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Was that all? Pt. 03

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Dick Gif

Here we have part three of the sibilings’ adventures! This one has a couple of different things that I hope you enjoy.

Without any spoilers, I will warn you that there is some anal coming up. Like my other sex scenes, it’s quite long, but you can skip over it. If it’s a big turn-off for anyone, I do apologise.

All characters engaged in sexual acts are 18 or older. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidental. This is a work of fiction and fantasy, stay safe and responsible out there.

All feedback is appreciated, and I’ve even left a couple of questions at the end. There will be five parts in total, and your input in the next two means the world to me.

Love y’all and hope you enjoy 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Chapter Eight: Sexting

Reality started catching up to us as Saturday evening’s party drew to a close. We had a fun little kissing contest in a nearby park before deciding that it was too cold to stay out. By the time we arrived back at our house, most of the party guests had already left.

Among the handful who stayed was Emily’s girlfriend, Riley. If I were her, I’d be pissed even before I knew that my girlfriend was cheating on me with her siblings. My sister neglected her, and I didn’t like that, but it seemed to somehow work for them. Blake and I were worried that our little sister might put us under a similar kind of spell.

On the plane home, I realised how much growing up I had to do. The same could actually be said for us all. Blake, for example, was 24 going on 25 and has never been in a romantic relationship. Emily was soon going to be 19, but she was behaving worse than she did when she was 12 years old.

Then there was me – a real work in progress.

On Tuesday morning, I left my boss’s office with a massive smile on my face. A plan – concocted by Blake and myself the day before – was about to become a reality.

My older sister is brilliant. There was a reason she lived in the fanciest apartments and drove splendid cars. She always put an incredible amount of effort into everything she did and every role she had to play. She learnt to be ‘one of the guys’ for my sake, and she read parenting books at age 16 to understand her little sister. No matter what, if there was an instruction manual, she could do it.

It must have come more from my dad’s side. Our mom wasn’t like that, and her twin sister was even less so – those two were free spirits. Emily definitely reminded me more of mom’s sister, Aunt Terry, who was a real rebel. Sadly, I didn’t see Emily grow into being that free spirit as it happened.

Both my sisters deserve infinite love, and I was ashamed of the fact that I hadn’t been there for them. I had a chance to make up for the mistakes of the past and give them the appreciation I should have long ago. I adored these girls, and after our wild weekend together, it wasn’t hard to make a pretty big decision.

* * * * *

My apartment was on the third floor of an older building that had been recently renovated. It was definitely not as luxurious as Blake’s, but it was a premium home nonetheless. I loved the old wooden doors and classic finishes, which gave the place a homely feel.

I was sad that I’d probably move out of there before any of my family saw the place. It usually ended up being me who visits them while they go on with their packed schedules.

My boss was going to allow me to work remotely while I studied a one-year course at the varsity in my hometown. He wanted to see me earn a qualification that would help me transition to management. Little did he know that I had an ulterior motive for wanting to move. It was all Blake’s idea, and before I could tell her the good news, I saw that I’d missed a bunch of messages during the day.

Emily added me to a group chat titled ‘The Threesome’ and my sisters started texting at about midday.

EMILY: Welcum lovers!

BLAKE: Your spelling is tragic Baby Girl.

EMILY: Pffft. On purpose!

BLAKE: Oh, I get it. Like semen…

The following messages were photos sent by Emily. In the first image, she was topless, facing a mirror and taking the shot so that her thin stomach was in frame. It was the first time I’d seen her beautiful breasts in bright light. Just like her sister’s, they were modest and round. Even though they were small, they had weight to them.

Emily’s second and third pictures were of her sticking her tongue out and sucking her thumb. Over the last few days, Blake and I began to realise our little sister had a bit of an oral fixation. Blake did a few semesters of psychology, and she told me all about it, “Mom didn’t give her enough tit.”

“Isn’t that Freudian stuff bullshit?” I asked.

“Are you sleeping with your sisters?” she retorted.

“Isn’t it supposed to be your mom and not your siblings?”

“That’s probably your next target. Pervert,” Blake teased.

I could understand how Emily had time to message since she didn’t work. Our older sister was a bigshot lawyer, though. Blake must’ve sahabet güvenilirmi been really infatuated to pull herself away from her profession to chat on a group text. I joined their messaging, eventually.

EMILY: I miss you guys!

BLAKE: Josh has been gone for a day, and you spent last night at my place.

ME: You guys are having sleepovers?

BLAKE: Jealous, little brother?

ME: Definitely! I miss you!

EMILY: I’ll tell you all the details!! It’ll be like you were there. I’ll even tell you about Blakey’s little secret…

BLAKE: C’mon Emily, he really doesn’t need to know.

EMILY: He’ll think it’s cute.

BLAKE: No. He’ll think I’m a perv.

EMILY: I did it with you, so he’ll think I’m a perv too!

There was a pause in the conversation at this point. I imagine Blake probably took their chat private in an attempt to get our sister to stop. I fired away a few curious texts until Emily got going.

EMILY: So, it started when Blake begged me to come over last night. She can’t get enough o’ me.

BLAKE: True…

EMILY: We were doing all the regular stuff sisters do. You know?

ME: No?

EMILY: Cooking, dancing, gossiping about this boy we both like.

ME: Oh, yeah? How is he?

EMILY: He’s great, feels more like a brother. But a bro we can kiss and cuddle.

ME: Sounds boring.

EMILY: Because Blake won’t let me fuck him. So now I have to make do with her sub-standard pussy-licking.

BLAKE: Fuck off.

EMILY: No, really Sis. They say girls are naturally better at it. Well, you’re proof that’s not true.

I could picture it in my head. Our little sister had at least some experience with girls, but Blake was a newbie. She’d be reluctant with her tongue; eager to please her insatiable little sister. I was the same, and maybe we could have a little contest with Emily at some point. The possibilities were endless, but I didn’t let myself get distracted from Em’s little tell-all.

EMILY: Anyways! Blakey asked if we could watch a movie. A dirty movie.

ME: Woah, Blake! I would have never thought.

BLAKE: Oh, please, like you guys never have…

ME: I’m an angel.

EMILY: Whatever, Bro… I’ve stood outside your door while you jacked off.

ME: What?

I thought back to the first night I kissed Emily after she dry-humped me. She left me hanging that night, and I went back to my room to finish myself off. I could’ve sworn I heard feet outside my door that night.

EMILY: Back to my story!

BLAKE: Pervert.

ME: I’m jerking off right now.

BLAKE: And I’m playing with my clit under my desk. Perks of a corner office, kids.

EMILY: Fuuuuckkkk, are you guys wet yet??

ME: I’ve got some precum if that’s what you mean?

BLAKE: My panties are soaking. Now go on with the story. Tell our brother how I corrupted his innocent little sister…

EMILY: Blakey got under the covers like an idiot. I mean, that just made it so much harder for me to play with her. I wanted easy access to all my favourite parts of our sister.

BLAKE: I’m still learning. I even did my nails this morning, so that I can finger you better.

EMILY: Come over tonight?

ME: Get a room you two. Tell me about the porno.

EMILY: It was just these three girls sitting on a bench, chatting to a camera guy… They talked about sucking cock and how many times they’d had sex with each other… They showed the cam their asses and tits, and I was getting really into it.

BLAKE: You really were. You should see her finger herself, Bro. Our little sister plays that pussy like an instrument.

EMILY: God, I love playing with myself. And you were nervous, but I loosened you up, right?

BLAKE: Yeah, I love it when you hold my hand, and I just touch myself… I’m feeling myself right now, and I wish you were here. I want you under my desk right now with your thumb on my clit. I want to feel your tongue tracing my pussy.

EMILY: I want to make you feel good like those girls in the movies you like.

BLAKE: It’s not like I watch porn every night.

EMILY: Don’t lie! Ugh, Josh-ey, our sister is into the really hardcore stuff, and it got me so fucking hot. I thought only boys watch those kinds of videos!

BLAKE: Seemed to work for you. You closed your eyes and imagined that was me and you and the cock was our brother’s, didn’t you?

EMILY: Fuck. Yes! I’ve never felt so good masturbating.

BLAKE: I’m glad you liked it. I love watching you play with yourself. I love it when you talk dirty and call your little pussy a cunt while you rub it with both hands. You’re like a possessed little doll when you get horny.

EMILY: I get so wet when I’m around you, Sis. You’re so exciting and sexy, I just want to fuck with you all day every day.

BLAKE: Shame, our poor brother. Don’t you crave his cock like I do?

ME: Yeah, poor me. But by all means, go on with your story. I’m getting into it.

EMILY: Oh my god, that’s so hot. You’re jerking off right now, sahabet yeni giriş and you’re telling us about it. In the past, I could only imagine. Now I’ve seen that beautiful cock and I want you to come over and fuck me like those girls in that video!

BLAKE: Up the ass?

EMILY: Down the throat, in my cunt, up the ass… I want him to start at 6 AM and fuck me until the next morning. Then I want to wake up and I want you to fuck me, Sis.

BLAKE: I’d be more than happy to take Josh’s sloppy seconds. I’ll even clean up after he’s cum all over you.

EMILY: I want it to go on-and-on until I can’t fucking walk anymore.

ME: I’m sure that can be arranged. I’d love to push your legs back while I’m deep inside of you.

EMILY: I don’t want to move without your hard cock inside of me or Blake’s tongue down my throat. I want to be spanked and thrown around – pull me by the hair and make me beg for more. Just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!

BLAKE: That’s hot Baby Girl, but Josh is all mine… For now.

EMILY: I will fucking fight you for that cock, Blakey.

BLAKE: Oh yeah? I think we both know I can roll you onto your back whenever I’d like… Then I can ‘practice’ on your little pussy for hours while you just lay there helplessly.

EMILY: Oh my god, is that your fantasy?? To get all rough with your little sister. I can take it Sis – four fingers and your tongue. You can even bite me a little if you want. Spank me, ride me, slap me a bit if you’d like! I’d be into it… I’d let you do it and I’ll even call you my mommy while you use all my holes.

The chat went silent for a few long minutes. We didn’t quite know how to react to the ‘Mommy’ revelation.

Emily was provoking our sister – she wanted to unleash the older girl’s raw sexual energy. Blake hadn’t been shy about sex the last few days, but this was different. This was complete honesty and the exposure of secret desires. I was still sitting in my car, parked underneath my apartment. I set the seat back and just let the two girls talk while my hand went to work.

BLAKE: Okay… I’ll tell you about my fantasies.

EMILY: I’ve gotten comfortable so that I can play while you talk. Just imagine me on my bed, with my hand between my legs, wishing you were here. Wishing you were both here.

BLAKE: I want our brother to take me on a date. A proper date.

EMILY: Have you ever been on a ‘proper’ date?

BLAKE: No. There should be red wine, roses, and music. I really like being around him when there’s music because he’ll always dance with me.

ME: I can do that.

BLAKE: I want you to take me to a nice hotel. Somewhere cosy, not trashy. Or maybe trashy… Something about that seems hot. You know? Cracks in the walls, a rickety bed and thin walls. It can be any place really, I just want to feel you inside of me. I want to do it in missionary so that I can look into your eyes while you take my virginity.

EMILY: You know you two have fucked before, right?

BLAKE: You don’t make all the rules.

ME: I’d love to be with you like that, I’d love to be your first.

BLAKE: I’ll dress up for you. Emily can help me pick something. Maybe not a dress, but something elegant. I don’t think I’m any good at it yet, but I’ll suck your cock first. I want to make you happy.

ME: You do make me happy.

BLAKE: After we do it once, I want to do it again. The second time should be rougher, I want you to call me names. Remind me that I’m your sister. I’ll remind you that you’re my brother and that you have your big brother cock up my tight pussy.

EMILY: What kind of names, Sis?

BLAKE: I guess he should call my vagina a cunt. A tight little cunt, or something like that. I’ve seen guys do that in videos and I like it. I want to feel like those girls, I want it to be so good that you can film it.

The three of us were in different corners of the world, each getting off to this. I could sense the sexual tension even though we were far apart; the intensity that soaked into every word.

BLAKE: My pussy is tight right?

EMILY: It is.

ME: It is.

BLAKE: Good, I want it to feel like no one has touched it before. That way, my first time with you is special. I know it’s only pretending, but I want you to feel like you’ve wifed me; like I’m your one and only.

ME: It’ll be amazing, no matter what.

Nothing in this world could make spending a night with my big sister be anything but incredible. She was my dream girl, and I loved her.

EMILY: Once you two are done, can I have a turn?

BLAKE: Yes… But I have a fantasy for you too. You might not like it though.

EMILY: Is it rough?


EMILY: C’mon Sis, I can take it 😉

I knew Blake’s fantasy for our ‘first date’. When she mentioned it the first time, I immediately planned the night. I would open her car door and lead her by the arm. We would be like any other lovers, except so much more. Our night would end in a cosy bedroom, or maybe somewhere private with a fireplace. sahabet giriş We would kiss. Her soft lips would intoxicate me, and the rest would come naturally. She’d want me on top, looking into her eyes as I slipped into her.

Her fantasy for Emily was news to me, though…

BLAKE: Well, I want you to wake me in the morning with breakfast in bed.

EMILY: That’s not very sexy.

BLAKE: I want you to be my little housewife.

EMILY: Like cook and clean for you?

BLAKE: I want you to be everything a wife should be.

EMILY: I thought you were a die-hard feminist?

BLAKE: It has nothing to do with you being a woman, Baby Girl.

EMILY: What’s it about then?

BLAKE: You knowing your place. Serving your brother and me. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Someone to put you in your place.

EMILY: Will you make me call you Sir while you hit my ass with a rolled-up newspaper??

BLAKE: Sounds like you’ve thought about this too.

EMILY: I can be very creative… Sir.

BLAKE: Call me, Dear.

EMILY: Yes, Dear. Now tell me what your little wife can do for you?

BLAKE: Imagine. Your big brother and I can take good care of you, and in exchange, you can be our submissive little wife. Sound good?

EMILY: Tell me more…

BLAKE: Like I said, every day should start with breakfast in bed. Some mornings you can wake our brother with a blowjob, but other mornings I’ll want to do it. You’ll have to learn how to multi-task because I also need attention.

EMILY: What kind of attention?

BLAKE: I want you to obediently eat my pussy while I have breakfast. You should always offer to wash me in the shower. And you should do the same for your brother. If I say ‘get on your knees’, I’ll expect you to do it immediately.

EMILY: Fuck, yes. What should I do when you’re not home?

BLAKE: You can do what you like. We’ll make sure you don’t have to work a day in your life because we love you.

EMILY: Will you buy me nice things? You know… Like stereotypical husbands do.

BLAKE: You can have whatever you want Baby Girl. As long as you take good care of us. We’ll buy you beautiful lingerie so that you can model for us every night. Sweet perfume so that you smell nice when we kiss you all over. Fancy phones so that you can take pictures of yourself. Hell, you can even have some new tits if you like.

EMILY: What happens if I’m a bad wife? Will you divorce me?

BLAKE: Well, if you misbehave, I’ll leave it up to our husband. Then again, he doesn’t have the guts to discipline you.

I thought about it; wondering whether I could ever ‘discipline’ Emily. The answer was no. That’s not how I showed love, but I was beginning to realise that it was one of her fantasies.

I imagined her in nothing but an apron, maybe with a pair of high heels to show off her awesome runner’s legs. She would no doubt do her hair and makeup every morning; I didn’t mind that stuff, but I imagined her with bright red lips. It would make her look more mature, and I knew she’d be sucking me off eventually – she’d love to do that. She’d love to have something in her mouth. Could I discipline her?

ME: I could try.

BLAKE: What do you think should happen to her if she misbehaves, Husband?

ME: We could spank her?

BLAKE: Will you let us spank you, Em?

EMILY: Yip, that’s the least I’ll let you do.

BLAKE: Take away your allowance?

EMILY: I’ll get an allowance?

BLAKE: If you earn it. Isn’t that right hubby?

ME: I’m keen. As long as our little sister earns it.

BLAKE: Our little wife, you mean? Or do you want to call her little sister because that turns you on? I know it turns me on, I fucking love it.

EMILY: Will I have to suck my big brother/husband’s cock?

ME: I think so.

EMILY: Let you fuck me whenever you like?

BLAKE: Will your little sister have to drop to her knees and suck your cock whenever you ask her to? Will she have to spin around on-demand and point her tight little ass at you cock?!

ME: She will.

BLAKE: Are you going to call her a good little wife when she makes you happy? When she gets down onto her knees for her big brother and sucks his cock like a good little sister-wife.

ME: Fuck, Blake, you’re so hot. She’ll have to make me cum at least once a day.

I stopped for a second, carefully considering my next words.

ME: And so will you, Wifey.

BLAKE: Oh, yeah? Am I also going to have to be a good submissive wife?

ME: It would be unfair if you weren’t.

BLAKE: You’re going to have to be extra mean if you want to keep me in my place. I’ll fight you for dominance.

ME: As long as you make me cum I don’t care who’s top or bottom.

BLAKE: As long as Emily is bottom of the bottom?

ME: That’s where she wants to be, right?

BLAKE: Em, is that where you want to be? Do you want your big brother and sister to take charge of you and make you our little toy?

EMILY: Will I have to wash your clothes after I make you cum? After our other wife makes you cum?

ME: Yes.

EMILY: Crawl to you when you get home and stick my tongue out like a puppy so that you can start right away? All you need to do is set your foot through the door, and your wife will crawl to you and suck her big brother’s cock.

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