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Viva Brazil!

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In honor of Brazil’s Independence Day and in your great habit of finding fun and exotic places for us to explore, you’ve planned an outing for us at a Brazilian concert. I meet you at the bar where the funky Brazilian-fusion band is playing. It’s an unusual place but couldn’t be more perfect. There’s a courtyard area that has open air seating with a bar. We’re early so we order some tropical drinks, the kind that are deceptively easy going down but are actually loaded with a variety of alcohol. We take a seat in front of the giant screen TV playing images of Brazil. Chatting easily, we begin to unwind from the week’s stress. My drink is certainly doing its job and we soon order another round. The images of Brazil are scintillating, toned bodies in skimpy bikinis and beautiful white sand beaches dance in the near background. You compliment me as your eyes run up and down the length of my body. I was in the mood for some tropical flavored fun, so I donned a short flowery dress with a halter neck that features my ample chest beautifully. The length is perfect for teasing you with glimpses of my thighs as our conversation meanders towards the subject of our lack of alone time lately… I compliment you on your tan and, as always, am smitten with your broad shoulders and classically handsome features.

I love the sexual chemistry between us. Among the many wonderful things we share it ranks high on my short list of favorites. Couple that with some nice drinks on a breezy evening, the sexy scenes on the big screen in front of us, the great crowd beginning to gather and the music thumping out of the giant speakers before the concert… and I am enjoying a tasty swirl of excitement in my head and points south. I decide to go with the flow so to speak, and rub my foot slowly up and down the length of your calf a couple times. With your attention fixed on my flirtations, I turn it up a notch. Your eyes try to decide where to focus – my thighs, tanned and tone, with my legs slowly crossing and uncrossing; my lips, shiny and plump, playing with the tip of my straw… or just slightly lower… Where my nipples are visible through the light fabric of my dress as it clings to the roundness of my breasts…

“Tease!” you think to yourself as you feel your cock stiffen at the delicious display in front of you. You reach over and run a hand all the way up my thigh. My eyes widen as you continue the grope and you hear me gasp as you find that I am as turned on as you are. bahis firmaları At that moment an announcement is made to move towards the adjacent stage front area as the concert will begin shortly. You shake your head, silently motioning for me to wait a moment while you lean in closer to me. Your fingers delight in the wetness between my legs, and I lean forward in an attempt to shield your hand from sight. But the concert goers filing past us are talking and drinking and having a good time. They don’t appear to notice the good time being had right in front of them.

You place your face next to mine, inhaling as you stroke my hair. Your senses are in overdrive, heightened by your state of arousal. Your face is nuzzled in my silky hair, the faint scent of perfume feels vaguely erotic and you kiss my ear lightly, knowing the sensation makes my heart beat faster in anticipation. You stroke the smooth, soft skin between my legs, rubbing me, delighting in how wet you are making me, knowing that my head is spinning and my heart is pounding. You listen to my breath, unmistakably aroused, shallow, fast, nearly a whimper… “We’re in public…” I whisper in your ear, not asking you to stop, just commenting on our surroundings. You place your mouth on mine, kissing me slowly, deeply, as if to answer my comment. You slowly pull back from me and mention that we should go over to where the concert is about to begin.

The energy is great, the band is just starting. Everyone is standing and dancing to the energetic samba inspired music. We find ourselves positioned at the back, on a raised platform with a railing directly in front of us. I like the location, it’s perfect. We have a great vantage being slightly higher than most of the crowd. I find the railing perfect to hold as I dance, swaying my hips and shoulders, tossing my hair occasionally. You stand behind me, swaying right with me as you hold my hips. I feel your hardness pressing against me. If it were possible to turn me on any more than I already was, you are doing it! My mind races… I’ve got a short skirt on, we don’t stand out at all, everyone is dancing… And anyway, I think to myself, we’re in the back… Oh my god, I catch my self – am I really thinking what I’m thinking?!

I decide it would be better to stop thinking altogether and just have fun. I put both hands on the railing and press my hips back into you, allowing you to feel the friction as I dance and swing my hips more. Now it’s kaçak iddaa my turn to really get you going! You don’t miss a beat, holding my hips firmly and rubbing me provocatively with your fabulous hard on. You step in closer to me and begin kissing my shoulders, my neck and my ear. I don’t care where we are, I’m completely carried away, completely turned on… I am going to have you inside me, now. I don’t say a word, I just reach behind me to where you’re pressed firmly against me. I unzip you and pull the back center of my dress up just a bit, allowing it to continue to hang down on either side. You reach in between us, pushing aside the thin fabric of my lacey thong. I can feel your cock now, hard and smooth, rubbing my wet pussy and I’m nearly out of my mind with desire. I try to be quiet, try to not broadcast with my expressions how incredibly turned on I am that you are about to take me, right here in front of all these people…

I go right along with you and the crowd, pushing my hips back as I continue to sway and dance to the music, holding the railing firmly for support. You are so close behind me pressed against the length of my backside when you finally whisper in my ear, “Baby, do you want me to fuck you? Can you take this big cock right here, in the middle of all these people?” I glance at you over my shoulder so you can see the sheer lust in my eyes as I nod my head yes. You don’t say another word, you simply grab my hips and pull me back hard, forcing your swollen cock all the way into me with a single thrust. I gasp quietly as the breath is forced out of me. I try to collect myself, then begin to sway and gyrate my hips again, delighting in the sensation of squeezing you deep inside me. I am incredibly turned on, feeling you while taking in everything going on around us. You continue moving in and out of me in long, slow strokes as you raise one arm up, placing it just under one breast so it crosses over the top of my other breast. Placing your hand on my shoulder, you squeeze me hard, teasing my nipple. Aware that you can not really thrust and still remain discreet, I begin to dance a bit faster, with more motion in my hips allowing me better movement up and down your cock. I can feel that you are enjoying this as your cock grows harder and tenses inside me.

Breathing heavily, I pick up the pace of my gyrations, squeezing your cock, playing with it in the most delicious manner, delighting in the sensation of feeling your hardness kaçak bahis fill me in this very public place! With your face pressed next to mine I hear your breathing, ragged and shallow. You are as turned on as I am, and I love knowing that! I feel your cock alternating between teasing me and filling me perfectly, still trying to be discreet. I slide slightly up the length of your cock, so I can feel just the tip of you right at my entrance. I love the sensation, it’s so erotic. I can squeeze you and feel you as you tease me to the brink of orgasm! I am aching for you, aching for release. I want to feel more of you, I want to let go, but we are in public! I can’t shout like I want to! I want to go longer, delight in feeling you inside me more, draw out the sensations longer, but I don’t think I can do it and be quiet! I have to cum, I can’t hold back like this, but I can’t cry out like I usually do! I bite my lip and notice that it’s actually sore as I’ve been biting it for some time now. The cruel, delicious quandary has my mind racing and rational thought is losing out! I twist slightly and tell you in a pleading voice, “Oh my god baby, I can’t hold on! I am going to cum!”

Just watching your girl dance with your cock inside her, here in the midst of all these people, has had you at the boiling point. Hearing that I’m right there with you, it’s time. You shove your cock deep in me, feeling the cum boiling inside you, ready to blow. I can’t hold back, I feel you tensing inside me, I slide forward on it so I can delight in the sensation of that big swollen head teasing my pussy. You reach down and give my nipples one hard pinch and the sensation pushes me right over the brink. My head spinning, hands grasping the railing now for support, my pussy tingling, breathing shallow I explode in orgasm, trying not to cry out in ecstasy. My pussy tightens around your cock in spasms, wave after wave of orgasm pulling you deeper inside me. You can no longer hold back, you grab my hips and thrust forcefully, erupting deep inside me, filling my aching pussy with hot cum.

The music thumping in your ears matches the throbbing of your cock, still hard inside me, still spasming from the intense release. We slow the pace of our dance, but are still swaying together. We take a moment to regain our breath and adjust ourselves back to our surroundings. The feeling is surreal… Did we just do that? You reassemble yourself and adjust my dress, kissing my shoulder lightly. I turn to you and we dance now facing each other. I whisper in your ear “Wow!” as I lean on you for support, tingling sensations racing all around my body. You say simply, with a mischievous grin, “Want to go to Brazil with me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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