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Wash My Back?

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The steam billows out the door as I open it and step in as quietly as I can. The air is hot and humid as I slowly remove my clothing, watching your naked form through the thin plastic of the shower curtain.

I sneak over and pull it back, you are facing away from me. Water cascades down over your body. You stand with your back to me, one hand splayed and wedged against the wall, the other moving in front, suspiciously lower on your body. The spray hitting your head as you hang it low under the nozzle.

My eyes run over your body, your wide shoulders that taper down to your slim hips, muscular legs that lead up to a nice tight ass. I often wondered how the hell I managed to get so lucky. My nipples tighten as I look my fill.

I step behind you, as quiet as a whisper and move close. I press my body tight against your back, my hands running around your hips and across your abdomen. I hear you moan low as my hands slowly slide up your chest. I press tighter so you can feel my hard nips against your back. Your hand is slowly moving over the length of your cock as you push back against me.

I spread my fingers, then close them pinching your nipples between my knuckles. One hand leaves your cock and comes over your head, digging into my still dry hair, the other remains on the wall as I pinch and tease your nips until they are as hard as mine.

One hand remains on your chest, still playing and the other slides lower, over your six pack abs, through the neatly trimmed patch of rough hair at your center then lightly down the length of your hardening cock.

You moan, your hand in my hair gripping tighter as I wrap my fingers around your length. I slide the smooth skin against my palm, lightly and teasingly, running my fingernails over the shaft as you harden fully under my touch.

You turn slowly, dislodging my hands and stoop slightly down to kiss me, the spray now hitting the back of your neck sprinkles my face as you slide your tongue bahis firmaları against mine, one of your hands pulling and twisting my nipple, your body pressed nice and close, your cock digging into my hip.

I push you back and move, my lips brushing over against the wet skin on your neck, then your collar bone and lower. I nip the top of your pecs then capture one stiff nip between my lips, suck lightly then bite, I hear your moans bounce off the walls around us and your body shudders slightly when I release that one and move to the other.

I take little bites as I move lower, nipping at your abs, then sinking my teeth into the soft skin stretched over your hip bone. I let one hand drift lower, dragging my nails over your sensitive skin and lifting your cock as I run my tongue between the crease of your leg, I kneel before you, looking up into your eyes.

I dip my head and lave the rough skin on your balls, letting my tongue press hard against them, I suck one then the other into my hot wet mouth as my hand closes over the head of your cock, squeezing you. I keep looking up at you, your eyes watching every flick of my tongue as your hips start to move slowly in that age old rhythm.

I run my tongue leisurely up the length of your shaft, the skin satiny smooth against my tongue. My hand slides down your shaft and grips it at the base as I take you gradually inside my mouth and my lips close tightly over the tip.

I slide down nice and slow, moaning at the fresh clean taste of your cock. I take as much of you as I can until I feel the head entering my throat. Its then that you move, buck a bit inside of my mouth. I gag as your cock goes in even further and my throat closes around you. You gasp as I slide back up, dragging my teeth along the sensitive underside of your shaft. I bite down on the head of your cock lightly then slide down again, slowly at first, then gradually faster. I use my tongue and my teeth expertly as I bob my head up kaçak iddaa and down. My hand rolls and squeezes your balls, my fingertips teasing and stroking the sensitive skin just behind them. Your knees lock as I play, your moans fill the small space and I look up at your face.

I love this moment, the look on your face, the way your hips work with my mouth, those little moans and groans and that totally engrossed look of sheer arousal on your face. I take my mouth from you and run my hand over your saliva coated cock, you reach down and pull me up, your lips meeting mine as your hands lift and squeeze my breasts, your fingers pulling and pinching my hard as rock nipples.

You turn me and press down on the back of my neck; I place my hands on the wall and spread my legs wide as your hand slides slowly over the cheek of my ass then lower. I groan loud as your fingers slide lower, my pussy aches for your touch. Sucking your cock always turns me on.

I arch my back as you push two fingers deep inside me then drag them higher, brushing lightly over the hardened nub of my clit. I rock my hips as you repeat your actions, pushing inside then rubbing my own wetness over my nub. My hips start to roll as you tease me higher and higher until you finally pinch it better your fingers and rub hard. I cry out as I come, my hips buck up against your fingers as you slip them back inside me, rubbing against my g-spot and prolonging my orgasm until I swear I see heaven.

You step closer and rub the head of your cock along the length of my slit, I go up on my toes as you find my hole and slide slowly inside. I groan, biting my lip as you fill me to the brink with all 8″ of your thick hardness. My pussy grips tight around you as you start to slide slowly in and out. One of your hands gripping my hip tight as the other roams over my chest, twisting and pinching my nipples hard. My whole body responds and I start to move with you.

I cry out as you hit bottom kaçak bahis on each stroke, not caring that the neighbors might hear us through the paper thin walls. You pull me up until, my back meets your front and lock your arm around my body, one hand squeezing my breast and the other drifting lower to rub my clit as your hips move, filling me over and over.

I shudder when I come again, clamping down on your cock like a vice and crying out as my juices coat your cock and slowly start to seep from me, the warm wetness mixing with the water as it runs down the insides of my thighs.

I groan as you slip out of me, spinning me around. Your lips find mine as your hands go to my thighs and you push my back against the wall of the shower. I wrap my arms around your neck and my legs wrap around your hips as you lift me off my feet and sink me back down along your length.

Using my weight as leverage you start to pound into me. Hard and fast. Your head dips and your mouth locks onto my nipple, biting it as your hips move faster and faster. You lift again and kiss me, I nip at your lips, letting my hands move over your chest, pinching your nipples as my pussy contracts tightly around your cock. I cry out as I come again, arching my back and hitting my head hard against the wall. I barely feel it as my body locks tightly around yours. My internal muscles ripple up and down your shaft as you slam hard and deep into me and take your own pleasure. You explode with one final push and your knees start to shake as your cock pulses, filling me with your fluid while you pull slowly in and out, prolonging your own pleasure.

Your head falls against my shoulder, your breath coming hard and fast against my neck as you slow and finally stop.

I lower my feet to the floor as your cock softens and slides from my passage. You smile at me, a warm sated smile as you reach over and grab the bar of soap.

You begin to work it between your palms as I try to catch my breath, your eyes move from my toes to my head as you wink and then reach for me, wiggling your eyebrows playfully and smiling that big goofy grin that I’ve grown to love,

“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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