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Wanda Taken Down at the Gym

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This takes place after “Wanda Takes A Call And A Shower”

Wanda was finding herself daydreaming more and more about Violence. She had been with a boxer for years now. She had first been attracted to her boyfriend Julio “Julie” Duran when he had defended her. Julie was undoubtedly attracted to Wanda when he stood up to her, but that wasn’t why he did it. He had been raised with a combination of southern chivalry and a Latin code of honor that didn’t allow him to sit by while a woman was harassed. She hadn’t really paid much thought to Julie’s boxing. Amateur boxing was fairly boring. It was more of a slap fight than a real fight. Ten quick taps scored more points than a devastating chopping blow that sent opponents to the mat. Julie didn’t expect Wanda to attend many of his matches. He understood the tedium of waiting for several hours to watch a three-minute fight. Julie’s father who was training him would skip events.

It wasn’t until Wanda saw Julie really unload on a couple of guys that she realized how sexy being with a true warrior was. Sure she had loved Julie’s big muscles. But that was more of a status thing. She felt having a boyfriend built like that raised her standing among her peers at school. She had even thought of breaking it off with Julie when she went away to college. She still really liked Julie and maybe even loved him but believed there might be more to life than a boyfriend with big muscles.

Once she again found herself victim to a group of predatory guys. She quickly saw the value of a guy like Julie. When Julie boxed he had a certain amount of respect for his opponent. They were both athletes who trained hard to compete. Julie was putting his skill and will against the other fighter. He was trying to win. His goal wasn’t to hurt the other fighter. When Wanda was in danger and Julie came to her rescue it was different. He was trying to end Wanda’s attackers. The level of violence he inflicted was savage. He took three guys down in less than a minute and none of them would ever be the same. They were animals who would take anything they could get away with. Julie had dealt with them in a primal manner. Then in county lockup when faced with a real top dog shank artist killer, Julie again responded with over the top force that left a would-be apex predator crumpled in a heap.

Wanda couldn’t help but be aroused by Julie’s massive strength. The way he handled himself was such a turn on. She couldn’t believe she had considered letting him go. He was always a capable and generous lover. Now Wanda was constantly at a heightened state of arousal around Julie. Where Julie used to reliably push Wanda to orgasm he now left her a frazzled mess of nerves when they made love.

Even more, Wanda found massive pleasure in the unleashing violence herself. She had been the recipient of a public and humiliating assault. As horrible as it was she had responded physically to those who had made her a victim. She had been powerless but had come back stronger for it. She had caused real damage to her attackers. Teeth had been knocked out tongues had been bitten off and testicles ruptured. Whatever had been taken from her she had gotten back in spades. She was a warrior herself. She could stand next to Julie in a fight.

The thing she had feared the most was how Julie would feel about her after the assault. She had felt used and degraded. She worried that Julie would think less of her when others had used her body for their pleasure. She was worried that Julie wouldn’t feel special for getting to experience her in ways no one else had. Julie completely shrugged it off. It had not affected him at all. He went right back to his usual ways of making love to Wanda like he was worshipping a goddess. In some strange way that they didn’t talk about Julie had kind of liked it. His sense of jealousy was intense, more intense than anything he had ever felt before. He had been tapping into that intensity in the gym. He was hitting harder and lifting more weight than ever before. It was like he had this reserve of power he could use. He would let the image of Wanda flash in his mind. Her breast in another mans bahis firmaları hands. Bang! Cameras snapping pictures of Wanda’s tits. Boom! He had actually seen another man’s mouth on is woman’s nipple. He was ripping the heavy bag sideways at the thought.

Wanda wanted Julie to teach her how to box. He had shown her a few things like how to set her legs and twist her body to generate force. She had used it to great effect. Julie’s dad owned the gym so it was no problem as long as Julie kept up with his training first. Julie would give Wanda an egg timer and a list of exercises and bag work while he did his training. Afterward, he would put the pads on and teach Wanda technique after the rest of the fighter had gone home. Wanda would help Julie clean up the gym and close up.

Wanda was the only female in the gym. The fighters tried to be respectful of Julie and his dad. It was hard though. Wanda was sexy as hell as she got all sweaty. If she wore a loose t-shirt it would be clinging to her massive curves by the end of her workout. No matter what bra she wore there was no way to contain those massive titties. They would bounce all over the place. No red-blooded male could be expected to ignore the sight of Wanda bobbling around. Julie didn’t get upset about it. He understood he was constantly catching himself sneaking glances at Wanda too. He didn’t hold against his fellow boxers that they found themselves distracted by Wanda’s body.

A couple of nights before graduation Wanda had worn her sexiest bicycle shorts and a sports bra. Most of the fighters gave up trying to accomplish anything with Wanda bouncing around in such tight attire. She would be leaving for college in a month or so. When she was gone life could get back to normal in the gym. The fighters could get their training back on track. Hopefully, no one would suffer too bad in competition before Wanda left.

Julie and Wanda had the gym all to themselves. Julie worked Wanda hard. Julie had decided that today was the day he was going to go for a new record lift. He wanted to show off for Wanda. Julie grabbed the two one hundred forty pound dumbells off the rack. Julie slowly lumbered to the flat bench. He sat on the edge of the bench with the giant weights resting on his knees. He looked Wanda in her eyes for motivation. He tapped the weights together three times as part of his lifting ritual and layed back while quickly pressing his arms straight up. Julie lowered the weights slow and I control. He lowered his elbows till the were just past parallel with the floor. Julie exploded the weights back up. Spit flew from his mouth as he let out a primal scream. Julie paused halfway up. The lift was too much for him. The weights were getting the better of him. Julie closed his eyes. And pictured his entire class looking at Wanda’s naked tits. The weight launched up and slammed together with a loud clang. Julie rocked forward and sat up with the weights again.

Wanda was clearly impressed. There was only one set of dumbells heavier than the ones Julie had just hefted. Julie didn’t tell her what he did to get over the edge. As soon as Julie had reracked the dumbells Wanda ambushed him with a celebratory kiss.

She was stunned to find Julie quickly became rock hard as she pressed against him.

“What got into you?” Wanda asked.

“The question is what’s about to get into you?” Julie said spinning Wanda towards the shoulder press.

“Julie!” Wanda gasped as Julie bent her over the bench.

Wanda looked up and saw their reflection in the mirror in front of her. Julie’s large hands slipped under her sports bra. Wanda saw her sexy expression as Julie squeezed her soft tits.

“No wonder Julie is always looking into my eyes when he touches me.” Wanda thought as she saw how hot her expression was as Julie fondled her.

Julie pulled her top over her huge breasts. Wanda saw how perfect her tits looked hanging free. The aesthetic of her dark nips contrasting with her lighter breast skin was undeniably beautiful. Her tits were a swirl of circles inside circles. The way her breasts moved when Julie touched her had an almost water-like kaçak iddaa quality. They would ripple out when Julie grasped and released them. Wanda was starting to understand why guys were so obsessed with her amazing rack.

Julie rested his head on Wanda’s shoulders. Wanda could see him looking at her reflection in the mirror. He was focused on her nips as he manipulated her firm tips. Wanda felt his erection resting in the crack of her ass. Wanda started grinding her big butt into his cock. Wanda watched his reaction in the mirror. Julie’s eyes rolled back in his head as waves of pleasure hit him from Wanda grinding her ass into his cock.

Julie slipped his thumbs into Wanda’s spandex shorts. He started working the tight material down her big ass. Wanda watched in the mirror as her pubic mound and tightly trimmed hair came into view. Wanda quickly spun around and stopped Julie in his tracks.

“Julie, you don’t have any rubbers on you,” she told him reluctantly, knowing Julie didn’t carry a wallet in his workout sweats.

“Damn, baby you are right,” he said.

“Well, we better put this fire out before it gets out of control.” She said.

“I am headed for the lockers to take a cold shower then,” Julie said clearly frustrated.

Julie burst through the door. His sweats were tented in the front from his boner. He quickly stripped off his clothes and got in one of the shower booths. The cold water had the desired effect and Julie’s erection quickly faded. Julie turned around to find a naked Wanda standing there.

“I thought maybe we could try something else if you don’t have any rubbers,” she said with her finger below her lips.

“Babe you know I don’t like that,” Julie said referring to his dislike of blow jobs.

“I just thought we could switch things up for once,” Wanda pouted.

“I could totally take care of you,” Julie said excitedly as he turned off the shower.

Wanda never understood Julie’s aversion to getting sucked off. Most of her girlfriends complained about their selfish boyfriends wanting head all the time. Julie had let her try it once for less than a minute and declared himself not a fan and never wanted to do it again.

“Well maybe I don’t like it when you work me over either,” Wanda said trying to sound convincing.

“You are a terrible liar Julie said as he pushed her down on the bench in the shower stall.

Julie sat next to her on the bench and started kissing her neck. He started gently started stroking her arms with his fingers, Julie eased slowly down her body with his mouth. his tongue trailed her collar bone and sent shivers down her spine. Wanda pressed Julie’s shoulders with her hands.

Julie zeroed in on Wanda’s left nipple. It felt amazing to Wanda but she knew it would take a lot of effort to get him off of her teat. Julie could be the most stubborn man in the world sometimes when it came to moving him off Wanda’s breasts once he got started. He was a fanatical worshiper of her chest. If she let him Julie would suck her nipples for hours at a time. One time Wanda actually tried to let Julie suckle her nipples till he got tired of it. He spent the whole day at her breast. Wanda was left chaffed and sore for days and Julie never let up.

Wanda pressed hard on Julie’s shoulders to move his attention south.

“Julie, you were the one who offered,” Wanda said the frustration growing in her voice at Julie delaying his promise to please her with his mouth.

Julie reluctantly moved off of her nip. He placed his elbows under Wanda’s knees and pulled her hips forward. He smiled as he went in for the sweet kill. He pecked kisses around Wanda’s flower. Wanda felt his lips quickly tap at her clitoris. I slight moan escaped her lips at the sensation of quick pressure on her button. Julie’ mouth opened around Wanda’s clit and the heat caused her lower body to buck. Julie tugged at her triangle. Wanda closed her eyes and focused her whole being on the heat on her pearl. She was boiling as Julie worked his magic on her pussy. she found herself quickly edging towards an imploding orgasm. She didn’t want to cum so fast and eased her pelvis kaçak bahis back from the pressure cooker of Julie’s mouth. Julie knew she wanted to go longer and relented and aloud Wanda recovery time.

Julie was catching his breath when a large cloth filled hand covered his mouth. He looked up and saw Wanda’s large fear filled eyes.

Julie hadn’t locked the door to the gym and an intruder had gotten in. Julie couldn’t see his attacker and Wanda had never seen the man before.

Britney and Ashley bought weed and extasy off of a Brazillian named Donny. Donny and his brother were breaking into the local drug scene. They had a set back recently when Donny’s brother took a charge for possession of Marijuana charge. Donny’s brother was more the muscle of the duo while Donny was the playboy who got pretty girls to introduce him to young kids looking to get high. He had targeted Britney and Ashley to hook him up with the players in their high school. They hadn’t really come through and Donny was about to do what he usually did when his targets couldn’t come through with the names of some kids looking to score big. When that happened Donny compensated himself for his wasted time by slipping his female targets a roofie and raping them. His propensity for rape had earned him the nickname Donny the Dick.

The only thing that had stopped him from ripping Britney and Ashley was the fact they went to school with Julie. Recently Julie had gotten into an altercation with Donny’s brother in county lockup. Julie had hurt Donny’s brother Benny pretty bad. He had given him a concussion and could have killed him. Donny was out for revenge and spared the girls of rape on the chance they could lead Donny to Julie.

Things couldn’t have worked out any better for Donny. Not only could the girls give Donny a line on Julie they had a whole crew of victims that would love to help Donny take Julie down. Britney and Ashley recruited Dillon and his gang of friends to assist. Dillon was like an evil genius when it came to revenge. Julie was going to pay and Benny and Donny were going to build a fearsome reputation of the retribution they would inflict if anyone dared cross them again.

The rag Donny pressed to Julie’s face was soaked in chloroform. Donny expected Julie to go right out when he applied it to Julie. Unfortunately for Donny, he had timed it badly and Julie had just gotten a full breath of fresh air when he clamped down with the rag. Benny had not told his brother how big and strong Julie was. Nor did Dillon’s crew. Of course, they had told him he was big they had undersold Julie’s physical prowess. Benny had attributed all his injuries to the fact that he was hit with a sneak attack. The reality was Julie was a beast.

Julie was able to rise to his feet despite the chemicals pressed to his face. Donny was holding on to Julie’s head for dear life. Julie slammed backward into the wall. Donny was crushed hard into the tiles. Julie stepped forward and ripped his elbows back into Donny’s ribs. Donny was losing his struggle to hold on to Julie. At this point though Julie took a deep breath of chemicals. He dropped to his knees as the chloroform took effect.

Wanda was on Donny like a Jungle cat. She was digging into Donny’s eyes with her fingernails. Donny had blood pouring down his face as Wanda was trying to get her finger into his eye socket. Donny realized he was about to be permanently maimed. He still was more afraid of Julie getting back to his feet. Just in time, Julie flattened to the ground.

Donny had no time to spare as Wanda was raining blows on him. He quickly Jammed the rag into Wanda’s face. Wanda went down without much resistance after she had gotten dosed with chemicals. Donny was a bloody mess from Wanda’s counter-attack and his sides hurt from the shots Julie had got in before he went down. Dillon and his crew entered the locker room. They saw the mess Julie and Wanda had made of this real deal gangster and were glad they had sat out the attack. They quickly dressed Julie and Wanda and bound them with construction zip ties. Donny had planned on ripping Wanda open when he had subdued Julie but was left dazed at the viciousness that they had defended themselves with. Donny was genuinely afraid Julie was going to wake up and break his restraints.

Julie and Wanda were loaded into a van in the parking lot.

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