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This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE READING THIS!!!!!


DEEP SPACE 7 – 09:00 HRS: Wesley Crusher woke up in the morning with his hard five-inch dick along with his hairless balls sticking out of the leg opening of his tight white briefs. He’d gotten accustomed to wearing nothing but his underwear in bed and walking around their quarters since his mother was often away in the morning to afternoon hours conducting research. She had taken a leave of absence from the Enterprise to work on some highly classified project with a crack team of Starfleet scientists on Deep Space 7, which was just outside the border of Klingon space orbiting the planet Arachnis. Wesley came along for the change of atmosphere.
Wesley gets out of bed and lets his morning wood lead the way into the living room area. Making his way into the living room he wipes away morning sleep from his eyes with the back of his hands. As his sight adjusted, he’s surprised to find Lt. Commander Natasha Kaczynski, a colleague of his mother’s, standing there holding one of Dr. Crusher’s data pads.
“Hello, Wesley. You’re mom asked me to drop by and pick up her data pad and… Oh my goodness,” she exclaims as she stares directly at the teenager’s hard dick sticking out of his briefs!
Wesley stands still unable to move. He’s too stunned and overtaken with embarrassment. His face reddens like an apple, and then he quickly moves to cover his engorged cock with his hands. Yet he’s still shocked at being caught practically naked with his teen cock completely open to her view. He stands frozen like a deer before the head lights of an on-coming car.
There’s a sense of domination in her eyes. Natasha places the data pad on the coffee table, walks up to Wesley, and grabbing his hands she pulls them away from his crotch exposing the teen’s morning glory.
“Let me see, Wesley,” she asks not really caring about his modesty or response. Wesley is at a loss for words. She kneels down and without even asking him she starts sucking his stiff prick. Seconds later he erupts into orgasm shooting several loads of creamy teen boy cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop and continues sucking even after Wesley’s dick had gone flaccid. He collapses on the couch, but Natasha falls with him with her mouth still engulfing his dick.
He tries to pull away from her as her aggressive suction has become painfully nerve killing, his cock being ever so sensitive after cumming.
“I want some more,” she demands.
Against his will Wesley’s dick hardens wrapped in her hand. She jerks him off gripping his cock painfully hard.
“I can’t. Please stop. My ah… My penis. It’s very sensitive after I ejaculate,” Wesley manages.
“I don’t care,” she responds. Her lips take hold of his cockhead and the early pleasure Wesley had suddenly becomes a pressure of ecstatic pain. She sucks him to the root. He moans uncontrollably and again within seconds Wesley shoots off in her mouth again.
Suddenly her communicator goes off, “Natasha, did you have any problems finding my data pad.”
“No, Doctor Crusher. I found it. I’ll be right up in a few minutes,” Natasha responds calmly.
She leaves a very exhausted, used and abused Wesley Crusher sitting asleep and splayed out on a couch with his limp teen dick and sagging balls still hanging out of his briefs.
Wesley wakes up minutes after Lt. Kaczynski had left. The woman had practically raped his cock. Molested and forced him to cum twice. He’d enjoyed his first sexual experience with a woman, but felt ashamed at his being so forcefully taken like he was a girl. He’s supposed to be the man, the one in control Wesley thought, but the second time she sucked him off really hurt. The teen notices his sore and saliva covered cock. Man was she rough. He gets up, removes his underwear, and heads into the bathroom to shower.
After showering clean Wesley returns to the common area completely naked. He picks up the briefs he had worn and realizes not a drop of his cum was on it. Lt. Kaczynski had swallowed every shot of his jism. He dumps his used underwear in the bathroom hamper.
Just as he starts walking off to his room to get dressed the computer calls out a message, “incoming transmission for Wesley Crusher.” Wesley walks over to the video communication screen. “Accept,” he tells the computer. The visual of a pretty blond-haired girl about Wesley’s age appears on the monitor.
“Hey, Wes. It’s like Alyssa. We’re supposed to work on that isosceles or isometric project thingy for class today, remember,” the girl says smiling at him on the screen. Alyssa is the girl Wesley has had the hots for in his class. She had big tits and perky breasts to match her perky spaced out personality, but definitely not the brightest bulb shining in the known galaxy. Since he arrived at the station he had to be careful not to pop a boner in the slim fitting grey tights he wore. It suddenly dawns on him that he’s bare-assed naked. His face suddenly blushes red. Did she see me naked he thinks to himself? He moves closer to the monitor so that she can only see him from the shoulders up. Wes notices her eyes draw downward realizing she was thinking the same thought: that Wesley had inadvertently answered her visual communication naked.
“Oh. Hi, Alyssa. No. I… I didn’t forget,” Wesley stammers. “You mean the astrometric project,” he adds correcting her and sounding more like a geeky snob know-it-all brat.
“Like, whatever. I just need to really work hard to get a passing grade or I’ll fail. I really need your help, Wesley,” she flutters her eyes at him and he melts like butter shoved up his virgin butt. “Are you ready? Can I come over now?”
“Sure, just give me a few minutes to tidy up the place,” Wes replies covering his crotch even though she wasn’t in the room nor could she see him.
“Great. I’ll see you in fifteen minutes. Later,” she licks her lips and couldn’t help try and get a peek below Wesley’s shoulders hoping he would trip or fall farther back from the screen accidentally exposing his nakedness to her. The transmission closed and Wesley was left standing with his dick chubbing up to a semi hard on.
Minutes later Wesley is in his room with his sleek slim fitting grey tights laid out on his bed. He is about to slip into a fresh clean pair of white briefs. Outside the window of his room he can see the USS Milky Way, a Miranda-class starship similar to the USS Reliant. Orbiting the planet Arachnis the USS Milky Way was the only ship currently assigned to guard and protect Deep Space 7. In the dark abyss of space three small almost insignificant balls of light seem to have sparked out of nothingness. They catch Wesley’s attention as they catch up in velocity and brightness heading toward the lone starship. He pauses with just one foot inside the leg opening of his briefs and moves closer to the window.
Moments later the USS Milky Way explodes into a massive ball of light. Wesley’s room and the entire space station are rocked by the massive explosion. He’s knocked back by the powerful energy wave exerted by the ship’s destruction. Bulk heads and debris hurl at Deep Space 7 like a meteor storm. Wesley gets up just in time to see that the station’s shields have also been breached. The window in his room has spidery cracks. Suddenly the glass shatters and Wesley has just enough time to jump out of his room. He catches a glimpse of his grey tights and everything in his room sucked out into the vacuum of space as the security door to his room closes. The glass windows in the common room seem intact.
“Computer, seal off windows,” Wesley immediately orders. Reinforced metal slowly blankets the glass. He realizes he’s still naked, but somehow his briefs thankfully were still wrapped around one of his legs. Wesley slips them on. He tries contacting his mother on the com, but it appears all communication is being jammed.
Another loud explosion rocks the station. Suddenly the entire station loses gravity and Wesley finds himself floating in a zero gravity environment. Out of the blue a Klingon warrior materializes behind Wesley. He turns around surprised, scared and defenseless. Wesley is very embarrassed to be caught naked except for his briefs and pendik escort instinctively covers his crotch with his hands. He notices the Klingon wearing gravity boots.
“Klingons… but the Federation and Klingons have a peace treaty and…,” Wesley doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence. The Klingon warrior slaps him hard across the face pushing the shocked teenager a few feet away hovering on his back. The beast starts walking toward him.
Thinking fast Wesley kicks out with his bare feet and catches the Klingon square in the face, which also propels Wesley closer to the door. The warrior swears at the teen in Klingon. Wesley is almost at the door when unexpectedly another Klingon materializes in front of him blocking the teen boy’s escape. The second warrior immediately shoves Wesley hard in the chest pushing him back into the center of the room. Stunned, Wesley doesn’t realize his body is spread-eagled hovering before the Klingons. More Klingon soldiers appear in the room totaling to five warriors. The Klingon, who Wesley had earlier kicked in the face, walks up between Wesley’s splayed out legs. The man grabs a hold of Wesley’s dick and balls through the flimsy fabric of the teen’s underwear. He captures the teenager’s genitals in his fist and squeezes hard.
“My balls. Oh no… My dick… My balls. Please. Stop,” Wesley quickly curls up into fetal position as he pleads. The Klingon savage smirks at Wesley and squeezes harder eliciting a very girly shrill from the teen. “Please, let go. It hurts. My dick… My balls… You’re going to rupture… Oh, my balls… Please have mercy.”
The door to the room slides open. Alyssa floating in zero gravity pulls herself into the room. “Wesley, are you okay? I like think the station in under attack and,” she pauses only a few feet away from Wesley and the Klingons. “And oh my god, Klingons,” Alyssa shocked not only at the invaders, but at the situation of seeing geeky boy Wesley Crusher being dominated and manhandled by them.
“Sorry, Wesley,” she yells as she turns to bolt out!
She makes to escape, but is cut off by another Klingon who roughs her up a bit. She struggles, but he swiftly strips her clothes off until she is naked except for a lacey pair of white panties and bra. Her boobs are practically spilling out of her bra and her pubes are practically visible through the almost transparent panties. The Klingon places restraining cuffs on her hands, which he raises above her head, and activates it magnetizing the cuffs to the wall. She seems quite secure and helpless. Alyssa shifts her legs up in a vain attempt to cover up her modesty, but it seems the Klingons are not too interested with her. They all laugh at her and at Wesley.
“Please don’t hurt her. Don’t… Don’t rape her,” Wesley bargains on her behalf acting all brave and manly even as the Klingon clutching his boyhood threatens to crush his dick and balls. The male Klingons surround Wesley as his body floats helplessly in zero gravity. They unzip their pants producing five pairs of 9 to 10 inches of raw and unadulterated thick Klingon cocks. The Klingon leader grabs Wesley by the hair and pushes Wes’ face to his crotch and says something in Klingon which Wesley understood to be “SUCK!”
Wesley turns his head away from the 10-inch Klingon cock whose owner slaps Wesley across the lips with it.
“Please, don’t do this. I’m not like that… I’m not gay… Please, don’t. Don’t rape me. Not in front of her, please” Wesley begs.
He remembers Tasha Yar’s stories of her growing up and being repeatedly gang-raped. Now he was about to be gang-raped and even more humiliating for him the Klingons are going to ravage him in front of Alyssa, the girl of his wet dreams.
“No way. Come on, don’t do this. I’m not gay. Please. Oh god, my balls,” Wesley screams as the Klingon holding his dick and balls tightens his death grip on the Wesley’s boyhood.
He opens his mouth in a silent scream which is muffled by the thick Klingon cock being shoved forcefully down Wesley’s throat. The Klingons each take a turn in Wesley’s mouth and he’s forced to service them all swallowing every drop of their Klingon jism. Alyssa watches in awe and she herself a voyeur is excited at watching Wesley be forced to give the Klingons blowjobs. Her pussy is wet and her panties are now almost see through. By now the Klingon holding Wesley’s tortured dick and balls have released them to have a go at the teenager’s cock-sucking mouth. As Wesley sucks his fifth Klingon cock he averts making eye contact with Alyssa. He’s so embarrassed and so humiliated at being sexually dominated by these beasts in front of her. To his utter horror, Wesley realizes his own dick had boned up into a full erection. As he sucks the Klingon cock his five inch cock tents the front of his briefs and he’s leaking so much pre-cum that his briefs are now translucent. Wesley closes his eyes in absolute shame.
When he opens his eyes he sees Alyssa staring straight at him watching the Klingon’s cock plunge in and out of Wesley’s sore mouth, watching him cry, and worst her eyes continue to gaze on his stiff disloyal member now stretching the fabric of his briefs to their limits. Alyssa’s not the only who notices Wesley’s hard on. The Klingon rapists also see it and chuckle at Wesley’s expense. His assailant shoots load after load of Klingon cum at Wesley’s face. Cum bumps into and sticks to the teen’s face. Several bubbles of sperm float around and about Wesley.
Wesley crosses his legs together in a vain attempt to conceal his erection. The Klingon leader, the alpha of the group, barks orders in Klingon and the four other Klingons each grab one of Wesley’s limbs. They bring him closer to Alyssa.
“No, please don’t. Don’t do this. No. Not in front of her, please,” Wesley implores them.
Right in front of her they spread-eagled the teen boy completely exposing Wesley crotch and his embarrassing hard on before her. The Klingon leader moves behind Wesley. Wesley feels the bastard’s arms slither around his slender teenage frame. The Klingon’s hand slips pass the waistband of Wesley’s briefs taking hold of the teen’s rigid five-inch cock. The brute’s other hand slips into the leg opening of Wesley’s briefs firmly cupping Wesley’s ballsac. He begins to jerk off Wesley Crusher fisting the teen’s dick up and down. Wesley can’t help but moan like a dog bitch in heat. Seconds later fresh teen cum spews out of Wesley’s cock slit erupting all over the Klingon fist wrapped around his dick.
“No more. Please, no more,” Wesley continues.
The Klingon keeps on molesting the teens cock and balls. He places Wesley’s dick head between his thumb and index finger and roughly toys with the teen’s now very sensitive mushroom head. Wesley cries out in an ecstasy of pain. The Klingon beast masturbates poor Wesley until the teen orgasms a second time soaking his briefs even more. All the while Alyssa herself has an orgasm as she watches the abuse and molestation of the smarty pants teen boy who was supposed to help her with her isometric-astrometric whatever project.
The Klingon wipes his cum stained hands on Wesley’s face, and then smacks the teen hard across his butt cheeks. The Klingon brute grabs the back waistband of Wesley’s briefs pulling the fabric up between the teenagers butt crack giving Wesley the most painful of intergalactic atomic wedgies. Wesley howls a painful scream. The beast then takes the front fabric of the teen’s underwear and pulls painful upward giving Wesley an agonizing and brutal frontal wedgie causing the boy to scream his lungs out as his cock and balls feel as if they’re about to be torn from his crotch. Finally the briefs are torn off of Wesley leaving him completely naked in front of Alyssa and the Klingons. The ruined and ripped briefs float very close to Alyssa’s face and she can smell the teen boy juice that was freshly and forcefully milked from poor Wesley Crusher. She stares at him crying in front of her. The pain of the frontal wedgie assault killed off his hard on and his limp two-inch dick hangs defeated and deflated over his much abused balls.
“Fuck time,” the Klingon leader says in English. His Klingon thugs move Wesley’s body to accommodate their master’s wishes. He struggles hard, but is no match against the professional warriors. Wesley is positioned so Alyssa can see his exposed crotch and asshole as he’s fucked by the Klingons.
“You escort pendik can’t do this to me. Please, don’t. Oh god, no. Not in front of her. Please don’t rape me. Don’t fuck me,” Wesley cries as he feels not one, but two Klingon cockheads at the entrance of his virgin boy hole. “Oh, not two at a time, please. You’ll rip me apart. Please, don’t. I’m not gay. Please… Oh… ah… Ah. Ah. Argh! Take them out. They’re too big,” Wesley exclaims.
“Fuck you,” responds the cruel Klingon.
Alyssa could hardly believe the site before her. Wesley Crusher was being fucked up the ass by two Klingons who each had at least 9 to 10 inch cocks. One cock would penetrate the teenager, then the second cock, and then both at the same time. As they fuck him, the Klingons also jerk Wesley off until his five-inch dick is fully hard, but dwarfed by the huge Klingon cocks fucking his once virgin asshole.
“Please, stop. You’re going to make me ejaculate. Please, I beg you stop. Don’t… Not in front of her… Oh… Oh… Ah… Ah… Argh! No,” Wesley protests and moans in defeat as his teen cock spews out shot after shot of teen boy cum, which bubbles up into spheres of white goo all over the room. The two Klingons fucking him keep their hard cocks deep inside Wesley spraying his devirginized boy twat with Klingon cum.
Wesley is fucked by all five Klingon warriors. His body is covered in sweat and cum. Humiliated, molested and fucked, he thinks the worst is over. The leader approaches Alyssa and releases the magnetic restraining cuffs. He drags her to Wesley and forces her underneath him as Wesley is prone on his back floating in zero gravity. The Klingon brute growls something in Klingon and Alyssa assumes he wants her to blow Wesley. So she takes Wesley’s half-hard three-inch cock, but engulfing just the dick head. Before she could even suck Wesley’s cock down to the root, the Klingon roughly pulls her head away by her hair. She screams in fear and he growls at her.
“Like, what to you want me to do” she asks stupidly. Again he barks in Klingon, but this time grabs her hand, specifically three of her fingers and directs them to Wesley’s cum-filled teen boy pussy. “Oh wow, like, you want me to finger-fuck him,” she realizes, but almost complies without a moment of hesitation. “Sorry, Wesley,” she tells the now totally red-faced and beaten teen boy.
Alyssa finger-fucks Wesley for over an hour as each of the Klingons take turns sucking off the teen’s five-inch cock. They forcefully make him cum several times against his will. Wesley’s cock is red, sore, and very, very sensitive. The Klingons enjoy toying with his piss slit and cockhead causing Wesley to grimace in pain. Alyssa is tired, but continues to rape his ass with her fingers.
“Oh… Oh… ah… ah… I’m cumming,” Wesley announces.
The Klingons watch their prey as Wesley’s dick sprays the air above him with a volley of hot teen boy jism.
Alyssa hears the alpha Klingon growl some commands on his communicator. Seconds later the Klingons and Wesley are engulfed in a shimmering golden light and vanish.
Power and gravity is finally restored to the station. Alyssa falls to the floor is showered in a rain of white goo, Klingon cum, but mainly loads of Wesley’s teen boy milk. Just as she opens her eyes Wesley’s torn, tattered, and cum soaked briefs falls flat on her face splattering her in more teenage jism. The door suddenly slides open and Dr. Crusher and station security forces are shocked at the site before them.
“They took Wesley,” Alyssa explains. “Do you think you can rescue him in time so he can help me with our isometric thing-a-ma-jig,” she inquires as she wipes the cum off of her hair.


Wesley is asleep naked on the floor in a cargo bay. The door opening jolts him up. He looks up to see three Klingon females gawking hungrily at his naked teen body.
“Please, don’t hurt me,” Wesley whines. The Klingons ignore him and one lifts him by the neck and slams Wesley’s back against the wall. “Argh,” Wesley cries out! Suddenly the female beast drives her knee hard into the Star Fleet boy’s hairless teen balls. Sixteen year old Wesley Crusher screams like a girl and his eyes roll over as the pain engulfs his tender testicles and he passes out.
When Wesley again wakes up he sees that he’s still naked and now tied up along the ships bulk heads and rafters. He’s still exhausted and being spread-eagled and nude, the teen dreads what’s to come. The three Klingon women approach the much abused teen and Wesley tries to move away. The leader runs up to him and grasping
Wesley’s flaccid two inch teen cock tight in hand the Klingon pulls Wesley forward hard by his own dick.
“Argh! Let go, please, your hurting my penis,” Wesley cries out.
The Klingon pulls the teen’s prick as far as it could go in its 3 inch soft state and Wesley yelps in pain.
“You are no man, boy. You don’t even deserve to have this tiny little thing,” the Klingon mocks the teen boy. “Maybe I should rip it off your boy crotch, right now,” she threatens!
The beast’s grip tightens around Wesley’s pecker and the teen pisses himself in fear. The Klingons laugh and the leader continues to grasp the teenager’s cock in hand not letting go, but rather her entire huge hand now wraps firmly around Wesley’s shaft.
“Let’s see how much spunk you have, punk?” The beast begins to roughly jerk off Wesley’s dick. Wesley’s body responds as his teen dick grows to its full five inches wrapped in his rapist’s palms.
“Stop. Stop it! The Federation will not… Argh! You can’t do this to me… Ah… Ah… I’m a Federation citizen… oh… ooh… Stop touching me…,” Wesley pleads.
Poor Wesley Crusher had been humiliated and raped by male Klingon warriors earlier and now his exposed boy crotch was going to be abused and used by three vicious Klingon bitches in heat. The leader continues to jerk him off. One of the other Klingons finds Wesley’s low hanging nuts and takes them in her mouth and begins licking the teen boy’s balls all over, sucking hard like a vacuum. The last Klingon bitch moves behind Wesley, kneels down, spreads the poor teen’s ass cheeks and begins rimming the young ensign with her long and voracious tongue entering Wesley’s boy cunt.
The sixteen-year-old squirms as he’s savagely raped by three she-beasts for over three hours. The Klingon captain stands up and leaves Wesley’s hard dick pointing up toward his belly button now a bit swollen from a brutal handjob and its head an almost mean purple knob. The bitch comes back to Wesley’s exposed teen genitals. She has an archaic syringe with her and Wesley struggles to get away from her, but again her mean grip takes hold of his teen dick pulling him closer to her.
“No, don’t. Please no, god,” Young Wes cries!
She positions the needle at the base of the teen’s cock. Wesley screams as she inserts it deep inside his boyhood and then he wails in pain as she plunges its contents inside his much abused cock.
“That’s a special recipe. It should keep you hard for a long time. Like seven days of an unrelenting hard cock for us to torture, boy,” she says rubbing her rough palms over the teenager’s rock hard pecker.
“No. This can’t be happening. You can’t. Please just let me go and I won’t tell. I promise,” Wes tries negotiating.
“But we’re going to sell the holodec recording of your rape Wesley Crusher,” the captain responds. “The galaxy’s going to see how hard that tiny dick of yours gets when you’ve got two Klingon cocks up your ass!”
“No, please don’t do that. No! Argh! Arrgghhh.”
The Klingon bitch beneath him sucks Wesley’s balls as they try to hide back inside of his teen body. Her mouth’s grip is painful on his testicles and pleasurable at the same time. The captain kneels along the side of his thigh and begins to scratch his thigh with her nails. Wesley’s whimpering now. She takes his shaft in her mouth and rubs his sore cockhead with her fingers. Wesley practically jumps out of his skin, wanting to that is, as soon as the triple team began pushing him into a higher level of pain and pleasure.
The stimulation from between his legs and the oral ministration up his boy twat was too much for Wesley. He peaks and his body convulses into a violent orgasm as his ass is raped by a tongue and his cock and balls ravaged by Klingon mouths and hands. Jets of his own jism land on his belly before pendik escort bayan the Klingon bitch sucking his shaft decides to take his whole cock in her mouth sucking his boy juices fresh out his teen body like a straw.
Wesley cries and cries as Klingon teeth roughly scratches against his most sensitive boy parts. His young teen body is covered in sweat and his belly and thighs are glistening with his own boy cum. They molested his cock and balls and his boy twat for over two hours now having made poor young Wesley cum seven times.
His cock remains erect all the while and is painfully sensitive having been milked and sucked and forced to spurt large amounts of teen juice. Just as the leader releases his redden and sore cockhead the Klingon bitches withdraw from their attack to view the victim they had before them.
“Please. No more. It hurts. Please let me go,” Wesley implores. “Have mercy… My cock it’s so hard it hurts. Please let me get soft.”
To which the Klingon bitch replies by kicking Wesley square in his nuts. Just as Wesley convulses into another orgasm, he yelps and again his eyes roll up and he passes out as his body tries to cope with the pleasure and pain between his legs. Upon yet again waking Wesley feels something huge and cold shoved up his asshole. He looks behind him to see one Klingon bitch smiling back at him as she fucks his tender hole. Wesley moans as she shoves a good 7 inches of her 12 inch strap-on dildo. To his horror he sees the second bitch also wearing the same silver dildo as she kneels in front of him between his legs gazing at his exposed and vulnerable boy crotch. She takes the teen’s hairless ballsac in her mouth rolling Wesley’s testicles and painfully sucking on them. Then he sees the third bitch wearing an even bigger and more painful looking strap-on. Wesley struggles, but in vain as the second bitch moves behind him placing her “cock” at his puckered hole. Now he feels two dildo tips glazing the tip of his puckered boy twat.
“No, you can’t,” he screams as they penetrate him.
As the two rape Wesley Crusher’s boy cunt, the third left only to come back with a rather threatening pain stick in hand. She teases it before Wesley’s face and the teen pleads by shaking his head in fear. She grips the teen’s cock and roughly masturbates the kid. She stops only to cup Wesley’s teen balls, then goes back to whacking off his much abused cock. Wes is about to come and she feels his penis throb and jerk. The bitch releases Wesley’s cock and charges up the pain stick.
“No, don’t. Please not that… Anything but,” Wesley cries! “No, not there. I’m about to…”
Just as the teen cums, she hits the boy hard in the scrotum with the pain stick sending volts of electricity through both Wes’s teen balls and up his teen cock. Wesley cums splattering some of his own jizz on his face and chest. The bitch keeps the pain stick pressed up against his boyhood for a good and painful five minutes as her two companions continue to double fuck Wesley’s ass.
His body shakes and he has another painful and powerful orgasm. They cut him down from his bondage and Wesley falls to the floor writhing in agony and pleasure. The Klingon whores circle about their naked victim. Wesley on his belly now tries to crawl away from them leaving his cock and balls a vulnerable and exposed target. So as he attempts to crawl away the Klingon leader takes the pain stick and from behind Wesley slides it between his hairless, smooth thighs, slamming it hard against the teen boy’s precious swollen ballsac and hard cock. Wesley arches his back as electricity floods his balls and forces him to cum and against his will his cock spurts his boy juice all over his already milky, silky, white thighs.
On his back now and in fetal position, poor Wesley tries protecting his damaged and much abused boyhood. Before he can even grab hold of his own package the Klingon bitch rapists are about him one grabbing and holding his arms above his head while the other two had him by the legs spreading them wide open.
“No more. Please, no more. I can’t take it, please let me go,” Wesley begs as the Klingons eye his much abused, redden hard teen dick.
“We’ll send you home soon, bitch,” replies the Klingon captain. She masturbates the boy’s exposed cock.
“No more, please I’m just a boy,” Wesley sobs.
“Not for long,” threatens the Klingon whore as she now deep throats Wesley’s five-inch boy meat. Each of the three Klingon whores take a turn sucking off the sixteen-year-old teen boy’s hard on as the boy continues to cry at the painful assault of his sensitive and rock hard cock.
Again the Klingon leader has Wesley’s teen dick in her mouth and she sucks his cock to the base. Wesley feels her Klingon teeth scratch his sensitive cock head and her tongue toy with his piss slit. As his orgasm builds, she finger-fucks his boy cunt for a good twenty minutes and then inserts a six-inch vibrating dildo in Wesley ass pressing it deep against the teen’s prostate. Wesley moans as his ass is raped by the vibrator and his boyhood is ravaged by the Klingon’s vacuum assault. He cums hard with his hips rising up to fuck the whore’s eager mouth. She continues to suck him hard lifting Wes up about five inches off from the floor by his own cock.
The bitch keeps the boy’s teen dick in her mouth for awhile savoring his flavor and pain. She forcefully sucks three more large loads of teen boy, pearly white, virgin cum from Wes’s poor dick. The young teen’s cock throbs and his balls were swollen with boy cum in his scrotum. As he shoots his fourth and last load in the bitch’s mouth he feels her sharp teeth dig into the base of his cock.
He screams like a girl, “No, don’t!” Wesley’s shrill howl fills the corridors of the Bird of Prey.
Suddenly to the surprise of the Enterprise crew the body of young Wesley Crusher materializes on the ship’s bridge. The teen appears just in the middle of two control panels. Completely nude, his body is covered in teen sweat and boy jizz. What shocks the crew is that Wesley materialized with two Klingon knives embedding his swollen teen balls to the floor of the bridge. Painfully evident is that the teen’s cock had been severed down to the very base.
As soon as the pain overtakes Wesley, he tries clutching his absent teen boy cock holding himself as best he could as he also climaxes. Before a speechless crew he came with blood and cum spilling out of the hole left where his teen dick once stood erect and hard.
Out of nowhere the Bird of Prey de-cloaks and the Klingon captain bitch’s face appears on the view screen. Before the Enterprise crew she sucks on Wesley Crusher’s now flaccid and severed teen dick. Wesley watches in horror and pain. She holds up a remote control and presses a button.
On the floor of the bridge, the crew watches in awe as Wesley Crusher convulses into an orgasm of pleasure and pain. His balls throb as gobs of semen and blood ejaculate from the hole just above the boy’s ballsac. Wesley is absolutely humiliated. From where the knives had punctured Wesley’s testicles, cum and blood leak out of his scrotum. Another press of the button and the teen’s body is engulfed in another violent and forced orgasm. Wesley’s body is like one cock, nothing more but a mass of flesh tortured by the tormenting force of his own orgasm. More blood and boy cum continues to spill out of and from Wesley’s balls and onto his hairless and now dickless crotch.
“Say good-bye to your balls, Wesley,” the Klingon captains gives him a demonic smile and presses another button on her remote. Suddenly two very small devices, which the Klingons secretly planted in Wesley’s scrotum, activate (like M-80 fireworks) and explode sending chunks of Wesley’s testicles splattering all over the bridge.
“My balls… Argh! She blew up my…” Wesley’s eyes roll over and he passes out from both the pain and shock of losing his balls.
Just as it suddenly appeared the Klingon ship cloaks and vanishes into the depths of space taking with them poor Wesley Crusher’s boyhood.

The author does not condone child abuse; this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison.

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