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Watching My Stepdad

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This story is totally fictional, though I could wish for otherwise. She is 19, he is her mom’s second husband.


I had gone to bed an hour earlier but had spent the time sitting in bed reading. Before I turned out the light, I glanced at my bedside table and saw I was out of tissues, so I got up and headed for the bathroom for a fresh box. The lights in the hallway were out, so Dad must have gone to bed already.

He kept the house after the divorce, and I chose to stay with him because I wanted to stay in the same high school. That was three years ago and I go to the local college now, so it’s handy to have very low rent and a good landlord.

I got the tissues from the bathroom and was at my bedroom door when I heard an odd noise. I froze, skin bumpy from the reaction. I waited in silence. There it was again. But now I could tell it was coming from Dad’s room. I crept along the hall, listening. His door was pushed closed but not latched. I heard the relaxbet güvenilirmi noise again, something like a grunt, and pushed gently on the door to open it just enough to see in.

I was telling myself that I had no reason, no right to be doing this, that I was invading Dad’s privacy, but I couldn’t help myself. And when I was able to see in, I almost dropped the tissue box in surprise. He was naked on the bed, legs spread wide and one hand stationery over his belly. At first, I didn’t see the rest, but he was slowly rocking his hips way up and back down again. His penis was half-hidden in that hand but the motion of his hips was moving it through and back.

There was a steady rhythm in his body as he pushed and retracted himself from the pretend pussy his hand had fashioned. The grunts were heartfelt and I was mesmerized. At one point, he let go with his hand and reached over to the nightstand for a tube. Meantime, his rock hard penis bounced relaxbet yeni giriş into place pointing up at the wall, its head about three inches above his belly. I had never seen a real man with a real erection in the middle of a real masturbation; the Internet sites were full of semi-soft guys who had to pump it at 200 strokes a minute to get to orgasm.

He squeezed some lotion from the tube and worked it into his hand and then made an “O” with a finger and thumb. He pushed his hard shaft through and grunted again, continued up for an inch or two and then backed out, popping the tip through that tight ring. I realized he was simulating a tight pussy and I felt mine twitch.

He kept going with this same action, slowly increasing the tempo until his hips were pumping him through and back. His hand started to move in opposite rhythm, as if the woman above him was now participating.

I felt his orgasm approach. There were small changes relaxbet giriş in his breathing and in the cadence of his hand and I knew he was close. And then his hand slid down his shaft to the very bottom, pulling his skin drum-tight and pushing his shaft upright to stand rigidly without support, pointing its engorged glans almost straight up. His hips jerked and he grunted again as the orgasm began. I saw the first white stream leap from his penis into the air, arcing steeply. Almost as it landed on his stomach, another followed its path, and another. He had a huge supply of semen, more than I had ever seen, and even after the powerful streams, several more jumped and then dribbled and finally oozed from him. The moment passed quickly and then he let out two or three large breaths as he came down from the high. His belly pooled with gelatinous mounds of his semen and his hand was covered in it.

After lying stationery for a minute or so, he reached over and picked up the roll of toilet paper he’d put on the bed. I watched shamelessly as he cleaned himself off, wishing in my heart I could have offered him my box of tissues. I was aroused and certain I was wet inside. I was also a tiny bit disappointed this was a one-time happy coincidence for me.

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