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Viking Conquest

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Jessabelle had long brown hair and blue eyes. Her full breasts and curves made wearing a dress difficult, but Jessa secretly enjoyed going out in men’s clothing to hunt and spy on the soldiers marching their rounds. As the daughter of the captain of the guards Jessa was not considered a lady or a commoner. Tonight, was terribly cold and windy and Jessa saw her father walk out to the ocean with a team of men. Out in the inky water a big serpentine boat slithered across the sea. The dragon head’s eye visible from the shore.

Jessa froze looking out to sea. Vikings were in that boat.

Her father and the other men raised a flag that signaled negotiations were wanted and not that they were going to fight. It had been a horrible year with crop failures, scorching heat in the summer and rain in the fall that made the crops rot. A lot of the young girls had come of age and were of marriageable age but the last few terrible years meant the community could not support more families or babies. The sickness that came hit the young men and killed making the guard and men to farm the fields weak and less in number.

The Vikings were the last straw to a desperate community on the verge of collapse.

Jessa strained to hear what her father said and the Viking leader in his helmet and with his sharp weapons listened intently. Then to Jessa’s horror her father shook the Viking’s hand and then got on his knees before the Viking and bowed his head to him in an unmistakable show of submission. The village troops then marched back to the village and the Vikings turned and left.

Shaken Jessa edged back into the woods.

The next day Jessa’s father and the Lord of the manor stood before the Village in a village proclamation of intent.

Ten women were to be sent with the Vikings and selected by the Vikings with the Vikings arriving in twenty minutes for the selection. In exchange the Vikings would trade with the village and assist with planting in the spring, bring food for the village, and provide troops to protect the village over the winter. No questions were to be asked of what would become of the ten girls selected.

The Viking leader arrived and all the women of the village who were not married were lined up for his inspection. Nine girls were selected before Jessa and Jessa hoped that the girls after her or before her would catch the Viking’s eye.

He walked before her with only his steely gray eyes visible and stopped in front of her. Looking straight at her he gestured for her to step forward.

Jessa’s hopes sank with the realization that she had been chosen. The girls and Jessa were marched to the boat and inside the boat were told to sit in the very back of the boat. The journey was a miserable experience involving weeks of eating fish, cold wet clothes, no bathing, and being ignored by all the men except the commander.

The girls wondered if they would die and huddled together for warmth.

At the port the girls were herded outside and into a large hall of a building where they were sat on hard wooden benches. A woman came in and saw the girls and shook her head. Then she argued with the Viking leader and pointed at each of the girls.

The man threw his hands in the air and walked out in defeat. Then the woman turned her eyes on the girls and insisted they go with her to a bathhouse. Each girl was encouraged to wash and brush her hair. There was no makeup or other such things. The woman then pointed to the plainest gray dresses Jessa had ever seen.

“Do you speak English?” Jessa asked her.

Frowning the woman glared at Jessa and the other girls told Jessa to shut up. Glaring at her the group made their way back to the hall and the wooden benches.

Groups of men walked in and by. The woman smiled and greeted each group and slowly money was given to the woman and girls stood up to follow a man out of the hall.

Jessa watched quietly and finally the woman turned and glared at her she was the only girl left in the hall sitting on the bench.

“Yes, I do speak English and you are the last one unsold and I rented the benches for only today. You are not profitable to me and none wanted you as a cook, maid, wife, or child carer Do you sew? Do you know herbs or have any useful skills at all?”

Jessa swallowed. “My father was the captain of the guard. I can make a few weapons and spy on people undetected.”

“So basically, you have no skills to speak of that might bring a woman honorable care. Can you clean? Your fellow villagers are now wives, cooks, carer for elderly and children and one is now even a seamstress. You spied on your father’s men and he taught you unfeminine skills. I see, in some places you could live with that as your trade but here you may not. Well even one such as you must live and eat. Let us go and there is one place you may live and work.”

The women walked to a beautiful temple with statues of Viking men and a large statue holding a bowel of fire.

“This is our village temple to our local God. All men avcılar rus escort who return are honored with a wife, treasures, and land to grow old on. Some men seek only that, and other men wish to have a few nights of pleasure or a slave that is not their wife to use or sell. You have no useful skills to speak of but being female even you may lay on your back. All members of the community contribute or are cast out.”

Jessa looked at the temple and swallowed and the woman rang a silver bell.

Another woman came out of the temple and looked at Jessa with a frown. A small argument ensued, and the other woman sliced Jessa’s gown open. Then to Jessa’s horror she squeezed Jessa’s nipples and motioned to a small room with a thick bench.

“you need to lay down on that bench while Marita examines you.” The woman from the hall said with an irritated frown.

“Examines me? What for?” Jessa asked feeling sick to her stomach.

“To see if you are a virgin or not and determine how much she will pay for you. She thinks you are not and plans to pay half your value.”

Laying down Jessa felt sick. Marita chained her ankles to two rings in the walls and Jessa laid down while Marita lifted her skirt up. Taking a large very thin tool off the wall Marita none to gently shoved the tool into Jessa’s dry vagina until she hit Jessa’s hymen. Then Marita glared at the woman from the hall spat on the ground and gave her a large purse full of coins.

Marita then turned and left the room with the woman from the hall leaving Jessa chained with her legs spread open on a bench. A few minutes later a man with two rings around his bulging arms, multiple tattoos, a thick golden beard and a traditional Viking hat entered the room. Looking at his eyes Jessa realized he was a berserker and to her horror he removed his pants and loin cloth. Coarse hair covered his body and between his legs a mammoth piece of meat stood at attention. Jessa whimpered as he approached and tried to speak to him. He made no response and instead gathered her wrists in both hands holding her so tightly the bones in Jessa’s wrists hurt. His hands were large and calloused, Jessa was not small, but she had dwarfed him and looked petite in comparison. Then in one swift movement he pulled her wrists above her head to a rope above her head. The rope was the kind used on boats to tie sails and anchors and was a sturdy unbreakable type of rope.

The meat between his legs twitched and he began feeding his dick into her tight vaginal hole. Jessa felt tears sting her eyes as her pussy had the meat shoved deeply into her and she tried to inch away but the chains held her legs open to his pleasure. The berserker stood between her legs and pinched her mound. There was no escape from his thick meat for Jessa who desperately tried to shut her legs as he continued to feed his meat into her pussy, after the terrible initial pain she began to feel a small amount of pleasure as he filled her entirely. His girth was in her so snuggly she whimpered from his penetration the bench keeping Jessa in place for her mating. Slowly the burning aching was replaced by the desire to rub herself on him. Jessa was consumed by desire until she lay a panting, weepy, sweaty mess. When he finally finished Jessa lay utterly spent. Getting up he left a trail of cum over Jessa’s ruined body and pulled on his pants. A small amount of blood lay on Jessa’s thighs. Still bound Jessa softly cried her legs splayed open.

Marita came in and pointed at Jessa and smiled graciously.

The big berserker shook his head, rubbed his dick argued with Marita and they left. A few minutes later another berserker who looked a lot like the first to Jessa, entered the room and within minutes was rubbing himself in Jessa’s broken soaked pussy. Worse yet he found her still gaping pussy lips and shoved himself home into her pussy after pulling out several times. He came in a short amount of time and then the first returned and second Berserker spoke to Marita in front of Jessa.

The second stroked Jessa’s firm breasts and the first rubbed her clitoris in tiny torturing circles.

Marita was all smiles and both men paid her three bags of coin.

Finally, Marita turned to Jessa as she undid the chains and ropes and said “your lucky day the Jorgen brothers want a woman to fuck and keep their home. They plan to share you and thus save some money I sealed the deal, so you belong to both, as their sex slave now.”

Jessa in her shock said, “both of them?”

Marita smiled and said “It’s not usual but they are cheap and only want to pay for one woman and nobody is going to argue with them or their wild friends. Your holes will be well worn, and I hope you please them.”

“and if I don’t please the brutes?” Jessa whimpered.

“I suggest you please them because if they return you, I will have to sell you as a whore by the hour because your holes will be worn so lose you won’t be good for anything else. Pray they don’t find wives because most avcılar türbanlı escort wives no longer wish a man to have a sex slave to compete with.”

Yurg and Wrorek Jorgen put a gold ring around Jessa’s neck and both attached leads to the collar to walk her to their horse and cart. They got into their cart with the big wild horses and Jessa was put between both brothers. Cowering in her cloak Jessa tried to find a comfortable position but between her legs felt wet and sore. Wrorek put a blanket over the three of them and out of the village they went. Yurg kept putting his hands on Jessa’s breasts and Wrorek kept stroking Jessa’s clitoris as they traveled and both kept touching her until Jessa felt keyed up. The berserkers stopped and ate some gamey meat Yurg kept in a bag that smelled of sweat and Jessa indicated she was hungry.

Yurg smiled and said, “You hungry you suck” and pulled his penis out of his pants. Wrorek shoved Jessa between his brother’s legs forcing her head down onto Yurg’s engorged dick. After a lot of sucking and Jessa choking on his dick Yurg came in a great white stream of cum. Yurg held Jessa’s hair so she had to take all his milk into her mouth. Yurg pinched Jessa’s nose so she had to swallow his cum. Then Wrorek caught Jessa’s hair and pulled her over to his mammoth meat and wrapped his legs around her. Jessa felt her body being forced down to suckle Wrorek. Wrorek reached down and began fondling Jessa. When he felt himself about to cum Wrorek pinched Jessa’s nose and pulled her close so he could cum in her soft mouth.

By nightfall they reached a small cottage and in they all went after tying the horses in a barn. The common room had a cook stove, a table and some cooking implements. The bedroom was a large bed and both men began getting undressed in the room. Jessa was then instructed via gestures to undress and when she hesitated Wrorek took a knife while Yurg held her and her dress was cut off her. Yurg grabbed her left arm and Wrorek her right arm and both men hauled her into their shared bed. Both men shoved her into the bed with Yurg to her left and Wrorek to her right. Wrorek began fucking her pussy in the dark and to her horror Jessa felt Yurg also touching her breasts. Then moving his hands down at Wrorek’s instruction Yurg began rubbing his thick dick over her anus and in one painful move shoved straight into her anus. Jessa screeched and rubbed herself closer to Wrorek but both brothers held her between them and fucked her all night in both holes.

The next day Jessa woke up alone but too sore to do much but move around the cottage until she found a way to ease her aching body with some alcohol, not enough to do anything but numb her. The main room had bones and plates that had never been washed. Trash littered the entire room and the table had beer and dried food all over it. There was nothing to clean with except a threadbare broom and the stream was outside. Hoisting a leaky bucket Jessa carried the water back to the house and put the water on to boil. Slowly she began scrubbing the filthy house until she sobered up. The only food in the house was gamey old smelling dried meat.

At night the Jorgen brothers returned and dumped their weapons on the floor worse, yet both were drunk. Grabbing her they dragged her to the bedroom where Yurg shoved his dick inside her battered pussy and to her horror Wrorek began working a wooden rod into her pussy at the same time as he entered her anus. The night passed slowly, and Jessa woke up with bruises on her breasts from both men grabbing her and her pussy aching with the wooden rod still firmly inside her.

The beserkers left her laying in the bed and got up to eat the gamey meat.

Jessa asked Yurg “Please may I have some?”

“You want meat?” Yurg asked elbowing his brother.

“Please I’m so hungry.” Jessa begged softly.

Gently Yurg stroked her face and pulled her onto his lap and began to kiss her softly. Wrorek came over while Jessa was distracted with Yurg’s soft gentle kisses and unbuttoned his pants five buttons down so that his dick was fully exposed.

Turning Jessa Yurg dumped Jessa on her knees on the floor and Wrorek grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him to suckle his heavily veined dick for his milk. While Jessa suckled Wrorek’s firm meat, Yurg eased himself down to rub Jessa’s clitoris and then rub his penis past her dripping vaginal lips.

When he finished Yurg wiped his penis clean in Jessa’s soft hair.

“You drink milk for breakfast, have rabbit meat for lunch, and stew with milk for dinner.” Yurg said with a smile.

Wrorek and Yurg left for the day to hunt and Jessa was left alone but Wrorek left her rabbit meat to eat for lunch and a few cleaning supplies. Sighing Jessa cleaned the filthy house. That night Wrorek presented fresh fish and some vegetables. Jessa made a simple stew and served it in three bowels she had cleaned. Wrorek smiled as he ate but every time Jessa tried to eat, he moved the bowel and shook avcılar ucuz escort his head. Finally, when he finished, he took the bowel of Jessa’s food and placed it in front of him. Fishing his dick out of his woolen pants Wrorek began rubbing himself and then to Jessa’s horror his penis spewed like a volcano into her stew.

“You eat now.” Yurg said with a smile.

“No” Jessa said and folded her arms angrily.

Yurg said something to Wrorek and both grabbed her and took her to the place where a dog was chained under the table if there were a dog. Jessa found herself chained like a dog under the table with her bowl and her butt up in the air.

Firmly Wrorek took a dragon leather whip from the wall and whacked Jessa’s tender bottom.

“Eat now” Yurg said as Wrorek whipped Jessa. Jessa’s tears rolled down her soft cheeks and she began lapping the stew and cum out of the bowl. When the bowl was empty Wrorek took Jessa to the bed and Jessa slept between the battle-hardened bodies of both naked men.

The feast of light began in a week and Jessa had belonged to the Jorgen brothers for three months. Everyone including slaves went to the village celebration. Jessa was given some green material for a dress and she sewed for weeks and sewed both brothers some new trousers and shirts.

The brothers both gave Jessa money to buy things for the house and she was so excited to go. The night of the festival Wrorek and Yurg put on their new clothes and Jessa her new dress. Then Wrorek took a metal chastity belt out and an evil looking brown liquid which he dipped the thick wooden horn inside the belt in and secured it around her so that her vagina was inaccessible to her seeking hands. Then Yurg locked it in place and put the key in his pocket telling Jessa she needed to be rubbed so she would be ready. The chastity belt’s thick wooden horn that was blunted rose in the middle straight into her pussy and a rough patch that continuously rubbed her clit when she walked made Jessa miserable trying to rub against it in the cart. The brown liquid made Jessa want to touch herself as the herb absorbed into her, but her clitoris and vagina were completely inaccessible.

The village glowed beautifully with celebration of the winter solstice. A huge feast was planned, and a large bonfire burnt in the middle of the village. The beserkers were also in the village and many of them got very drunk and began grabbing single young girls to keep as nobody would give them a daughter or sister to wed.

The Jorgen brothers were also drunk, and Jessa was forced to sit amongst the drunk riotous beserkers unhappy about the belt she wore. Although it didn’t protect her breasts from the touch of the beserkers Jessa felt increasing hungry for a man’s touch and many of the men wanted to touch her. Finally, Yurg caught her arm and she and Wrorek left in the cart.

Jessa sincerely thought they were going home instead they went up to where the beserkers gathered. Several young girls were herded into the middle of the clearing. A priest stood at the edge of the clearing and each girl was wed to a beserker. Then Yurg and Wrorek dragged Jessa before the priest who insisted Jessa kneel and pushed both brother’s hand together into one hand over her head. The priest spoke in perfect English after speaking in their language.

“Twin brothers one in spirit mighty in valor you fight like dragons for glory. Both divided at birth your souls split into two bodies now I unite you in marriage to this one woman may she please you both as one and belong to you equally always. Give her always to each other and share her equally. Thou are now blessed in marriage use her as you see fit with Thor’s blessing.”

Yurg then took the key from his pocket and released Jessa from her chastity belt and Jessa’s hands immediately went down to seek her hungry pussy only to be caught in her husbands’ hands. The priest supervised as each marriage was consummated much to Jessa’s horror.

Yurg asked the priest “how they would both consummate the marriage so that both men were equally wed to Jessa with none the lesser husband.”

The priest stated “That nothing else would do to complete the marriage but both men penetrating Jessa at the same time as one man to one wife. That both men were to act as one in whichever way they used their wife. Further that they commence the consummation of the marriage immediately.”

Jessa moaned in pleasure during her supervised penetration and writhed between both brothers. The priest presiding as he watched the consummation on the sacred mat in the middle of the celebration stepped forward and touched Jessa’s vaginal lips where both men entered Jessa confirming that both brothers acted as one by rubbing his fingers around the puckered lips of her painfully stuffed hole. Crying as she accepted both men into her soft body Jenna’s spirit was forced to become one with her husbands’. When the consummation was finished Jessa lay quietly and cried but knew that she would never need fear the addition of a wife to either man.

Time gentled their treatment of her. Yet the direction of the priest regarding her use by both brothers was not gentled or changed despite their fondness for use of both her pussy and her anus. In time Jessa came to love them both as her husband for in that time many women wed men they did not initially love.

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