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Verry Incestous Relations 4

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Verry Incestuous Relations

Chapter 4

Title: Mother Gives It Up


Jerry heard the sound of his bedroom door opening, followed by his Brother Larry’s whisper, “Hey, are you awake yet?”

“Hell,” Jerry whispered back, “I’ve been awake for a couple of hours.”

“Shit, me too. I woke up with a hardon and I’ve still got it,” his twin brother replied.

“Same here, Bro, but at least “Fuck Mother” day is finally here,” Jerry pronounced, with a leering smile, and they high-fived each other in the breaking light of dawn.

“Man, how long before we screw her,” Larry asked anxiously. “Are you thinking that we’ll have to wait until we get to the hotel in Santa Barbara?”

“Fuck no, I’m never going to be able to hold out for that long. I’m going to have to get some sexual relief from mother way before we get to Santa Barbara, or I’ll pass out from not getting enough blood pumped up to my brain,” Jerry explained.

“God damn, I’m glad to hear you say that, cause I can’t wait much longer to stick my cock in her, and get the pressure off of my balls by shooting my wad into one of her pleasure holes,” Larry said, in obvious discomfort.

“We are thinking the same way, buddy, and that sexual gratification we need is real bad is just around the corner, now,” Jerry promised.

Excited by that thought, Larry asked, “So what’s the final plan of action, Bro? When do we nail her ass for the first time?”

“Well, since we’re both in a “fuck her soon or we’re gonna die” situation, here’s what we are going to do,” Jerry said, with finality.

“First we go ahead and finish packing our bags, shower and get dressed for the trip. “Then we wait until we hear mother come out of the master bedroom.”

When she does come out, we’ll go downstairs with her and I’ll go with her into the kitchen, while you go down to the basement and do your thing.”

“While you’re down there mixing up all of the chocolate milk flavored drinks we need for this morning’s activities, I’ll keep an eye on mother and make sure that she doesn’t go downstairs and discover what you are doing.”

“Now the first thing you need to do is get that pint jar of our cumshots in it, out of our refrigerator, the stuff that we were planning to use on Aunt Mona today, as a sexual aphrodisiac.”

“Now, based on the test we did on mother day before yesterday, a double cumshot of our spunk got her really hot and in the mood to let us fuck the hell out of her. And we would have nailed her ass, right then and there, if Dad hadn’t come home early and ruined it for us.”

“So, this morning, I think that giving her a single cumshot should be enough for starters. The purpose of the first drink we give her this morning at breakfast, is just to get her to feeling real relaxed, sexy and cooperative, so we can start manipulating her into doing exactly what we want her to do today.

“So be damn sure that you don’t give her too much of our cum in this first drink. We can’t afford to have her go sex crazy on us, right here in the house, and want us to fuck her before we even get started on the trip.”

“As much fun as that would be, remember that our real goal is to get her away from this house and into a motel room, where we can have absolute privacy so we can do all of the dirty things we plan to do to her, and not have any interruptions.”

“Now the cappuccino drinks we bought at Starbucks are another matter entirely. They are the drinks that we are going to give to her after the trip has started, and we want those babies loaded up real good, so that they will drive her right over the edge.”

“So when you prepare those two drinks, you need to go ahead and mix triple cumshots in each of them. After she’s drunk those two cum cocktails, she’ll really get turned on and we’ll start playing with her body and reeling her in to be fucked over, but good.”

“By the time we get to LA she should be so hot to get fucked that we can check into a cheap motel, fuck her real good, once each, then set up the movie camera and shoot plenty of film of her letting us perform every dirty sex act on her, that we know exists.”

“Once we have enough film of the nasty sex acts we’ve performed with her, I’ll explain the facts of her future sex life to her, in no uncertain terms, and from that point on she’ll be our in-house whore and will let us have sex with her any time we want it, any way we want it.”

“Then, for the rest of the trip, she’ll be ours to do whatever we want her to. Now does that sound like a good plan to you, Bro,” Jerry asked, proudly?”

“It sure as hell does, Bro, and I want you to take the lead on making all of this stuff happen. All I want to do is fuck her,” Larry said with excitement, still carrying a major boner around in his pants.

“You can count on it, buddy, all I need you to do is back me up on everything, when I ask you to,” Jerry told his horny twin.

“Now, when you’re through mixing everything up, downstairs, put the Starbuck, triple cum laced, drinks in the ice chest, then bring the breakfast drinks up to the kitchen and put them on the table, then we’ll all sit down and drink them during the meal, and watch out cum begin to loosen her up, greasing the skids for her to give it all up to us today,” Jerry instructed his blue balled brother.

“So let’s finish packing everything, but first, lets checkout the suitcase with the sex tools in it, right quick,” Jerry told his brother.

They opened the big bag that was filled with heavy duty sex toys and bondage devices, and sorted through the veritable treasure trove of things to plunge into a woman’s orifices, and really get her attention, as well as a wide variety of restraints that could put a woman into any kind of bondage they could ever want.

As they went through the sex tool stuff, they brought up to the top of the case, the handcuffs, ball gags, butt plugs, dildos of all sizes and types, and plenty of nylon rope, so they’d be easy to get to, when needed, on the drive to Santa Barbara.


Cindy was awakened by the sounds of her twin sons stirring around, rather noisily, in their rooms. During their nearly sixteen years, except for sports, she had never known either one of them to wake up without her having to yell at them to get them going.
She had expected to have the same problem with them this morning but, from the sound of things, they were obviously proving her wrong.

She lay there for a couple of minutes thinking about the events of the last twenty four hours, and the tremendous disappointment it had been for her husband to suddenly be called to Japan.

His unexpected departure had ruined all of the plans she had made to use this trip to his sister’s wedding, as a second honeymoon for them, and during the five days they had been planning to spend a lot of their time together having wild sex.

Now, instead, she was going on the wedding trip with her two sons, who were going to be taking her husband’s place as her escorts to the various fun parties that were being thrown during the wedding festivities.

Although the twins would fill the party escort role very well, it was still going to leave her spending five sexless nights in bed alone.

She was still feeling upset that her plans had all been crushed, but knew that she had to put her chin up and go on and do what she was obligated to do, as the bride’s Matron Of Honor, and do it without having the side benefit of all the lewd, filthy sex she had planned on having during the trip.

She shook her head to clear those bad thoughts away, willed herself into a positive attitude, stretched luxuriously, then sat up and swung her sleek legs off of the side of the bed and got to her feet.

She was wearing a pale red pajama set, consisting of a snug fitting, low cut, silky top, that came down to the bottom of her globular, jutting breasts, and bottoms that were little more than sheerly crotched panties.

She stepped into a pair of 4 inch high heeled, white bedroom wedges, then slipped on a floor length, incredibly soft, glistening white robe, that clung to every well curved inch of her, more than voluptuous, body.

Because the waist of the wrap around robe barely overlapped, when she walked around in this sexy, eye popping garment, her legs kicked open the front of the clinging robe, displaying plenty of her marvelously formed, lush thighs, and occasionally flashed glimpses of her sheer panties covered mound.

She tied the robe’s soft, ropelike cord around her waist, and then walked out into the hallway to see what was going on with the two boys.

As she moved towards their bedrooms, she could see that their suitcases were already sitting out in the hallway, closed up and ready to go.

She called out, “My gosh guys, I am amazed that you are actually up and are all packed for the trip.”

In Jerry’s bedroom, the two deviously plotting brothers looked at each other and swallowed hard, then Jerry whispered, “Oh shit, here she comes. Now be cool, we don’t want her to be suspicious of anything.”

“Try and keep from staring at her body, too much, and keep the hugs down to a minimum. We don’t want to end up jumping her prematurely and ruining our plan.”

“Remember, our primary objective is to get her away from here and into a cheap motel room, where we can fuck her brains out. You got that, you horny bastard.”

“Yeah, I’ve got it, and I’ll try and be cool, but shit, she’s just so god damned good looking, and I’ve been dreaming about fucking her for so long, that it ain’t gonna be easy,” Larry groaned.

They both took a deep breath and then went out into the hall and caught sight of her. “Oh, fuck, that’s just what I was afraid of,” Larry muttered under his breath. “Sweet Jesus, would you look at that god damned body in that sex wrapper she’s got on. Shit, ain’t it just fuckin’ perfect? Oh man, I want to drill her so bad I can taste it.”

“Hang tight, it’ll happen soon enough, so bite your tongue and behave yourself, Hound Dog,” Jerry whispered back.

He looked back down the hall and said, “Hi Mom, it’s about time you got up,” then he went over and gave her a polite hug.

“Yeah, Mother, we are all packed and ready to go,” Larry chimed in, with a hoarse voice, as he gingerly got his hug, hoping that she couldn’t feel his hardon.

“I can see that, and I can hardly believe it. I have never seen you two be so industrious,” Cindy said, with near astonishment, not even noticing Larry’s hand sliding across both of her scintillating ass cheeks, as he turned her loose.

She looked at their suitcases and observed, “You sure are taking lots of stuff with you. What’s in this extra bag that you have here, I’ve never seen it before?”

“Oh, that’s a bag full of toys for us to play with while we are on the trip,” Jerry explained, lamely.

“Toys,” she exclaimed, “aren’t you two a little old to be playing with toys? After all, you’re going to be sixteen on Friday.”

“No, mother, we will never be too old to play with toys, so we are bringing lots of them with us, and I promise you that we will have fun using them all,” Jerry laughed assuredly.

“Well, alright, have it your own way and, just for being so nice about being forced to go on this wedding trip with me, I am going to let you do whatever you want to do,” she promised them with a bright smile.

They both swallowed hard when they heard that juicy promise issue from her full, wet, ruby lips, as their eyes, uncontrollably roamed over the curves that were barely hidden under the clinging, glistening white robe.

She then spied her husband’s over-sized photography bag and gasped in amazement, “Wow, you mean that you have even packed up your father’s cameras to take on the trip? I am totally surprised, you two have always hated it when we took family pictures.”

“Well, this time we want to take lots of pictures on the trip, and at the wedding, as a permanent record of all of the fun we are going to have with you. We have even brought the movie camera along, with lots of film, so that we don’t miss a thing you do with us on the trip.”


“Well boys, because you are being so helpful and cooperative, I’m going to go down to the kitchen and make a good breakfast for us, before we hit the road,” she promised them.

“Great Mom, and don’t worry about making anything to drink, Larry is going down in the basement to make up one of his special chocolate milk drinks for us.”

“Well that’s great, I loved that one you made that day when Margie was here, it tasted absolutely delicious,” she replied, “it had a special tanginess to it that was quite different.”

“Oh, don’t worry, he will make you one this morning that you will enjoy pendik escort even more,” Jerry promised her.

Cindy turned and started towards the stairs. The twins followed her swaying, statuesque body, with its perfect ass cheeks that were being hugged so very enticingly by the silky, glistening white robe.

They hit each other on the shoulder, and rolled their eyes in anticipation of their soon being able to use the spectacular body they were following, and all of the sensual, erotic promise that it held.

When the other two went into the kitchen, Larry bolted down the steps to the basement.

He opened the refrigerator door and pulled out the pint jar holding their carefully stored and preserved cum shots, opened it up and ladled two tablespoons of cum into the bottom of a glass and began mixing in the quantity of chocolate milk necessary to produce the desired, spiked up, extra creamy chocolate brew.

While Larry was doing his work, Jerry chatted with his mother as his eyes followed every movement of her sensational body, as it swayed and jiggled under the thin, curve hugging, floor length, white robe, as she undulated around the kitchen on her 4 inch high heeled bedroom wedges, giving him many glimpses of her plush, tanned and very toned thighs.

His mouth kept getting dry as he watched this vision of erotic sexiness move back and forth in front of him, and he kept having to drink water to keep going, as the waist of the teasing robe began parting in front and began giving him glimpses of her sheer pink panties, that hid nothing.

A couple of times she opened lower kitchen cabinet drawers, bending over at the waist, straight legged, as only a truly outrageously endowed woman could do.

Her ass cheeks separating as she bent forward, allowing the thin material of the soft robe to settle between the valley they formed and Jerry had to hold onto the kitchen table, as hard as he could, to keep himself from jumping on top of her.

His cock was now so stiff that, if he had been required to stand up, he could have sworn that his steel boner would have ripped out the front of his pants.

She came over to the kitchen table and put the silverware and dishes down on it, bending forward at the waist as she did so, and Jerry found himself looking right down between the two half exposed, melon sized breasts that were swaying before him, hypnotically.

He almost swallowed his tongue and actually choked a couple of times, as he tried to keep a grip on himself.

His concerned mother asked, “Are you alright, darling?” Yes,” he spluttered, “I’m fine I just swallowed at the wrong time.”

She leaned forward, putting her cleavage on even fuller display, and patted him on the head. He barely kept from choking again, as the huge boobs stopped just a few inches away from his glassy eyes.


Just when she had breakfast ready, Larry appeared with a tray in his hands that was loaded with three glasses of chocolate drinks.

Cindy watched him carefully advance towards the table, as though he was carrying a tray of delicate china, and said, “Oh darling, how nice of you, your drinks certainly look delicious. I can hardly wait to drink mine.” Neither could they.

They all sat down and Jerry said, “Let’s drink a toast to having a wonderful 5 days together at Aunt Celeste’s wedding extravaganza.”

They all picked up their chocolate drinks, clicked the glasses together and the boys watched as their gorgeous mother swallowed down half of her glass of spiked chocolate joy juice, before putting it down.

They chatted amiably as they ate, their legs all crowded together under the small table. The occasional, not so innocent, touching of their knees against hers, made the twins teeth hurt.

They picked up their glasses again, urged their mother to drink up and, to their great satisfaction, saw her swig the rest of the liquid aphrodisiac down her throat to the last, particularly thick and creamy, drop.

“Larry,” she said, “that was the best cocoa I have ever tasted.” “Why thank you mother, I really, really enjoyed making it for you,” her son replied with a warped grin.

The breakfast finished, the boys volunteered to clean up the kitchen while she went up and got ready. Cindy took them up on their offer, gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

They watched her walk over to the stairs and go up them, her spectacular ass swinging so proactively that the boy’s eyes watered as they followed every move, until she finally disappeared from view.

Then both boys fell to their knees, their blue balls aching and their nerves shot completely to hell.

They looked at each other, in amazement, and Larry blurted out, “God damn, that is the finest looking piece of ass I have ever seen. If we don’t fuck her soon my balls are going to fall off.”


Cindy reached the top of the stairs and felt a very pleasant light headedness come over her. She went into her bedroom, took a shower and began feeling euphoric, and even a little horny.

After she had dried off, she went into her closet and pushed aside the conservative clothes she had planned to wear on the trip, and, for some inexplicable reason, pulled down a pair of faded blue jeans and a red silk blouse.

She put on a pair of red bikini panties, and quickly elected not to wear a bra. She then spent two minutes trying to get into the incredibly tight, low rider jeans.

When she finally succeeded, she put on the form hugging, soft, silky red blouse, and tied its shirt tails in a knot, right under her enormous, jutting breasts, leaving the other buttons open, thereby displaying plenty of her spectacular double E boobs.

She then pulled out a pair of calf high, red suede boots, with 5” high heels, that had three inches of leather fringes hanging down from their tops, and stepped into them.

She looked in the full length mirror and had to admit to herself that the reflection she was seeing was unbelievably sexy.

She shook her head, not understanding why she had chosen this impractical outfit to wear, but had to smile at the sensational way she looked in it.

The jeans rode under her belly button and the blouse was snuggly molded to her breasts, leaving an expanse of tanned skin exposed, between jeans and shirt, that was absolutely breath taking.

The get up was so tantalizing that she knew she would get stares everywhere she went. She shrugged, knowing, for some reason, that looking like this was exactly what she wanted to do.

Her bags were packed with the daring, revealing clothing that her sister Mona had made her buy for the wedding, its related parties, and the planned second honeymoon that her husband’s emergency trip to Japan had spoiled.

But she was proceeding to Santa Barbara with the full intention of wearing the erotic clothing and being the sexy looking hit of all of the parties, even though her husband wasn’t going to be there with her.

Feeling that she was on an unexplainable high, she was happy that she was starting to be a prick teasing hit, right now.

She looked around and saw nothing left to do, so she went downstairs. The boys heard her coming and, when they caught sight of her, they were absolutely stunned. Their mother looked like a sinfully delicious young movie star, or perhaps, more precisely, a much fucked porn star.

Looking at her, from head to toe, they couldn’t form words to speak and, in spite of their promises to each other that they wouldn’t, all they could do was stare at her, open mouthed, like two half-wits, at the glorious spectacle that was their mother.

As the swinging body advanced towards them, they heard her say, “Okay guys, I am all ready to go, so you need to go upstairs and get all of our baggage and load the van.”

When she got near them, she smacked them on their cheeks and said, “Okay, now snap out of it and get going.”

They literally staggered towards the bottom of the stairs, looking back in disbelief, then used the railings to steady themselves as they limped up the stairway.

When they were out of Cindy’s sight, Larry said, “Oh god damn, why did she have to dress like that. Shit, we’ll be lucky if I don’t jump her and fuck her before the van gets out of the driveway.”

“Oh, hell, I know what you mean, Bro, but we have to stay in control of ourselves. We’ve got five full days ahead of us, of banging that body, so lets’ keep that in mind and stay cool,” Jerry said, trying to calm down his impetuous, horny, boner brained brother.

“Yeah, I know, but how in the hell did she get into those god damned jeans, they look like they are painted on,” Larry panted.

“I don’t know,” said his brother, “but it sure is going to be fun trying to get her out of them.”

“Shit Jerry, you are going to have to do it, If I get involved in pulling them off of her, I’m afraid I’ll lose my load, right in my shorts,” Larry moaned.

“Yeah, you’re right, we are in such bad need to shoot our wads, that we are going to have to have her suck us off in the van, after we get out of town. Otherwise we’ll both shoot our wads into our laundry,” said Jerry, with absolute certainty.


“Man, I don’t know if I can even be trusted to get near her while we are packing the van,” Larry groaned.

“Well, you are just going to have to get a grip and cope with it,” Jerry ordered him.

“But, Jerry, did you see the crotch of those jeans,” Larry went on, almost deliriously, “man you can see the outline of her complete pussy. The seam of those jeans is cutting right into her crotch flesh and you can actually see her pussy lips, puffing out on both sides of it, clear as day.”

“Man, I want to just run down there, right now, and sink my teeth into her crotch and eat it, jeans and all,” Larry wished out loud, in near pain.

“Keep that though, Bro, and maybe you can do it before we strip them off of her and fuck the hell out of her in the LA motel,” Jerry advised him.

“You bet I’ll hang onto that thought, and when we do get them stripped off of her, I am going to eat out her bare crotch, from clit to tail bone, and tongue her two orifices until she goes crazy.”

“Then, when we get her in that cheap motel room, I am going to sink my tool into her twat and fuck myself unconscious,” Larry responded with a rising voice.

“Well that sounds like a plan that will work, but remember, I get some of her too, you over-sexed asshole,” Jerry laughed.

“Now, the first time we fuck her, we are going to have to do it together, cause neither one of us is going to be able to just stand by and watch the other one fuck her first,” Jerry said emphatically.

“So what do you have in mind as to how we double dip her,” Larry asked.

“Shit I don’t know, we’ll just play it by ear. When we do shoot our first wad unto her, it isn’t going to stop there. We are both so hot from watching her prance around in front of us all these years, that we are going to be able to fuck her two or three times in a row, before we even have to pause and take a breath.”

“So don’t worry, we’ll freelance it and the rest of the trip we’ll be double fucking her everyway possible, just for starters,” Jerry promised.

“Alright, brother, now suck it up, cause we have got to pack that van and get this fuck show on the road,” Jerry told him firmly.

They grabbed their own four suitcases and trooped down the stairs, right past their voluptuous, outrageously endowed, erotically dressed mother, and went right outside, where they put the bags into the back of the brand new Chrysler Town & Country, luxury van.

They ran back up to get their mother’s four suitcases and two clothing bags.

Before they picked them up, they paused for a moment and got a whiff of her scent that was emanating from the bags, and groaned in anticipation of soon getting the ultimate whiff of her delicious womanhood.

When everything was loaded, the boys unbolted and removed the rear seat that was located right behind the front bucket seats, giving themselves a lot of floor space right behind the two front seats, for the sex games they had planned for her.

Larry went down in the basement and brought up the ice filled cooler that contained the two Starbucks special cum cocktails for their mother to drink, and also the, now more than half empty pint jar, just in case they needed it to keep their, whore to be, all sexed up.

He carefully took it out to the van and put it under the back seat, all ready to be served to their totally MILF mother.

The van now completely packed, the anxious boys came back inside and helped Cindy make sure that everything was locked and that the home’s security system was on.

Their mother was acting sexier by the minute and they were following her curvaceous, twisting body escort pendik around, like two blood hounds with the scent in their nostrils, and did everything she told them to do, with their fists clenched and their teeth gritted, as they fought to keep their hands off of her, almost vulgarly dressed body .


Finally they put the garage door down and everyone climbed into the van. Cindy drove, Larry sat in the front bucket seat beside her and Jerry got in the back, with the cum cooler and the suitcase with all of the sex implements in it, both at the ready.

As Cindy drove through the city, heading for highway 5 to Los Angeles, Larry turned himself sideways in the seat so he could look at his mother’s incredible body, that was jammed into the unbelievably tight jeans.

He had a full view of all of the mid-rift skin that was showing and the, mouth-watering, double E breasts that were jutting almost straight out, inside of the thin red silk blouse.

His eyes were also drawn to the puffy fleshed crotch showing erotically through the faded jeans. He was having difficulty keeping his hands off of all of the displayed goodies.

Seeing the lustful look on his brother’s face, Jerry was thankful that they had, in fact, at least made it out of the driveway without his brother jumping her.

Jerry was kneeling between the two front bucket seats, leaning forward with his arms folded over the backs of each seat, and making it appear as though he was looking forward out of the windshield.

He was actually looking down Cindy’s cleavage and at the expanse of tanned, toned mid-riff skin that was on full display, and also between these magnificent V’ed thighs, that looked so fantastic in the, too tight, jeans.

Kneeling where he was, the body in those jeans was an even more mind jarring sight than ever, and Jerry had to lick his lips to keep drool from running down his chin.

Once they got on Highway 5, and were rolling towards LA, Jerry dug out one of the pastries they had bought, last night, for the trip.

He pulled one out that was basically a cake donut formed in the shape of a big hot dog.

He then opened the cooler and took out one of the cold Starbucks coffee drinks that Larry had doctored up with triple shots of their cum, and handed it up to his brother, who grabbed it, took the lid off and put it into his mother’s drink holder.

Cindy reached down and took the paper cup in her hand, sipped it and said, “Wow, Starbucks makes a great drink, don’t they? It actually tastes a lot like yours did, Larry, only much creamier.”

Jerry reached around her head from behind and held the cylindrical pastry up to her mouth and said, “Since you’re driving mother, I’ll feed you your donut, so you can keep one hand on the wheel and the other holding your drink.”

Cindy responded, “That is very thoughtful of you Jerry,” and she let him slide the penis shaped pastry into her ovaled mouth, then closed her lips down on it and bit off a piece, chewed it, swallowed, then sipped some more of her sexually lethal, high protean energy drink.

The watching Larry, when he saw the hotdog looking pastry slide into her mouth, and then saw her bite down on it, rolled his eyes to the ceiling and stifled a groan, with great difficulty.

Jerry kept shoving the long, fat pastry into his mother’s spacious, full lipped mouth, feeding it to her a little at a time, so that she would be sure and finish all of her Starbuck cum drink.

He was successful as, eventually, she downed all of the cummy fluid down to the last, very thick drop, then licked her chocolate and cum covered lips.

Larry finished watching the whole X-rated event, with a knot in his stomach, as he ground his teeth together in sexual anguish

By now they had covered almost a third of the 120 mile distance to LA. The added triple cum shots began kicking in, almost immediately, and Cindy found herself feeling very sensuous, and had no idea why.

She also began noticing her two strapping young twins in a very un-mother like way. The handsome boys didn’t really look like they were 15 year olds. Both of them were over six feet tall and weighed 195 pounds and were very muscular and athletic looking.

Jerry said, “Mother, why don’t you pull over and let Larry take the wheel the rest of the way to LA? You know how much he likes to drive.”

Cindy immediately agreed and took the next exit, pulled over on the feeder road, where she and Larry got out and switched seats. Larry quickly returned the van onto Highway 5 and off they went, again.

After a few miles, Jerry got out the second cum spiked Starbucks coffee drink and said, “Here, mother, why don’t you finish this other drink and not let it go to waste.”

Cindy, now feeling a little horny, her mouth getting dry from looking at the two boy’s well-muscled bodies, thanked him, took the cup and began eagerly drinking down the pungent, sexually toxic brew.

As she did, Jerry pulled out the suitcase full of sex tools, opened it, pulled out a pocket rocket vibrator and slipped it into his shirt pocket.

He then fished out a regular cake donut, leaned between the seats and said, “Here mom, I’ll split this with you,” and he showed her the round sweet.

He broke off a bite and she parted her lips and let him stick it in her mouth, pushing it all the way in with his index finger and thumb, until they were in up to the middle knuckle.

Cindy, now coming under the intoxicating control of the boys triple cum shots, closed her mouth over the sugar coated fingers and sucked and licked them, to get all of the crumbs off. Watching that erotic move, Larry nearly wrecked the van.

After she had swallowed the first bite, Jerry reached his other hand around the seat and grasped the back of her neck, firmly, then pushed some more of the pastry, deep in her mouth and she again sucked and licked his fingers clean.

He kept his hand on her neck while he waited for her to finish chewing and then swallowing each bite.

He fed her the last bite and, when the wet fingers on that hand came back out of her mouth, he let it drop down onto the exposed cleavage of her huge, jutting breasts.

She was obviously getting very hot. She had sucked his fingers off more seductively each time he’d fed her, and he knew it was time to start reeling her in to be fully exploited.

He took a finger and ran it softly over the braless, erect nipple that was standing out against the thin red blouse, a few times, then circled the tip of his finger around the nipple, on the areola that surrounded it.

By now the cumshot drinks had Cindy nearly tipsy with sexual desire and instead of reacting negatively to her son’s presumptive handling of her breast, she sighed and trembled with unreserved passion.

Jerry then leaned around the seat and kissed her. She accepted his tongue in her mouth and began squirming her ass in the seat, as she really got into it, like a tongue swallowing schoolgirl with a big crush.

He slipped the pocket rocket vibrator out of his shirt pocket, switched it on high and reached down between her legs and pressed it up against one of the twin mounds of pussy lips that were showing on each side of the cutting seam of her incredibly tight jeans.

She moaned into his mouth as the vibrator touched her womanhood and began stimulating her already highly eroticized mind, even more.

She spread her thighs and humped her crotch against the cylindrical vibrator, as it quickly drove her towards the edge of incest.

Then suddenly she snapped out of it and pushed Jerry’s head away and said, “My god, what are we doing.”

“Well, I thought we were enjoying ourselves,” her son said casually, as he maintained his position and kept the pocket rocket at work on her already well heated crotch.

In spite of herself, she responded to the miniature vibrator, helplessly, knowing that this was all wrong, but somehow having very much trouble being able to stop letting it happen.

Jerry tried to kiss her again, but she turned her head away and said, “No, this is all wrong, we can’t be doing this, we have to stop. My god, I’m your mother.”

Jerry slid his hand onto the back of her neck again and said, “I know, and a god damn fine looking mother you are,” as he smiled, then kissed her hard on her pouty lipped mouth.

Larry was having trouble driving with all of this going on in the seat right next to him. He had slowed the vehicle way down and was splitting his time between watching the road and watching his brother foreplay his mother into a full surrender.

He was sweating bullets as he watched Cindy’s spectacular body being warmed up to be fully debauched. Even though he was actually seeing it all unfold, he still found it hard to believe that this was finally happening.

He reached a hand over and stroked her bare mid-riff. Her body looked incredible, as all those curves squirmed deliciously in the bucket seat, under the sure hand of his horny, porn star whore trained brother.

He knew that Jerry had her right where they wanted her. She might still struggle and object some more, but she was toast.

Lust surged through him, as he watched her plush body respond to his brother’s stroking of her hot spots.

His superbly constructed mother was more woman than any he had ever seen, and there wasn’t any dirty sex act he’d ever seen or heard of, that he hadn’t dreamed about doing to her.

And now he and Jerry were on the verge of making their X-rated, incestuous dreams become a reality.

They were going to nail her and nail her good and, from the looks of things, their super sexy mother was going to enjoy the hell out of every bit of it.


Jerry took Cindy by the arm and said soothingly, “Come back here with me.”

She made a half-hearted effort to resist but finally crawled back between the bucket seats and joined her persuasive son.

He almost shot his wad just watching her amazingly curved body make its porn show like climb into the back of the van.

He pulled her down on the carpeted van floor with him, and put her on her back, then quickly threw his leg over her hips and kissed her again.

As they tongued each other, steamily, he untied her red blouse, opened it, and then ran his hand under it and onto her very full, bare, amazingly well toned breasts. He immediately began stroking them and tweaking her nipples, lightly.

She moaned and captured his leg between hers then threw her arms around him and kissed him hotly.

Suddenly she groaned and tried to push away from him, “No, we must stop, my god, I don’t know what has come over me. This is incest.”

“Yes, I know it is, and I just can’t wait to commit it, baby, “Jerry murmured in her ear, as he unzipped his fly, pulled out his jumbo sized member and put it in her hand.

She quickly moved to push it away, then stopped just as suddenly, and grasped it fully, as she thought to herself, “My god, his cock is so huge. It is much bigger than anything I have ever had in me.”

Her eyes closed as she ran her hand over her son’s weighty, heavily veined tool, and her cum induced sexual desire quickly pushed her good sense aside.

Feeling his mother’s hand begin to stroke his cock, with obvious sexual heat, he sucked on both of her breasts then slowly eased his body around, 180 degrees, letting her maintain her hold on his prick, until he was straddling her face, his rigid tool now hanging right above her mouth.

He looked back between their bodies and saw her looking up at his big dong, still stroking it, as its head was now just a couple of inches above her wet lips.

The sexually intoxicated Cindy was absolutely entranced by her son’s extremely full sized cock. She now had it firmly in her hand and was staring at it like it was a lollypop that needed to be licked.

She knew that this was all so wrong, but she was very, very hot, and starved for male sex, and the cock looked so big and, oh so delicious, dangling right above her face.

Jerry looked down at the exquisite lap of his fable bodied mother. Her knees were up, her thighs were parted and his eyes were just six inches above her puffy crotch.

From this close, her body was even more awe inspiring than ever. The seam of the jeans had the pussy lips parted, and standing tall, pushing the surrounding jean material out erotically.

He lowered his head and licked her belly button, then ran his tongue and lips over her exposed mid-riff and heard her sigh with sensuous pleasure.

Cindy tried hard to snap out of this sexual trance she was in, but her effort wasn’t being helped, at all, by having this big, beautiful, almost 10 inch long young cock hanging right in front of her face.

Then she felt Jerry’s tongue begin going pendik escort bayan over her stomach and she almost lost it and was sorely tempted to raise her head up and suck the dangling cockhead into her mouth, as she sighed deeply from sexual excitement, frustration and guilt.

Jerry then decided to do what Larry had said he wanted to do to her. He lowered his face into the marvelous, erotically outlined pussy, first nipping at it playfully, then sinking his teeth into it, hungrily.

He heard his hot, curves on top of curves, mother groan, then saw her boot heels dig in to the van’s floor carpet, hard, as she raised her ass up and pushed her jeans covered pussy into his face and ground it against his attacking mouth.

He ran his hands under her raised, humping ass cheeks, grasped them firmly, then began gnawing on the succulent, material covered crotch flesh, and could smell the sensuous aroma that was emanating from her now wildly hot and quickly dampening vagina.

When she felt her son’s teeth sink into her pussy, through her jeans, not only did her hips jump up in response, but so did her head, causing the big cockhead to bang against her lips.

Her head fell back while her hips continued to grind her crotch into her son’s face. She was now boiling hot and was eying the tempting cock, hungrily, as her mouth watered with desire.

The crotch of her jeans was now darkening with moisture. Jerry wasn’t sure whether the jean material had been dampened by his mouth, or by the juice coming up through it from the inside of the painted on pants, or both.

He continued to attack the hot crotch with his mouth, and could swear that he was tasting the first hint of her cuntal juices.

He raised his head from her crotch and looked back between their bodies and ordered, “Put it in your mouth, mother.”

The words were magic and, with a passionate moan, she instantly raised her head and licked the big head a couple of times, then opened her mouth wide and went up after the rigid cock, getting it in all the way up to her tonsils, then began hungrily sucking on it, bobbing her head feverishly, as she savored her son’s very large, fresh young cockmeat.

He enjoyed her hot and talented mouth for a couple of minutes, as she sucked his cock far better than any of the whores had ever done.

Then he unbuckled her belt, unzipped her jeans, then struggled to pull them down, while she never missed a beat, continuously filling her hot, juicy mouth with his cockmeat and giving him amazingly superb head.

After he’d finally gotten the faded jeans and flaming red panties down around her ankles, he buried his face between her plush thighs, into her soaked, bare cunt, and began eating her and rooting his nose into her slit, like a pig in slop, as she sucked him noisily and moaned with erotic pleasure, her hips thrusting her naked womanhood against her son’s busy face.

He lowered his hips and his stiff prick pressed against the back of her mouth, pushing her head down against the floor of the van.

Then he started humping her face, burying his cock deep into her mouth, over and over, as his aching prick ravished her very cooperative, noisily sucking, oral cavity.

The big penis gagged her periodically, whenever its thick cockhead closed off her air supply for too long a time. Between her chokes, she listened to his big balls slapping against her nose and forehead.

Larry had the rear view mirror aimed directly down at the two writhing bodies and, while he watched, he also listened to the lewd sounds coming from his totally stacked mother, that punctuated the juicy background noise of pussy eating and cock sucking/face fucking.

Larry was having trouble keeping from losing his own load, as he listened to and watched the two of them having sex, and was amazed that his brother had lasted this long without shooting his wad.

But it wasn’t long before he heard his brother yell, “Oh, god damn it Larry, here it comes,” and then he could hear his mother glub glubbing, as her mouth was overwhelmed by the seemingly endless volley’s of cum that were shooting into her gasping oral sex recepticle.

The sound of her swallowing down his brother’s creamy seed, with the most erotic sounds he had ever heard, was punctuated by Jerry yelling, over and over, “Drink it all down you gorgeous bitch.”


After the, steaming hot, lewd sex act was over, Larry heard his brother say, “take the next exit Larry and find a quiet spot to stop for a minute. Larry did just that, while both back seat passengers continued to eat what they had been eating.

Larry brought the van to a stop a half a mile from the intersection he had just gone through, and quickly climbed back between the seats and sat on the forward facing bench seat in the very back of the van.

Jerry got off of his statuesque, half-clothed mother as she, in a sexual fog, reluctantly let the still hard cock slide out of her mouth.

He got her up and sat her bare ass and wet pussy on the seat next to Larry, then slapped his brother on the shoulder and said, “She’s all yours, buddy, it’s your turn to have yourself some real fun, and I must tell you, that she just gave me the best head I’ve ever had. Those damn porn stars could learn a lot from our slut mother.”

With a permanent smile of his face, he zipped up and crawled up into the driver’s seat and drove back onto the freeway.

Larry got on his knees in front of Cindy, pulled her suede leather boots off of her, and then slid the panties and jeans that were around her ankles, off over her feet.

He helped her put her very high heeled, red suede boots back on, and then loosely retied her red silk blouse.

He crawled up between her spread thighs, threw her legs up over his shoulders, one thigh on each side of his head, grabbed her by the hips and shoved his face down into her very heated pussy and fulfilled his promise to Jerry, by sliding her full, gorgeous ass cheeks to the very edge of the bench seat, then began eating her, from clit to tailbone.

He plowed his thick tongue and his nose, into her pussy and her anus, on his raucous, stimulating, crotch eating tour de force, during which he all but devoured the V of her molten lower body, while she watched and groaned with unbelievably erotic sexual excitement.

Cindy had completely forgotten all about how wrong this all was. Her son’s wildly enthusiastic orifice munching, had her panting like a bitch-in-heat, and she was able to think of nothing but the hope that Larry wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing, ever.

After creating a puddle of saliva and cuntal juice on the carpet, right beneath her glistening pubic mound and slit, he let her body slide off of the seat and onto the floor, on her ass, with the back of her neck coming to rest against the edge of the bench seat.

Then he straightened up, still on his knees and laid his cock between her huge, jutting breasts, squeezed them together and began tit fucking her.

When he got his stroke down, he was able to also slip his cockhead into her mouth, when it came out from in between her two mighty melons, on each upward stroke.

As she looked down and watched the cockhead pop out from between her mounds and go into her waiting mouth, each time, as she wondered where her two boys had learned so much about sex.

Larry, feeling the urge to get his cock in her mouth, full time, finally stopped, jumped up and sat on the seat, then had her kneel in front of him, facing away from him.

He ran his hands under her crotch, between her thighs, from behind, clamped his hands around her waist and, using pure brute strength, picked her up and put her thighs over his shoulders, on each side of his head, with her sweet smelling pussy fitted flush against his mouth.

Her body was now upside down and her sensuous face was between his thighs, laying pressed up against his cock and balls.

Larry slid his ass forward on the seat then said, “Put my dick in your mouth and suck me off, you beautiful, fuckin’, MILF wench.”

Being manhandled and dominated this way by her muscular second son, brought her starved sexual appetite up to an even higher level of raging heat.

She now got close-up proof that the two boys were exact twins, in every way, as her eyes locked in on a second almost 10 inch prick.

More than impressed, and drooling uncontrollably, she quickly grabbed the big cock in both hands and went down on it with alacrity.

Larry proceeded to do another, over the top performance of pussy eating, that had his mother crazy with heat, as she bobbed her head wildly and sucked his cock like a well-trained hooker.

Larry went his brother one better on his turn with their super-hot mother’s mouth. Her upside down body lay flush against his, and the angle he had her in, made deep throating her a very natural, very achievable option.

For a while, he had his hand on the back of her upside down head, helping push it down. He then grabbed a fist full of her hair and started helping her cock sucking by forcing his big cock to penetrate further and further past her tonsils.

For her part, Cindy’s face was being repeatedly buried in her son’s pubic hair, as he forced more and more of his shaft down her steadily widening, eagerly receptive throat, until it was in to full depth.

Jerry also had the rear view mirror fixed so that he could see everything that was going on behind him. As he was watching the hot action, a semi-truck pulled up along side of them and honked.

Jerry looked to his left and the grinning guy on the passenger side of the semi gave him and enthusiastic thumbs up.

Jerry rolled down his window and the trucker yelled, “That broad you’ve got in the back seat has some kind of fantastic looking ass. Tell your buddy to keep ramming it to the bitch’s mouth and that he sure is one hell of a champion pussy eater.”

Cindy was in no position to tell the guy that she agreed, but she certainly did.

Laughing, Jerry waived and rolled his window back up, hoping that Larry would hurry up and finish with her before a cop saw them.

Jerry could clearly see his brother’s cock now getting fully deep throated, so he turned his head, looking back, and said, “Damn Larry, I get the distinct impression that this is not the first time our mother has given deep throat. Shit she is doing it a whole lot better than any of those damned, hot assed whores we’ve been practicing on. The fuckin’s broad has some kind of talented mouth.”

“I believe you are right, brother,” Larry muttered between bites of Cindy’s oozing pussy, “we sure aren’t working with a sexual cherry here. This cunt will hunt, big time, and she is fixin’ to get a belly full of my cum, cause I ain’t going to be able to hold out much longer.”

While waiting for the soon to come ejaculation, Larry decided to stick a couple of fingers in the anus that was riding right up under his nose.

As he got initial penetration, Cindy’s body squirmed and he heard a very muffled moan. When he had the two fingers in up to the knuckles, her body exploded with a climax, and shuddered all over for a few seconds and, whatever she was trying to say, came out “mmmpppff.”

He removed his mouth from her cunt, momentarily, and said, “Son of a bitch, Jerry, our sexpot mother just had the biggest god damned climax you’ve ever seen.”

“Shit, she is even hotter than she always looked like she was. We have ourselves a real keeper here, Bro, this mother is gonna be one fine, long term fuck. She’s a bitchin’ natural.”

As the last word slipped out of his mouth his cock went off like a sky rocket.

Cindy was immediately inundated with cum as it shot into her mouth, volley after volley, that she couldn’t swallow it fast enough.

She choked it down as best she could, but some of the hot cream started running out of her upside down mouth and began running all over her nose, eyes and forehead, as she spluttered and tried to get as much of the hot spunk down her throat as she possibly could.

When his balls were completely empty, Larry let her slide down his body, face first onto the floor, and then he rolled her over on her back, where she lay panting with passion, her face covered with cum.

He knelt behind her head, with his thighs on each side of it and used the head of his still very stiff pecker to push the cum that was all over the top half of her face, back down into her mouth.

When he was finished, he plugged the cream covered cockhead between her teeth, and let her suck it clean, while his balls lay on her forehead.

As he was doing that, he heard Jerry say, “We are here at the LA Airport area, Bro. We have got to stop at one of these cheap, rent by the hour motels that are all along the road here, get a room, then take her in and get us a few pieces of her prime ass, just like we planned.”

While her sons looked out the window for a place to stop, their MILF just happily continued to suck the cock that had been left in her mouth.


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