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Wet and Wild

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It was almost midnight when I decided to get a room for the night. I was six hours out of LA coming home from a medical conference. It had been boring and drawn out, filled with stuffy professionals who droned on and on about business. I was overdue for some recreation.

I like having fun. I like to get fucked. Just thinking about orgasm turns me on. I pulled into the parking lot of the motel and spied a lone pickup truck. Trucks are usually driven by men and I began fantasizing right away. I’m a dare devil by nature. I’d simply search out the man and ask if he wanted to fuck me.

By the time I got to my room, I was hotter then a firecracker on the Fourth of July! When I spied the swimming pool across the courtyard, I began stripping out of my clothes. I love swimming naked, the caress of the water on my flesh.

I saw lights on in one room across the courtyard and knew he was still awake, so I strolled toward the pool — stark naked — by big 42DDD’s jiggling playfully and my bare hips swaying provocatively, knowing he would see me and come out. Almost immediately I saw movement at the sliding door of his room and within seconds a tall, broad shouldered man was coming to meet me. He was naked. And his cock was hard, and long, and I shivered with lusty excitement.

I smiled at him and tossed his one of the condoms I clutched in one hand. “I really need fucked,” I said in a sultry tone.

He caught the rubber and tore it open, then continued coming toward me. He was gorgeous I realized, even in the dim light surrounding the courtyard.

“Fuck me in the water,” I invited wading in at the shallow end. The water was cold, despite the heat of the night, or the hot temperature of my body. I plunged right in then, stretching out on my belly, and swimming to the deep end.

He was there when I paused and I felt his hands encircle my waist, skim across my bare hips, and then settle on my big tits. His thumbs toyed with my nipples, massaging and manipulating until I thought I’d go crazy.

Our bodies were like two buoys suspended in the cold water. We clung together, our skins melding, our bodies sharing heat. His hands were all over me then, exploring, delving. I shivered at all the casino siteleri attention.

My hand reached for his cock, finding it condom-covered, and ready for fucking. I straddled it, pushing it between my legs and inside my cave. It speared me, its long length filling my cavity until my belly trembled. Then we began to move, clutching each other as we moved our feet back and forth in the water, keeping our heads above the surface. Deeper and deeper, I seemed to swallow him up, liking the rhythm and the depth of penetration. He was very good, I admitted. Very good.

Suddenly I felt the onset of orgasm, that knotting of my stomach and that tingling vortex in my crotch. I bit my bottom lip, aware that it felt so good I wanted to voice my joy.

His hands tightened on my hips, holding my lower body like a vice, then he began hammering me real good. And I let loose and savored the climax. My head nearly exploded with the force!

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, thrashing my body in the water. “Oh my God!”

A rampant series of spiraling tingles raced through me. I was at the apex of orgasm! My belly convulsed, and I pressed my body against his, wanting the feelings to go on and on, to continue the skyrocketing assault on my senses.

“I’m coming, Baby!” he said in a husky voice.

His breath was hot on my face. His hair-roughened chest was tickling my nipples as we thrashed about. His hands were vice-like on my hips, holding me fast while he thrust into my cave. Then his big body trembled and he drove into me with the force of a dynamo, exploding with orgasm!

He milked his cock inside me, adding to our pleasure as the orgasm waned from each of us. Then he pulled his cock out of my cave and discarded the spent condom, tossing it haphazardly onto the edge of the pool. Whispy white cum floated erratically to the surface of the water surrounding our bodies, clear evidence of our pleasure.

I swam to shallow water and lay back on the steps, my body too serene to do much else. He dove beneath the water’s surface and swam the length of the pool without coming up for air. I watched him, thinking how magnificent a man he was. And how much pleasure he had brough to my body. Then I canlı casino began to feel aroused again.

He surfaced in the shallow water at my feet, smiled at me as he allowed the water to run off his face and shoulders. I saw his cock was hard again. I splayed my legs, inviting him to fuck me again. But he surprised me. Instead of mounting my naked body, he eased between my legs and brought his mouth to my pussy!

“Oh Baby!” I exclaimed, delving my fingers into his thick dark hair and holding his head against my clit. “I like to be sucked on!”

His tongue went wild amid my sensitive folds, until it connected with my little clit, then he sucked the little nub between his lips and I almost shrieked my delight. The heat of his mouth, coupled with the cold temperature of the water, only added to my pleasure. I spread my legs really wide, giving him full reign at my crotch. I laid my head back on the edge of the concrete steps and closed my eyes, letting the immense sensations stream through me. This was heaven on Earth, I told myself. A man’s head between my legs, sucking on my pussy, pleasuring me. I let out a long sigh. Yes. This was indeed heaven.

Then an orgasm began and my eyes popped open. My head bobbed up. I clutched his head tighter, urging his mouth to suck harder, to bring me to that orgasmic storm of sensations hovering on the brink.

He lifted my body from the steps and cradled my hips in his big hands, then he pulled me out into the water, supporting me as though I weighed nothing. All the while he worked his wonders on my clit, and then the orgasm engulfed me and I gave no other thought but to enjoy it, totally, completely, with wild abandon!

The cold water became warm around me. I ceased to feel its penetrating temperature fighting my own warmth. All at once I felt one with it. I felt electrified, infallible, one with the universe.

As I floated, suspended by orgasm, it seemed, my male lover donned another condom and speared my cave, arousing my female senses to his powerful thrusting and giving my serene body a jolt of reality. Another orgasm was upon me and I felt the urge to move with him, to thrust my hips and wrap my legs around his waist. God! This kaçak casino man was an Adonis! An Adonis sent to fulfill my most secret desires!

Our lust drove us to playfulness. Confident that we would achieve that orgasm we sought, we suddenly, and unanimously, began to kick out feet, propelling our clasp bodies about the pool. I giggled. I’d never fucked and swam at the same time. We rolled about, he on top and then I on top, mimicking playful otters, all the while our crotches busily fucking.

I’d never felt so carefree in all my life. Or so lusty. I had never experienced such play in the pool. It was a wild fantasy come true. Then my belly suddenly knotted in anticipation of orgasm and I didn’t know whether I could keep up the pace with him or not. I gasp in a quick breath, alerting him silently to what was happening with my body.

He took hold of my waist, his palms gentle on my flesh, and propelled our bodies to the edge of the pool. Once there, I realized I had successfully conveyed my message to him, and reveled in his sensitivity to me. We were mere strangers, but familiar in body and need. He pushed my back against the concrete edge of the pool, placed both his hands over my hardened pert nipples and hammered the hell out of my crotch — giving me the heated orgasm I hoped he would!

I moaned aloud in utter ecstasy! The orgasm was magnificent! Streaking through my body with the speed of light and the force of a stampeding buffalo herd!

“I have arrived!” I shrieked, digging my red tipped fingernails into his muscled shoulders.

“I know it, Baby!” he responded.

He moved with powerful thrusts, more powerful than any man I have ever been with. My senses, though assaulted by the encompassing orgasm, were keenly aware of him as something more than a magnificent lover. I wanted further contact with him. I wanted to be alone with him for an immeasurable time — perhaps stranded on a deserted tropical island where the temperature of the days matched the lusty fire of my body. I imagined balmy, tropical nights with the ocean as our playground — our imaginations free to romp unabashedly.

“I’ve an idea,” he whispered to me, a smile on his handsome face. “I’m on my way to my mountain cabin.”

My mind picked up the reference. While it wasn’t exactly a trip to a tropical island — he wanted more time with me too. “I’ve three days of vacation left,” I replied. “And I’d love to spend it with you — fucking!”

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