coating it with the oil, as I slide a couple of fingers into her ass.

“Oh, yessss!!!,” Andi groans as my fingers slide all the way into her tight ass. When I know that her ass is ready, and my cock is thoroughly lubed, I place the head of my cock at her asshole.

With my oil-coated hand, I reach up and grab Andi by the hair, pulling her back to me. “Reach down and play with your clit,” I tell her, as I start to slowly push my cock into her ass.

I can feel her fingers slide up and down her slit, sometimes slipping them into her pussy, as I shove the head into her. “Oh god, yes!” Andi groaned. “Go slow. I want to feel you as you fill me up.”

“You just keep playing with your pussy,” I tell her, sliding my cock in and out of her ass, going a little deeper with each thrust. “You will feel me fill you up soon enough.”

The deeper I get, the faster she slides her fingers over her pussy, moaning louder.

Soon, I am ready to bury myself deep in her ass. I pull my cock back, until only the head is still inside her tight hole. I pull back on her hair harder, and slide forward at the same time, until I my pelvis is up against her ass cheeks.

“Oh god!!” Andi yells, sliding two fingers into her pussy. “God, that feels SOOO GOOD!”

Holding her hair like the reins of a horse, I start to fuck her ass, slowly at first, and then picking up speed.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Andi yelps. “Fuck my ass! Fuck me baby! Fuck meee!!!”

Andi takes her hand from her wet pussy and grabs the sides of the table so she can push back against me, meeting my thrusts. She is grunting, and I can hear her breath getting short, telling me that she is about to cum again.

I start to slide the entire shaft in her ass, pulling all the way out, and then sliding all the way back in. Andi starts to yell again, “Oh, yeah, Charlie, just like that, baby. I’m gonna cum!”

I start to fuck her fasted and harder, hoping to reach the peak at the same time she does. Soon enough, I feel the familiar twinge in my balls.

“C’mon, Andi,” I tell her. “Cum with me, baby. I’m almost there.”

Andi moans back, “Oh, yeah, I’m cumming! Yesssss! Oh, Charlie! I’m cummingggg!!!”

“Oh, damn!” I bellow, as I blast a pent up load of cum deep into her ass.

“Oh, my god! Yess!” Andi yells back, as she pushes back against me, burying my cock even deeper into her.

As we started to come down from our orgasms, I felt my cock start to shrink back to normal, and her asshole slowed its spasms. Soon, I had to reach back and grab my chair, and slowly lowered my ass into the seat.

As Andi finally sat in my lap and we held each other, I asked softly, “So what is that party that you and Kathy keep talking about?”


Leaning against Charlie’s chest, I look up at him, saying, “She wants us to meet some of her friends but she didn’t tell me much else, babe. Something about a BBQ or dinner at her place; I told her I would talk to you about it, and thought we could do it here since our patio is so much bigger and you love your new grill.

“Yeah, that sounds perfect,” Charlie nods his head. “What do we want to grill?” he asks, excited that he will be able to use his brand new grill for a party.

“Let me ask Kathy, since this is her party and she knows her friends better, honey,” I tell him as I get up to clean the dinner mess up. Charlie starts to get up but I put my hand up and tell him to relax as he has done enough around the house this week.

“Want something more to drink?” I asked Charlie as I look at the opened bottle of champagne. He reaches across for it and I hand him the bottle and he pours our glasses and sips at his while he waits for me to return from taking in the dessert bowl.

I return and sit down, clink my glass with Charlie’s and take a sip. We both are relaxed and gaze around our spacious backyard. Charlie had, at my whining, set up the hot tub first, knowing my weakness for soaking and have sex in it.

This time, though, he went one better when buying and installing it. Instead of the usual depth for a hot tub, he had it special made to be deeper and bigger so that when you stepped into it, the water came up higher and when you sat along sides on the special made seating, the water was at your chin. He also made it so you can have eight people in it easily.

The other thing he did was instead of having to climb into it, you step down into it, like a Japanese hot tub. When I asked him why he had done that, he said he had an ulterior motive. Not sure what it is yet but he said I would know when it happens. Then to add to the luxury of having the tub, he laid out blue rubber matting and blue and white ceramic tiles around the hot tub for kaçak casino safety and looks. All in all, the hot tub was probably my favorite amenity in our house.

Naturally, all the plants and trees he planted looked wonderful as my darling husband has a natural talent for making things grow. I knew that in a few years they would be gorgeous to look at. He even has a carpenter coming over in the next couple of weeks to build him his greenhouse for his more delicate plants.

Once we were done with our champagne, we knew we needed to get cleaned up, so I took the empty glasses and bottles while Charlie jumped into the shower. I put the dishes into the dishwasher and did some light cleaning so by the time Charlie was done with his shower it was my turn. Once done, I got out and did my usual ritual of drying off, covering my body with my favorite lotion, and dried my hair with the blow dryer. Not one to wear anything when I slept, I walked into the bedroom where Charlie had already fallen asleep; got into bed and joined him.

The next morning when I woke, I could hear Charlie outside talking to our neighbor as he had opened the windows to let the light breeze in as I slept. Does my husband know me or what, I ask myself, smiling. Getting up, I grab my silk wrap, put it on and tie it in front as I walk downstairs to the kitchen.

Hearing the front door open and close, I call out to him, and hear his footsteps come towards the kitchen. As he walks in and seeing me grab a coffee mug, he asks me to grab him one, too, as he has made coffee for us. Grabbing two mugs I place them on the counter, walk over to him and he wraps his arms around me as I kiss him good morning, nibbling on his lips. As much as we love having sex with other people, we also love each other very much and we tried to have as much time together, just the two of us. Knowing that we are in a new town, it has brought us even closer together since there has been a lot of “just two of us” time or that is, until Kathy came into our lives.

As I lick at his lips, his hands reach into my wrap and around me to my ass cheeks where he squeezes and pulls me close, feeling his bulge start to harden. As much sex as we have and as long as we have been married, we still seem not to get enough of each other.

“God, baby, I have so much to do today but I want that pussy so bad,” he whispers into my ear as he nibbles on my neck. With my body pressed into his, my hands around his waist pulling him in as I grind my hips into his hardening cock, he squeezes my ass harder.

Forgetting the coffee, I pull him to the living room, take my wrap off, sit on the couch and spread my legs wide, as I start to slide a finger into my pussy, already drenched and ready for his massive cock. He watches me as he rubs himself through his jeans; he then unzips his zipper and let his jeans dropped to the floor but doesn’t take them off, his cock bouncing out, released from their confines.

“Oh, baby,” I say to him, looking at his huge cock, “I want that here and I want it hard,” I say, pointing to my pussy as my other hand still fingering it.

He moves my hands away, gets between my spread legs, grabs my hips and stabs his cock deep into my pussy hard, a quick intake of breath escapes me as I love how it feels when he does that to me.

He starts to pound me like a mad man, grunting and groaning, knowing he was going to cum hard and cum fast. I push my hips against his fast as I tighten my pussy around his cock, hearing him moan when he feels me do that.

“Andi, I’m not going to last long. Oh, god, baby, I’m going to cum,” he says to me breathlessly.

“Oh yeah, right there, oh fuck yes! I’m with you, honey! I’m going to cum so hard with that cock fucking me so good, baby!” I scream to him, feeling my pussy start to twitch and tension building inside. “Yes, yes, yessss!” I moan as I feel the walls of my pussy pulsate with my orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Andi! Take it all, baby!” Charlie groans as he cums deep into my pussy.

He leans over me as he comes down from his orgasm and kisses me lightly all over my face. Slowly he pulls his cock out, bends down to get his jeans half way up and shakes his head.

“Andi, we are so insatiable sometimes, aren’t we?” He says as he walks toward the bathroom to clean up.

“Is that a bad thing, honey?” I ask as I get up to pour a cup of coffee and sip on it. He comes back into the kitchen and pours himself a cup. “No, it isn’t but for a woman, you are the horniest I’ve known,” he tells me, grinning, “hell, even Kathy can’t keep up with you.” I look at him and give him a big smile.

“So what you are you doing today?” He asks me, as I start breakfast for us.

“Well, Kathy is supposed to come over and we are going to finish the other guest room and talk about the BBQ. She mentioned inviting four of her friends, two couples, I guess. One couple is Doug and Sheri and the other couple is Alex and Bridget. They go to the same church that Kathy does and that’s where they met and have become good friends. Doug is in construction so you and he will have lots to talk about. His wife, Sheri, is a hairdresser in town. Alex is a sales manager for a big company in the city so he commutes every day and his wife, Bridget, is a high school teacher here in town.” I tell him everything Kathy had told me about the two couples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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