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Wait For Him To Go First

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In the summer of 1995 I met a guy from Finland at a bar on Thursday night who was in Savannah for the Olympic regatta qualifier. I brought him back to my apartment; we had sex and I gave him his first blowjob. The next night I met a medical student at the same bar and told him to follow me home. As we walked up the steps to my apartment I saw Finland standing by the door. I told the medical student that Finland was my boyfriend and that he could not be with me tonight. Finland and I went immediately to my bedroom and I went down on him again and later we had sex twice that night.

The next day, Saturday, I went out drinking with my friend Jen and I met a guy from Sweden, we were having fun drinking and talking at a bar and I asked him if he would take me home. Arriving at my apartment, we sat down on the couch began kissing. He was squeezing my breasts and my nipples were getting hard as he began to unbutton my blouse. When my top was open he unhooked my bra and my large tits spilled out for him to play with. My nipples began to tighten, as he rolled them between his fingers. Lying back, I hiked my skirt up a few inches, inviting him to feel more of me. He moved over me, one foot on the floor his other knee between my legs as his hands fondled my breasts. My fingers unzipped his pants and I felt his cock pressing against his underwear. I slid my hand in fiddling with his boxers until his dick sprang out. Grasping it, I began stroking, back and forth, my fingers dancing lightly around his shaft. He pushed the crotch of my panties aside and he slid two fingers over my damp pussy. His hands were moving freely all over my body as we kissed. We continued on the couch for several minutes and I was dripping wet when he pushed two fingers inside me, as his thumb traced light circles around my clit. I opened my legs a bit more, he continued groping my breasts and teasing my clit while my fist tugged quickly on his cock. He stopped fingering me briefly and his hands slid to my hips and worked together to pull down my panties, quickly sliding them down over my knees and past my ankles, discarding them on the floor. I lifted my hips up and hiked the bottom of my skirt up over my waist giving him an unrestricted view of my mound. He moved over me again and I continued with the hand job. His breathing was becoming shallow and rapid. The vein underneath his shaft began swelling, his pelvis thrust forward suddenly, as his cock began pulsing, spewing ropes of thick, white cum across my stomach and breasts. Three or four thick streams flew out as I continued jacking him off massaging his dick in time with the surges of his eruption.

I thought to myself “That was quick.”

But a knock at the door interrupted the moment. I pushed my skirt down and hastily closed a couple of buttons on my blouse as I got up to answer the door. I took a Kleenex from the box by the TV and cleaned the load off my stomach before opening the door. When I opened the door I was shocked to see Finland standing on my porch.

He said “Hi, baby, I thought I’d come over again.”

I said to him “You can’t stay. I’ve got somebody else in my apartment right now. You need to go.”

Sweden heard us talking and came to the door; he and Finland recognized each other from the regatta and they started talking. So I stepped aside and let Finland into my apartment. As Finland walked in, I saw him looking at my purple panties lying on the floor. The crotch of my panties was dark with moisture and I blushed when he looked at me. They began talking in some Scandinavian language and the two shared a quick laugh as they both looked at my panties and then at me.

Sweden turned to me and asked “So how do you know him”?

I explained “I brought him home with me Thursday night and he came back over on his own last night. I guess he wants to hook up again.”

Finland said that he had taken a cab from his hotel and would need a ride back if he could not stay with me tonight. Both men looked at each other and I knew instantly that there was going to be a problem if I didn’t act quickly.

I turned to Finland and asked him “Will you sleep out here on the couch tonight”?

But the irritated scowl on his face told me that he was not going to be satisfied with sleeping on the couch. We both knew why he’d come back here tonight. I could tell that Sweden was also becoming agitated. I had the feeling of panic building in my gut. I thought quickly about the situation. Sweden and I were just on the couch a few minutes ago and he wanted to go to bed with me. Finland on the other hand had spent the past two nights with me and now he was back for a third night. I needed a solution that we could all accept. The question was; why were they here, what did they both want? The answer was obvious; they wanted to have sex with me. I could tell one or both of them to leave or let them both stay. If I told them they could both stay I could let them proceed on my terms, and the taboo idea of letting two guys fuck me tonight was strangely appealing.

Looking at them I said “Ok guys, nobody has to leave, you can avcılar üniversiteli escort both stay. I know you both want to fuck me tonight and if you’re willing to take turns then I’m game. But I mean it, one at a time. No gang bangs.” I insisted. “That way” I continued “You’ll each get a chance to get what you want.”

Sweden looked at me and asked “Both of us tonight”? I said “Sure, but not at the same time.”

I said “I’ll do it if you’ll go one at time.”

They spoke quickly to each other in Scandinavian and then they looked at me and nodded in agreement. The next question was who would get to go first and who would be waiting on the couch for his turn? If I left the decision up to them, it would probably result in an argument.

So I turned to Finland, “Look, I brought him home tonight, we’ve been fooling around already. I can’t ask him to sit out here and wait on the couch and then turn around and take you to bed. It’s not fair, first come first served so to speak. Besides, you’ve had me already.” I reassured him, “When he has finished with me, I promise, I’ll come out and take care of you.”

Remembering how quickly Sweden had cum earlier, I leaned in and whispered in Finland’s ear. “He doesn’t take too long. I’ll be back in ten minutes, tops.”

Reluctantly Finland nodded his head and agreed to wait. I took Sweden by the hand and in a flirtatious voice I said “Looks like you’re up first. Come on let’s pick up where we left off.”

He was grinning ear to ear as I lead him into my bedroom. Closing the door behind us I turned to face him “Are you ready to get started”? I asked.

His hands went straight for my blouse and released the two buttons that were just barley covering my tits. “I think this is where we left off.” He said.

Both of his hands were on my chest and I began to undress him. He slid my blouse down over my shoulders and then pushed my skirt down, and soon we were both naked. His small flaccid dick was hanging down and I gently wrapped my hand around his shaft and gave it a few tugs. Both of his hands immediately returned to my breasts, I could fell his cock in my hand but it wasn’t swelling. He leaned in to suck on one nipple and his other hand slid between my thighs, two fingers exploring the lips of my pussy. Calluses on his long finger slid gently back and forth over my clit.

I moaned and whispered in his ear. “Ohhh, that’s nice, you can put your dick in there whenever you’re ready.”

His mouth released my tight nipple. “I may need a few more minutes before I’m ready again.”

I understood what he was saying; he’d just cum about twenty minutes ago and might need some more time before he could get hard. I began to kiss down Sweden’s chest and stomach, moving purposefully down his body; my hand continuing to lightly stroke his soft dick.

When I was kneeling in front of him, I said “Let’s see if this helps.”

I took his dick in my mouth and started to pleasure him. His reaction was instantaneous. I could feel him swelling quickly now. Filling my mouth nicely as my head slid down the length of his shaft and then slowly backing off. My lips sucking on the head as my hand caressed his balls. I continued sliding my head back and forth along the length of his growing erection, easily taking most of him into my mouth. I kept sucking; his hands were gripping the back of my head, silently urging me to take more of him deeper into my mouth. I could feel it twitching in my mouth, the tip just barley pressing against the back of my throat. I opened wider and took whole thing in my mouth.

He let go of my hair and said to me “I’m ready. Lay back on the bed.”

Looking up at him I nodded ok and let his cock slip from my lips. I stood up, ready to let him inside me. Crawling into bed on all fours, I lay down and brought my knees up, spreading my legs waiting for him to follow me. But he remained standing at the foot of my bed.

Shaking his head, he said “No, over hear. Come over here so I can stand up and play with those tits.”

He was tapping the corner edge of my mattress. I agreed to his request and scooted down to the corner of the bed where he was standing. Once again I brought my knees up and spread my legs for him. My hands pulling back on the outside of each knee displaying myself fully to him.

I slid one hand down my thigh through pubes, and over my pussy lips, tracing circles around my clit with my finger, I asked him “Like this? Is this how you want me”?

Nodding yes, he took a tentative step forward positioning himself between my open legs. He was standing over me with a hard on clearly ready to begin. His eyes were fixated on my breasts and I could feel the tip of his cock against the wetness of my pussy but he hadn’t entered me yet.

I looked up at him and said. “It’s ok; go ahead…put it in.”

His hips pressed forward cautiously and I felt the tip ease inside me. He pushed forward, sliding more of his shaft in and I half closed my eyes accepting the full feeling of his avrupa yakası escort cock inside me.

I moaned as he entered me for the first time. “Mmmmmm that feels good.”

His hands resumed playing with my large soft breasts, pushing them together, massaging and squeezing them, fingers twisting and working my erect nipples as he began slowly, rhythmically thrusting.

He was taking his time, fucking me slowly in no hurry to finish and I let out a few moans of pleasure, enjoying the feeling of him inside me. “Mmmmmm. I like that.” I told him.

My breasts swayed back and forth slowly in rhythm with his measured deliberate thrusting. As I lay there watching him fuck me, my thoughts shifted to Finland who was in the other room waiting for his turn with me. The past two nights with him were fresh in my mind. I’d gone down on him both nights and he’d fucked me in the missionary position once the first night and twice the second night. I was sure that he would want another blowjob tonight and that in all likelihood I’d wind up on my back again underneath him as well. Two men in one night, the idea was still incredibly thrilling and oddly decadent to me.

My attention returned to Sweden as a moan of pleasure unexpectedly escaped my lips. “Mmmmmmmm.” His slow, steady, shallow pumping was gradually beginning to quicken. Each stroke was a bit more forceful than the last. After only a few minutes I could feel the hair on his balls lightly brushing against my ass. I was surprised at how strongly he had me impaled, how steady and unrelenting his thrusting was becoming. For some reason I had expected him to cum quickly again, but his was not the case. Glancing fleetingly at the end table clock I saw that about five minutes had past since he’d first entered me and he showed no sign of being close to finishing.

I found myself raising and lowering my hips in rhythm with his pumping. My moaning was growing with his thrusting. The more I responded to him the harder he fucked me. His wet cock was sliding in and out of me faster and with more authority. His hands were locked on my breasts as he continued going at me. The measured and steady acceleration of his thrusting was now driving him into the hilt, making my body shake noticeably from the impact of every stroke. I could hear my headboard lightly tapping against my bedroom wall, my old mattress was squeaking in tempo with his thrusts.

My moans of pleasure were turning to cries of delight and encouragement. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes, that’s it. God yes, keep going!”

My urging seemed to give him focus and soon he was slamming his cock into me with all the determination and force he could muster. I urged him on as his hands continued groping my breasts. I pulled my knees back further exposing my clit to him. He kept fucking me; his pace was now relentless, his smile gone replaced by a look of concentration and focus. His face was covered in sweat and my headboard was slamming into the wall loudly and I knew for sure that Finland would be able to hear this intimate moment between Sweden and myself, and I didn’t care. Hooking my feet behind his back I continued rocking my hips, grinding my pussy against his pelvis, shoving up to meet his every thrust. He was going at me wildly now with short quick piston like strokes, balls slapping against my ass, his hands moving from my chest to grasp my waist holding me in place. My heavy breasts were now no longer restrained and began to swing out of control as each powerful thrust drove into me. He seemed to be focused on making them bounce as much as possible. Reaching up I grabbed them myself, pinching my nipples. I could see his face begin to change, and I knew he was close to finishing. I was grinding my pussy against him trying to help drive him over the edge.

Grunting he told me “I’m close. I’m going to cum.”

Clamping my thighs tightly against his hips I urged him forward. “It’s ok, come on…come on.”

He cried out and his whole body quivered as he tried desperately to hold in his load. But it was no use; he’d lost control, his face contorted as he thrust into me a few last times grunting as the damn burst and he came inside me. When he finished, he collapsed on top of me as if he’d been shot. Struggling to catch his breath his head lay across me as his erection receding. I hugged him, his body was covered in sweat, chest heaving. He rolled off of me after a few moments and I dropped my legs onto the bed, my feet hitting the floor, a stream of his cum running down my ass. I shot a quick glimpse at the alarm clock; seven minutes had passed since I’d last looked, twelve minutes in all plus a few minutes for the blowjob, I guessed Finland had been waiting for a little more than fifteen minutes.

Sweden moved up to the top of the bed and I said to him “I have to go, he’s waiting for me.”

I got out of bed and put on my short green satin robe and walked into the bathroom. I quickly checked my hair and makeup, applied a light mist of perfume and cleaned myself up for Finland. Turning bağdat caddesi escort to open the door I paused convinced that he would have been able to hear everything that had happened while I was with Sweden. Would he be irritated about having to wait for his turn with me? I was about to find out. Stepping out of the bathroom and closing the door behind me I saw Finland sitting on my couch naked; he stood up as soon as I walked into the room, smiling at me.

“Did you think I’d forgotten about you?” I asked.

His cock hung down to mid thigh and it was already swelling as I walked toward him. There was no doubt in my mind that he’d heard everything and was very much turned on.

I sat down with him and said “I told you I’d come out and take care of you as soon as he’d finished with me. It took him a little longer than I thought, but none the less, here I am all yours.”

He looked at me and said “I could hear you from out here, you two were really going at it. I thought the wall was going to fall down.”

I replied “He got me a bit worked up toward the end.”

Finland smiled and said “It sounded like he was having a great time with you.”

I shrugged and said “I’m sure he enjoyed himself.”

I scooted closer to him, my hand reaching out to grasp his bulbous cock head, his dick was pulsing with excitement as I started stroking. His breathing was rapid as I stroked his shaft; he turned to me, kissing the side of my neck, a hand slipped inside my robe to feel a breast. His hands were big and strong and completely covered my ample breast giving it a soft squeeze. The warm soft kisses on my neck felt good but I knew he wanted more.

I thought to myself “Showtime.”

I shifted my body to kneel in front of him looking up I saw he had a huge grin on his face, sitting back on the couch, arms out to each side, his erection was inches from my face. Resting my forearms on his thighs, my right hand curled around his shaft gliding up and down in a twisting motion, my left hand lightly caressed his sack. My lips moved closer to the engorged head as my hand slid up and down. The tip of my tongue teased the underside of the rim and snaked slowly over the head.

I looked up at him and asked “Is this what you came back for”?

He moaned as soon as I my mouth made contact with his cock, my breasts brushing against his inner thighs. I licked along the head and underside of his long thick shaft slowly as it continued throbbing with excitement. This was the third blowjob I’d given him in as many days and I was still impressed at how large his dick was. He let out a low deep moan, as I teased his balls a bit with the tip of my tongue. He was ready for me to begin in earnest now. I opened my mouth and took in as much as I could in one long slow lazy motion, sucking on him hard, my tongue pressing his head against the roof of my mouth. He rested a hand on my head and helped guide me to the rhythm that he wanted. I dove down on his erection, my breasts pressing against his thighs through the satin of my robe. It was much too big for me to take completely into my mouth, so I worked my other hand up and down his shaft, slick with saliva. He filled my mouth and I sucked on it eagerly, hoping my enthusiasm would make him cum quickly. My tongue was dancing along the underside of his shaft as he applied a bit a pressure to the top of my head coaxing me to try and take even more of it into my mouth.

I’d been blowing him for several minutes when he said to me “I’m getting close. Keep going…don’t stop…don’t stop.”

I went faster. My full breasts had slipped out of the robe and were swaying against his thighs, as my head worked up and down on his cock, preparing for the inevitable.

His voice pleading with me “Don’t stop…don’t stop; ohhh god, keep going, keep going…don’t stop.”

I kept going; my lips, tongue, and hands were working together in concert on his shaft and balls.

“Let me to finish in your mouth this time.” He begged me.

This was a new development. The past two nights I’d finished him off with my hand, letting cum on my chest but tonight he wanted to finish in my mouth.

“Let me cum in your mouth.” He said again.

I decided to agree to his request and gave a quick nod of my head, mumbling “Mmmok.”

Seconds later, I detected the salty taste of pre cum on my tongue and I knew he was on the verge of erupting. Both of his were hands gripping my hair as his back arched and his hips bucked forward suddenly.

I felt his nuts tighten slightly in one hand, “Here it comes.” I told myself.

His dick began pulsing and the first shot of his warm cum exploded forcefully into my mouth.It splattered across the roof of my mouth, peppering the back of my throat with half a dozens of little cum shots. His first shot was followed immediately by four or five much larger blasts that sprayed against my throat in rapid fire succession. Hot jets of cum were erupting into my mouth as if they had been released from a geyser. He kept cuming; his cock pumping out huge quantities of warm jiz as I continued sucking on his head, drawing it out of him. My mouth was quickly filling with his load, I had to swallow. Gulping it down between spurts, I awaited the last of his orgasm which gushed out smoothly, sliding over my tongue. I gave it a couple more gentle sucks and lifted my mouth from the head; he slumped back on the couch spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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