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Weekend Discovery Ch. 1

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My name is Victoria, I am a single 24 year old woman, 5’9” and I weigh 110 pounds. Long blond hair and I have beautiful green eyes. *smile* I have an average bust and a tight fit body that I like to regularly work out in aerobics three times a week. I wanted to share with you an amazing experience that I’ve had.

I went to a girlfriend’s house this weekend to hang out and maybe do some drinking. Heather wasn’t sure if she could get a babysitter or not and that would be the keystroke for a nice drinking binge for this weekend. Heather and her husband Alex live in another town about an hour away; even so, I don’t like to drive up there and back the same day so I generally stay the weekend. I finally pack up some gear and drove down this past Friday afternoon. When I got there Heather hadn’t yet gotten off work and Heathers husband was there to greet me. Alex, a real handsome man just a bit shy short of 6’3” with long silky black hair and a very delicious looking body that he takes to the gym quite often…so like I said…delicious. My friend Heather also fits into the prom queen category. 5’10” 110 pds, long redhair with lascivious emerald eyes. She has a bust then I do, 38DD where as mine is 38D. Beautiful just doesn’t fully describe Heather at all; she truly is a queen of babes even after she had a child.

Alex told me that they found a babysitter that would be willing to take their son until Sunday. This shocked me a little because they’ve never let Harry stay away from them for that long.

“Heather decided she wants to do something different this weekend, hope you don’t mind.” Alex said.

“Not at all.” I told him. “When is she going to be home?”

“She’s just called and said she was going to stop at the store before she came home, hope you packed a swim suit.”

“Of course I did. You know Heather and I kick back in the spa.” I called back to him as I headed to the kitchen. Something to drink right now would just hit the spot! I get to the fridge and just open the door when illegal bahis Alex says to look on the bottom shelf. I grab a Coors Light and another for him. He never tells you where the beer is unless he wants one; of course the beer is in the same spot it’s always been for the past 2 years.

I head back to the living room just as the babysitter arrives to pick Harry up. Alex already had his diaper bag packed and was giving her the numbers where she could reach them at if there was a problem. I grabbed the remote and started surfing the tube when he finally shut the door and glided to the couch. Floated more like it. The man had grace for sure. When he sat back down he was positively glowing with delight! I swear he’s just like a kid when he gets excited. Softly laughing to himself and throws me this ‘Just wait till you see’ look towards me.

“Any problems on the way here?”

“Nope.” I told him and started surfing again.

Yea, that’s me. The regular conversationalist. Can’t really help it with Alex. Fucking hunk always gets me horny just looking at him and when we start talking it’s all I can do to keep myself from rape convictions! Even so, we do tend to talk a lot together but I was just feeling that ‘extra fresh’ and if we started talking then I was gonna have to bite my lips to keep myself from telling him how good looking he would look between my legs!

I’ve never fucked Alex and I didn’t want to mess anything up between the three of us. It would just devastate Heather who is absolute honey in the sunshine. Though little did he know that Heather and I have been lovers for the past year, I just couldn’t bring myself to betray her like that though I had no such reservations about my relationship with Heather to Alex. It’s Heathers decision whether or not he’s let in on our little feast and I didn’t have that much of a problem with it. She gets overly protective of me sometimes.

“What’s that?” He said to me as I flipped the channels.

“Porn.” I told him and flipped back.

Whoa!! illegal bahis siteleri It’s a fucking video of Heather eating me out! I looked at the VCR real fast and saw that the play button was on. Something I didn’t notice until now. Blushing furiously I quickly glanced at him and back to the TV. He was giving me this eye. I just kept on watching the vid and turned up the volume a little bit.

“I take it you’ve seen this before…” I asked him, not really expecting an answer.

“Of course, I’ve seen all of them.” He said.

“Ahh, yea. I bet”

One thing that turns me on and that is fucking with the lights on in front of my video camera. I never thought she would show him the vids though. Whew I was getting wetter by the second!

Well, what could I do? The only thing any normal horney girl would do at a time like this. I moved my hand down and started rubbing myself slowly through my loose fit jeans. Hell, I figure, he’s seen the good stuff on video; he might as well see it in real life!

I glanced over at him. He already had his dick out and was slowly stroking himself while he watches his wife suckle on me. He was fucking HUGE!! It had to be 10 full inches if anything and he was just starting to work himself up! Fuck this, my hand shot right down into my pants and I started quickly circling my lips. No problem since I shave myself clean. This was almost the hottest shit I’ve been through. It would be perfect if Heather was down on my right fucking now, I thought.

“Mind if I have a go at it?” He looked at me almost shyly.
Pfft! I wasn’t about to let him…NOT!

I quickly nodded the affirmative to him and he got up and knelt down in front of me. He slowly pulled my shirt up just below my boobs and started to kiss my flat stomach. Meanwhile I started rubbing on my tits and watched myself have one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had on TV. I remember this one; oh she was hot last weekend. He slowly started to work his way down passed by belly button, canlı bahis siteleri after tweaking my ring with his teeth just a little bit which nearly made me juice right there and then!

He finally started to unbutton my pants and work them slowly down my thighs as I lifted up slightly to help. I was wearing some beautiful red lace that Heather just adores and he whistled when he saw them. Smiling up at me he gave me a wink and pulled the lace to the side and little flicked my lips with the tip of his tongue. No doubt he was tasting me to savor the moment. He lightly flicked me again; I could almost not bear it. He brought up his hand and spread my tu-lips apart gently and flicked my deep peach, this time slightly gliding from bottom to top flicking as he went along. I was wet before; I was even more wet as he did this two more times. Finally he gave my panties a yank and they tore off from the thin part at the side baring my entire front to him. Like an expert diver he grabbed my pussy lips and pulled them apart and drove his hardened tongue into my cunt. Devouring me as if I was a fresh brew after hard day at the job! I moaned and grabbed his head, mashing him against me. Gyrating my hips slowly while he deeply licked my snatch. For five minutes he ate me as if he was about to die and I quickly flowed my natural perfume into his sucking mouth. I closed my eyes as he kissed my thighs. Hoping beyond hope that Heather would not be furious with me. I shuddered as I came again thinking about her and Alex sucking and fucking me.

Alex slowly stood up.

“Thank You.” He told me.

No fucking way! “Thank You”?? I juiced all over his face, he was still licking his lips and he tells me “Thank You”!!!

“You Welcome.” I said non-chalantly.

I got up, pulled my jeans back on and headed to the bathroom to refresh myself. Heather was gonna be pissed. She was gonna go berserk. It was all I could think of! I was weak and couldn’t keep myself appropriately distanced from her husband! Blushing furiously I walked back into the living room and swigged down the rest of my beer and got another one.


We’ll see how well a response there is to the story and I’ll write the second chapter about Heather coming home. *smile*

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