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Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 02

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As Rob & Suzanne sat in his Mustang at the drive-in, Suzanne explained her actions from the night before.

“Rob, I don’t want you to think I am a slut. What happened last night was the first time for me and yes, I did suck your cock!”

Rob looked over at the pretty blonde as she told her side and asked, “What happened last night?”

Suzanne blushed and said, “You were very drunk and Jill and I asked if we could give you a ride home. You thought that was a good idea. When we got to your apartment, we were helping you undress, and when I leaned down to take your slacks off, your cock hit my cheek. I jumped back and only got them half-way down your leg.”

Rob was listening but also chugging the rum & coke he brought. He nodded and said, “then what?”

Suzanne continued, “you were laying there and you looked so angelic. I couldn’t help staring at your cock. It was bigger (9 1/2″ and thick) than I had ever seen.”

Rob said, “Oh really? Just how many cocks have you seen little girl?’

Suzanne blushed and told him, “I had a steady boyfriend when I was a Junior in HS and we necked a bit, he got to play with my boobs, but I never let him touch me below.”

Rob said, “Oh, a little cock teaser, huh?”

“No, Rob. I am not. He said the same thing to me so I sometimes jacked his cock when we dated. He wanted more but I said no. My boyfriend in the Senior year got the same treatment”

“So you are telling me you are a virgin,” Rob asked.

Suzanne said, “I was till four months ago. My boyfriend got bitter, called me a tease. When we were out after the prom, he wasn’t happy with me jacking his cock and forced me down in the back of his father’s car. He fucked me but he only lasted a short time, pulled out, and came on my prom dress. It hurt terribly and I cried all the way home. Thankfully, my parents were asleep and didn’t hear me come in.”

Rob looked at her and could see tears in her eyes. He may have been the first person she ever told this story to. He didn’t know what to say so he asked, “Did you say Jill was with us last night?”

“Yes, I told you she helped me undress you. After I lay you in bed, I sat by you, looked at your face, looked at your cock, and watch you as your face became troubled. I rubbed your leg as you thrashed and moaned.”

Jill said, “he may be having a flashback.”

“What, what is a flashback?”

Jill said, “he is reliving the war.”

I felt sorry that you were going thru this canlı bahis and, “as I rubbed your leg, I began moving my hand closer to your cock. I thought if I could relax you, the nightmare would go away. Your cock was growing in my hand, it was huge and I began jacking you.”

Jill said, “suck him Suzanne.”

Rob looked stunned. “You mean Jill was still there while you were playing with my cock?

Suzanne quietly said, “yes, and I told her I don’t know how to suck a guy!!”

Jill laughed and said,” you never sucked a cock?” She came over and said, “watch.” She ran her hand up and down your cock and then tongued the head. She then opened her mouth and took almost all your cock in. I watched as she bobbed up and down. She gagged when she went too deep and eventually told me to try it. I sat close to you, grabbed your cock and kissed the head. I opened my mouth and went down on your cock. I started gagging and Jill laughed.

“What am I doing wrong?”

Jill said, “you have to relax your throat or you will choke just like I did.”

I tried again, gagged, and tried one more time. I was able to get about half of you in my mouth and I jacked you with my hand. I could feel you tense and knew you were going to cum. I asked Jill, “what now. What do I do?”

She said, “swallow it. Don’t leave any mess or he might get mad.”

Your cock was getting bigger in my mouth. I went as deep as I could and felt you tense. Your cock expanded and then you shot a huge load of cum in my mouth.

Jill yelled, “swallow it, swallow it. He is going to cum some more.”

I swallowed and more came and then some more. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and some dripped out of the side of my mouth. When you were done, I licked your cock clean.

Rob said, “WOW, did you like it?”

Suzanne blushed and quietly said, “yes, yes, I did. I even liked the taste. Do you think I’m bad?”

Rob chugged the last of his drink and said, “hell no! Let’s drink to your first cock sucking experience,” He handed her a pre-mixed rum & coke as he leaned over to kiss her. She thought he would be really proud of her. Instead he just wanted to drink to her sucking him off.

Rob had her recline in her seat and as she sipped on her drink he noticed that her summer dress buttoned down the front. As he reached over to unbutton the top button he brushed against her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. He could tell that all the talk she had done was making her excited. He bahis siteleri looked into her eyes as he went from one button to the next and saw no objection. When he unbuttoned the last, he pulled the dress away and saw she had a see-through lace bra and panties. Her nipples were hard and he could see her pubic hair thru the sheer panties.

The bra opened in the front and Rob unleashed the most beautiful tits. They were full, with perky, red, nipples. He leaned in, tongued her left tit and she moaned.

“Oh Rob, oh, that feel so good. Please don’t stop!!

He continued to suck on her left tit as his hand played with the other. She moaned and his hand drifted to her panties. He felt her pubic hair and then her wet pussy. She was hot, very hot. His lips never left her tit as he began to finger fuck her.

“Rob, Rob, Oh Oh it feels so good. Please don’t stop. Please!!” OMG Oh Jesus!!

With a final shudder, she orgasmed the first time ever being finger fucked.

As she calmed down, Rob said, “take off your clothes.”

She hesitated, “Rob, what if someone see’s us.”

Rob said, “Suzanne, don’t be a child. People aren’t watching us. They are watching the movie.”

She didn’t want to seem a child to him so she said, “OK”

Rob was out of rum & coke so handed her a beer. Suzanne was a light drinker and that rum & coke that she just had was making her light-headed. She didn’t want Rob to think she couldn’t handle it so she popped the top and took a big swallow.

Rob had removed his khaki shorts, sans underwear, and was sitting nude beside her. His cock was hard and sticking straight up. Although, she had just seen it last night, it looked even bigger in the car. Rob reached over, grabbed her hand, and placed it on his cock. She could not get her hand around it. They watched the movie as she jacked his cock and he reached over and played with her pussy. She watched Rob chug his beer, reach back, and get them two more. She chugged hers and handed the empty to him.

They teased each other thru the first movie, drinking beer after beer, and the lights came on between movies. Suzanne got nervous that someone would see them.

Rob said, “relax, no one will see us unless they come up to the car.” Rob said, “I have to piss, I will be right back.” It was hot so Rob just put his Khaki’s back on, his flip-flops, and went without a shirt.

Suzanne wanted to go also so she buttoned her dress, left her bra and panties in the bahis şirketleri car, and followed to the ladies room.

When Suzanne was done, she saw Rob talking to a few guys at the concession stand and came over. Rob didn’t introduce her, instead took her hand, and they walked back to the car.

Suzanne asked, “who were you talking to?”

Rob said, “those guys were in Nam with me. We came back the same time.”

When they got back in the car, Rob was pleased to see that Suzanne unbuttoned her dress all the way. It was a humid night and what little breeze they had, felt good on her bare skin. He handed her another beer just as the second feature began.

Suzanne was slurring her words by the time she finished her beer. Rob reached over, sucked on her tits and she moaned. He reached down, opened her pussy with his right hand and began finger fucking her hard with his left hand. It was too much for Suzanne as she screamed, “OMG Rob, OMG. I’m cumming, I’m cummming!!

Once Suzanne’s breathing got back to normal, Rob said, “I want you to suck my cock again.”

Suzanne would do anything for Rob and said, “Yes, yes, I want to suck you.”

Rob told Suzanne to take her dress completely off and get on her knees in the bucket seat. Suzanne had drank enough that she lost all inhibitions.

As she leaned toward the drivers seat, her perky ass was high in the air. She grabbed his cock and kissed the head. She then licked up and down until Rob said, “lick my balls.” He ass rose higher as she tongued his nuts. Suzanne did not see the guys right outside her window. Rob did, and gave them a thumbs up.

Rob moaned, “yeah Suzanne, keep sucking my balls. Now come up and suck my cock.” Suzanne rose and as she gently put his cock in her mouth, Rob pushed on her head.

Suzanne gagged, came off his cock and said, “Rob, please don’t be so rough.”

Rob said, “c’mon Suzanne, take all my cock.” He steadily pushed more and more of his cock into her mouth. She gagged, lifted to get a breath and he pushed more in. “Take it Suzanne, take it. I’m ready to cum. I want you to swallow all of it. All of it.” As Suzanne kept trying, Rob shoved once more and shot into her mouth. He could hear her gagging as he held her down. He could also see her swallowing as he shot load after load into her sweet mouth.

When she was done, she looked up into his eyes and asked, “did I do good Rob? Did I do good? I want you to like me, did I?”

Rob looked out at his buddies and waved them off as he said, “Suzanne, that was the best anyone has ever sucked my cock. You did real good!!”

Suzanne leaned back in her seat, legs spread wide and passed out!!


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