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Village Vixens Get Enough Cum

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My friend Raghu was getting married in his village. Raghu and I had been friends for more then a decade and we know each other very well.

Raghu came from a very orthodox background. His father was a very rich landlord and was head of a few villages. His Mom was very sublime and quite and I respected them a lot. I had met them a few times whenever they visited the city to meet Raghu but I had never been to his village or actually I had never seen a village in my life.

Now as Raghu was getting married and I had to go, as he was a very good friend of mine and I could not miss and also I got a very good chance to see and experience a village life. Raghu’s village was around 370 kms away from the city and I packed and left by around 2.00 PM in the afternoon. The road was good but the last 70-80 kms was real bad. I reached village by around 9.00 PM. Raghu and his parents were really happy to see me. Actually they had made up a separate room for me with all modern facilities. I was really impressed by the affection shown to me by Raghu’s family. My room was a few meters away from Raghu’s house.

I took a quick shower and wore my figure hugging t-shirt and shorts and walked out of my room towards Raghu’s house. All the eyes were on me as I was in attire, which was new to them, but Raghu told me not to bother and I was really relaxed.

Raghu and I went to the rooftop where he had arranged a small party for me. There was some rum and whisky but I settled for rum. Some of Raghu’s cousins joined us. Raghu called a female’s name asked her to get some snacks to the rooftop. I saw from far this girl come up and server the snacks but really did not bother as I always thought the village girls were stupid, did not know how to dress etc. As these thoughts were in crossing my mind I heard a feminine voice,

“Sir, some pakoda’s for you” and when I turned around to take some snacks I was shocked, surprised and astonished. Right in front of me stood one of the most beautiful girl’s I had every seen in my life.

She must have been around 5.4 in height, with deep black hair, beautiful black eyes which was so attractive that for a few moments I could not take my eyes off her. “Sir…” I heard her saying again and regained my consciousness. I picked up a few pakoda’s but my eyes was on this beautiful, sexy animal.

After sometime Rahgu’s walked towards me. I am sure he had noticed me staring at this village vixen.

“So, how do like the village life? I hope thinks are ok with you?” he questioned. I nodded affirmatively.

“So what do you think of the village girls?” he asked and looked surprised at him, “I am sure they are as sexy and pretty as your city girls” he said indirectly telling me that he had noticed me staring at that village beauty.

“Well, yeah they are really pretty….” And before I could complete Raghu added, “and real Hot…I can notice that” he said indicating to me that my COCK had created a noticeable bulge already. I was a little worried but Raghu told me not to worry as his cousins were already drunk and would not notice and also most if the people were already fast asleep and would not notice me. I now felt comfortable and also got an indirect assurance from Raghu that I could feast my eyes on the village belly without any worry.

I now relaxed in a corner and watched this vixen move around serving people and soon she also noticed my ogling at her. She soon walked towards me and offered me some snacks. As I chose my snacks I noticed her eyes wandering over my body. My noticeable protruding biceps, broad V-shaped chest was too much for her to take her eyes off. It was the right time for me to really give this sexy creature a good look.

As said before she was 5.4, fair, slim and sexy. She was in an Indian sari, which was green and transparent. He tits were large and firm, may be her shape was 40-26-36. Her bust line was clearly visible and even her waistline was exposed as she had her sari low exposing her belly button. My COCK had now grown to full size and was bursting from my shorts making a huge, visible bulge. As her traveled across my body her eyes fell on my Huge Bulge. On noticing that, she felt embarrassed and blushed and ran away and was left gasping for my breath. She was not to be seen after this.

Raghu had noticed all this. As we started our dinner Raghu voluntarily told me that the girl’s name was Anu and she was the daughter of their cook. Raghu told me that she was one of the most beautiful girl’s in the villages around and many guys had an eye on her. He also told she was a big tease to the guys as she used to dress seductively and provoke guys. As I bid good-bye to Raghu and walked towards my room my eyes wandered in search of this Sexy Village Belly but I could not notice her anywhere.

I managed to reach my room with my Huge Bulge. I undid my shorts as noticed that my underwear was wet with my pre-cum. I removed my t-shirt and sat on a chair. I slowly pulled my underwear, closed my eyes and started illegal bahis to massage my COCK. I started to make some grunting noise as more pre-cum flowed wetting my hands.

I should have been more then 10 minutes since I had started to beat my COCK but was suddenly interrupted by a noise. I opened my eyes and I saw Anu standing right in front of me with a bottle of water and a torch in her hand and the torch was focused between my legs.

“Oh…sorry” as she said and tried to run away but I stopped her. “Hey, Anu I want the water… Please” She had no choice to stop and come back. Her eyes were trying to avoid my COCK but she was finding it very difficult as I continued to stroke my COCK.

As she bent to keep the water I grabbed her with my wet, sticky hand. She was shocked by me action and tried to pull away but I was too strong for her. I slowly guided her hand and made her finger touch my COCK. “Please…sir…please…no…” she pleaded but I did not care.

“Anu, I am a city boy and this is a nice, big city COCK. I know you have a crush for city guys and this is a nice chance for you…come on… there is no harm…come on…” I said and she slowly sat on the edge of the bed and began to relax. Her eyes were glued to my Huge COCK. “See…this guy wants you…” I said pointing at my COCK. She gave a smile and this gave me an assurance that I was going to fulfill my long-term ambition of FUCKING a Village Belly.

I got from my chair and so did Anu. I put my hand around her waist and pulled her towards my naked body. Her, huge, soft breasts crushed against my hard chest as out lips met each other. I was really surprised that she knew how to kiss. Out tongues explored each other’s mouth. In the meantime my COCK was wetting her sari, “Oh…my sari is wet because of this guy…,” she said and pushed me back on the chair. “He is really Hot…let me cool him down” she said kneeling between my legs. She wrapped her finger around my COCK and started to massage as more pre-cum started to flow. “mmmmm…see how bit it is…must be 7 inches…” she said as she licked her fingers, “mmmm…really tastes good….” She said.

She took just the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard. Soon she had the full length of it in her mouth I didn’t move I just bunched up her hair and let her move at her own pace. She sucked like she loved cock unlike so many other women who do it to be nice. The top of her sari slipped and fell off exposing her Huge melons. I stated to caress her tits from outside her blouse. Slowly I undid the hooks on her back and removed her blouse. Her breasts were so huge that the bra she was wearing could hardly cover her nipples. As I undid the hook of her bra, her tits sprang out and the bra fell off. She was now only in her panties.

My body bucked as she lifted the head of my cock was just brushing against her lips and ran her tongue from the top to the bottom and back, and again she twisted to look at me. My whole body shuddered and shook as waves of fire rushed through me, and I groaned, “Oh yes, Anu, yes, it feels so good”, she was sucking and licking my throbbing cock with a vengeance. Her hot mouth and snake like tongue soon drove me to the very edge of my control, but she still didn’t stop and with a Grunt I erupted, shooting my hot juices deep into her throat. She tried to grab as much as my CUM as possible but my load was so much that it over flowed wetting and falling on her cheeks, neck and breasts. She sucked and licked until I was totally dry, and my cock finally slipped from her lips and fell out.

I kissed Anu again and tasted my cum in her mouth. In the meantime my hands were caressing her ass-cheeks. “Let me suck you Pussy” I said and pulled her wet panty and slipped it out of her legs. She was dripping and wet. She fell of the bed and opened her legs inviting me. Her Pussy, was clean shaven and drove me crazy. My COCK was growing and soon was as hard as before. “Wow….” I said inserted a finger into her pussy. “mmmmmm…..ahhhhhhhh….” she moned. I pulled my finger out and put it into my mouth. She was nice, juicy and salty. I started to kiss her white, smooth and soft thighs and her moans increased. Soon my tongue touched her pussy-lips and she moaned more loudly. “Suck me…bite me…pleaseeeeee” she pleaded. And then again she begged. “Fuck me please.” “Please…Fuck my Ass”

I knelt back down to kiss her rear end some more. I spread her with my hands, squeezed her butt cheeks and slowly pulled them apart exposing her tight little puckered hole. Momentarily I was mesmerized kneeling there, staring at this beautiful creature’s anal hole and knowing I was about slide my cock in it.

Again I put my face to her, right in her crack, my tongue licking through her soft wide-open crevice. She moaned out, actually cried out, “Oh my God… that feels so good.” I licked her ass-crack from top to bottom, over and over while she moaned almost deliriously. I touched her tight asshole with my tongue and simultaneously finger-fucked her pussy. She moaned illegal bahis siteleri so loudly I thought she was going orgasm right then. She squirmed and shivered bucking her hips. But I held her tight while I licked and sucked on her anal hole.

I pulled on her ass-cheeks harder spreading her more. Her tight sphincter began stretching apart making a small little opening right in the center of her ass. I was getting emotionally crazed seeing her hole stretched like this and realizing she was letting me do it to her. I pulled just a little harder with a thumb on each side of her partially opened anus. Her ass widened even more. Anu was already half delirious from my licking, so I figured why stop now. I put my face right to her ass and shoved the tip of my tongue right into her opened puckered hole. I gave her a tongue fuck until I thought she would pass out from the intense feeling.

My cock had become so hard it felt like a steel rod. I backed off her ass and stood up. Again I kissed her. Then grabbing her one leg, I positioned it up on the bed. My hands caressed up the back of her thigh and over her ass. Once more I kissed the back of her neck and whispered into her ear. “You’ve been teasing me all this time haven’t you?”

I knew she was grinning. “So you want it in the ass, huh?” She let out a soft whimpering little moan. “Oh yes”

“Then I’m gonna fuck you.” “Real hard.” “Real hard in your tight little ass.”

I reached for my cock moving it in between her cheeks. I slightly worked it down across her cunt. She was so wet and dripping, just right to lubricate my cock with her juices. Then I positioned the head right on her asshole. She cried right out, “Oh yes, do it.” “Fuck my asshole.”

I pushed forward with my hips forcing my hard cock through her tight little puckered opening. Her anus instantly grabbed hold of my cock. I pushed more and felt it sliding into her deeper, further up into her ass. Anu was going crazy, “Oh yes, that’s it.” “Deeper” “Give it to me deeper.” With one hand I grabbed her thigh that was up on the desk and put the other on her hip. Then I just pulled her to me planting my cock completely inside her.

I gave her a few strokes back and forth fucking her deep. Anu almost lost her balance standing on one leg like that. So I pulled out and helped her to a kneeling position on the floor. Then I quickly squatted over her ass and in one motion drove my hard cock right down inside her. I have never had a feeling like that. Her tight anal hole split right open and gripped the base of my cock like something I can barely explain. It felt like her asshole was so firmly clamped around my cock that it was going to milk every last drop of cum out of me.

I started pulling back, stretching the flesh of her hole outward, as it hugged my rigid cock. Then I drove it back in again slapping my hips hard against her butt. After a few times drilling her like that, I pulled out completely and quickly re-penetrated her asshole over again. She went wild when I did that.

Anu was nearing the point where her tight rear entrance was used to my cock. Her hole was getting relaxed. She was really enjoying this allot. “Oh yes, fuck me.” “Fuck my asshole.” Her anal hole began staying open, remaining stretched wide as I pulled out. Her asshole was gaping at me, begging for my cock to slide back in. I started going faster, shoving my cock in harder. I was literally extracting my cock completely and ramming it back into her tight anal chute. I was reaming her asshole and I knew she felt every inch of me sinking deep into her rectum.

“Deeper…” “Deeper…” “Oh God Deeper…”

She was obsessed with having her ass fucked by my cock.

“Oh fuck me deeper.” “Ohhhhhh!!!” “Fuckkkkk!!!” “Don’t Stop!!!” “Oh please, don’t stop!!!”

Needless to say, fucking her ass quickly became more than I could take. Seeing her gaping anal hole was making me more and more aroused. And Anu’s constant moaning, begging for more of my cock in her ass added to my inability to hold back. My cock was no longer in my control. Anu’s ass owned it now, and it wanted all of me, all of my cock and all of my cum. I pushed down on top of her burying my cock deep into her anal cavity and I knew she could feel it. I was at the breaking point. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Even my words to her were getting hot and dirty. “Here it comes you hot little village bitch” “Right in your tight, soft, sexy, ass.”

She felt the throbbing and convulsing deep inside, as my cock began flooding her rectum with cum. She cried out near in tears, “Oh fuck, yes.” “Cum in me.” “Cum in my ass.” “Oh, God…”

I couldn’t move. My cock was spasming like I’ve never experienced before. Anu was begging, crying, pleading for my cock and my cum. And now she was cumming too. Her body was totally overwhelmed. I wanted to drain every ounce of anal lust from her, but at that moment, I just wanted to leave my cock there, buried in her ass. Let it fill her rectum. Let her ass suck canlı bahis siteleri every bit of cum from me.

Then I started to regain my senses. I looked down at Anu kneeling there with my cock in her ass. She was still softly moaning. I pulled out. My cock glistened from a coating of cum and the moistness of her ass. Anu turned around to a sitting position on the floor. She had a big smile.

“I love it in the ass.” “That was so good.” “You fucked me so good.”

She stood up and I took her in my arms. We kissed once more, deep and so very passionate. A kiss that seemed like it would never end. My hands were still caressing her, feeling all over her gorgeous body. I knew I still wanted more of her. I didn’t have enough. Maybe she was a tease when we started, but now she was mine.

We lay on the bed for sometime as Anu was still panting. After nearly 10 minutes she came over me and kissed me on the lips. “I want you to fuck my Pussy now”. “I want your COCK really, deeeeeep, and Hard” as her hands was fondling my COCK.

My cock started to harden, “Damn, you Anu” I started to kiss her neck, her throat, her shoulders, her breathing was rapid, she was moaning. I moved my head down her chest, licking between her breasts, my tongue tracing the contour of her exposed flesh.

Her nipples were hard, standing out, I took a nipple into my mouth, and gently bite it. Her hands went to my head, her fingers running through my hair. Pulling my mouth against her breast. Her warm breasts and hard nipples pressed into my chest. I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth, my hand moving between her legs.

She was hot, her juices flowing, I slid a finger into her my thumb rubbing her clit. I lifted her to the side spreading her legs, I kissed and licked her inner thighs, up to the crease of her leg. She was clean and smooth and her pussy was dripping. My tongue went from the bottom of her slit up to the top of it. I spread her lips and sucked her clit into my mouth, circling it with my tongue.

Plunging my tongue deep into her hole, she cried out in pleasure, she grabbed my head in both hands, trying to push my tongue deeper into her. I could feel her pussy squeezing my tongue, milking it like a cock. My nose was rubbing her clit, she smelt wonderful, tasted so sweet. Soon she started to hump against my face, grinding into it searching for her release. I slid a finger into her tight hole, pumping it in and out of her.

When it was good and wet I replaced the finger with my tongue, then slid the wet finger against her asshole, working it into her tight virgin ass. I thought she was going to break my nose she was humping my face so hard, by the time I’d pumped my finger into her ass the third time, she was cumming all over my face. To my pleasant surprise, she too ejaculated all over my face and mouth. I sucked and licked as much of the sweet nectar that I could, simply amazing. I continued to lick and suck gently as she came down from her orgasm, little after shock jerks wracked her body. Then she started to giggle, sitting up she took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, then licked off the rest of her cum that I couldn’t reach with my tongue. “That was the best, I’ve never had anyone lick me like that.” She said.

“Oh Sir, here you’ve taken care of me, and your hard as a rock. Why don’t you lay on the side and let me take care of you.” She said. “I would, but I want this hard on to go into that tight pussy of yours, we have all night” I told her.

We cuddled and kissed for sometime, reaching between her legs, I felt that she was just as wet as she was earlier. I rolled over between her legs. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, teasing her clit with the tip, I could feel her clit poking into my piss hole.

She moaned as I moved the COCK-HEAD to her hole, the heat coming from it was intense. I pushed inward, she was so tight, I pulled out a bit coating my cock with her juices. I got almost half in, and I felt it stop, I rubbed her clit and started to pull out. “No, don’t pull it out, push it in all the way Sir.” She moaned a protest. Smiling I pushed in a little more, still the resistance, I continued to pull out till just the tip was in and going back to the remainder of her cherry, the whole time rubbing her clit.

When she finally started to breath faster, and she moaned that she was cumming again, I waited till I felt her pussy squeezing me in her orgasm. I pulled out till just the tip was in her, and then plunged it in all the way, hard and fast popping the rest of her cherry in the middle of her orgasm.

“YES!” She screamed, as my cock had plunged in as far as it could, hitting the opening of her womb. I pulled out till just the head was in, and pushed it back in all the way, out, in, getting faster and faster.

She was kissing and biting my shoulders and neck, we kissed deeply, we were on fire. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips, bucking up against me, my balls slapping against her ass. I rolled her over on to her stomach, and raised her hips, entering her from behind. I watched as my cock stretched her tiny hole to the limits, pulling out till I could see the crown of my cock head before slamming it back into her hard and fast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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